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‘Sir Kid Starver’ trends in UK – the new ‘Milk Snatcher’ moment

Starmer and cronies trend on UK social media after Starmer said publicly that he will not act to lift a million kids out of poverty

The scandal at the weekend of Keir Starmer – the only policy he was willing to commit to in an interview with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg – said that Labour will not end the scandal of the two-child benefit cap (video here) has really cut through in the public consciousness.

So deeply, in fact, that the top-trending item on UK Twitter at the time of writing is Starmer’s new nickname, ‘Sir Kid Starver‘:

Twitter user @treborrhubarb compared the new phrase to the ‘milk-snatcher’ label that has rightly clung to Margaret Thatcher far beyond the grave:

The Starver moniker was not the only trending item: Starmer’s own name and that of his mouthpiece Yvette Cooper, who yesterday tried to excuse and defend Starmer’s wanton heartlessness, were also high in the list of UK trends.

Left activist ‘The Agitator’ was quick to do the necessary:

So damaging is the term that Starmer’s team is said to be virtually incoherent with rage – but trying to muster the words to get Twitter to remove it:

Starmer’s cruelty is no less than that of the unlamented former Tory PM: ending the benefit cap would instantly lift 250,000 children out of poverty and vastly improve the situation of another 1.25 million poor children – and would have a negative cost, saving the UK £39.5bn at a cost of only £1.3bn, according to the latest Child Poverty Action Group analysis.

Yet in the arid desert that is Keir Starmer’s policy platform – and clearly his soul – pretty much the only concrete policy he is willing to commit to is to continue that needless, expensive cruelty to 1.5 million children of our nation, which is already shamed by the poverty of more than four million children over all.

Depriving children of milk was evil, but it is nothing compared to condemning so many to poverty, hunger, stigma, ill health and a damaged education when ending the evil would cost less than nothing.

Kid Starver indeed.

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  1. Right Wing Lightweight Labour (a) lacks the political bottle to fight for the poor and (b) lacks the political acumen to offer a counter narrative to the Dominant Right Wing Narrative on Welfare.
    But there are 2 welfare states, ours the working class one which is deliberately meagre, is stigmatised and is under attack.
    Then there is the upper class welfare state which is luxurious and the rich and powerful are subsidised to the hilt via tax incentives and concessions eg Big Business alone gets £93b a year (Chackraborrty) which equals £3,500 per household. Also tax avoidance by the rich since 2010 is now up to £1.5 trillion (Prem Sikka).
    The Real Dependency Culture is that of the rich & powerful who are totally dependent on billions of us turning up for work tomorrow – workers of the world know thy power!
    And the rich have stashed £60 trillion plus globally in illicit offshore banks to avoid giving to society – The Real Global Scroungers!

    1. Steady now Bazza. Presenting fact based evidence on this site is likely to see you accused of writing an “assey” by the Caribbean (alleged) ankle biter.

  2. Putting money in at the bottom is the biggest driver of economic growth, due to the multiplier effect, every penny spent is circulated many times over
    Billionaires don’t spend their money, they hoard it, at worst they create asset bubbles, which takes money out of the general economy

  3. SteveH will be showing up any time to say “we never meant Keir will do 70% of what we want-we meant 7%, and really, it’s enough that he do 0.07%. And I’ll NEVER stop saying this is still all Corbyn’s fault”.

    You can take the day off and bask in the sun in the Caribbean, like you were probably doing anyway.

    1. Ken – It is gratifying to hear that I am occupying your head-space.
      Unfortunately I’m not basking in the sun today because it is currently pissing it down. On the plus side though it’s the usual pleasant 30°C here and unlike the UK, the rain is warm. 🌦️

      1. Who’s arsed about the weather where you are?

        You excuse and condone keef allowing kids to starve.

        Nobody’s forgotten that you did it when he ordered the peers to abstain on the school meals for kids of parents on uc.

        Now you’re swerving the issue altogether and complaining about the weather.

        And you excused keef shielding known nonces.

        You, like keef, have form for allowing children to suffer.

        You’re vermin.

  4. Starvernomics should be hung round his neck like the albatross in “The Ryme of the Ancient Mariner”.
    It’s no less than he deserves.

