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Video: ex-ScotLab leader Leonard tells Sir Kid Starver: starving kids is ‘murder’

Richard Leonard sends uncompromising message to Keir Starmer as he publishes video of famous Scottish MP Jimmy Maxton: starving people to save money is murder

Former Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard MSP has sent what appears to be an uncompromising message to the Labour dictator, who shamefully earned the nickname ‘Sir Kid Starver’ by boasting that he will not end the scandalous Tory ‘two-child benefit cap’ that has put hundreds of thousands of children into poverty: starving kids to save money is not just shameful, it’s murder.

Leonard has today posted a video about Jimmy Maxton, the MP for Glasgow Bridgeton and leader of the Independent Labour Party until his death in 1946, who famously fought for the poor against hunger, poverty and exploitation and their terrible consequences and was suspended from Parliament for calling policies to starve children to save money what it really is:

The benefit cap has put at least a quarter of a million children below the poverty line and almost a million others deeper into poverty – and ending the cap would actually save the UK almost £40 billion a year while instantly lifting children out of poverty that is crippling their health, education and life prospects, yet Starmer and his fellow Tories have no interest in doing so.

Leonard was ousted by Starmer as Scottish party leader to please millionaire donors, in an early sign of Starmer’s cowardice and dictatorialism and his contempt for local and devolved democracy. It’s easy to see why Starmer would fear an actual leader who has principles that are not changed as easily as socks and is prepared to speak up for the poor – and why the millionaires and billionaires Starmer is cravenly courting would want him out of the way.

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  1. Figure it out:

    Cost of weaponry supplied to Ukraine since last year: £4.1 billion
    Annual cost of lifting the 2 child restriction on child benefit: £1.2 billion

    1. Thank you for that, shows in shocking starkness the priorities of the ‘government’ aided and abetted by Kid Starver.

      1. So where’s SteveH?! Hmm, well you can’t very well defend the indefensible I guess, so just give that thread a miss, eh, and hope no-one notices!

        The way it’s going with Starmer and his Stasi Party, it won’t be long before SH has barely any threads he can post his ‘replies’ in!

    2. OUTSTANDING video. We see why #SirKidStarver wanted to please fatcat donors to oust Richard Leonard. #StarmerOut

    3. @Tony

      That’s all too easy sadly.

      £4.1 billion investment for the resources of Russia. Big returns.

      £1.2 billion saved by reducing standards of living, thereby making the UK more competitive against countries like Bangladesh. (No offence intended towards Bangladesh, that’s the plan…)

      The latter is a done deal as it involves no effort really. Out of sight, out of mind. The former however is not a done deal.

      We’re witness to something akin to underpants gnomes. For those unaware.

      Step 1. Steal underpants.
      Step 2. ?
      Step 3. Profit.

      No prizes for guessing which step we’re currently at.

      (Useful numbers, thanks)

  2. Tough economic choices huh?…but continuing to pour money in to the est. £100bn + bottomless pit called HS2 – the railway for the rich, but paid for by everyone. Isn’t up for debate.

    Reading about HS2 in an article titled ‘HS2 will serve wealthier passengers and deliver more benefits to London than the North.’ This remember, was sold as a project for the North by New Labour ministers, supposedly aimed at addressing economic imbalances. Though how this ‘executives and MPs only’ train was going to do that is a mystery. Now it’s not even coming to the North, at least not Leeds. Recently HS2 has been given an “unachievable” rating by an official watchdog. The IPA gave it a red rating meaning “successful delivery of the project appears to be unachievable”.

    Thanks New Labour.

  3. Brilliant video. Starmer et al not fit to lace Leonard’s, Maxton’s, Corbyn’s, Dent’s, Driscoll’s and other socialists boots!
    Still think it will be a hung Parliament with Lab biggest Party but if by chance Right Wing lightweight Lab won outright they would be a puppet of capital there to police the diverse working class and union members plus they would be in Government but NOT in power!

    1. That is why we have no alternative but to unite in order to defeat those who support the policies of state sanctioned murder.

    2. Richard Leonard is a very strong character, one of my favourite personality traits. I would like him to challenge that serial Blairite election loser, and supporter of the Kid Starver, Sarwar for the leadership of Scottish Labour.

    3. “In the interests of saving money they condemned hundreds of children to death. And I call it murder.” – Jimmy Maxton

      “No truce with poverty, especially child poverty,
      disarmament and peace, transformation from an economy that generates wealth and luxury for a Few, into one which provides them for the Many” – Richard Leonard

      Jimmy Maxton joined Keir Hardy’s Independent Labour Party in 1904 and was elected MP for Glasgow Bridgeton six times until his unexpected death from cancer. When he died, Keir Hardy’s Independent Labour Party died with him.

      Richard Leonard is rightly looking to its rebirth. It won’t happen under Sir #Kid Starver Starmer, but it could in a different cost-of-living crisis if enough people commit Solidarity to it.

    1. I 100% agree with that, and would love to see Richard Leonard challenge that Blairite, serial loser of elections Sarwar, and supporter of the Kid Starver, for the leadership. Sarwar is Leader under false pretences, and should be removed by someone on the left. I always thought Richard Leonard’s resignation felt like unfinished business, particularly given that the overwhelming majorityof Scottish Labour members still supported him at the time of his resignation. We need Richard Leonard to challenge Sa=war for the leadership of Scottish Labour, because a left wing country needs a left wing Leader.

      1. If Leonard had been Scottish he’d have been far harder to remove. Sarwar always was an unpopular right-winger, vey much seen as New Labour.

        Scottish newspaper reports…

        On Sarwar’s family business The Sunday Herald reported some time back, that the firm paid staff at £7.50 an hour, lower than the £8.45 real living wage championed by Scottish Labour. The cash-and-carry also has no formal trade union recognition in place for its 250 staff.

        Multi-millionaire Sarwar was also accused of hypocrisy, for sending his kids to a private fee paying school while bemoaning inequalities in society. you can see what attracted Davos lovin’ Sir kid Starver.

  4. Richard Leonard is a fine decent man and a Socialist.Therefore I expect he will be denounced as an “antisemite” any day now,

    1. Yup, unnecessary rigging by the leadership to “fast track” the selection process in their favour. I’m glad CLP secretary Di Weaver has voiced her concerns so effectively and that LabourList is covering it, thanks Tony.

  5. Murder……elderly people ‘cleared’ from hospital beds and placed in ‘homes’ untested; Murder……..arms sales to Israel, Ukraine and Saudi; Murder………gov’t orchestrated ‘cost of living crisis’ providing stratospheric profits for power companies and banks enuring that inflation is endemic and poverty will kill as winter approaches; Murder………NHS starved of resources, funding and staff training in readiness for privatisation; Murder………..where is the Labour Party Opposition?

    1. Sadly, under Starmer it was facilitating the very harm you allude to. Think of Conference shutting down the presentation of a CLP delegate to warn against Starmer’s NATO flag waving (and the dangers of intentional fascism by the Ukrainian Government), as well as the party’s position on mandatory vaccination of NHS staff and, once affected, the entire nation and you see that Labour (under him) is no opposition to the power of. the Few.

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