Rudd, May accused of withholding child abuse evidence ‘for national security’ (#Oxfam)

This article was originally published in November 2017. However, in view of the Tories’ eagerness to exploit the justified outrage about Oxfam workers – sacked long ago for their treatment of people in Haiti – it’s appropriate to remind the public about the far larger cover-ups Theresa May and Amber Rudd have been accused of perpetrating: 

When Theresa May was Home Secretary, her department was discovered to have ‘lost or destroyed‘ huge amounts of vital evidence of sexual abuse of children by Establishment figures. Her successor, Amber Rudd, has now been accused of withholding more evidence from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) – for ‘national security reasons’.

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An article by The London Economic, tweeted this afternoon by Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, quotes Labour MP Lisa Nandy – who three weeks ago reduced Theresa May to incoherence with a question about Tory whips’ cover-up of sexual harassment and abuse allegations – alleging that Rudd,

told me that some papers would be withheld from the Cyril Smith inquiry for national security reasons

There are no ‘national security reasons’ in the world big enough to justify yet another Tory cover-up of the abuse of our children by Establishment figures.

If Nandy’s allegation proves to be correct, Rudd and her boss/predecessor May must resign – and preferably face investigation for potential criminal charges.

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  1. If “National Security” prevents child abusers being prosecuted one can only assume that there must be the threat of damaging secrets being revealed – which implies they’re either members of the security services or very high up the political food chain – or related to a politician with some power, like maybe a Prime Minister?
    If national security is genuinely at stake then they’re traitors as well as child rapists.

  2. Hailing from Rochdale, cannot understand the protection Cyril Smith got, unless of course senior Tories were involved.How the Lib Dens have got away with covering up for one of their own is a national scandal.
    Smith was known to visit the infamous Elm House in London where he abused young boys, its alleged that very senior Tories were involved with the full knowledge of Thatcher.

    But as long as the Tories are in power, the more cover ups will continue.

  3. In February 2015 the Tories defeated an amendment by John Mann that would have protected witnesses giving evidence to The Child Abuse Enquiry from prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

  4. National security?? No, no, no! Security for the ‘Establishment’ paedophiles certainly, but not for the children they are alleged to kidnap and bugger! But May’s statement is absolutely typical, coming from a notorious liar! This is not solely my opinion but the broadly accepted opinion in this country…even among those who generally support her. It is very clear that an important, nay, the most important talent for Tories is mendaciousness whenever it is deemed necessary. I do not wish to insult, merely to state the obvious…

  5. Rudd and May should go anyway but overall it is about time serving MP’s were held to account for things they do, including jail and loss of all but state basic pension if they have abused their positions. They all seem to be above and beyond the law for any of their actions except murder. They may get a laughable slapped wrist for something but this is normally given when they are all in the pub and so meaningless.

  6. There was me thinking ‘National Security’ meant keeping citizens safe from harm…

    Hang the effin’ pair of ’em; and the rest of the nonce-protecting vermin.

  7. Don’t forget Melanie Shaw is still in prison, still in solitary confinement after nearly 2 years for whistleblowing child abuse – and doesn’t even know the charges against her – May’s corrupt britain in action

  8. Investigate Theresa May’s father. There’s a very interesting expose on the internet. Explains why no result in the child abuse enquiry.

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