Breaking: Jones to step down as Welsh Labour leader/FM – opens door for left leader


Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones. Image by Lyn Dafis, Creative Commons licence

Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones has announced that he is standing down in the autumn.

This should open the door for a left-wing leader to take over and begin the rebuilding of the party in Wales, which many members have considered moribund. However, the continued imposition of an ‘electoral college’ voting system in Wales – and the relatively strong influence of the right among Welsh unions – may mean the right can cling on, as it was likely intended to.

Time for Labour’s left majority in Wales and union activists to get to work, so a new, left-wing leader can democratise the party in line with members’ wishes.

The new leader is expected to be in place by December.

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  1. There will still be an electoral college in place to ensure another Blairite stitch-up which will infuriate the vast majority of Labour Party members in Wales and continue the unpopularity of the Blairites in Wales. If we do not adopt OMOV we could lose Wales, seriously.

  2. Why on earth has the WEC not already replaced the corrupt electoral system which is wide open to abuse?

    This isn’t America with its electoral colleges that handed power to Donald Trump, this isn’t the Democrat Party with its corrupt super delegates that rig elections, this is the Labour Party. We are a democratic socialist party where every member’s vote counts equally.

    There is only one conclusion that can be drawn if the WEC does not introduce a one member one vote system for the leadership contest.

    That conclusion is that the WEC is corrupt.

    1. The WEC is Carwyns power base. Just like NEC of old, the composition has been carefully curated to keep the members, as CLPs reps, outnumbered.

  3. Good riddance now perhaps we can have a JC supporting Socialist as Leader in Wales and not another Bliarite scab!

    1. High time Labour’s prodigal son, George Galloway, rejoined the party and ran for this post as the first step on the road to replacing Corbyn when he eventually steps down/has a backstabber-induced nervous breakdown/ leaves No. !0 (pick your fantasy).

      Corbyn’s done sterling work so far, but as we see all too often (like this week’s PMQs) he lacks both the oratorical skills and killer instinct that Gorgeous George has IN SPADES to add to the cool righteousness he shares with Jeremy. GG is the only realistic contender in this field and I think everybody knows it.

      Just sayin’…

  4. I wonder if Carwyn would have tried to hang on if Julie Morgan had been elected deputy first minister. Will she try for the leadership?

  5. Looks like he has resigned now to enable another right winger to take over before the system can be changed to OMOV. The Welsh Labour Party has a terrible record of colluding with Tory cuts and has lost thousands of votes as a result.

    1. If that’s even remotely true, national HQ should step in and delay the election of a new Welsh leader until the entire Welsh membership has been balloted on the adoption of OMOV.

      Either that or simply mandate OMOV for this and all future Welsh leadership elections; what’s not to like?

  6. If left-wingers within Welsh Labour want either OMOV, or a left-wing successor, or both; they have to act fast and decisively.

    Merely demanding support from the Westminster party will leave the field open and an unchanged voting system – meaning another right-wing Bay Bubble politician and another decade-long fudge of the electoral system. It will also work too slowly and put additional pressures on Corbyn and the still relatively small left grouping at the top of the party.

    Possible strategies involve direct lobbying, protests and high-profile meetings in the communities that electoral college leaders & institutions, and Welsh Labour politicians, represent, as well as an active social media presence to big up those events. Ideally, those wanting that action to happen should be putting on their thinking caps and be able to have imaginative and practical plan in place by tomorrow – whilst the resignation is still current news.

    I’m not convinced that’ll happen – but it would make all the difference.

  7. I am a staunch Corbyn supporter but we are not so blessed with talent in Wales that we can afford to be picky. Mark Drakeford stands head and shoulders above all other candidates, he is currently the only world class politician we have. We have to forego the loyalty oath campaigns I’m afraid.

  8. Right Left Wing Democratic Socialist Stars in Wales who are Pro-Jeremy Corbyn and genuinely want to transform UK Society as an example to the World.
    Now is your chance OMOV to pick a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Leader to join Jeremy in England and Richard in Scotland.
    Come on Brothers and Sisters – time to catch up with history Ha! Ha!

  9. Oh and why don’t Welsh CLPs inundate Labour’s NEC (copied into the Welsh EC) demanding DEMOCRATIC OMOV in Wales as in England and Wales and nationally for the Leader – Demand Equality!
    What have the top down Welsh Labour Leaders to fear giving grassroots Labour members a full say?
    Welsh Left Wing Democratic Socialist Brothers and Sisters perhaps power is in your hands and Top Down ‘Socialism’ FOR by the Right Wing in Labour was perhaps never Socialism and perhaps grassroots, bottom up, participatory Left Wing Democratic Socialism WITH has always been the answer.
    Time for the Welsh Labour Stars to Shine!

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