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New grassroots ‘Stop Starmer’ group launches with video

Group backed by range of left activists aims to stop ‘most untrustworthy politician in Britain’ who has broken every promise and wants to continue Tory policies

A new grassroots campaign to ‘Stop Starmer’ has launched this morning with a social media video and a campaign launch on the left-wing ‘Not the Andrew Marr Show’ to resist the smear-based right-wing Labour regime.

Ex-miner and former Labour member John Dunn, reviewing the morning’s news on the show, said:

If you oppose Starmer you’re accused of being a ‘Tory-enabler’ when it’s these bastards who gave us a Tory government instead of Corbyn and are prepared to enable every Tory prejudice. What you’ll get with Starmer is worse than more of the same, it’s an authoritarian government that will pave the way for an even more extreme right-wing regime in five years time. He’s a danger to every working-class person in this country.

Becky Massey, one of the founding members of the group and a victim of the Starmer faction’s revolting smear campaign, said bluntly:

We need to stop electing monsters like Keir Starmer.

Show presenter Crispin Flintoff added:

Every day we see more and more and more that Keir Starmer is the problem with British politics, he’s pushing politics [that are]…. worse than anything Thatcher had. This whole ‘Stop Starmer’ campaign started in April when we did a different type of programme and asked people what we needed to do…

The ideal electoral result is a hung parliament when other parties can force PR [proportional representation].

The response was overwhelmingly that Starmer must be politically opposed by a grassroots campaign to highlight his lies and agendas and rally political opposition and public awareness – and the new campaign grew out of those comments.

The group’s new Twitter/X account opened with a video accusing Starmer of being ‘the most untrustworthy’ politician in Britain’ and highlighting both some of the extreme right-wing and anti-free-speech policies he has backed and his betrayals and smears:

The group aims to help bring Starmer’s opponents on the left together to attack Starmer – ‘or whoever is leading Labour astray’. Only 23% of people believe the UK would be any better off under Starmer than under the Tories according to recent polling.

Follow ‘Stop Starmer’ on Twitter/X here.

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  1. Some of us are not on Twitter. Is there another place on the net we can join in?

    1. There is a mirror of the Stop Starmer Twitter account you can follow on Mastodon.

  2. Perhaps it would help if for once these self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ had a positive alternative to offer the electorate.🤔

      1. Dave – ….and on both occasions he was rejected by the electorate.

      2. No, on both occasions he – we – were sabotaged, from within. It’s well documented.

        It won’t happen, again.

      3. George –It won’t happen again

        You’re right there, for the foreseeable future. Corbyn and his team blew it big time.

      4. And twice stopped by Right Wing Lab MPs sabotage (and some RW staff 2017-Forde Report and Ergon House Project) and Right Wing Lab MPs pushed for a 2nd PV led by Starmer in 2019 (and deliberate electoral suicide – their nuclear option Cos they couldn’t beat JC on IDEAS?) causing millions of diverse working class people to suffer under their Tory enabled Govt.
        Brown 2010 8.3m.
        Miliband/Reeves 2015 9.6m.
        Corbyn 2017 12.8m.
        Corbyn 2010 10.2m.
        Sunday Times today Tory Strategy to beat useless Starmer to focus on his weak areas by bombarding the 80 marginals with leaflets (it will be in a newspaper form but is really Tory propaganda) on local issues and Sunak’s 5 pledges monthly plus the other 20 seats Right Wing Lightweight Labour also seeks. (The 80/20 Strategy).
        Funny their policy ideas and strategy are being run by an Australian (and funny too that an Australian owned company according to the FT got the £1b contract to provide the (grotesque) huge barges for refugees?).
        My money would be on a hung Parliament with RW Lightweight Lab the biggest party.
        We badly need a Left Wing Democratic Socialist alternative with a brand name and JC in Islington is the one to watch then 620 JC Independents or The Peace & Justice Party?
        Hundreds of thousands of us JC supporters out there are just waiting for the call.

    1. SteveH, this article is ABOUT setting up a positive alternative- your “where’s the alternative?” thing doesn’t exist anymore.

