A message to Rudd from her constituency

rudd ge17.png
Home Secretary Amber Rudd on General Election night 2017, when it appeared she had been unseated. Who’d have guessed that wouldn’t be her lowest point in twelve months?

Floundering Home Secretary Amber Rudd is in such trouble that she has resorted to pleading ignorance about almost everything to do with her department and its treatment of Windrush citizens – which on its own makes her unfit for her position.

Her own constituency of Hastings and Rye, which she held only after a recount in which enough votes were discovered to put her 346 ahead after the first count had her behind, can hardly be considered unequivocally supportive – and at least one constituent appears to have wanted to send her a very direct message.

As Joe Politics has pointed out, Ms Rudd has a poster on local noticeboards – and one, in humour, deadly seriousness or both, bore an additional message this morning:

ar hr jp.png


The most helpful thing Amber Rudd can now do with the shreds of her career is end it – resign, so she can no longer be used as a human shield by her cowardly boss, and get out of the way so public outrage can be trained on the even worse culprit in the Windrush scandal.

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  1. @AmberRuddHR Says she is the right person to fix the #Windrush problems, now that is all very well but does the #WindrushGeneration have the trust in her I very much doubt and that’s why she must #Resign and let another MP steer those civil servants #ResignRudd

  2. I continue to think that Rudd should not be the only one to go! This anti-immigration stance has been propounded for quite a number of years by this Tory Government! It’s virulence and racist elements which it contains were never challenged by any of the Tories (including those in Labour) who continue have seats in our corrupt Parliament! The Maybot, whilst she was Home Secretary knew of the problems and the racist elements within the policy whilst she was Home Secretary so, her resignation should also be demanded! After that, we should make sure that this Government of fools, crooks, liars and closet NAZIs in suits is also told to go in no uncertain terms for they are no longer, if they ever were, fit to Govern! Labour and all correct minded members of the other Parliamentary Parties must now stand up a be counted by not allowing this Tory excuse for Government to continue masquerading as a legitimate body which claims to represent the UK! I’m afraid Queenie and all her very expensive progeny and hangers-on should also be expressing grave concern over how these Tories are bring the UK continually into disrepute! For this bunch of no hoper Tories are called Her Majesty’s Government so, even if I didn’t ask the to represent me she asked them to represent her! Or is it that Queenie and her progeny and hangers on are too busy living it up and organising costly weddings rather than genuinely caring about us?

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