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Israel claims Hamas blew up hospital – but Netanyahu staffer boasted Israel did it

Christian hospital targeted, killing over 500 – and fake news about source of missile was amplified by UK ‘mainstream’ media

After a missile attack on a Christian-run hospital killed more than five hundred civilians and hospital staff, the Israeli propaganda machine quickly claimed that the missile had been launched by Palestinian group Hamas – and that claim was echoed and amplified by UK broadcasters.

But as journalist Dan Cohen has pointed out, Hananya Naftali, a staffer to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, was a bit too quick for the Israeli spin machine – and boasted of Israel’s attack on the hospital and the ‘terrorists’ it had killed:

Naftali quickly deleted the tweet and replaced it with one blaming Hamas:

The Christian-run Al-Ahli hospital targeted by Israel has been operating for 141 years and was founded by the Church of England’s Church Mission Society. Civilians were massed in its courtyard in the forlorn hope that Israel would respect international law by not attacking a hospital. The latest attack must be added to the burgeoning list of war crimes by the apartheid Netanyahu regime. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has condemned the Israeli attack as a ‘massacre’, tweeting:

We are horrified by the recent Israeli bombing of Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, which was treating patients and hosting displaced Gazans. Hundreds of people have reportedly been killed.

Israel has also tried to blame a deadly attack on a road full of fleeing refugees on Hamas, despite reports that it was an Israeli air strike. The propaganda machine is in full swing, but slipped this evening – and shame on those UK broadcasters and press that amplified the lie.

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  1. The sad part is, you knew this was coming.

    Worse is that netanyahoo’s far from finished, and until the international community – aka ‘murrica and the UK – stop giving them carte blanche , and start acting like the world’s policemen that they think they are, then expect more atrocities to be committed (by both sides, but instigated by israeli vindictiveness) in future.

    1. Toffe, I believe Israel as a zionist project is finished but, Israel and its western allies don’t know it yet.
      Unless, Israel is able to massacre over 4 million Palestinians (they are trying their best) the Zionist aren’t going to resolve the Palestinian issue. Let us not forget that the nazies needed 5 years to massacre 6 millions Jews, at the time it was not social media and the masses couldn’t see what they were doing. Hence, no a chance Israel is going to manage the Palestinian’s genocide a large scale.
      The Gazan children that will survive, are not going to forget about this later bombing, every single person in Gaza would have a family member, friend or neighbour that have been affected directly either knowing a dead or injured person.
      These children are going to grow up and they are going to raise up again. The way the global world is evolving in 15-20 years time the US is going to be must weaken and we can already see that China isn’t interested in believing Israeli excuses.
      Moreover, in the here and now, Israel is going to have a lot of problems persuading Israeli citizens to go back and live in close proximity to Gaza. Plus, let us see how many families from now on are persuaded to emigrate to Israel.

    2. Toffee, don’t forget Lithuania the other hard nuts. International community is dwindling by the minute but BRICS…

  2. Many Labour MPs,journalists and commentators ( including the odious Akehurst) telling us it’s wrong to jump to conclusions regarding who was responsible for this bombing until a thorough investigation is completed. I remember how those same people reacted when Mr Corbyn said the same thing about the Salisbury poisoning.

    1. Jim, they didn’t have any problems jumping on the “behading of children by Hamas” during the attack on the 7th October, didn’t they?
      Even Biden was caught in the Zionist lies, when he started repiting them.
      The problem was not photo evidence of children be beheaded. Hence, they quickly backtracked.

      1. No, he put out those pictures of a burnt child that turned out to be BBC chicken legs. Hasty withdrawal, won’t be the first HW of the autumn either.

  3. The Right in Israel’s strategy (supported by the Right & Centrists around the world who jump to the USA’s tune:
    1. Post A Counter Truth Narrative.
    2. Encourage the Right wing mugs & less political/non political out there to buy into this and to promote it.
    They know she me believe what they want to believe.
    3. Kick it into the long grass hoping that citizens around the world will soon forget.
    Our strategy:
    1. Continue to promote the truth and continue to fight for Justice for Palestinians around the world.
    2. Push for peace & for an end to the occupation.
    And why did the US, UK, France & Japan all vote AGAINST a UN Resolution calling for a ceasefire?
    If only John Lennon was here “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

    1. Yes, if only he had not been assassinated in a likely CIA operation.

      “In an interview with Fenton Bresler, NYPD lieutenant Arthur O’Connor said: “Chapman looked like he could have been programmed and I know that you are going to make of that word. That was the way he looked and that was the way he talked.””

      Later this year, another book is to be published on this subject and so we may be able to reach a conclusion.

    1. ….and here:

      The missile which destroyed this hospital and murdered so many civilians, including children, was more sophisticated than anything the Palestinians in the Gaza Concentration Camp possess.

      Those in the Western media making excuses for this War Crime are themselves complicit in the crime. It has ignited the street not only in the Near East but also throughout Europe.