      And in any case, Labour is now party of the Right…the Green New Deal was replaced by the meaningless GB Energy Company that won’t do a green transition, nationalisation of monopolised utilities replaced by a pathetically small and irrelevant tax, a NATO/State Department-approved foreign policy that is even more bloodthirsty, global austerity-imposint and war-seeking than Blair’s- your fellow Starmerites are claiming that military intervention in non-European countries would be “wars against fascism” when we know all they would ever be is wars to steal other countries’ wealth and make their lives worse, like in Libya where “the West” decided that “liberation” meant getting rid of free healthcare and free education, followed by meaningless “elections” between parties all pledged to austerity, like the useless “elections” “the West” ran in Eastern Europe, where they forced a capitalist restoration on countries were most people simply wanted to replace Stalinism with democratic socialism, but weren’t allowed to.

      1. Ken – “SteveH, this article is ABOUT setting up a positive alternative- your “where’s the alternative?” thing doesn’t exist anymore.

        Are you having a laugh 😕, where’s the alternative, where’s the positive message

      2. Herr Flick
        The positive message is ‘you are right Starmer is a #$%^’

      3. Doug – Oh dear, is that really that best you could manage. 😞

  3. Really don’t know why the unions aren’t calling him out more.

    The Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) in the parliamentary party are clarly terrified of being on the receiving end of the type of rough justice Corbyn has had to endure explaining their Trappist monk like behaviour. Ordinary party members also fear expulsion over the slightest criticism made on social media. But the unions? What’s in a Starmer-led govt for them?

    When it’s so obvious that with sufficient corporate donors in power (they’ll come), Starmer will metaphorically slam the door of No.10 shut in the union representatives’ faces. While cosying up to Murdoch and bankers inside. Those corporate backers, warmly welcomed via the backdoor. The unions may cry betrayal, but who’ll give a damn when it was all foreshadowed.

      1. Herr Flick
        Name a policy Starmer will implement
        Which part of he is a Fifty faced lying cheating #$%^ do you not get
        Unfortunately for Red Tories the electorate have worked it out for themselves

      2. I’ve read that cobblers. It’s undeliverable for a start. The world of money is changing rapidly and we’re drowning in debt. There’s no money, as mentioned by Doug (bet they’ll find money for wars that have nothing to do with us though).

        I see a lot of mentions about trade unions. Yet the green (if this was 20 years ago, it would be the iPaper…) paper doesn’t match the real world, does it? What do butchers, bakers, firemen and other trades see and do, hmm?

        It’s just yet more baloney from a man and his team who are most famous for being weathervanes at best, and liars at worst.

        If labour delivers any of this, it’ll only be towards DIE.

      3. NVLA – So nothing specific that you can put your finger on then,
        just your chronic lack of vision and ambition?😉

        ps, what is ‘DIE’ supposed to mean or represent in this context?

      4. Diversity, Inclusion, Equality

        I put my finger on plenty. We’ll see who is wrong, won’t we…

        Let’s see keef and friends beat this;

        Annualised increase in real GDP per capita of post-war governments

        Government Years Annualised growth rate

        Conservative 1951–64 2.82%
        Labour 1964–70 2.22%
        Conservative 1970–74 2.59%
        Labour 1974–79 2.31%
        Conservative 1979–97 2.09%
        New Labour 1997–2010 1.37%

        Coalition (Cons./Lib.Dem) 2010–15 1.32%
        Conservative 2015– 1.13%

        Are we noticing a pattern yet? Whoever wins loses. We’re utterly screwed.

