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Lefties hounded out of Labour smash local elections as Labour vote collapses

From Liverpool to Portsmouth, voters back shamefully-treated left-wingers

Orrell Park in north Liverpool, where Alan Gibbons humiliated Labour (Rept0n1x, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Former Labour members hounded out of the party in Keir Starmer’s purge of the left have scored stunning victories in today’s local election results.

Alan Gibbons, acting leader of Liverpool Community Independents, who was expelled by Labour after he rebelled against the Labour council’s cuts to budgets for the most vulnerable, humiliated the party by achieving four times the votes of Labour’s candidate and almost four times as many as all his rivals combined.

Heather Skibsted, who resigned from Labour after being smeared and hounded, stood for the Greens in Peterborough and wiped the floor with Starmer’s party, more than doubling the Greens’ vote:

Alison Carpenter and her ‘Borough First Independent’ colleague Helen Price were elected at a canter in Clewer and Dedworth, leaving their Labour opponent miles behind in last-but-one place:

And expelled former Labour group leader Cal Corkery easily held off Labour in Portsmouth:

The notoriously bad organising of Starmer’s Labour was seen in a humorous moment when Starmer emailed Corkery – no longer a party member – to thank him:

Meanwhile, Labour has lost Wavertree Village in South Liverpool – scene of one of the party’s worst smears against its members in the anti-Corbyn scam – to the LibDems and Labour is briefing journalists that it expects to lose both seats in Garston, also in the south of the city, to Community Independents candidates Sam Gorst and Lucy Williams. That result is expected any time after 2pm.

Solidarity for all those standing up for truth and real change against the red and blue Tories.

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  1. Good stuff!

    So much for the cakewalk we were told it was gonna be…😙🎵

  2. I was also very touched by Starmer’s email of thanks to me last night.
    Thanks for WHAT ???
    I did absolutely sweet FA for the Labour Party.

  3. Although the results you have highlighted here are far worse for Labour than the general picture, the general picture in one that would have folk on the right of the Labour Party screaming for a resignation if the leader was on the left of the party – while the Tories have been tanking, Labour have been flatlining, with Greens, Independents of various types and Liberal Democrats all making significant gains. In East Hertfordshire, where the Tories held every council seat only a few years back they are not even the biggest single party (Greens 17 seats, Tories 16).

  4. Takes such a long time to count a few hundred votes. Why?

    Meanwhile, American journalist Gonzalo Lira has been arrested by the SBU in Kharkov.
    They did it previously, about a year ago, and it took a lot of pressure to get him out.

      1. You clearly know more about him than I do.
        However, you simply shouldn’t be arresting journalists for reporting.
        Ask Julian Assange.

      2. Just been reading the Daily Beast article.
        It’s interesting that they accuse Lira of making lots of unsubstantiated allegations whilst, at the same time making lots of allegations about him for which they produce no evidence.
        They quote a couple of “experts” who give their opinions.
        One is called Alexandra Hrycak who “intends to focus on women’s activism in contemporary Ukraine”
        The other is called Alexander Motyl who, himself appears to be promoting the ridiculous theory that the drone(s) which appeared at the Kremlin were the work of the Russian FSB who were trying to assassinate Putin.
        I’ll have to look up some of the things that Lira has written so that can come to a final assessment but, at this stage, it is pointing to the possibility that The Daily Beast (which I’d never heard of before) could be a crank publication.

      3. Could find no link to anything that Lira has written.
        Searches find two other Gonzalo Liras about whom there is much more to see.
        I have found a couple of videos on YouTube where he does opinion pieces and have just watched the first. It is a piece about the demographics of Ukraine and gives no indication of things that would support the allegations of The Daily Beast. It doesn’t indicate that he is “pro-Putin”, nor does he have anything to say about “traditional female roles” or LGB issues. I don’t know what a “shill” is, so I can’t say whether or not he gives any indication of being one. He does talk with some compassion about the state of the Ukrainian nation/people and makes it clear that he regards the Zelensky regime as having a significant degree of responsibility for it.
        Now for the second video.

      4. Second video – Again, an opinion piece, this time about the next US presidential election. Expressed in the rather brash, slightly vulgar, way that seems to be popular in the US, but otherwise no quibbles.
        Can’t say that I warm to him, but the job of a journalist is to report things as s/he sees them not to get us to like them, and they do not deserve to be arrested for their reporting or opinion pieces. However, The Daily Beast does remind me of The Sun on steroids.

      5. This video may be of assistance:

        Which dissects the Daily Beast article using the old fashioned pre-postmodernist process of using actual objective based empirical evidence.

        Starting with the 30 second video clip which the Ukraine Prosecutors office put out as “evidence” that Lira was pushing “propaganda.”

