Facebook blocks Skwawkbox for video showing IDF hospital deception

Video of laptop screen falls foul of social media giant’s ‘standards’

Social media giant Facebook has blocked access to this morning’s Skwawkbox post highlighting the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) video that claimed to show a ‘Hamas laptop’ but in reality appears to show an IDF laptop, with Hebrew keyboard and standardised marker number. The video was subsequently deleted and replaced with one that had the laptop details blurred out.

Shortly after a link to the article was posted to Facebook, a warning appeared on the Skwawkbox Facebook page warning the page admin that access to the article had been blocked for everyone but the admin – supposedly for content breaching ‘Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity‘:

Facebook has also placed a 24-hour restriction on Skwawkbox’s use of the platform:

Skwawkbox has appealed the block and restriction, but the ‘review’ by the platform will undoubtedly take far longer than it took to block the post from public view. It’s possible that the site’s bots were triggered by the word ‘unblurred’, but if so they are shockingly unsophisticated, for one of the world’s richest companies, to block a post that has literally no sexual content or reference to anything that might be sexual – and just happened to block access to a post showing deception by the Israeli military in its attempt to justify its campaign of bombing hospitals and schools that has killed thousands of Palestinian women and children.

Update: Facebook eventually restored the post.

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  1. Wish it could be more Steve, but yet another paypal donation on its way.

    BtW – which method costs SKWAWKBOX least? Do you get more of our donation if we use GOCARDLESS?

  2. Censorship rules the day!

    Peter Oborne was censored by Vanessa Feltz – of all people – for telling the truth, on her Talk TV programme, this morning.

    What’s that saying about ‘truth being the first casualty’?

  3. I’ve had my Facebook account temporarily locked twice in the past month. Only explanation was “suspicious activity “. Seems at least one of the tech giants is getting scared. The Zionist narrative is losing.

    1. I hope you protect yourself when you use Facebook, Brian. Use a Facebook Container on Firefox to stop them logging which other sites you visit (and, of course, profiling you for GCHQ/CIA and then monetising your data*). As you know, they’re not your friend.

      *. If JC had won the 2017 GE for Labour, he’d have changed the law to make any data pertaining to your internet activity, yours – then the tech charlatans like Zukkerface, Apple Inc and Google would have had too respect you instead of seeing you as a cash-cow to be milked for the highest-bidder.

      1. Hey, qwertboi – I’ve asked this several times and in several different places, but never had a coherent answer.

        Any idea why Mozilla Firefox/DuckDuckgo don’t market their own PC’s, Tablets – even – smartphones with their product as the OS’s, on each?

      2. MMmmmm, I don’t know George. A couple of thoughts tho:
        1. Mozilla isn’t a profit-centred enterprise; it has no ‘need’ or motivation to make markets for itself as a hardware + software ‘closed system’ proviider (like Apple with its MacOS and iOS). Mozilla will be busy (and very successful/lucrative) just trying to make existing technologies irrespective of OS platform safer and less exploitative of customers.
        1a. DuckDuckGo is just a google licensee, paying google to use its core system and $millions to persuade us that its sub-sets of google provide better encryption, better tracker-protection, enhanced privacy, etc. etc. Technically, although I use it myself, I don’t trust it the way I trust Mozilla. DukDukG is just google with the some of te inbuilt tracking and surveillance-processes switched off or down a tiny bit.
        2, currently, 2 main OSs are probably all the world can manage (even closed-shop China, where they make their own ‘facebooks’ and ‘googles’, use bog-standard Windows and Unix-based MacOS).
        I love and marvel at Linux (the world’s 3rd main OS), but cannot use it professionally because it intentionally ensures it cannot become a strong competitor to Windows and MacOS. (Therein lies its biggest weakness and its biggest strength).

      3. Thanks, for your reply, qwertboi. A few things I didn’t know, or hadn’t thought of, there.

        If only Tim Berners-Lee hadn’t been so trusting, and had put in a few safeguards, all those years ago.

        Perhaps, his www : 2.0 will be more secure, from the user’s point of view.

      4. A VPN and Facebook Container are v different things, baz2001. Re F’book, when a person “joins”. they give F’book “permission” to comprehensively track them, which it does openly in plain sight. (That’s why I never use it). A VPN merely disguises your computer’s identity, its location and its activity on the web. Even your ISP can’t see what you do on the web – where you go, what you do there and how much data you access when you use a VPN. Every page you visit can still load cookies when you’re on a VPN, so you still have to be rigorous in managing them to make sure they don’t track you for someone. (This is where Mozilla and Firefox shine) I use a VPN but would still use a Facebook Container if I used F’book.

      5. Thanks Qwertboi…..

        I wished you would do a ‘how to’ on this stuff. I find it all very confusing. I use FB very sparingly because I know the CIA use the FB platform for data harvesting. Which really pisses me off.

        But it would be good to get lessons from experts like you.

        Thanks for your help.

      6. Spent years wasting valuable time with the shite OS that is Windows; regularly having to re-boot and rebuild every single ‘new’ version at least twice a year because the Gates business model is based on the approach of ‘ship this out by last Tuesday and we’ll fix the bugs with a (sticking plaster) patch as and when’ which inevitably leads to a poorly built system crashin g more regularly than a drunk driver.

        On retirement I jettisoned this bag of shit and have been using Linux Mint ever since. The interface looks little different to Windows; the software – including Libra Office – is free;its never crashed in eight years; its never needed a patch; and I’m not bank rolling a parasitic entity with my time and money.

        Its a piece of piss to install and use even for a half wit like me. Give it a go qwertboi. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    2. I have a Facebook account apparently and I’ve been busy. Is it possible to get rid of the thing. I don’t know the p.w and its years old. Could keep it.

  4. Mass reporting by IDF bots/apologists/useful idiots would trigger a block. I’d bet the few human moderators Facebook employs will drag their feet for reviewing flagged “explicit content” since it’s more likely than not that they’ll see some real gross material…

    Which makes me wonder, has Zuckerberg spoken publicly on the conflict? What’s his position?

    Melon Husk spoke nicely last week demanding a ceasefire and vowing providing Starlink Internet to recognised relief organisations. “Not so much a dickhead afterall” i thought… Then this week he went into full blown, clear cut, antisemitism, saying that all Jews are anti white racists. Very helpful comment! [Sarcasm]

  5. Can someone in the MSM and Toilet papers put them on the naughty step and tell them No Shit Sherlock has been investigating their propaganda and come to the conclusion Israel is guilty of Genocide
    Can someone tell me how these fuckers can call themselves Jews, Jews could simply not do this to another people

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