    1. johnsco1
      At a time when wealth at the top is off the scale
      A Billionaire is a Millionaire one thousand times over
      The greed has to stop

    2. He stoppeth one of three ………………….. from being a member of the Labour Party.

  5. Polly Toynbee’s ‘apologist’ columns currently offer the worst takes. Through the noughties she berated New Labour from the left, for their timidity in office and not tackling poverty. She also criticised their authoritarianism, yet now defends something far worse that’s in prospect with Starmer.

    Her ‘ walking a tightrope to power’ analogy is completely and demonstrably false, as Corbyn proved in 2017, by gaining 40% of the vote with a confident leftist manifesto. Besides, it’s almost certain Labour will lose more votes by not appealing to those on the left and progressives, than they’ll gain through appealing the right. She glosses ovber the 10 pledges that were lies, and Starmer’s constant unpopularity. And she claims courting Murdoch is essential? Really? That tabloid’s importance in the national devate has declined massively since the 1980/90s as has its readership.

    The whole notion that Starmer and Reeves are secret leftist radicals who’ll unleash that radicalism when safely ensconced in power, is utterly absurd. They’ll be just as RW and horrible as they are now, and even more aloof and dictatorial, pushing through policies Labour MPs, party members and Labour voters loathe but can’t meaningfully object to. Just like the Iraq war Blair pushed through.

    1. SteveH the second biggest percentage was Brexit. I remember you supporting the People’s Vote. Have the Labour Party stick to enacting Brexit in its manifesto rather than the constructive ambiguity we will have have a better result.
      I will argue that the leadership/Corbyn were damaged by the constant attacks from within the Party, that were quickly reported and amplify in the MSM.

      1. The media created the narrative around Corbyn and Starmer wouldn’t last a week subjected and smeared as Corbyn was, nor would Sunak. It was unprecedented.

        The reality is they lost Leave voting seats, regardless of the words the media put in their mouths afterwards. Look at Swinson and the Lib Dems and explain their rout if it wasn’t a desire to “get Brexit done!”

      2. Andy – Unfortunately Corbyn and his team didn’t do themselves any favours with the way they dealt with it.

      3. Maria – Did he really support the “people’s vote”? I wasn’t visiting this site in those days.
        So he was one of the Umunna-style “anything to ensure that Labour is riven apart, made to look duplicitous and can’t win in 2019 because the Brexit-voting Labour seats will be lost” lot was he? This crowd brought misery to the UK. Criminal.

    1. baz2001 – Was this written by the same politically naive f’wits who in 2019 chose to abandon Corbyn and the fulfilment of their supposed lifelong dream of a ‘truly left-wing’ government to vote alongside the ERG for a Tory wet dream policy. You really couldn’t make it up.

      1. Oh you mean that same Tory wet dream policy keef was vehemently opposed to until he shithoused his way to the leadership by convincing gullible gobshites like you that he’d stick to corbynist policies -which were ditched even quicker than his Brexit opposition?

        Nonce-enabling nonce apologist.

        You should never be allowed within 500 yards of children.

  6. Herr Flick
    Do you know what a quadratic equation is, let’s try one
    A Sir Kid Starver
    B Sir 2nd Referendum
    C Sir Tory ‘War Criminal’ Blair
    X Hung Parliament

    1. Doug – Oh dear, are you still trying to prove to yourself that you are really as clever as you think you are. 😏

      1. Herr Flick
        How clever do you think Red Tories are, the same people who lost 5 million votes and a GE to David Cameron
        So you complete fuckwit, what’s different this time

      2. Corbyn’s team gave us the worst general election results in 70yrs and lost 60 seats.

    2. “Corbyn’s team gave us the worst general election results in 70yrs and lost 60 seats.”


      The facts say otherwise:

      The Labour vote in 2019 was 10,269,076.

      This was larger than the….

      2005 vote of 9,552,436
      2010 vote of 8,606, 527
      2015 vote of 9,347,304

      ….and only just under half a million votes less than the 10,742, 953 votes of 2001.

      Presumably this is one of those “different truths” from the made up reality you occupy with the rest of your deluded Official Narrative pushers.

      I strongly suspect the majority of us will stick with the Reality Based Community.

      Close the door on your way out.

