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Breaking: Corbyn – Assange imprisonment and extradition is ‘an outrage beyond belief’

As his Establishment-bound successor stays silent and invisible on imprisonment and extradition of Julian Assange and the assault on journalism and democracy that they represent, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn slams injustice and failure to protect journalists during speech to Council of Europe

Jeremy Corbyn has used a speech to the Council of Europe today to condemn the imprisonment and extradition of Julian Assange by the UK as ‘an outrage beyond belief’. While the cowardly Keir Starmer and the UK media stay silent on the gross injustice perpetrated on Assange, whom the UK plans to extradite despite the collapse of the US government’s case when its main witness admitted lying about his earlier accusations against Assange, Labour’s former leader showed his characteristic courage and principle:

The Establishment attack on Assange, for doing nothing more than exposing the war crimes of the US and other governments, is an attack on journalism, on freedom of speech and on democracy – and therefore, ultimately, on every one of us. His appeal to the European court must succeed, for all our sakes.

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  1. Meanwhile, keef says :.



    On the raii strikes it’s discipline MPs joining picket lines.


    On free school meals for the kids of ALL parents on UC


    On policy


    ANYONE telling me he’s NOT a toerag is welcome to come to my front door (or front me) and tell me as much.

    Illeagle got away with a VERY mild rebuke….

    1. You’ll have a long dull and bored to insanity lifetime wait for BlueKeef to speak up for Peace Justice or Equality, he is after all a Zionist, he only knows hate, persecution and prosecution (for 10 yesrs, he loves that).

    2. Watch the entire session of the 23.6.22 PACE at the COE YouTube channel:

      Jeremy’s contribution is at 3:56:46 to 4:00:10. Mentions Shireen Abu Akleh as well as Julian Assange.

      Maybe watch other contributions at above link.

      Bookmark/Subscribe to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly YouTube channel above.

  2. How utterly refreshing to listen to a speaker who speaks with integrity, honesty,and from the heart, telling how it is. Ah well, back to Johnson and Starmer who can’t do any of those….

    1. Indeed, Joe.

      But if it weren’t for skwawkbox you’d still have been in the dark.

      And while there’s foreign- based enemies of the state allowed to spew their shite on here, the struggle for truth continues.

    2. And humility, he always has a certain humbleness about him and although apparently unassertive, his messages are always powerful and true. Not many people can do that, thst takes greatness. Corbyn will be a name ingrained in world politics for many generations to come.

    1. Who are you referring to Andrew, given that everyone who posts on here despises Starmer? Except for ONE!

  3. And most of you voted for a Wanker called Starmer!

    Most of who??

    Unless you mean ALL of the wee fella (Only voted keef cos he was best of a bad bunch)

    Smarmerite labour party members (in the main) have nowt but contempt for the site. They just look at it for summit they can spin.

    Smarmerite journalists try their hardest to smear (They didn’t get there first, nor are they willing to break from the status quo)

    The wee fella has taken it upon himself to redress the balance – in the mistaken belief that his voice is the voice of reason – the plastic maverick

    Those remaining members who visit (casually) are still unafilliated.

    It’s imperative they’re properly informed.

  4. There has been much debate regarding Julian Assange, in comments following recent reports.
    “Starmer was head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) from 2008-13, when it handled Assange’s proposed extradition to Sweden to face questioning about sexual assault allegations.
    The CPS has admitted destroying key emails relating to the Assange case, mostly covering the period when Starmer was director.”
    The Grauniad reported at the time

    1. Speechless and appalling travesty of justice and a stain on Britain and the West if Assange disappears into the US A …God bless Jeremy Corbyn and god damm this leader of the Labour party…

  5. “An outrage beyond belief”. as is the only living non-billionaire Member of an economically hard-right pressure group (the trilateral commission) being the leader of a Labour party.

    Time to wake up. Credit to Jeremy Corbyn and his defence of Julian Assange. For the Many, not the Few.

    1. qwertboi, maybe Starmer isn’t yet a billionaire, or is he perhaps very good at hiding his assets?
      I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that Starmer has secretly managed to amass a fortune in bitcoin, property portfolio, shares in weapons manufacturing, banks, pharmaceuticals etc.

      1. Maria – The estimates that I have seen put Starmer’s wealth at between £7.5 and £9million which is about double Corbyn’s wealth of about £4million

      2. I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that Starmer has secretly managed to amass a fortune in bitcoin, property portfolio, shares in weapons manufacturing, banks, pharmaceuticals etc.”