      1. Doug – Don’t be silly, you obviously haven’t bothered to read this Green Paper.

      2. Herr Flick
        FFS you either tax or borrow to implement any of your ersatz policies and Starvernomics rules that out
        Not surprising from the most dishonest politician in the country, anything he promises today will be dumped tomorrow

      3. Doug – ….and the major costs in enacting Labour’s Employment Rights Bill would be what exactly?🤔

    1. It’s not just the unions that have let us down. Something has happened to our kids ( young workers, trade unionists,students etc). Where once we saw young militants, ready to read and investigate and hopefully venture into the world ready to take on the corrupt we have fields of carnations, armed with phones and a distorted, perverted ideology. We also have whole communities living in fear of uneducated, materially obsessed hyenas. Starvers dribblings do not address these issues. Socialists, syndicalists all of those on the adult left ( Trots begone ) really have a long haul. We would do well to build informal links with revolutionary activists world wide. If Niger and the Land of Upright People are willing to fight the cookie monster then we should be more fearless. I urge the honest amongst us to join the dots. Get ready for the next scam, keep an eye on local government, keep a weather eye on the LEAs, fight for our NHS and never cross a picket lie. Oh yeah, they will come after you.

      1. Alex – You are lacking in self awareness, your own post neatly sums up why the youth of today have concluded that you have nothing to offer them.

  4. Stammer’s biggest asset is the Tories. If it wasn’t for the mess the Toe Rags made of brexit, few would vote for this charlatan.

    1. Absolutely this.

      Brexit reality.

      Corbyn faced Johnson promising eternal sunshine. Literally, the Sun even had Johnson’s face superimposed on the actual sun, mimicking the baby in the Teletubbies.
      Johnson could and did, make any claim he wanted to about the Brexit utopia that was awaiting voters, because we hadn’t even left. His ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal seemed too tempting given all the turmoil in parliamennt for the three years prior (2016-2019).

      And Labour’s position was as clear as mud, due in large part to Starmer and Watson’s games; deliberately leaving Labour going into an an election with an unsellable position. Seat analysis shows they lost Leave seats and the Lib Dems flopped for similar reasons. Yet SteveH will no doubt find some biased Tory poll, that shows it was really all about Corbyn in thosde Leave voting seats.

      1. Andy – Corbyn and his team wasted their and our opportunities between 2017 & 19 plus they ran a inept campaign in 2019.

        Unfortunately Corbyn and his team failed to put any effort whatsoever into consolidating the significant gains they had made in 2017 and this combined with them nonsensically deciding to spend month after bloody month hiding behind their infamous ‘constructive ambiguity’ rubbish resulted in far too many of Labour’s traditional core vote losing their faith and trust in Corbyn.

      2. Herr Flick
        How is the Fuhrer hiding behind ‘Make Brexit work’ panning out
        The most dishonest Politician in the country

      3. Doug – What sort of idiot are you, would you rather Brexit didn’t work?🤔

      4. Herr Flick
        Labour Brexit under JC recognised that both sides were wrong, structural change was required to make the EU fit for purpose
        Not least to escape the pernicious influence of the banks and the Yanks
        Now pray tell us how you and the Fuhrer are going to make far right Casino Brexit work, starting with a 2nd Referendum through to free movement, which are your policies as far as the public is concerned

      5. SteveH clearly likes to ignore the hard evidence of the original report by that small band of loyal, trustworthy staffers that Starmer banned, and then the equally shocking Forde Report -the sidelining of which is another ongoing scandal. To these examples we can add the ultimate message of the report of the EHRC, all of which point the finger at the lying and duplicity of the Labour right.
        If past performance is any guide, the promises in the Green Paper will be put on hold because they are “too expensive”, or contrary to the demands of Reeves’ idiotic, economically illiterate so called fiscal rules, which will hang around Labour’s neck like a millstone, preventing positive, clearly electorate friendly government. Classic self-sabotage.

      6. Ludus57 – Oh for goodness sake get a grip, Labour has consistently and repeatedly promised to enact this legislation within 100 days of coming into office. 😕
        Your desperation is showing, if only you and your comrades had something to offer the electorate. 🤔

      7. SteveH! Be serious. If you think that, in the fundamentals, we can trust New New Labour to do anything seriously good in it’s first 100 days, you must be living on some cloud somewhere. A careerist-laden PLP is no solution to any of the issues we gave.
        In 2010, when Ed Milliband was touring the country for leadership hustings, I recommended to him, one-to-one, that in his campaign he have one strong policy to offer the membership that would lift morale after the GE defeat. He couldn’t get his head around the idea. And the rest is history.