        For one, I’d certainly be interested to see someone, anyone, come up with a coherent, rational and objective evidence based argument which attempts to deny that every single statement of Lira in that video was based on objective real world facts which have been previously published across scores of Western Corporate Media.

        Presumably, on the basis of the argument presented so far on this matter in this specific thread, all those Western Media outlets, along with scores of politicians, pundits, spokespeople, ‘journalists’, broadcasters, NGO’s, even the UN, across the entire West are equally guilty of ‘pushing Putin propaganda’ in terms laid out by the Daily Beast article?

        But I’m not holding my breath in anticipation of seeing such an attempt at futility appear.

      6. Dave – “This video may be of assistance:”

        …but only is you are one of Putin’s gullible useful idiots.

      7. Addendum: This piece on naked capitalism may also help provide some insight:

        “Dual American-Chilean national Gonzalo Lira was recently arrested by Ukraine’s secret police on charges pertaining to “wartime propaganda”, for which he faces the possibility of 5-8 years in jail. The US Government’s (USG) silence on this incident completely contrasts with its hysteria over Wall Street Journal (WSJ) employee Evan Gershkovich’s arrest in Russia last month on charges of espionage after he was caught red-handed soliciting classified military-industrial information from a regional lawmaker.

        This is a betrayal of American principles since the freedom of speech is regarded as a sacred right of all its citizens no matter where they might be at any given time. Regardless of whatever one might think about Lira’s views and the particular piece of Ukrainian legislation that was cited as the basis for arresting him, the USG is supposed to support the rights of its nationals abroad. This is especially so whenever they’re arrested for expressing an opinion and/or practicing journalism like he was.

        Its silence in the face of this scandalous incident suggests a degree of complicity in, or at the very least tacit approval of, Lira’s arrest since nothing else cogently explains the conspicuous lack of any response. These suspicions are further reinforced by the fact that one of the USG’s leading information warfare assets in Ukraine, transgender mercenary Michael John Cirillo, admitted to the Daily Beast that he colluded with the SBU on its case against Lira and even plans to testify against him.

        In his exact words, “I’ve already given my sworn statement to SBU about Gonzalo Lira several months ago and expect to be called as a witness in his prosecution.” Cirillo also added on Twitter that “When I’m on Capitol Hill in 10 days, no doubt the arrest of Gonzalo Lira will be a prime topic of conversation.” Instead of seeking his release, the USG is relying on one of its top propagandists in that country to pursue Lira’s conviction, prior to which their proxy brazenly plans to boast about this to Congress.”

        Of particular note should be the role not just of the US State in this case but that of State and Establishment assets from specific so called (and self identifying) “progressive” (sic) groups which are identified in the quote above.

        Which tells us a great deal about whose interests those so called “progressive” groups really serve.

      8. And the objective based and empirical evidence you have for this bullshit, irrelevant, and totally useless statement is what, steveH?

        A nothingburger.

        Precisely the square root of zero.


        Simply more empty vacuous emotional rhetoric parroting the lies of omission and commission of those who pay you for this kindergarden drivel.

        Have you anything actually useful to contribute other than the standard “four legs good, two legs bad’ propaganda.

        Come on. Let’s have a grown up debate with proper evidence if you’ve got the balls.

      9. “Dave – “This video may be of assistance:”
        …but only is you are one of Putin’s gullible useful idiots.”

        I see it’s another case of being unable to counter the argument and resorting to a silly insult.
        You need to counter the very well documented argument that there are neo-nazi elements in senior positions in Ukraine and that the Ukrainian military has been shelling Donetsk city for 9 years killing around 16,000 civilians with some evidence.
        If you are incapable of this you should keep your own counsel and watch the goats.

      10. A writer recently commented on the history behind Paul Mason’s habit of smearing people on the left as ‘Putin apologists’ or ‘Putin’s useful idiots’. Quote seems relevant here.

        “Isn’t Mason simply repeating the public relations positions that had Nelson Mandela labelled a terrorist and Soviet puppet by Reagan and Thatcher regimes? Is Mason so racist as to be willing to repeat the same ‘political traitor’ smear strategy FBI boss J Edgar Hoover’s used against Dr Martin Luther King?”

  5. A friend tells me that, at least in his part of the country, there have been boundary changes that have affected a number of wards. This would make a “swing” more difficult to calculate.

  6. Really, good news! Jo Bird is back, alongside two of her Green friends, in Bromborough.

    The Wirral heading for NOC, again, with the Greens as the second-largest grouping.

    Started with a bag. Labour dropped 4 seats. The Greens picked them up. Later, picked up another one from the Tories.

    Damn! Just checked. The Tories have sneaked into second, having dropped 7 seats.

    NOC, it is.

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