Disastrous ‘Tory Momentum’ finally bites dust – but what a ride while it lasted

The Tory attempt to create – which shows how badly they missed the point – their own version of Labour-supporting movement Momentum has been a source of hilarity ever since its ill-conceived beginnings.

Activate became (in)famous for anything but being a vibrant political movement, with a series of blunders and arrogance such as:

  • selling hugely-expensive bottles of champagne signed by Tory ‘celebrities’
  • vast membership fees – later slashed
  • terrible – terriblememes
  • vacating its original Twitter handle without preventing it being taken over by a spoof account – which Activate still pointed to from its website
  • an astonishing gaffe in which it gave control of its social media accounts to an undercover reporter – and paid for it with enormous humiliation: tweets in Russian; a ‘turf war’ between ‘rival’ Facebook and Twitter accounts; the denouncing of Activate’s spokesman by the ‘official’ account while he was live on BBC radio and oh so much more
  • log-in mix-ups that showed the Activate team were also operating a ‘new’ social media account in the hope of diverting from the humiliation of the Activate brand
  • vicious in-fighting over leaks to media
  • vile homophobic WhatsApp conversations

The group recently tried to ‘relaunch’, with an expensive champagne evening that attracted only thirty or so people – including staff and journalists. But although Activate’s spokespeople tried to bluster their way through the ongoing disaster, it appears that the project is finally, belatedly dead.

A visit to the Activate website returns a ‘404’ error – while the group’s (later) Twitter account now shows only a single tweet under a revised description of ‘The artist formerly known as’:

activ 404activ gone


The departing tweet might be the nearest to a successful social media message the group – or the Tories as a whole – have ever managed. Presumably the Tories have decided to put their money into more ‘bots’ and paid trolls instead.

But while it lasted, it provided both a fount of amusement and an object lesson in why Tories can’t do social media, let alone inspire a movement.

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  1. Tory ownership and control of the news over generations – centuries – was used to convince the masses of the innate superiority of the Tory.
    Every institution created to maintain their privilege reinforced that delusion in the minds of their progeny too but generations of unearned success and ease weaken a tribe.
    The Tories we laugh at today are a pale imitation of the ones our grandfathers fought, while struggle and a bigger gene pool have made us stronger, faster, smarter and cooler than them.
    They don’t all see it yet but that’s OK, the slower ones can read about it in the Daily Mail 🙂

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