      8. Ludus57 – Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who is proved right, please feel free to come back and tell me ‘I told you so’ in the unlikely event that you are proved right.
        In the meantime perhaps you could detail what (if anything) you and your comrades who profess to represent ‘the left’ are offering the electorate.

  5. Democracy faces a real crisis if the right-wingers who dominate the UK establishment keep on rigging things, so that people simply don’t have the option to vote for meaningful change.

    Simon Heffer, an arch Corbyn critic, who writes for the Telegraph, confidently predicts today, the ending of the state pension in a few decades, in his article titled: Tell the young the truth: they won’t get a state pension.

    He knows the country is ratcheting irreversibly ever rightwards, govt after govt, with both parties, in our corrupt two-party system, colluding; determined to destroy any and all political alternatives. New Labour are the worst of the two, as what Starmer and co are doing is pure deceit. We need proportional representation asap, to foil their evil plans for this country.

  6. ……and yet never mind even thinking about setting up a party that you believe would offer an alternative Corbyn just continues to prevaricate about whether he will even stand at the next general election.
    The sad fact is that whilst Labour will offer the electorate a comprehensive policy platform to vote for you have absolutely SFA to offer the them.

    1. SteveH

      FPTP is like a fortress for new parties. I personally do wish Corbyn would front some alternative, but fully understand why at his age and given the flak he’s taken, he doesn’t want to do it.

      Currently we’ve got both parties telling us there is no money to fund essential public services, while both are committed to the unloved and unwanted HS2 (£100bn), Trident (£100-200bn)the MoD wasted £5.5bn to date, on the troubled Ajax vehicle project. We had all the missing billions related to Covid and that failed NHS Test and Trace (NHST&T) app which has burned through an est. budget of £37 billion. Another £6bn on the Palace of Westminster refurb.

      These are colossal sums and they prove the ‘no money left’ claims are a lie. It’s all about prioritising the people, over these monstrous Westminster vanity projects, corruption and nepotism.

      1. Andy – Perhaps if you actually bothered to study Labour’s policy platform you might appreciate that Labour still has the interests of the many at its heart. Given that ‘the left’ has bugger all to offer because they’ve wasted the last 3½yrs you playing at being a ToryBot isn’t going to help anyone.

    2. I am of an age where I have little faith in politician’s promises being one day older than JC and therefore of a generation who always votes Tory. I am educated and informed by events of the past and couldn’t fail to notice that Starmer’s mentor, Tony Blair, the New Labour Puppet Master who’s political chums still hold all the levers of power in the parliamentary Labour Party, refused to address and reverse any of Thatcher’s anti Union legislation; it seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Trust Starmer………….. lies more than Johnson

      1. Tch! You and your polls. They must be a great comfort, to you.

        You should go for a drink with Paul McNamara, from Channel 4 News. He was frothing about a poll that suggests Labour will have a 420 seat landslide, at the next GE.

        Go on, give him a call. Have a day off. Give – us – a day off.

      2. George – Is this the MRP poll that you were referring to?

        Predicted number of parliamentary seats at the next general election (change in brackets)
        Tory – 90 (-275)
        Labour 461 (+258)
        LibDem – 37 (+26)
        Plaid – 4 (0)
        Green – 1 (0)
        Reform – 0 (0)
        Other – 1 (+1)

        Scroll down to see a complete list of all the constituencies that the Tories are predicted to lose
        (it looks like Rishi will soon be applying for a new Green Card)

      3. Again you interrupt conversations that don’t include you and are none of your business Mr Chief Turd Polisher. Little boys should be seen and not heard……Go and play with the traffic and mind your own business, there’s a good boy.

      4. Reply to Steve H
        Starmers Labour has published its pledge to help working people – like all Starmers pledges it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

      5. Smartboy – …..and the left’s offer to the electorate is?
        Are you really a ToryBot?

  7. I believe Lammy was praising, the brilliant – ‘Cathy, Come Home.’ – a docudrama about homelessness, in the 60’s – on his LBC, money-spinning, radio programme, over the weekend, seemingly, blissfully unaware it was one of, that rascal, Ken Loach’s early productions.

