Video: Camden council admits destroying homeless tents after first denying it

Keir Starmer’s local council tried to deny that it was behind the removal and destruction of tents used by homeless people to shelter from the weather – but has been forced to admit it after bystanders recorded its contractors doing it:

Original video by Streets Kitchen

The council all too eagerly complied with a Met Police dispersal order, after then-Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s order to target homeless people’s tents, claiming homelessness is a ‘lifestyle choice’. After denying involvement, the council then said that an ‘initial investigation’ had shown its ‘operational involvement’.

Camden is run by the Labour party.

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  1. An initial investigation…FFS it’s ONE question:

    “Who gave it the ok?”

    And I’ll bet the cost of this ‘initial investigation’ was enough to have homed the poor sods whose tents they destroyed.

  2. Not forgetting, Camden is in the heartland of that prat Starmer’s constituency of Holborn & St Pancras.

  3. “Lifestyle choice” – Holy Heaven!!
    “Camden (council) is run by the Labour party” and the Labour party under Starmer is a global enforcer of US-obedient Atlanticism.

    When Sir Keir douchebag Starmer becomes Prime Minister, the United Kingdom of Great Britain will become the US’ 51st State far more organically than even Cruella Braverman, Liz Truss, David Cameron or Tony Blair could have managed.

    This man must never be helped into Downing Street. It’s not just ‘Forever Wars’, Gaza ceasefires and NHS corporatisation (aka ‘privatisation’) that we have to worry about.

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