IDF’s accidental unblurred video ‘shows laptop is their own’

Deleted-then-re-uploaded video shows unlocked, fully-charged laptop with IDF-standardised marker number and alleged Hebrew letter keys, showing IDF image of captured-and-released soldier

The IDF released a version of its propaganda video shot in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital, with unblurred footage that contradicts the IDF spokesman’s narrative and appears to show an IDF laptop, according to analysis by media company HotSpot, which appears to have been the first to spot the blunder. The tweet was subsequently deleted by the IDF and replaced with a version in which the laptop was blurred out.

The footage of the laptop is narrated as showing an incriminating Hamas laptop – but the fully-charged machine has a charger with a label marking it ‘QI-148’, apparently compatible with the IDF’s standard numbering of electronic items, and is fully charged in a hospital that has been without power for an extended period:

Some observers have said that the unblurred keyboard has letter keys in Hebrew – a Hebrew keyboard of the same model is shown in the final image of the group below – not Arabic.

The image of an IDF soldier taken hostage and subsequently released, a Private Megidish, that appears on the laptop screen – apparently supposed to be an image of her taken by captives – also matches an image released to western media by the IDF:

The occupation regime wants to convince the world that the hospital housed a Hamas headquarters, to justify its bombing of Gaza’s hospitals, killed hundreds or even thousands of hospital staff and civilians as part of its ethnic cleansing of the territory.

Previously-released footage showed a different IDF spokesman pointing to a chart he said showed a Hamas terrorist schedule in Arabic – but Arabic speakers quickly pointed out it showed only the days of the week – and displaying a handful of guns in pristine condition.

As one commenter pointed out, according to the IDF, Hamas bases have IT departments that put standard numbers on their electronic equipment that the IDF needs to blur out.

The IDF’s attempts to persuade the world that missiles hitting hospitals were Hamas misfires have also been thoroughly debunked by specialist sound and video analysts – and a Netanyahu staffer also boasted about the IDF’s involvement in a tweet that was quickly deleted when the narrative of the misfire was circulated.

After ordering Gazans to move to the south of the country or be bombed – and bombing them there too – Israel has now ordered them to evacuate parts of the south as well. Leaked documents and statements by Israeli government ministers show plans to clear Gaza entirely and force what remains of the population over the border into Egypt to a permanent ‘tent city’.

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  1. Laughable, obvious and predictable! A consoling factor in this whole charade is that even mainstream media are careful to point out that this so called ‘evidence’ has not been independently verified.

  2. Another points is that whether an AK-47 and Ammunition would be safe to leave by the side of an MRI machine and why would someone leave a “grab -bag” without grabbing it on leaving?

    1. Well having denied that they have a command center at the hospital, they would hardly leave AK-47s and ammunition etc there when they left if they DID have a command center there. As if!

      Needless to say, they didn’t.

      1. A walky talkie, some wire spools. Old school signals stuff. It’s not hard. We’re talking about Mossad, the intelligence boys par excellance. They’re having a bad few years.Is Gerald Seymour alive? If yes, he’ll have had a few bad years along with a lot of our pro Zionist thriller (?) writers and screen player activists.

  3. Facebook is taking this down when posted, saying it contains nudity and sexual content!!?

    1. Because, Wanda, it’s extremely sexed-up idf bullshit.

      They are worse than toddlers who deny eating a load of chocolate when it’s smeared all over their gobshite.

      1. **Gobs… Bloody phone autocorrected to gobshite out of habit 😕

      1. When you hit the “gobshite” suggestion of the three boxes it (sometimes) automatically puts it in when typing the first four letters, then hitting the space bar.

        And you know how fond I am of that term. Very rarely do I use the word “gobs”.

        Not that I’m arsed. Babies are far less likely to be a gobshite than (smarmerite) MPs without intending to be.

  4. Whilst trying to determine earlier on if the story about veterans being told/advised not to wear their medals on the way to the Cenotaph – as reported in the Sun and GB News a day or two before the demo – was a falsehood, I came across the following article in The Independent from six days ago (the day of the protest) headlined: ‘‘The act of remembering has got lost’: Veterans on if protests are putting them off attending the Cenotaph this weekend’. The article is interesting for a number of reasons, but the key thing is that there is no mention of veterans having been told or advised not to wear their medals on the way to the Cenotaph (and there doesn’t appear to be an article specifically in relation to such in The Independent, or The Guardian, and it seems highly unlikely they wouldn’t have covered such a story if it was legitimate…… hardly any of the MSM came up in the results when I did a general search re >veterans told not to wear medals on way to Cenotaph<). Anyway, here's an extract from the article:

    Former Royal Marines Commando Ben McBean, from Plymouth, managed to recover from stepping on a Taliban landmine in 2008. 12 months later he ran the London Marathon despite losing two of his limbs. He did it again the year after.

    On his Remembrance Day plans, he said: “I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    “For me as a veteran, it’s the one time I can meet up with 10,000 people who are in the same boat as me.

    “I can’t just go there to pay my respects because it always turns into a massive blowout.

    “Lots of s*** goes on after and people let it all out.

    “I don’t think I can spend the entire week after picking up the pieces.”

    On the planned pro-Palestinian march on Saturday, he said: “Apparently it’s nowhere near where the Cenotaph is.

    “If protesters start kicking off in the middle of our minute’s silence then, yeh, that is out of order but if they are just stood there then who cares?”

    In a video statement on Wednesday, former English Defence League (EDL) leader and convicted fraudster Tommy Robinson told followers: “We’re going there to show respect and to make sure that there is respect shown at our Cenotaph”.

    The far-right activist added his followers would be “prepared to defend if we need to defend – because that’s what men do”.

    On Tommy Robinson’s offer of protection, Mr McBean added: “I think we can look after ourselves, to be honest.

    The (23) comments are well worth reading too:

  5. Strange goings on Steve, three times this morning I have tried to share your link on Facebook, three times it was removed with three warnings about posting sexual nudity and sexual content!

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