Video: former head of civil service damns Tories over #Windrush handling and policies


Sir Bob Kerslake, the former head of the civil service, appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight programme tonight to talk about the government’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policies, the Tories’ attempts to blame civil servants for the huge controversy of government decisions to destroy crucial documents and their treatment of immigrants generally.

It’s hard to imagine a former senior civil servant speaking more damningly of the government he used to serve.


  • dismissed the attempts of Theresa May and her team to shift blame onto civil services as ‘completely ridiculous
  • described Tory policies as ‘gruesomely unfair‘ and ‘brutal
  • even went as far as to say that even some ministers considered those policies as ‘reminiscent of nazi Germany‘ in their application

and more.

Watch and share:


Amber Rudd’s sheer incompetence and blame-shifting has made her position untenable – and Theresa May’s repeated lies on the subject of the ‘Windrush generation’ and her government’s handling of their cases, appeals and documents mean that she should resign for knowingly misleading the UK public and parliament alike.

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  1. BBC still stating this morning that decision to destroy landing cards MADE BY Labour govt despite admission it was an operational decision and nobody in government at time would have been aware. Complaint sent,expecting usual self serving drivel in return. Reluctantly feel it is time to stop paying licence.

  2. BBC Today lovefest of carney humphries kunsberg squeezed out lies and distraction by Gove still no real coverage of Mays lies at PMQs

  3. I’ve said it countless times before and ill say it again the civil service from all departments including the DWP who dish out the same “Hostile Environment” should not become the Tories lackeys and should now start showing some humanity and go on strike in support of the citizens they are their to help.

  4. Utterly damning testimony from the former head of the civil service.

    Rudd will have to resign.

  5. Imagine all the Tory secrets and guilt hiding inside civil servants’ heads.
    What’s the count so far – just one anonymous ex-civil servant and one ex-head of the service?

    Perhaps some of those still in post, some possibly even born & bred Tories, find this administration’s lies and corruption as intolerable as does Sir Bob.
    Maybe there are even a few who believe that the greater duty is not to party or the administration of the day but to democracy itself “though the heavens fall?”

    Must be a stressful time to be a Tory. You reckon that’s why their trolls have been getting so shrill & screechy lately? 🙂

  6. “Yes, Prime Minister”.
    I found very funny, but not in real life!
    Everything as come to pass with May and her crew!
    Their LIES, their belief in to thinking they can keep getting away with their Hypocrisy and Cheating!
    Those cracks are starting to show amongst those who worked alongside them.
    Not before time, they are now finally, seeing what we on the Left have known about since she was made PM!
    How long before those that still work alongside them, start to blow their whistle?
    Even before, as a coalition, the Tories with Cameron as leader, just couldn’t stop themselves from their greed of wanting to make themselves richer, off the backs of the populace, with their AUSTERITY PLANS!
    No pay rises, zero contracts, depression, suicides, people dying, the DWP killing us, the NHS at breaking point all the infrastructure in this country falling apart and this is all down to the LYING RICH TORY GOVERNMENT along with the lying right wing media!
    We all have to tighten our belts “bullshit”, from George Osborne.
    For us, it’s been downhill all the way.

  7. How many more harrowing stories will be exposed. I wonder who Theresa May will prey for when she piously attends her parish church this weekend. Will it be herself or the thousands of British Citizens that she has intentionally subjected to distress and harm. I really don’t see how she can survive this scandal that has exposed her as morally bankrupt and unfit to lead our country. Our PM has shamed our country worldwide.

    DWP sent Windrush pensioner £33,000 bill for disability benefits
    Valerie Baker was ordered to return ‘overpayments’ for past claims and threatened with deportation

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