Video: Sky says what BBC won’t – May pressured to resign, Rudd her likely human shield

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The government – and Theresa May personally – have been in disarray this week as public outrage and international humiliation over the Tories’ treatment of ‘Windrush generation’ citizens have snowballed, as more and more information has come to light and successive attempts to deflect or hide blame have failed, in spite of attempts by much of the media to cover for May’s dishonesty.

And today Sky News, in spite of its Murdoch links, has given a far more honest depiction of the dire situation of May and her government than the BBC.

The BBC has shown seemingly interminable coverage of the London marathon today, but managed to find time for the Queen’s birthday concert and for substantial mention of Jeremy Hunt’s plans to hobble social media under the excuse of limiting children’s time online.

It found time for around forty seconds of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to Welsh Labour’s conference, in which he accused the PM of ripping apart the lives of citizens from the Commonwealth.

But it found no time to mention the accusations of outright racism by Shadow Equalities Minister Dawn Butler – or to look at the obvious consequence of the exposure of the government’s targeting of Caribbean migrants.

Sky, on the other hand, did – and it revealed a Prime Minister whose position is precarious even if she tries to hide behind the hapless Amber Rudd as a ‘human shield’ – and a Home Secretary highly likely to be offered up as a – potentially futile – sacrifice to try to defuse the outrage:


The next couple of days are likely to see the end of Rudd’s career as Home Secretary – but the real culprit in the Windrush scandal is her predecessor and now her boss, who carries the genuine responsibility for the hated and hateful ‘hostile environment’ policies that created it.

However, if you watch BBC News you are very likely to remain in ignorance of these facts, as the national broadcaster abandons even the notion of impartiality in order to obscure them.

db tweet rac.png
Dawn Butler’s tweet, referred to in the video above

If it hasn’t already happened by then, Dawn Butler’s imminent article – in which she is expected to evidence all of the discrimination she has uncovered – is likely to be the last straw.

If there is any justice and honour left in government, it will be for both the current and previous Home Secretaries.

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    1. Absolutely And not just because of ‘Windrush’ neither.

      As a side issue, is this sky news stance of late the murdochs firing warning shots across the Govt. bows RE: the BskyB bid, I wonder?

  1. Hmm so no taking of blame and compensation offers for the Windrush generation? Great, I hope that they are afforded all the support they need but talking of mistakes and ownership.. Is it taxpayer money that will be used to compensate these people? Really?! No personal responsibility there then, making the people pay to compensate the government’s racist policies seems too much to be true.

  2. “However, if you watch BBC News you are very likely to remain in ignorance of these facts, as the national broadcaster abandons even the notion of impartiality in order to obscure them.”

    You are also certain to remain in ignorance of the fact that our Prime Minister has committed a war crime by attacking Syria.

    I never thought I’d see the day I would prefer Sky News, even though it so right wing, over the BBC. The BBC is laughing at us knowing that with a right wing Government we can do little, other than withhold our licence fee in protest.

  3. Whose turn is it next? So far this month, I think, there maybe more, it’s hard keeping count. We’ve had lying Johnson in denial about nerve agents and his tennis backhander, May’s undemocratic phoney war, Jeremy’s Hunts sneaky housing schemes, Tory tax cronyism and Rivers of Rudd following May’s racist policies. Who the hell is stupid enough to vote for this lot?

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