  4. It’s a shame Lennon never addressed the Israel/Palestine issue (to my knowledge) in any of his songs. All we have is Gimme Some Truth:
    “No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of tricky dicky
    Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me”.
    That punch doesn’t really land here, does it.

    But this is totally the IDF’s MO. Excessive over-reaction combined with “plausible” deniability. A misfiring Hamas/Islamic Jihad rocket, my arse. A false flag attack on their own side designed to widen the war and draw other countries in, my even bigger, hairier arse! No, that’s what western-aligned jihadists do (see Ghouta), but Israeli propaganda is now so prevalent in our media that many people here will buy it. GB News now appears to be under the direction of the Israeli embassy! The mask hiding the nasty party has finally fallen off.

    We need large numbers for the demo in London on Saturday. Anti-Iraq war demo 2003-type numbers. Make it if you possibly can…

      1. I doubt very much that the West recognises the significance and ramifications of that gesture. This will end badly for the eternal victim and its quartermaster. Sooner or later they will have to use ground troops and their reserves are not up to it. Let’s hope that sensible heads opt for diplomacy. The Sampson option does not have the terrifying effect it once used to have. Never mind John Lennon 1 billion angry people is a horrifying prospect for any nation to face. Israel must talk.

  5. This – – suggests black is indicative of mourning, red for war.
    A considerable amount of effort will be expended by those with entrenched positions claiming the missile strike was caused by one side or the other, with supposed corroborating ‘evidence’ being offered up when that effort would be immeasurably better spent disengaging from conflict.

    1. On a practical level disengagement is not an option for those faced with being permanently erased not just physically but also from ever having existed.

      As a theoretical position it is sound. As a practical position it is actually saying that the evidence of a war crime does not matter and that we should move on. In that regard it is little different to the initial position of the leader of his majesty’s loyal opposition last week.

      The Arab and Muslim street has already kicked off. And it has justifiably kicked off in large part as a result not only to the atrocities taking place but also these types of lofty pronouncements from comfortable armchairs which bear no personal costs.

      Well, not as yet.

      1. Dave, it is clear that disengagement in the first instance requires IDF to restore supply of essential services and retreat from Gaza. It also requires a cessation of missiles emanating from Gaza. It does not dismiss the crimes that both sides have committed, indeed if you are referring specifically to the bombing of the hospital then a ceasefire is more likely to be conducive to obtaining evidence than continued conflict. I cannot know whether the position from which you determine that the ‘Arab and Muslim street has already kicked off’ is entirely distinct from the comfortable remove from which I pass comment. It may be that your fatalistic reading comes to pass though I think talking up an escalation is more likely to make it so than hoping that the killing can stop.

      2. This piece….

        …..posts a number of links – Tehran at 3:00 a.m.: Cairo; Istanbul; Baghdad; US Kurecik radar Base at Malatya-Turkey – as well as a list of Embassies under attack:

        “Embassies Under Attack – 8:43 PM EDT

        Attacks are currently being reported at:

        – Israeli Embassy in Turkey

        – Israeli Embassy in Jordan

        – US Embassy in Lebanon

        – Embassy in Iraq

        – French Embassy in Iran

        – British Embassy in Iran

        Iran’s govt declares tomorrow, Wednesday, a day of mourning across the country, strongly condemns the attack on a hospital in Gaza, urges Muslim countries to sever ties with Israel and expel its ambassadors.”

        It also posts a link to a Fox News tweet timed at 01:40 a.m. this morning, Wednesday 18 October 2023 claiming the Iranian “foreign minister warns ‘preemptive action’ against Israel expected within hours.”

        Meanwhile, and this will require a separate post because this site does not allow posts with more than one URL link……

    2. …..continued…..

      …..this everyday occurrence is still going on:

      “While the world focuses on the Hamas massacre in southern Israel and Israel’s massive bombing of the Gaza Strip, settlers in the occupied West Bank are taking advantage of the chaos to attack and expel Palestinians from a number of small villages.

      Israeli soldiers and settlers have killed 51 Palestinians in the West Bank since Saturday, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah. At least two villages, Al-Qanub and Wadi Al-Sik, have been entirely depopulated as a result of the violence by Israeli settlers.”

      This is not a one off its being going on for decades. And therein lies the key problem. The pusher’s of TON (The Official Narrative) barely notice it never mind publish and transmit wall to wall screaming headlines condemning it and the death’s and murders officially sanctioned and excused by the entire Western media and political classes.

      If, as those political and media classes never cease to claim they are upholding “British/Western Values” where is the consistent application of those values here? The double standards in which the far greater number of atrocities are committed against a people imprisoned in a giant concentration camp far larger than the Warsaw ghetto in which the stated objective is to commit both physical and historical genocide are not only obvious to the man on the Clapham Omnibus they are also obvious to the Arab and Muslim Street along with their Government’s.

      When was the last occasion anyone saw some miserable lickspittle prostitute of a so called “journalist” in the West pursuing Western politicians around the streets demanding they condemn the illegal in International law actions of the Israeli Governments in this Apartheid project?

