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FBU NE ends all Labour campaigning in protest at persecution of senior union official

Union region notifies party of ‘disdain and anger’ over politically-motivated attack on senior elected union official

In response to yet another sign of the Labour party’s contempt under the Starmer regime for the union movement that founded it, the north-east region of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has written to the party’s MPs notifying them that it will end all campaigning for and involvement with Labour because of the party’s abuse of a senior elected FBU official in the region – and its continuing assault on socialist party members.

The unnamed official with a longstanding record of campaigning for the party and its candidates has, according to the union, been targeted by Labour for liking social media posts expressing socialist values – and the union demands support and solidarity from the MPs it has supported in the past and warns them that further action is still being decided:

The union remains affiliated with Labour despite talk in 2021 that it might disaffiliate in protest at the conduct of Keir Starmer and his cronies, as the Bakers’ union has already done after an overwhelming member vote. However, the latest move by the FBU in the north-east may well snowball into a drive toward disaffiliation if – as is surely inevitable – the Starmer regime continues to chase the approval of billionaires at the expense of ordinary people.


  1. It would be both interesting and informative to be able to see these “social media posts expressing socialist values” that he liked

    1. Whilst that may be so it would also be irrelevant in terms of outcome given the reams of evidence of a context in which no recognised due process principles and standards are operating.

      As example after example demonstrates, the Junta determines not only the definitions but also the outcomes. Where an allegation equates to automatic guilt and the long standing due process principle of proving guilt is reversed and the accused has to prove their innocence – even retrospectively.

      In that regard, among others, its clear to a blind man on a galloping horse that the LP has been remade in the image of the aims, objectives and values of globalist elite oligarchs such as the WEF/Favos and the Trilateral Commission.

      As stated below, only the morally bankrupt would align themselves with such values and those who impose them in the way they are doing – as the example in this article demonstrates.

  2. Only the incompetent and morally bankrupt continue to support the Starmer Junta who are so delusional that they think its is possible to (a) win an election with no competent campaigning troops on the ground; and (b) that being more Tory – ie more neo-conservative, neo-liberal, and neo-feudal – in power is going to change the collapse of their defunct system and its unworkable ideology.

    Tick Tock! Tick Tock!.

    1. They probably figure they don’t need them, as they’ll have the media doing the heavy lifting. The BBC are shilling for Labour nonstop,and shielding Labour’s frontbench from difficult questions. Frontbench spokespeople, esp Reeves, can get away with criticising the govt while offering no solutions of their own. Under Corbyn, every Labour frontbencher was drilled for answers on exactly how every penny of spending would be raised.

      Look for example, at the case of ex-presenter Andrew Marr. He raised Starmer’s breaking of his 10 Pledges on two separate occasions, leaving Starmer looking red-faced and deeply uncomfoertable both times, then suddenly he was no longer hosting his own show.

      That’s what so absurd about Starmer’s claims he’s transformed the party’s chances… by offering no policies – could any voter name a single Labour policy, doubtful. Labour can thank the largely media created and fanned turmoil in the Tory party, and the realities of Brexit biting. Absolutely nothing to do with anything Starmer and co have done to date.

      1. Starmer stands for nothing and gets near no criticism for it from the MSM.

        Hardly surprising then, his party is soaking up all the anti-Tory feeling like a harmless paper towel.

        The problem will come when they are centre stage in an election campaign and people actually want to hear their solutions to problems, and they have to ‘sell’ themselves and their manifesto.

        The left have always believed it falls apart when the Centrists have to write a manifesto and explain policy detail within it.

      2. SteveH

        You always seem to equate high-ish polling with popularity.

        But surely you understand that in a two-party system, saying you’ll vote for ‘the other lot’ is the only crude means of showing unhappiness with the present govt. Whether those people actually turnout in a GE is an open question.
        And if Labour’s manifesto is widely derided as vacuous & ‘threadbare,’ plus they have a bad GE campaign, you could see a hung parliament. That would be the best outcome imho. And what these centrists deserve for not offering any radical policy solutions and dropping the pledges.

      3. Andy – We can both look forward to discussing the pros and cons of Labour’s manifesto and comparing it to the alternative that you and your fellow self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ are able to offer the electorate when it’s published.😉

      4. SteveH

        It’s quite something when an opposition and its leader becomes best known for ditching policies rather than promoting the party’s policies.

        You apparently don’t live in the UK? According to other posters.

        It really is the case here, that no one seems to know what Starmer stands for and nobody knows why he and the party he leads even want power?