        Amassing money off-shore is unbelievably easy (I’m told) and – with the help of a crooked accountant or two – can even be done without HMRC algorithms alerting the non-existent tax inspectors (some of whom are ‘forensic’.

        FWIW the celebrity ‘net worth’ websites increased Rodney’s networth from just under 7 to 9 ‘n’ three quarter millions in his first 3 weeks in situ as ‘leader’. Maybe they have Klaus Schwab on their boards (like the DailyMail used to).

        If ‘Net Worth’ were a measurement of how valuable SKS was to others, he’d be skint or in debt


      “Register for free to continue reading…”
      No thank you. There are better crooks than you trying to rob me blind.

    2. Two Cheeks
      We want LibDums and Red Tories to stick together like shit on a woolly blanket, a Remainiac 2nd Ref wet dream
      We want to save Big Dog for the GE
      Under FPTP Winner takes all the vote will then split 3 ways and JC would clean up, his base is solid, the other two will be No Shows
      FFS Do the maths

      1. But Jeremy is still refusing to confirm that he will stand at the next GE. Do you have a plan B?

      2. SteveH

        Starmer is also “refusing to confirm that he will stand at the next GE” too for that matter. It’s still 2+ years away so it’s not really relevant, is it?

        But you can bet he WILL stand and will romp home as usual. You’re ignoring his immense local popularity again but you’re not fooling anyone here.

      3. I have my doubts that attempting to raise a new party a few weeks before the next GE will cut it, don’t you?

      4. He doesn’t have to. He could just stand as an Independent.

      5. timfrom – and what practical difference would that make to anyone, least of all the many on these pages who are waiting for JC to lead them into the promised land.

    3. SteveH what is decisive about Labour getting less votes than in the GE 2019? If this is the best that Labour can manage on a former safe Labour seat……. lets us wait for the next GE shall we?

      1. Maria – I suggest you have a closer look at the voting stats for Wakefield. I would argue that getting a larger majority on a 40% turnout than Labour achieved in 2017, 2015 & 2010 when the turnout was in excess of 60% is quite an achievement.

        2022 – Turnout 27466 39.5%, Majority 4925 17.9%
        2019 -Turnout 45027 64.1%, Majority (-3358) (-7.5%) – Tory win
        2017 – Turnout 46284 65.8%, Majority 2176 4.7%
        2015 – Turnout 42973 60.9%, Majority 2613, 6.1%
        2010 – Turnout 44444 62.7%, Majority1613 3.7%
        2005 – Turnout 43381 59.3%, Majority 5154 11.*%
        2001 – Turnout 41,254 54.5%, Majority 7954 19.3%
        1997 – Turnout 50486 68.9%, Majority 14604 28.9%

    4. About as decisive as Bojo’s confidence vote victory. Getting nearly 5,000 FEWER votes than in the Starmer-inflicted 2019 debacle confirms Keith as a lame duck. A lame duck who tried to blame Hartlepool on Angela Rayner. A lame duck who tried to bask in Kim Leadbeater’s victory when it was she & the memory of her sister Jo Cox , not Starmer’s Labour, which won Batley and Spen.

      Starmer gained Labour leadership by first throwing his own party to the wolves.

      If Starmer stays, all the Tories need to do is go round those former Red Wall seats saying “keep Brexit safe ” – emphasising what an ultra-remoaniac Starmer is – and GE19 will repeat itself.

      Starmer rose by crucifying his own party.

      He will fall similarly, and he doesn’t care.

      1. Brian – A less partisan and more balanced viewpoint would acknowledge the fact that Labour overturned a Tory majority of 3,358 and more than doubled their numerical majority to 4,925 and nearly quadrupled their % lead to 17.9% when compared to the supposed Corbyn highpoint in 2017 before they lost the seat to the Tories in 2019 under Jeremy’s failed leadership.

  6. Come out of hiding have we SH…When you have to start celebrating a win with against the worst government in living memory then it shows how barmy you are…wee fella stevie…You will be telling us next that the knights more popular than Adolf Hitler next…!


    The lowest Labour vote in Wakefield since 1931………Vote in 2017 – 23,000…… 2019 – 18,000

    Tiny Keir is on a roll…….

    1. Tiny Keir is on a roll…….

      …And it’s a fact that shit rolls downhill.


    In 2017, Labour got 27% of the vote in Tiverton & Honiton under Jeremy Corbyn.

    Last night, Labour got 4% in Tiverton & Honiton.

  9. “Tiny Keir is on a roll…….”