      When was the last time anyone can remember the Palestinian flag being displayed at their Town Hall in response to the criminal and casual murder of Palestinians by fascist right wing settler’s? Sheffield City Council were quick to raise the Israeli Flag over Sheffield Town Hall this week but I can never recall the opposite gesture – which would have been at least even handed (but only to a degree given the massive recorded disparity in systemic deaths and atrocities – will post the link to this data further down this thread).

      It never happens. And it never happens because that same political and media class are upfront with the “White Mans Burden” narrative. The latest iteration being that well known Spanish “Socialist Worker” member and Eurocrat Josep Borrell with his Garden/Jungle metaphor.

      The Western media are spinning like fury on this latest atrocity – trying desperately to produce as much fog of doubt in order to blame anyone but teachers pet. The British Government have called for a “cease fire” – which as far as the Arab and Muslim Street along with Governments in the Region is/are concerned is likely to be a week too late. Simply because it demonstrates to them only that having got their “pound of flesh” the Western backers of consistent War crimes which get a free pass want to de-escalate so that the very obvious slow genocide – as detailed in the above link – can continue and be contained/managed.

      It remains to be seen whether or not this time around such an obviously cynical approach will be given any more time by the Arab and Muslim Street or the Government’s of the Region.

      On the balance of probabilities I would certainly not put money on it.

      1. People have already forgotten the brutal air attacks on a Syrian military graduation ceremony and the regular bombing of Syrian civilians. Sorry, not forgotten, have never been told. Each action is presented as a unique event but its a long unbroken ribbon.

    3. That casualty graphic:

      Since 2008 there have been 6,407 Palestinian deaths compared to 308 Israeli deaths (4.8% of Palestinian deaths).

      Injuries are: 152,560 Palestinians and 6,307 Israeli’s (4.13% of Palestinian Injuries).

      Probably the best way to envisage this situation is to imagine a chess board in which one half of the board contains pieces of rock whilst the other side of the board contains sophisticated missiles, bullets and other high tech weapons.

  6. You only need look at the size/scope of the damage done by previous Hamas rockets thatactually havelanded on israeli settlements to know that this is a load of bollocks from netanyahoo & co.

    Trying to palm everyone off with “The missile fell short and landed on a cache of other rockets.” as to why the damage was so great and the casualty numbers beyond sickening (One would be far too many, it’s a hospital for complete fucks sake).

    Fell short…And just happened to land on a hospital – or better still – right on top of a missile cache that was supposedly stashed at the hospital?!

    Yeah. And I saw Steven Hawking get a nine-dart finish ffs.


    Well, I’m afraid those who still support netanyahoo after this have shot their bolt with me. No excuses. No buck passing. It’s firmly landed at Israeli feet.

    Bunch of murderous cunts.

    1. It’s insane but if you don’t agree you’re insane. Please don’t mention the book by that bourgeois bbc grass.

  7. Their denials follow the same pattern they used, when they murdered Shireen Abu Akleh.

  8. And that dodderin’ arld bastard Biden…Well OF COURSE he’s gonna accept Benny’s bullshit account, isn’t he?

    Cos yank missiles don’t get used on hospitals.

  9. Israel claimed responsibility, then blamed a Hamas rocket misfire, then blamed a rocket from another Arab group whose name I’ve forgotton. Israeli accounts were quick to blame the latter two and smear other people as racists for always jumping to conclusions by blaming Israel.

    Israel warned hospitals in advance, then bombed this one, using the ‘civilians as a human shield’ excuse (despite attacking hospitals being expressly forbidden by the First Geneva Convention), only to backpedal when the casualty numbers came out.

    Hilarious timing, given Biden’s visit today.

  10. According to a poll – 94% of Israelis blame Netanyahu for
    all of this. A not uncommon comment in Israel is “Why weren’t IDF
    concentrating on security – instead they were harassing people
    on the West Bank ?”

    Of course posts upthread are correct – the punitive reaction
    by Isreal is just encouraging the next generation of Hamas.

    There is SOME acknowledgement in the Media. There was a
    an interview with the Oxford Councillor who resigned the Labour
    whip on Politics Live on BBC 2 today.

    One word Ive never heard though in the MSM is “Kahanist” for they
    apparently facilitated Netanyahu’s re-emergence as Israeli
    Govt leader. They have been branded as “terrorists” by
    Isreal in the past and it is ominous that they are currently
    being re-habilitated.

    1. ……Or, for that matter Emily Thornberry who claims “The absolute right” of Israel to commit a war crime.

      “The ‘absolute right’ to commit war crimes, including intensive bombing of the densely-populated Gaza strip and the collective punishment of two million civilians there? In effect, Labour is colluding with Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people, as is the UK government which has declared that it stands ‘unequivocally’ with Israel. Recall that Labour is ostensibly the party of opposition to the Tory government.”

      Such people need to be put through the Nuremberg process in its entirety.

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