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Liverpool Community Independents select Martin to fight Fazakerly by-election

Fazakerly local Jean Martin selected to fight by-election after resignation of Labour right-winger

Liverpool Community Independents (LCI) – the group set up by former Labour councillors who quit the party because they refused to vote for the Labour council’s planned cuts hitting the poor and vulnerable – have unanimously selected local community activist Jean Martin to contest the Fazakerly by-election in the city on 14 September.

The by-election was triggered by right-winger Frazer Lake’s resignation to pursue a career opportunity less than three months after promising his best efforts to the people of the north Liverpool ward.

Ms Martin has deep roots in the ward and for three decades ran the Fazakerley Federation. The group has launched a fundraiser to build cash to fight the campaign:

LCI stunned Labour by trouncing the party in three seats that usually vote Labour overwhelmingly – Orrell Park in the north and two in Garston in the south – in the city’s local elections last May despite disgusting Labour campaigning and came a strong second in Fazakerley.

Labour has betrayed Liverpool’s people by colluding in Tory-imposed cuts – Keir Starmer welcomed the imposition of highly-paid ‘commissioners’ by the Tories – and seizing control of local selections and party democracy in the city, while Starmer has repeatedly written for the hated Murdoch S*n rag that lied for decades about the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, and has promoted others who have done the same.

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    1. …and then, Frazer Lake got a ‘better offer’.

      Let’s see what happens in September’s By-election, eh? That’s the future.

      The political landscape, in Liverpool, has shifted.

      1. George – Has it really, what’s changed? 😕
        Labour increased their share of LCC’s seats at the last election whilst the LCI lost half of its seats (seats the LCI had won standing as Labour candidates)

      2. BACK IN THE REAL WORLD – Here are the actual election results

        Fazakerley East by-election:
        A total of 856 ballots were cast on a turnout of 20.3%. Initially 39 people were turned away from casting a vote owing to a lack of correct photo ID.
        Returning officer Andrew Lewis confirmed that of those, 19 subsequently returned to a polling station. A total of four ballots were spoiled.

        Debbie Cooke, Labour – 350
        Jean Martin, Liverpool Community Independents – 258
        Kayleigh Halpin, Liberal Democrats – 148
        Katie Burgess, Conservatives – 12

  1. Thats your new party, the Independents
    Nine times our of Ten it will trounce all of the above
    Start Crowd Funding now
    If only a handful get elected they can still hold the balance of power
    FPTP encourages third parties

  2. I see we have the usual spiteful “starter for 10” from the professional troll SteveH – The two-faced bastard.
    No doubt he will be supporting the candidate of the Trilateralists’ Labour Party.
    I’ll be sending a donation to the LCIP.
    I hope that Skwawkbox will keep us informed – Just in case more is needed – I expect they’ll easily get the financial support required
    (although I don’t expect that much of it will come from Sir Trevor Chinn – Look him up on Wiki, if you don’t recognise the name)
    ! Hasta la victoria siempre !

    1. johnsco1 – I am struggling to see why you would think that it was in any way spiteful of me to draw attention to how Fazakerly’s electorate voted just a few weeks ago.
      The results are a matter of public record and there for all to see.
      (Labour – 67.72%, LCI – 32.28%).
      We’ll all get to see the outcome of this vote in a little over a months time.
      Who knows, maybe your donation will tip the balance in LCI’s favour. 🤔

    1. qwertboi
      Have you been following RFK Jr on Jimmy Dore, has disappeared down a Zionist rabbit hole, Big Mistake
      Let’s hope it forces him to run as an Independent

      1. He’s, also, taken $5 million, as a donation, from the Republicans – the Mellons, of all people.

        The guy’s a busted flush.

        Any time I’ve seen him, he looks bewildered and befuddled.

    2. qwertboi – The results speak for themselves.
      The LCI started with 6, contested 9, lost 6 and were left with just 3 seats, how much leverage and influence do you think the LCI’s huge 3.5% will give them against Labours 71%+?

      Before the election the composition of the council was:
      58 11 6 5 5 4
      Lab LD CI L I G

      After the election the composition of the council was:
      61 15 3 3 3
      Lab LD CI G L

  3. G*d willing, It’ll soon be 60-15-4. Starmer’s bestowal to Labour is that it will always and necessarily have a challenger to its left. “No-where else to go”?

    1. You can but hope😉.
      It would so obviously make an absolutely huge difference and shift the balance of power in Liverpool. 🤔

      1. Incisive, SteveH. A ‘shift in the balance of power takes time’. As you know, it doesn’t just happen overnight or easily

        Before it can become real, though, voters need to remember their responsibilities and rights in a democratic system. They need to examine their own relationships with ‘Power’ — whether that’s LCC or the HoC. They need to decide if they are ‘nodules’ being managed by (a) process, or ‘citizens’, the atoms of any democratic system.
        This would be a democratic-reawakening, transformative change, ward-by-ward, constituency-by-constituency. It is necessarily the main focus of democratic socialists. It’s why ‘independents’ exist and Jean Martin and hundreds of thousands of other ‘independents’ standing against Labour candidates is proof that it’s happening.

  4. One thing that’s changed is the Liverpool Echo giving the Liverpool Community Independents positive coverage. That helps.

    Giant oaks – and all that.

    I wish we had the same sort of movement in Salford, but Labour have that stitched up – curiously – apart from the Mayor. He’s a JC fan, and popular.

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