    ‘In a keel boat, a death roll is the act of broaching to windward, putting the spinnaker pole into the water and causing a crash-jibe of the boom and mainsail, which sweep across the deck and plunge down into the water. The death roll often results in the destruction of the spinnaker pole and sometimes even the dismasting of the boat. Serious injury to crew is possible due to the swift and uncontrolled action of the boom and associated gear sweeping across the boat and crashing to the (now) leeward side.” Wiki

    RIP Labour Party – and before you go, “show me your papers”

  10. Pray Mini Trump and Pound Shop War Criminal stand in next GE
    One deal breaker will be Brexit
    JC will offer Socialist Brexit
    MT will offer disaster masters Brexit
    PSWC will pretend he supports Brexit

  11. Re: The by elections
    A really crazy set of results.
    Turnout down by 25%
    Tory vote down by 13042
    Labour vote down by 4759
    LibDems down by 1264
    An independent coming third
    Tiverton and Honiton
    Turnout down nearly 20%
    LibDems vote up by 13730
    Tory vote down by 20400
    Labour down by 10092
    So, what to make of that.
    1. It was a beautiful sunny day and the turnout was very low. Seems like a lot of people just didn’t care, or were so cheesed off with politics they voted with their feet.
    2 For some reason, lots of those who could be bothered to turn out in T&H wanted to give the Tories a good kicking. Maybe it was Johnson they were averse to or maybe the activities of the previous MP did play a large part in this.
    3. The Tories will certainly win it back at the next GE. – Many of those who switched from Lab to LibDem will switch back at the GE.
    4. Maybe this will trigger Johnson being ousted (spelt it right this time).
    5. The turnout in Wakefield was even worse than that in T&H.
    6. Other than the independent who came third, parties all saw their number of votes reduced quite a bit and the Tory vote crashed.
    7. The win will ease the pressure on the LP to ditch Starmer for a while. He will continue to be totally vacuous and to attack people in the LP who have even a modest democratic socialist perspective, and will rely on Tory implosion for any hope of a victory in 2024.
    The LibDems and Labour are spinning this as a great game-changer and the Tories are saying there’s nothing to be worried about. They’re all wrong in that. I’m sure that the Tories will be looking seriously at ditching Johnson and reinventing themselves for 2024. The LibDems and Labour will probably believe their own spin and think that they can just carry on as things are to defeat the Tories in 2024.
    They will be wrong. If they still have no radical alternative to neoliberalism to offer in 2024, they will be swatted aside.

      1. Except Jeremy isn’t the party leader anymore….He’s not even in the party!

        So what’s keef’s excuse for losing 10,000+ votes and 16 points? (And very nearly his DEPOSIT?) 😗🎵

      2. “The last time I looked Jeremy was still doing what he does best, prevaricating.”
        Would you care to illustrate an example of Mr Corbyn “deviating from the truth” i.e prevaricating.

      3. goldbach – He continues to prevaricate about whether he will be standing at the next election, I suspect the answer will be no when he finally gets around to it just before the next GE. Do you have a plan B?

      4. So, what is it that you claim Mr Corbyn lied about.
        Making no comment regarding any possible future actions doesn’t constitute any deviation from the truth.
        And I don’t know why you think I need a “plan B”. My plan is to enjoy life as much as I am able to, to keep myself active mentally and physically and to be able to identify what the Americans call BS, whenever I hear it.

      5. goldbach – prevaricate – to avoid telling the truth or saying exactly what you think

        Isn’t that obvious.

      6. The situation is:
        The CLP have not been informed by the NEC that My Corbyn is ineligible for candidacy at the next GE.
        The CLP have not “triggered” a contest for the candidacy.
        Mr Corbyn is a member of the LP.
        Ergo, unless something changes between now and the GE, Mr Corbyn remains the LP candidate, and there is no reason to think that he would not wish to do so.
        If your concern is that you think it is unclear whether Mr Corbyn will stand as a candidate in the next GE (because of Starmer’s antipathy towards him?) then you should be accusing Starmer of prevaricating. If Starmer/the NEC made the situation regarding the candidacy of Islington North clear then Mr Corbyn would have something that he needed to make clear.
        I hope that this clarifies your thoughts for you.

      7. goldbach – Corbyn is a Labour member but not currently a member of the parliamentary party. As I understand it if this situation continues, the matter of his candidacy would be decided by the NEC. If you dig around in the rule book you’ll find the relevant clauses.
        Given that Keir Starmer obviously regards Jeremy as an electoral liability I can’t see that changing anytime soon, can you?
        One possibility that may explain Corbyn’s continuing prevarication is that Corbyn will try and negotiate a return of the whip on the condition that he retires at the next GE.