  7. I think the Kid Starver name will stick but the awful thing is that its true -children are going hungry under the Tories and will be no better off under Starmers Labour.
    I hope this is a turning point and decent people will see Starmer for the unprincipled opportunistic Tory that he is.

  8. Maria – I also remember that since stepping down Jeremy Corbyn has clearly stated to camera that he had no choice but to have a CV policy because the vast majority of both Labour’s members and voters supported a confirmatory vote and remaining in the EU (the remainers have been proved right).

    1. And where was YOUR vote on this policy Mr labour member?

      Vast majority of labour VOTERS?

      Nope. Plenty of them fucked smarmer’s second referendum infantile spoilt -bastardness right off. I was one of them** Desist with your manufactured bullshit, nonce enabler and apologist.

      **Oh and before you start again with your “but you didn’t vote Corbyn”, be told once again that the whinging LIAR illeagle was NEVER getting my vote and NEVER will.

      1. Toffee – “Vast majority of labour VOTERS? “

        That’s what Jeremy has said to camera on multiple occasions. Was he lying?

        Thanks for confirming that your hate for Eagle took precedence over ‘your love for Corbyn’ and your supposed life long desire for Socialist led government. It’s a revealing insight.

      2. The thread isn’t about Corbyn. Have the bollocks to address the issue at hand for once in your miserable tenure as resident degenerate.

        It’s about keef’s willingness to allow kids to go without so he can have a go at being as shit as the toerags.

        Aided and abetted by the likes of gobshites like yourself persistently attempting to gaslight the rest of us living through it, while you’re supposedly halfway around the planet living the life of Reilly, telling us where we’re supposedly getting it wrong.


  9. Kid starver needs to cross over to the Tory’s or unseat the prick at he next G/E

  10. Massively, impressive Jamie Driscoll, on BBC Newsnight, last night. Made McTernan feel a bit queasy.

    £25,000 raised in two hours, yesterday, astonished everyone, including Jamie Driscoll. This morning, it’s rapidly approaching £100,000, with not a Trevor Chinn in sight.

    Independent Socialist candidates seems to be the way forward – for now.

    The numbers are growing!

    1. George – Are they really, do you have some examples?

      Is this one of them?
      David Nellist a British Trotskyist activist who was the Labour MP for the constituency of Coventry South East from 1983 to 1992. Elected as a Labour MP, his support for the Militant tendency led to his eventual expulsion from the party in late 1991. He is the National Chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), a member of the Socialist Party, and was a city councillor in Coventry from 1998 to 2012.

      “Dave Nellist stood for TUSC in the 2022 Birmingham Erdington by-election finished in third place on 2.1% with 360 votes

      1. True, but he did almost win when he stood in 1992 after being expelled from the Labour Party.
        And, as you so rightly point out, he was elected as a councillor from 1998 to 2012.

        His vote share in 1992 as Independent Labour was 28.9% in the Coventry South East constituency –not quite enough to win.

      2. Tony – But does anybody still care that he almost came 2nd over 30 years ago and that a decade ago he was a councillor. His latest results (360 votes) and lost deposit (2.1%) clearly show that the world has moved on and passed him and the TUSC by.

  11. This all seems childish to me, Starmer is going to be PM, and he’s going to do a better job than the current lot. I don’t know what Corbyn is doing but he keeps starting stuff and then it goes quiet, I can’t be asked with him anymore.

    1. They’ll do better job than the current lot

      …At what, Terry? Austerity? Rescinding rights? Cos that’s all they’re certain of. Keef’s said so.

      If the remainder of the so-called left within the party turned gangster on smarmer he’d be as bollocksed as he bollocksed Corbyn with the 2nd ref shithousery.

      I just hope they: A/ Have the stones to do so, and…

      B/ Are biding their time to leave it as close to the election as possible to knacker the greasy, slimy turd.

      Make NO mistake. Keef offers NO alternative.

    2. Terry why the hell do you keep bringing Corbyn up?

      Why does he live 24/7 in peoples miniscule brains? This has nothing to do with Corbyn and everything to do with Starmer being #SirKidStarver. Kieth loves to starve kids and loves to lie too.

  12. JC is alive and well, doing what he’s always done. The MSM have done their best to ‘cancel’ him, but there are other places than the MSM. You, just, have to know where to look.