    Arkwright has been drafting suspension notice, after suspension notice, ever since – determined to get the wording, just, right.

    He’s been hampered by the froth from his mouth, and sweat from his brow, dripping onto the pages.

    …and his glasses keep steaming up.

  8. An aside, but an interesting one:
    If Responsible Statecraft is publishing such opinion pieces, it indicates that there is significant and increasing opposition developing in the US to the neo-cons and their forever wars.
    Yet here in the UK the censors will not allow such discussions other than on the far margins of the (alternative) media.

      1. Our brave boys and girls of the media have been reluctant to embed themselves with Advanced Ukrainian regiments during the big err… push. Preferring to embed themselves in certain types of facilities in Kiev.

      1. Herr Flick
        Blairism lost 5 million votes, the Fuhrer will struggle to get 10 million votes, under FPTP you are relying on Conservatives staying home to win, that is a cold hard fact

    1. baz2001 – Oh dear, how sad. You really have run out of things to say. 😏

    2. I think he’s great.

      He’s a fantastic reminder about how the labour party doesn’t give a shit about you.

      He’s also a great reminder that really, there’s no difference between labour and Tories. They’re both brigands. Just a slightly different style.

      Finally, from both his location and proliferation on here, he’s a great reminder on how labour doesn’t need your money or help. They just want your vote.

      In all, it reminds how labour needs us more than we need them.

      1. NVLA – ….and yet here are again, still obsessing about the Labour Party.
        You’re a joke.

      2. Oh, another reminder. Projection. Do keep them coming.

  9. Some people are enamoured of opinion polls, so here’s one to consider.
    Statista, a German polling organisation conducted a poll in July this year.
    To quote from their report:
    “In July 2023, over 80 percent of Russians approved of activities of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

      1. I knew that would get you going and you’d come out with some twaddle. Keep it up. I enjoy a laugh.

      2. goldbach – You’re the only one getting worked up, what on earth do you imagine there is in what you’ve said that would ‘get me going’.

        I’ve simply pointed out the obvious.


      3. No. You simply showed your lack of awareness.
        If the nonsense you come out with were true, then 20% of Russians would be in prison and wouldn’t have been in a position to take part in the Statista survey. Try to think logically. I know it’s hard for you, but even you may be able to do it.
        And as for “getting you going” – the proof is in your reply. Anything that runs counter to your neocon take on the world is guaranteed to get a response.
        Have a pleasant evening.

      4. goldbach – It’s not my problem that you are a gullible and naive simpleton.

      5. You prove my point yet again.
        NATO’s gullible idiot, or neocon warmonger.
        Which is it?

      6. goldbach – What point would that be, or are you still working that one out.
        As for being a warmonger, It was your hero the corrupt wannabe imperialist Putin who illegally invaded Ukraine.

        Here’s what the UK’s population think about the UK’s membership of NATO
        (you are apparently one of a very small minority)
        Do you support or oppose Britain’s membership of NATO?
        Support – 76%
        Oppose – 6%

        Could you post a link to the Statista poll that you have quoted or is there a reason why you didn’t provide a link.

      7. Don’t be an idle bleeder. Just google “Statista” and have a quick look on their website, there’s a good fellow. It’s such a pity that someone who exhibits such malevolence as you do spills out his bile on this site, but we all seem to have your number by now.
        Have a pleasant day.

      8. goldbach – I already have and I couldn’t find it, hence my request. Is there a reason you are reluctant to provide a link?🤔

      9. “Is there a reason you are reluctant to provide a link?”
        Yes – It’s mildly amusing.
        Chin up.

      10. Of course.
        Do you exist outside your make-believe world?

      11. goldbach – Do any of us?
        Maybe you’re dreaming, try pinching yourself.