        Say what you like about Corbyn, at least Labour had clear identity and policy aims and a progresive agenda. Starmer’s Five missions (vague aims) replacing his 10 Pledges, are as vacuous as the infamous ‘Ed Stone and its guff ‘ . The mission to achieve highest sustained economic growth in the G7 is wholly unrealistic, and indeed undesireable if it’s built on the backs of the poorest. On which ..

        …Moralistic Reeves holds the attitude that people need to work until they drop for the good of their souls. Almost certain like that last New Labour creature James Purnell, she intends to push for the introduction of workfare, or something similar under a different name giving free labour to the corporate donors they are currently wooing. Last time they tried it they lost the argument because the view was, if workers are needed then they deserve the going rate for the job, a fair day’s pay.

        Read Jonathan Cook’s piece on why becoming reliant on corporate donors again, rather than the mass membership a la Corbyn, is so very bad :

      5. Is reality keeping you awake steveH?

        Aw! Diddum’s.

      1. goldbach – ……..and❓

        or is this just another example of your empty rhetoric?

      2. i suggest you read Bonhoeffer. He is able to ease the mind, and you may find enlightenment.

      3. goldbach – 🥱, you’re the one who is trying to impress but can’t deliver.

  3. It is said “that every revolution eats it’s own children”, but the revolting ( and you know what I mean….) Labour right has gone one step beyond, and is now eating itself. Clearly, it began with the brain, even though the feet were firmly planted in the mouth.
    Last week the New Labour strategist John McTernan used the pages of the Financial Times to effectively say that Starmer needed to build bridges with the left.
    If even he is saying that, then its no good expecting any good to come from a Labour election victory.

    1. Ludus57

      In some ways it’s much better that Starmer and co have been completely open in their hostility. It’d be far harder to oppose Starmer and get that hung parliament – or at least a low turnout making that more likely, had he approached things more intelligently i.e. by doing the bare minimal to keep the left on side.

      By making it perfectly plain he hates socialism and the left, he may have sealed his electoral fate. The stupid Tory voters he wins over will abandon him at the first whiff of tabloid criticism. Just who will then want to defend him? His own fellow centrists will likely turn on him when his and thwe party’s popularity dive.

      Blair was at least smart enough to know that fair weather, borrowed Tory supporters aren’t a real replacement political support base, because they aren’t going to stick around when trouble hits.

  4. In other news – The US government has announced borrowing in the area of $1tn, and one credit rating agency has already responded by removing the AAA rating. Guess that Biden has decided that he needs to hand out oodles of cash to try to ensure that he is re-elected – never mind the problems that will cause down the line.

  5. Andy – We can both look forward to discussing the pros and cons of Labour’s manifesto

    Oh, that bubble’s easily burst. Sorry to spoil your Christmas, but it goes very much like this:

    Pros = Labour is not the conservative party.

    Cons = But the policies are identical.

    Alternatives offered by keef?

    More private sector involvement theft of the NHS.

    Refusal to tax wealth.

    Refusal to tax corporates.

    Welfare state reform (involving returning to forcing the sick & disabled into work they can’t do. Refusal to scrap the child benefit restriction, etc.)

    Keep the barges.

    But hey….keef’s got a green paper. And just because he’s lied through his bastard teeth and broken or about-faced on EACH AND EVERY single pledge and policy he’s ever wrote on the back of a fag packet, it’s NO reason to doubt that everything on it will be implemented.

    And you can take that to the bank…where keef is mates with the CEO – who’s bonuses (for failure and fleecing the taxpayer) keef doesn’t intend to interfere with.

    1. The Toffee

      The thing is, when they publish the manifesto and the weakness of the offer is finally revealed in black and white, the ‘projected’ socialism some Starmer apologists on Twitter, guardian BTL and in CLPs are comforting themselves with can no longer be sustained. There’ll be something for critics to go at in the sheer crapness of the offer.

      At the moment, the left can’t really properly unite against Starmer because some are holding out hope the manifesto will somehow surprise everyone with its radicalism. Everyone here knows it won’t.

  6. SteveH07/08/2023 AT 11:10 PM
    goldbach – 🥱, you’re the one who is trying to impress but can’t deliver

    And how many seats in recent by-elections has keef gained??

    How many seats did he gain in the locals?

    Neither “impressive”, nor “delivering”.

    *Expects the obligatory opinion poll irrelevance, complete with yawn emoji*

    1. TheToffee

      SteveH keeps citing opinion polls.. But people have to agree to participate in those, often agreeing to be available over an extended time frame, they’re contacted via telephone at home – the demographic is overwhelmingly old people. Corbyn’s great strength was the youth vote which the party dominated.