    Brasil, Washington DC, Oslo, The Council of Europe – Bradford. Last weekend, he and Laura were two of the star turns at ‘The Matchwomen’s Festival.’

    Then, there’s this :

    1. Reply to George Peel
      Yes George – Jeremy is sought after and well respected wherever he goes. Naturally the still very hostile MSM and State Broadcaster don’t publicise this which leads to the naive to think he ” keeps starting stuff and then goes quiet”
      Len McCluskey rightly described Jeremy Corbyn as a man of steel. It is Jeremy’s strength, his unwavering principles and his refusal to be bought or bullied that make him loved and admired by right thinking fair minded people everywhere.

      1. Unfortunately as the 19GE’s results have clearly illustrated 1,000s of people having a bit of fun melodiously chanting ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ doesn’t necessarily translate into crosses on the ballot paper.

      2. Reply to Steve H
        Yes there was a concerted effort by the Establishment and, the Israel/ Zionist Lobby helped by Southside, the PLP, the MSM, the State Broadcaster etc to keep Jeremy out of Downing St and it succeeded
        However I doubt very much the young people who chanted Oh Jeremy Corbyn were taken in by the lies and smears of the Hate Corbyn campaign- they had access to social media etc and weren’t as easily fooled as e.g. older red wall voters Now we are all paying the price – a cost of living crisis so bad that even the food banks in certain areas are running out of food because people can no longer afford to donate.
        This is nothing to gloat about . Shame on you.

    2. Smartboy – Who’s gloating, not me? I’m simply pointing out the harsh facts.

  13. Well I did NOT support Ref2 and felt embarrassed
    by it because I felt it patronised many of the people who
    voted for it and who just wanted a change ..

    The way it was supposed to be implemented was more
    embarrassing still. As time went on however I felt it
    preferable to the “slam the door on the EU and walk away”
    from the ERG. and also thought we should apologise to the
    electorate for te mess.

    After Johnson took over I knew it would have a disastrous
    effect on the result of the GE – and was totally unsurprised when
    the “Oven Ready Brexit” eventually proved nothing of the sort.

    PS Jamie Driscoll spoke really well on Politics Live this
    lunchtime. The Labour Apparatchiks sound really pathetic

  14. Starvernomics, let’s follow the system that has increasing inequality built in
    Real Tories don’t balance the budget, it’s all about feeding the rich
    Give people the binary choices they crave
    At the moment the British Army would struggle to last a week in the field in Ukraine, scrap Trident, not a deterrence, not independent, replace the soldiers the Tories made redundant, we have spent £3 billion sending Arms to Ukraine, stop feeding the proxy war
    Repeat the process with Hinckley and HS2 and every welfare benefit for the wealthy

  15. Paul Waugh claims that Labour MPs are being urged to challenge Starmer for the leadership. With Ed Miliband mentioned. Though the left would find Barry Gardiner a better ‘unity’ candidate.

    Isn’t the truth that if just 20 per cent of the Parliamentary party – 39 MPs – could be found to launch a challenge, Starmer would stand down immediately. Knowing any challenger would be certain to succeed i.e.detested Starmer surely already knows members would rout him for just about any alternative.

    1. There are around 33 MPs in the SCG afaik? So it shouldn’t be that hard to organise a challenge, if the unions could lean on a few MPs unhappy about Starmer’s dictatorial, Mandelson directed leadership, and his Osborne-esque austerity plans.

      The party may be polling well due to Tory woes, but Starmer’s personal ratings are consistently abysmal. It’s not like he’s a big electoral asset, most find him dull, uncharismatic and the left know he’s a liar. The PLP would be doing everyone a favour by not allowing him in No.10.

      A year in and any govt led by him would be in a bigger crisis than the Tories are, in due to raised expectations built on platitudinous lies about ‘building a better Britain’ and unwillingness to spend and invest.

      1. Andy – Oh dear, are you having a laugh?
        You’re deluding yourself, nobody is going to challenge Keir Starmer this side of a General Election. Please feel free to come back and tell me ‘I told you so’ should the occasion arise.

      2. Herr Flick
        I agree, the fun is to be had the other side of a hung parliament

  16. As every New New Labour MP, their leader, their political inspirations (Thatcher and Blair) and everyone this side of an idiot know if the poor are not kept poor they will never be industrius.

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