      12. Herr Flick
        Polls can be bought
        Do you think any of our Armed Forces should die fighting for one of the most corrupt countries in the world to protect a bunch of Nazis
        How much have the Bidens and America made out of the proxy war in Ukraine, should any of our forces die fighting for them
        Not many

      13. Doug – Well given that Ukraine isn’t a member of NATO (yet) the issue doesn’t really arise but it should be noted that a substantial majority of the UK support Ukraine joining NATO once their war with the invading Russian forces is over.
        It is also worth noting that 72% of people in the UK support the UK going to the defence of any of our NATO allies should they be attacked.
        You are in the minority again.

      14. Herr Flick
        The proxy war in Ukraine is already over, NATO has lost, again
        One interesting fact, pound for pound the Western MIC costs ten tines as much to produce armaments and they don’t work
        Thats modern day Capatalism for you

      15. Doug – The collapse of the Russian rouble

        The Russian rouble has fallen to its lowest value in 16 months, heralding a potential crisis for Vladimir Putin and raising questions about his country’s ability to continue to wage war.
        On Monday, the Russian currency passed the rate of 101 to the dollar, making the currency “one of the world’s worst performers this year”,

  10. Starmer wants personal success but he leads a movement whose interest her fervently wishes to disappoint. Take his headline mission: the highest sustained growth in the G7. Since 2000 the rank order has been
    Since 2020 the same except Italy and Canada more or less neck and neck.
    This main mission isn’t a discrete policy: if it fails, the rest of the programme collapses. There is virtually no chance of the UK exceeding the growth of the US over five years. Nor much chance of overtaking Japan and Germany. This is political masochism. It calls not to the common folk but to the City, the commodity brokers, the currency speculators, the S*n, the Daily Mail, the Express. It’s Starmer promising to follow the agenda for maximum growth which is essential for those who wish to extract wealth from the economy. But it’s worse than that, it’s an appeal for punishment if he doesn’t make it. He’s said to be cautious, but this is a wild aim over which he has very little control. It’s thoroughly irrational. There are simple, realisable promises he could make, but he chooses near impossibilism. It makes no sense at all. Nor does his leadership of a party claiming to have an alternative to the Tories.

  11. Another day, another anti smarmer article.

    …And another set of examples of more nonce-enabling bingo-card answers from the resident nonce case.

    Plus ca change…

    1. Toffee ….and the reason I should care one way or t’other what you think is?😕

      1. Toffee ….and the reason I should care one way or t’other what you think is?😕

        Perhaps the fact that you just had to respond, numbnuts.

        If anything, it’s clear that both the rest of the site as well as you know who I’m referring to, when you respond to the soubriquet of resident nonce case

        Are we to expect your infantile wingding, a yawning emoji, or perhaps one of the plethora of other bingo-card stock answers?

    2. Spot on Toffee……Any anti-Starmer pieces on Swawky gets his juices flowing. No wonder he had to leave the UK.

    3. Pox doctors and their clerks, home and abroad, took part in this poll from “UPratt”.
      Is the Ukrainian army advancing to an inevitable victory against the Russian army? 100% voted yes. Is China’s economy shuddering to a recession and depression? Again, 100%, yes. Do you think that Starver looks better a) nude, B) budgie smugglers. Well we saw a surprise here. Nationally it was 100% B, there was an A but it was from abroad. So that’s the posters for the next election decided. Starver, in smugglers, wearing skis and licking a cornet on his way down the slope.

  12. On another matter, even though it might help the Fuhrer
    Women produce eggs and Men produce sperm, those functions are what you are born with and can never be changed
    Surgical interference for children is not only an experimental procedure it goes directly against Nuremberg, no informed consent

