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Video: Starmer says he will treat families of refugee boat children as terrorists

Any family members aware a refugee child is coming to UK by boat who doesn’t report it will be ‘bracketed as terrorists’ under a Starmer fascist government

Knowing a refugee child is coming by boat to the UK is ‘terrorism’, according to red Tory leader Keir Starmer – and Starmer has admitted, perhaps even boasted, on TV that he will treat the families of such children as terrorists, if the UK is ever cursed to see him get into Downing Street.

Speaking to Trevor Phillips, the so-called centrist accused of Islamophobia but allowed back into the Labour party by the his regime, Starmer said that families of refugee children arriving by boat who do not notify the authorities of their impending arrival will be ‘bracketed as terrorists’ under so-called anti-terror laws if he gets into government:

This is fascism. But given Starmer’s record of colluding with the Tories over anti-free-speech and anti-protest legislation and laws to give immunity to undercover police and their agents who commit crimes including rape and murder – as well as his happiness to keep starving poor children even though it costs the UK more to keep them hungry than to feed them properly and his constant pandering to racists – no one should be surprised.

Just disgusted.

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    1. There was a non comment piece by Steve mentioning the questionable black sun -drill funking bit- ukinazi poster at some outfit or cabal buffet. Bad memory but I think there was a mention of boy Trots Awl in it as well. Some piece of slime hung about with them up or is it down when getting a grant and hoped that he might get a dance with a lefty on the strength of. Just can’t remember said cretins name but I do recall a similar looking crawler bleating along with blue fascists about ‘use Swift’ to smash Putin’. Awler still in the party and here he goes again. He’s a piece of work. Here remaining comrades crawls your glorious lederhosen, best of our own DAF.

  1. Is there any bar he won’t lower himself under to compete with Suella Braverman on how fecking idiotic & fascist he is?

    1. Of course not. I don’t want to know what happens under bars that have anything to do with THE HOP.

    1. Watch it again SteveH. Suella Braverman probably feels intense envy at how deviously (she’d say ‘cleverly’) Starmer presents his abject disapproval of immigrants as a justifiable fear of terrorism.

      Fear is the magic ingredient that gets us to buy anything – even fascism.

      1. I once went to a talk given by Straw. Up t’north so the crowd were left loyalist 80’s. Jeez what a wimp. I have no idea what the funking theme was, but shoulders were locked in the exists with bouncers forcing people back into the room.

    2. Yes he did. Islamophobe in chief phillips clearly asked him that if FAMILIES of people making the journey will be classed as terrorists if they knew about it. Sir kid starver racist said yes. I wonder if he will put this rule in retrospective claims so anyone who helped a jew in germany would now be a terrorist. Or is it just more islamophobia

    1. I’m not doubting you, but I’ve not heard this (dropping the ban) anywhere else. I just expected the pretence would be maintained at least till Starmer was safely in No.10 and then the Growler (and her pledge) to be instantly memory-holed when Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet is announced.

      1. I just expected the pretence would be maintained at least till Starmer was safely in No.10

        “Hope springs eternal”, as they say.

        At the pace they’re going, by the time of the next election they’ll be rigging on their pledges about six weeks beforethey make them.

    2. baz2001,

      I understand the relevant caveat is along the lines of “non exploitative zero hours contracts.”

      As yet I have yet to see the detail on that in terms of:

      a) Who gets to define what is and is not exploitative?
      b) What the criteria is; who decides what that criteria is; and how does that process operate?
      c) How that would be enforced in a context in which the State is subordinate to the Oligarchy.

    3. Who can resist the Lefts’ flame haired temptress. Form a line and don’t force the exit doors?

  2. “I think the Labour leader is Beach Ken. Beach Ken stands for nothing.”

    Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt says Sir Keir Starmer has “zero balls”.

    SirKidStarver has no balls……..

    1. SirKidStarver has no balls…….

      They’re probably cuboid – like his head.

      1. That thing will remain with me as Max Headroom. A personality bereft hologram whose image constantly stutters as the head flicks with a syphylitic twitch further and further right, constantly uttering banalaties from a vile rectus hole.

  3. Got news this AM. Good or bad depends who you are. Till my big bang it’s no more Mr Nice Guy. Caribbean King you have been told and if you thought that your crabs make you itch I’ll turn you into a sanatogen addict.

    1. Two likes! Wow, my p.b is 3. C’mon comrades shoulders to the wheel, there’s fascists and nazis infiltrating everywhere

  4. As a muslim this is inherently racist and i will explain. If someone helped a jew to escape Hitler, would starmer label that person a terrorist?? No way!!!! So why do it to predominately muslim refugees. The right wing will instantly match muslim = terrorist. They already describe it as an invasion by fighting age men building an army here. I feel sick really I do.

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