Video: Lammy makes Rudd’s position untenable – pointing out all she claims not to know

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Labour back-bencher David Lammy has been widely praised for his part in Labour’s pressure on Theresa May’s ‘human shield‘ over the Windrush scandal, Home Secretary Amber Rudd – and this morning he may have driven a big nail into the coffin of her career.

Just by pointing out, with calm gravitas, what she claims she doesn’t know about her own department and the scandal – it’s quite a list – and asking the obvious question:


Rudd’s position is so untenable – and her performance has been so incompetent, so malignant or both – that her only remaining tactic for avoiding an outright admission of it is to keep claiming she didn’t know, while pointing fingers at ‘underlings’.

But that lack of awareness of what’s going on in her department is also ample reason for her resignation, even if she is being honest – and the underlings are showing little willingness to shore up her story, with immigration officials unequivocally contradicting her.

And all this is only in relation to the Windrush outrage. On top of that come her dishonesty about the impact of police cuts, the police cuts themselves, her culpability in the compromising of the security of our people – and her part in withholding evidence about child abuse under excuses of ‘national security’.

She has to go – and with her human shield fallen, May’s even more evident unfitness for office will be in the unobstructed firing line.

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  1. I’m sure she’ll end up quitting to the back benches for a few weeks, and then the press will pretend that the problem has gone away. She’ll be back in a couple of months.

  2. This problem was created entirely by Theresa May. She has deliberately allowed british citizens to be removed and deported. Rudd is being a human shield for the real culprit, failed prime minister, May.

  3. Just as well rudd doesn’t go on mastermind, innit?


    ‘Not aware of it’


    ‘Don’t know’

    ‘Specialized Subject?’

    ‘Pass’ (ing the buck).

  4. Anyway, it’s time to start making fester mcvile squirm for the DWP sanctions & WCA ‘targets’ that are supposedly non-existent.

    That’s been going on for as long as windrush – if not longer…

  5. AND more people have died as a result of WCA’s & sanctions…And DYING is what constitutes whether inquiries should go ahead…

    …Isn’t that right, amber rudd?


  6. Yet again the Tories are self evidently incapable of thinking through the inevitable consequences of their ideological and dogmatic immigration policies

    “Migrant rules ‘leaving NHS short of doctors’
    Immigration rules are hampering the ability of the NHS to recruit doctors, health leaders are warning.
    The number of skilled non-EU workers granted UK visas is capped – with the Home Office arguing the restriction is in “the national interest””.

  7. The real culprit is still in office.
    Also,the Home Office seems to be so dysfunctional with various contractors such as Capita,Serco and G4S instead of all working together under one roof.

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