  13. Can anyone join the SteveH show? I feel left out from receiving his condescending arrogant dismissal of well documented evidence that it was The Party machine hacks who engineered the attacks on Corbyn and stoked the ridiculous lie that Corbyn was antisemite. Most of the similarly accused were by no means racist but shared condemnation of Israel’s actions and a pro-Palestinian stance. The labour right acted in harmony with the aggressively negative media, preferring to lose an election to deny Corbyn any chance of winning. His showing in 2017 shocked them and they swung into action. You may remember the very senior army officer predicting an army revolt should Corbyn win… the usual suspects coming together to ensure the status quo was safe from radical change.
    SteveH doesn’t itemise the Corbyn policies which upset his Labour sensibilities and ignores the fact that Starmer broke every pledge he made to secure power and continue the project of tearing socialism and pro-palestinian princiles from the Party.. His mournful plea “…Andy – Perhaps if you actually bothered to study Labour’s policy platform you might appreciate that Labour still has the interests of the many at its heart….” rings untrue as there is no reason to believe policy promises would be kept either. Starmer isnt trusted… nor should he be. SteveH may think Torylite is packaged and dressed up in a convincing way. But the “few” seem too obviously protected by Starmer’s right-wing actions – while kids in poverty and the many suffering in the grip of an elitist focused economy are ignored. Orchestrating an unscrupulous character assassination of Corbyn in order to garner some support on the grounds that he isn’t Corbyn is as pathetic as it is odious.

    1. One thing to remember, Peter, all Steve H’s bluster, one-liners, put-downs, poll links, questions, article links, etc are posted from a position of ignorance.

      He has no idea whats going on, on the ‘left’ and that’s what’s killing him.

      Keep it up, everyone. Keep him in ignorance.

      1. George – Your problem is that hardly anyone actually GAF what you and just a few self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ have to say. Why would they when you are self evidently unable to offer them anything that looks anything that looks anything like a viable alternative?

      2. …and, yet, here you are, on a ‘left’ message board. You, obviously, GAF.

      3. George – If when they occasionally emerge from their 🐰🕳️ nobody bothers to correct their mistakes how else are they going to learn?

  14. Doug – Are empty one liners all you have left 😞

    SteveH14/08/2023 AT 3:29 PM
    baz2001 – Oh dear, how sad. You really have run out of things to say. 😏

    Well let’s review what you have written on this thread shall we.

    This far, we’ve had several instances of:

    *(but) Corbyn…

    *(More) links to opinion polling

    *Credible alternatives

    *The left…

    *Get a grip

    *Gullible, naive simpleton

    *I’ve simply pointed out …

    …The exact same as you spout in every other thread you post on. Same tired arld shite, different thread.

    …And it’ll no doubt be the same on the next thread (with a comment section)

    …And the one after, ad nauseam, ad infinitum

    Because it’s YOU who has fuck all to say. Being thoroughly incapable of a thing new, it’s YOU spouts the same arld SHITE that you get continually derided for.

    …Like your miracle green paper your forlornly clinging on to.

    You know as well as everyone else that that paper will not look remotely as it does today if – IF – the slimeball manages to shithouse his way to #10.

    You refuse to acknowledge that keef shat on you over Brexit. And so will shit on your green paper

    You claim you ONLY voted keef as best of a bad bunch. Yet he was elected on a “continuity Corbyn” platform that you had NO qualms whatsoever about at the time.

    Yet he ditched every one of those quickly enough, too.

    So, having been fucked over TWICE by the slime, you still expect us to believe that his green paper is some sort of panacea, and despite you (allegedly) being on the other side of the Atlantic, you expect he’ll stick to it (as is) and for us who remain to elect him on it?

    DO fuck off, you nonce-enabling imbecile. We’ve put up with your SHITE for the past SIX-or-more YEARS, and STILL you’re being a contrary and arrogant little prick who nobody has time for.

    …And never will. Turn it in for complete fucks sake.

    1. Toffee – ….and yet you continue to make my comments worthwhile by undeniably taking such a keen interest in everything I say.. 😘😘

      1. Toffee – ….and yet you continue to make my comments worthwhile

        Oh, well if you think so it MUST be correct.

        Although it’s something you’re obviously incapable of doing for yourself. Six years or more of it, and still at best you get laughed at, at worst derided.

        A fine endorsement for a (supposed) retirement in the Caribbean you turned out to be. Nothing better to do other than to find something better to do when you’re fronted with your own bullshit and put on the spot about it.

        A narcissistic, cowardly, nonce case; totally bereft of the courage of your convictions, with nothing novel to add to your repertoire – instead, repeating incessantly, the same worn out comebacks you’ve abused since you first arrived on the site.

        Bo redeeming features whatsoever.


