Leaked emails: May knew about ‘Go Home’ vans – and wanted them made harsher

Theresa May’s former adviser claimed yesterday that Theresa May did not know about, nor approve of, the infamously hateful ‘Go home or face arrest’ advertising vans that drove around areas with high numbers of immigrants in 2013.

Thanks to Bloomberg News and its UK political correspondent Robert Hutton, we now know that not only was May aware of the scheme at least four months before it took place – she told her subordinates to make the message the vans carried harsher.

Hutton tweeted details of emails leaked to Bloomberg detailing a discussion about the content on the sides of the vans:

hutton may leak.png

The tweeted excerpt clearly mentions the then-Home Secretary’s input into the van message:

bberg may 2.png

In other words, as one Twitter commenter succinctly put it:

coy may.png

The clear significance of the revelation was also commented on:

muckle may.png


Discussions are mounting about whether May can survive the weekend after misleading Parliament and/or the UK’s people twice in a few days – her lie about the Windrush landing cards and the supposed decision to provide treatment to Windrush cancer sufferer Albert Thompson

Now the credibility of an attempt to rehabilitate her image has been destroyed by the revelation that she pushed for even harsher versions of the widely-reviled ‘Go Home vans’.

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  1. Theresa May is the leader of a party which is clearly institutionally racist.

    Judging by this report, she is not capable of addressing the institutional racism of the Conservative Party as she has been the champion within the party of racist policies.

  2. Every day we learn that May and her cronies are lying. An artist even made a SONG about it after Grenfell. How long can this last before she resigns??? This country NEEDS AND DESERVES BETTER.

  3. She has also lied regarding the alleged chemical attack in Syria,and illegally sent our war planes to destroy civilian infrastructure in that country.

  4. She is a professional liar that’s how she became P.M At long last people are seeing her for what she really is. She won’t go quietly and it’s to be hoped she brings the Tory party down with her.

  5. She could be caught dancing naked around a cauldron at midnight with Leadsom, Rudd & a cloven-hoofed horned Gove and the MSM would call it a feeding station for the homeless.


  6. BBC managed to politicise “Thought for the day” on Today programme this morning with a thinly veiled attack on Mr Corbyn by a former Chief Rabbi. I always thought that section of an increasingly biased programme was beyond political manipulation and have asked BBC who in their regime selected today’s speaker. Not expecting an answer.

    1. i heard that too. But do we expect anything else these days from the Today programme? I used to be a fan of that programme but I just can’t stand it anymore.

  7. If the Trump Ventriloquist Dummy May goes we should argue for democratic selection contests in the remaining seats that haven’t chosen yet.
    Perhaps the GS could have a ready made plan for this as it may come at any time.
    We shouldn’t be appointing people again and we will need 350 stars selected by Labour members to act as Labour MPs to see through a transformation of UK society as an example to the World.

  8. I’m more surprised that people have been duped into thinking there was ANY sincerity in the arl’ bag for so long. I mean, it’s always had children’s book villain written all over it. That speech after last years election was the biggest load of bollocks until the next time one of them opened their gobs.[

    Let’s look at the signs why may’s a duplicitous, two-faced avaricious, heartless twunt of the lowest order

    Walks with a stoop (Nowt to do with her expensive heels)
    Never shows it’s teeth when it smiles; always pursed lips
    Can’t communicate with joe public to save it’s life
    Facial contortionist par excellence – all it needs is for it’s eyes to glow
    …And who can forget that horrendous fake laugh at the despatch box?

    may makes the same decisions that see people starve to death with the same sickening smile it fakes when meeting some pleb in front of the cameras. I’m certain of it.

    May god stiffen the arl’ bitch and all what support it.

  9. lets hope that May does the decent thing and resigns before Monday,lying to Parliament is I believe an impeachable offence!!!

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