      8. You seem to have hit the nail on the head, at last.
        “As I understand it if this situation continues, the matter of his candidacy would be decided by the NEC.”
        So it’s up to the NEC to stop “prevaricating” and then we”ll have some answers.
        (Or, alternatively, it’s up to Starmer to re-admit him to the PLP.)

      9. goldbach – I think you are being a little naive. Given that many on these pages have deluded themselves into believing that Jeremy will lead a new socialist party into the promised land then I would say you are a bit wide of the mark. I would imagine that Labour are quite content to let Jeremy sit on his fence in no-where-land until the election is called, Why would they want to precipitate the formation of a new party 2yrs out from a GE, it is simply not in their interest.
        Given that Islington Nth CLP endorsed Keir Starmer for the leadership and that we haven’t heard a squeak from them since Starmer removed JC from the PLP then I have my doubts that Jeremy will be selected by his CLP unless the whip is restored, As for Jeremy winning as an independent I simply don’t share your confidence the electorate can be very unsentimental. Look what happened to the Dennis Skinner, all his years of service stood for nothing.

      10. Reply to Goldbach
        Sincere thanks for you analysis of Jeremy’s situation which has clarified the position for me.
        It seems Starmer has painted himself possibly the NEC too into a corner because I’d be amazed if Islington North CLP did not endorse Jeremy’s candidacy. If ,when they do this, Starmer and /or the NEC block Jeremy’s nomination they will be shown up for the nasty vindictive undemocratic shower that they are – right in the run up to an election too.
        This will cost them the votes of most right thinking decent people and will have no effect whatsoever on the outcome of the election in Islington North – Jeremy will walk it if he stands as an independent.

      11. Thanks, Smartboy.
        It’s interesting that SteveH has acknowledged that it is in the interests of Starmer et al to prevaricate, and say nothing about what the position of Mr Corbyn is regarding the possibility of his being adopted as the LP candidate in 2024.
        I do wish, however, that he would not claim I said things which I didn’t:
        ” As for Jeremy winning as an independent I simply don’t share your confidence “.
        I have never made any comment here regarding whether or not I would advocate Mr Corbyn taking such action (it would be entirely up to him), nor have I said that he would win the seat as an independent.
        It’s the kind of thing that the Beeb’s political “journalists” do all the time. You don’t think that he’s really Kuenssberg, do you?

      12. goldbach – My apologies for mistakenly attributing other people’s comments to you. Here’s the correction.

        As for Jeremy winning as an independent I simply don’t share your theirconfidence the electorate can be very unsentimental.

    1. @g’bach – “7. The win will ease the pressure on the LP to ditch Starmer for a while. He will continue to be totally vacuous and to attack people in the LP who have even a modest democratic socialist perspective, and will rely on Tory implosion for any hope of a victory in 2024.

      Which would be fantastic in the short- and medium-terms. The plp would consider the electoral cancer at the top of the Labour party to be (sufficiently) benign and allow his inability to lead the party that should be uniquely advantaged by a ‘cost of living’ crisis to continue.

      Day by day Labour’s irrelevance and malignancy to the needs of the needy, the hopes of the activists and the societal, ecological and economic needs of the stakeholder communities that Labour should consider “our people” will increase. Even a half-hearted, accidental ‘new party’ would quickly become the only show in town, which, when ridiculed and smeared by the billionaires’ ‘free’ press, would simply underline Labour’s irrelevance and the necessity of the new party.

      I propose a toast to Sir Keir Rodney Starmer. May he live long and thrive. Great assessment goldbach.

  12. To All English People old enough to Vote in 2019 you should be hanging your heads in SHAME The Majority of you listened to Corrupt Lying Politicians from a Party which SHAMES Labours Name, The Tories and their Employers the SUN THE EXPRESS THE MAIL THE TIMES THE OBSERVER THE GUARDIAN THE LONDON STANDARD ALL Vilified a MAN they are not fit to speak of, You lot are imbeciles and most of you will claim to be Christians COE or whatever yet when it came to the Vote of 2019 you sold your Saviour the only English Political Leader of this period who could have and would have saved you from this purgatory you find yourselves in, The Man I speak of A TRUE HERO OF THE PEOPLE Jeremy CORBYN, YOU listened to Starmer Hodge Philips Lippmann Sugar Baldric Watson Murray Eagles and many more supporters of The Apartheid State of Israel the Extreme Right Zionist Jews led by Netanyahu and what did you lot do in 2019 “YOU SHOUTED OUT AS LOUD AS YOU COULD SAVE BARABUS” like I printed earlier IMBECILES.

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