Video: May tells May – step up, stop blaming others and resign

The 2004 Theresa May in opposition has a message for the 2018 Theresa May in government: ‘step up, take responsibility, stop blaming others – and resign‘.

may blame

In a remarkable twist of fate, May appeared on BBC Question Time when she was the Shadow Minister for Transport and the Environment in opposition, to tell then Immigration Minister Beverley Hughes that she should resign.

Over an immigration fiasco.

For avoiding responsibility and blaming officials in her department.

2004-May, she said, found it ‘extraordinary‘ that ministers had no idea what was happening in their departments – yet refused to resign.

Yet as Home Secretary and now Prime Minister, she has overseen exactly that situation – and on exactly the same topic: immigration.

Watch and share the 2004 May telling the current version exactly what she should be doing:

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  1. Politicians must long for those pre-internet days when their past utterances couldn’t easily be reserected to come back and bite them in the arse.

    1. I miss the the days when (a few) journalists at least had the balls to do their jobs and point out things like this to the MP’s faces in front of the cameras instead of sneering at, and griping about independent blogs (Skwawkbox for example) who do the jobs they’re getting paid for.

      I see owen jones has been copping for flak off those types for saying more or less the same thing. I’m NO fan of jones, but he’s got that right – and their reaction proves it beyond all doubt.

  2. Things didn’t look too good for the Conservatives on either CH4 News or BBC2 Newsnight today

  3. Many will have seen Nick Robinson on Marr showing part of your May QT video to Gauke and then letting him slip off the hook.

  4. Kick out first,and then hear the appeals from thousands of miles away.
    How is that justice?

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