Video: Gav Williamson’s priceless faces as Madeley terminates interview for non-response

gw face

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was out of luck this morning.

Under normal circumstances, Tory ministers expect a free ride when they appear on mainstream broadcasts – afforded an unchallenged opportunity to reel off soundbites and give answers to a different question whenever one is posed that they find uncomfortable.

Not so today on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, when presenter Richard Madeley decided he wasn’t having it when Williamson repeatedly tried to avoid answering an awkward question about his lack of statesmanship in response to the Salisbury poison attack:

Madeley became so frustrated with Williamson’s evasiveness that he repeatedly dragged him back to what he had actually asked – before eventually summarily terminating the interview on the grounds of Williamson’s non-responsiveness.

Williamson’s faces at various points – and his decreasing ability to articulate – were a priceless picture of his consternation at dealing with an interviewer who was actually doing his job and holding him to account, as Madeley made clear, on behalf of his viewers.

Tame presenters and journalists on other stations please take note. Everyone else – enjoy and share.

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  1. The elephant in the room walking non-chantantly past in the background…..

  2. Pencil-necked madeley should’ve CASUALLY told the equally pencil-necked williamson to ‘go away and shut up’.

    I’ll bet that squaddie next to williamson at the start of the clip had a good chuckle – I know I would’ve done 🙂

  3. Bit like Sooty getting smacked up by Sweep with a flannel though 🙂

  4. Did anyone else see Williamson’s shifty eyes avoiding eye contact. Born liar, like his boss. An overgrown schoolboy without any gravitas. Hopefully the next GE will return him to selling fireplaces.

    1. And the worst part is that he wasn’t even facing his interviewer.

      Would YOU buy a fireplace of a shifty-eyed bleeder like him? I wouldn’t. Hopefully nobody else would neither; which would see the plum having to sign on and jump through hoops at the jobcentre.

      Now THAT would be fun.

      1. When we ban zero-hours contracts please can we make an exception for these Tory ex-MPs and others who’ve inflicted them on so many?

        Not as punishment – that would be very wrong – but after paying their share into the compensation fund they’ll be broke and in debt so they’ll need an income to repay the loan.
        Also the loans for the Social Justice University courses they’ll need if they choose to try for full citizenship in Society 2.0.

        These should be interest-free loans – we’re not Tories after all 🙂

        I have a dream…

  5. Theresa May has compromised the security of the UK with her completely inappropriate appointment of Gavin Williamson as Defence Secretary.

  6. I’ve often thought interviewers should do exactly what RM did, going back to when Paxman asked Micheal Howard the same questio 13 times.Lets hope he’s set a precedent. They’ll never catch the world hide and seek champion out though. She doesn’t seem to bother with unochestrated interviews. Must be beneath her. (or she’s just rubbish without pre written answers) I wonder which one it is.

  7. The only use for Williamson to the Army is as a target dummy. I want Madeley to interview Theresa May next, and terminate her for NEVER answering a question. If she believes we won’t notice the total avoidance if she begins with “Well what we are doing is . . .” that is very insulting to the intelligence of the public.

  8. Once again MSM bias. If it were a Labour MP who’d been terminated, it would be reported in the forefront of the programme/edition, Even the left wing (sic) Daily Mirror as it tucked away in the bottom corner of page 7.

  9. id like him to interview victoria atkins and ask her why she keeps cannabis illegal but lets her husband export tons of the stuff

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