      2. Toffee – Surely by now it really shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that anyone has better things to do than indulge in intercourse with you.

      1. What has Daisy done? He was a wonderful stroke player ( not that kind of stroke SteveH ) and was not a friend of the establishment. Technically he’s an African.

      2. alex – I have no idea what you are prattling on about, does it have any relevance

      3. Everybody’s got to be somewhere.
        After all, Jeremy Corbyn seems to live rent-free in your head.

      4. goldbach – Not really, I don’t worship him like you do.

      5. That figures.

        Corbyn’s shown an aversion to policies designed to allow children to suffer.

      6. Toffee – Really? Showing an aversion is one thing, doing something about it is another.
        What did Jeremy actually achieve when he was LOTO and Boris didn’t even have a majority in the house.

      7. Wait for him.
        He’ll be back.
        The narcissist always has to have the last word.

  15. SteveH15/08/2023 AT 10:05 PM
    Toffee – Surely by now it really shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that anyone has better things to do than indulge in intercourse with you.

    As well as your nonce-enabling support for smarmer, you really ought to disabuse yourself of that ^^^^ notion, too.

    After all, you will persist in replying (with ambiguously deviant answers).

  16. SteveH14/08/2023 AT 9:02 PM
    They don’t really have much choice if they don’t want to end up in jail

    Taken a look at the caption on the photo on the OP, wee beaut?

    If not, then I suggest you do so. After that you can read the OP in full.

    And then be sure to share with us the benefit of your infinite wisdom regarding keef’s leanings on civil liberties, wontcha?

    You know, instead of bemoaning the Putin authoritarian regime….hmmm?

    1. Toffee – Perhaps you could elaborate on the photo + caption so we can all asses it’s veracity and relevance for ourselves. Until then it is meaningless.

      1. “……… all asses …….”?
        There I was thinking that it was only you.

      2. Don’t need to.

        It’s there for all to see and read. Including you, nonce case.

      1. And?

        Sums you up. Fronted with your own bullshit and hypocrisy once again, and that’s all you can come back with.

        It wasn’t keef, it wasn’t fatwatson, it wasn’t ellman, hodge or the fucking rest of the vermin…

        …No – 2019 was ALL down to Corbyn..

        Except it wasn’t at the time was it?


      2. Toffee – On the contrary my position in 2019 on members of the PLP and party staff working against the democratically elected leader of the party and/or seeking to damage the Labour Party’s electoral prospects remains entirely consistent. I was against it then and I am against it now. Where is the hypocrisy in that?😕

      3. Still, at least when I use the term wee gobshite you’ll let everybody know exactly who I’m referring to.

        Same with nonce.

  17. …And it’s back to the bingo card answers, but hey-ho.

    But here’s one that isnt.

    SteveH15/08/2023 AT 11:14 PM
    Toffee – Really? Showing an aversion is one thing, doing something about it is another.
    What did Jeremy actually achieve when he was LOTO and Boris didn’t even have a majority in the house.

    You really want to know? Well for starters, even with a bunch of backstabbing shithouses he overturned mays minority government FORTY-ONE times by voting AGAINST them.



    And those continual defeats for tess may led to the fat meff being installed as pm.

    And the reason de piffle then got his eighty seat majority couldn’t possibly be down those ABC MPs you mentioned in that link i posted earlier, could it?

    But hey? Keef’s allowed to whip his MPs into abstaining, thereby allowing children to go hungry because there’s too many tories…that he conspired to install on the first fucking place…so it wouldnt have made any difference….

    …Until he then openly supported withholding child benefit

    And you openly support keef’s stance.because like that fucking nonce Dewey, and keef himself, puls the toerags YOU are a clear and present danger to children.

    Gormless, nonce-enabling, toerag gobshite. Fuck off and die slowly.

  18. Dawn Butler
    Received a request for a report from who knows who and went along with it
    When anyone else would have said fuck off
    She was then voted off because the room was packed with collaborators
    Normally the post was voluntarily handed over every two years, Dawn lasted a year, JC was leader and he did nothing
    Seriously can someone explain

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