      Not once have Labour been able to turn those huge theoretical ‘poll leads’ into real votes thus far. What tends to hapen is the Tory vote plunges as people refuse to turnout, and Labour’s vote either stands still or barely moves on 2019.

      Starmer’s supporters know this, hence why they keep saying he hasn’t sealed the deal yet.

      The left need to try to force a hung parliament, as then Starmer almost certainly resigns. As to why :the deal he has with the UK Tory establishment is unknown, but it likely envisages a clear majority with him following THEIR orders. If he has to work with other parties and compromise in real time, in a hung parliament, he’ll be screwed.

    2. @Toffee

      I find myself wondering how many future labour have been repelled by our resident labour spokestroll? After all, he’s been heaping the bile here for years.

      If memory serves me correctly, it appeared around the same time the previous troll sunk themselves below the water line.

  7. …But back to topic.

    Who do you trust more? The firebobby who – unlike plod – actually DO put their lives on the line every time they’re called out to rescue people from burning buildings, car/train crashes etc.

    …Or the avaricious, mealy-mouthed, slimeball careerist politician – who’d rather see public money go into private hands and then have the chutzpah to complain when the FBU strike because the tools for the firebobbies to do their job safer and successfully are removed – in the name of efficiency and fiscal responsibility

    When was the last time YOU saw one of these suited chinless wonders so much as help an old lady cross the street, nevermind scale a 100ft ladder to extinguish a warehouse fire?

    When was the last time keef was up to his elbows in blood, piss, puke & shit, desperately trying to keep someone alive, and in that same shift being threatened, or even assaulted by some pissed up gobshite/junkie/mental patient?

    …And then go home to an empty fucking fridge because your money ran out last week?

    Keef & Co are safely insulated from that because it doesn’t happen at bupa. Their fridges and larders are well-stocked. The mere thought of keef & co missing out on a (heavily subsidized or freebie) meal would terrify the entitled pricks.

    But they want these same workers to bite their lip, so theu and their mates can cream off every last cent for themselves. They want everything for nothing, these total parasites.

    At best they’ll tell you that firebobbies doctors, nurses and the rest are being unreasonable in their demands ; at worst they’re being greedy.

    …While failing to mention the numerous perks they get and refuse to forego.

    They once said that: “In Italy, nobody wants to be a train driver”.

    I honestly wonder just what job people will want in the UK, soon. We can’t all (gobshite) politicians or bankers…

  8. New New Labour will file this letter in the bin. As long as unions keep payments up, they don’t care about union protest letters.

    1. Yep. That’s about the length ‘n’ breadth of it, Chris.

      As long as there’s mug punters handing over their shekels directly or indirectly, they don’t give a monkey’s and will keep on laughing at them.

      Said it several times before, and will continue to say it… Hit them in the wallet. Withhold subs. Withhold any voluntary labour. Actions speak louder than words so let THEM do their own legwork.

      See how much “Mister Chinnery” (and his ilk) patience and *ahem* generosity lasts when keef keeps running to him with the begging bowl because the cash cow’s dried up on him.

      See how much moolah and “L” they can extract from the JLM. Let THEM get their hands in their pockets. Let THEM get out door-to-door on a rainy Wednesday evening in tory-held marginals.

      Let’s see the fat, bespectacled, ginger meff akehurst out plodding the streets, see how many doors he can knock on before he passes out because of the exertion, or is eventually sparked out by someone who’s bound to be pissed off with his general (arrogant twat of a) demeanour.

      And even then, they still won’t be getting MY vote.

      1. Given that you have a history of not bothering to vote (even for Corbyn) is anyone going to miss it?

      2. SteveH09/08/2023 AT 12:19 AM
        Given that you have a history of not bothering to vote (even for Corbyn) is anyone going to miss it?

        Oh aren’t YOU a bright spark? For the cunteenth time, bellend, I wasn’t able to vote Corbyn because I’m not a party member – as you continually remind us.

        As for 2019. I wasn’t voting for some lying cunt who was actively ANTI-Corbyn, but living off the Corbyn brand.

        Understand? Most likely not as your thick as fucking mince.

        And while I’m bothering to school you once again, given that you have a history of making excuses for nonce cases and enablers, would you be missed if you fucked off from the planet – let alone this site – never to return?

        The only benefit of you (allegedly) being in the Caribbean is that at least we can console ourselves that the UK now has one less nonce enabler.

        Pity the locals…

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