Exclusive: smeared left-winger Mirza trounces Starmer staffer in Newham by-election

Mass Labour campaign for imposed right-winger can’t prevent crushing defeat to independent candidate who featured prominently in Labour Files documentary

Left-wing independent candidate Mehmood Mirza – who featured prominently in Al Jazeera’s Labour Files documentary series after suffering a smear and spying campaign from Labour right-wingers – has trounced Labour’s imposed candidate Sofia Patel in the Newham Boleyn ward by-election.

The by-election, triggered by the resignation of another imposed candidate who resigned to care for her ailing mother, saw Mirza become the first independent candidate ever to take the seat by 1153 votes (42.5%) to Patel’s 871 (32.1%). Labour’s vote share fell by 27% compared to the last election.

According to her Linkedin profile, Sofia Patel is ‘Head of Events & Visits’ in Keir Starmer’s opposition leader office:

Local sources told Skwawkbox that Labour had run a mass daily campaign in the area that began weeks before the resignation was even announced to trigger the by-election, but Mirza’s grassroots campaign was far more successful. One local told Skwawkbox:

Starmer and co will be absolutely sh***ing themselves in case this is the first sign of Newham becoming another Tower Hamlets [where smeared and criminalised independent Lutfur Rahman has won the mayoral and his new Aspire party took the council from Labour]. They gave this campaign everything, focused all their efforts in this ward and still lost.

Mehmood Mirza was one of a large group of senior figures and grassroots members who left the Labour party in outrage last year at Labour’s decision to suspend both constituency parties in Newham for factional reasons. The party attempted to claim the suspension was done because the Met Police had concerns of criminality, but a statement from the Met revealed that this excuse was entirely untrue.

Video recently emerged of local residents being manhandled out of a council meeting for demanding that the Labour council keep a housing promise made to the local community.

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    1. Congratulations Mehmood. A victory for the people of Boleyn. A beacon for all of my borough of Newham.

  1. The beige knight and his minions may able to rig selection processes to ensure that their favoured candidate is selected, but they cannot force people to vote for said candidate come election time – I would hope that they might learn something from this humiliation, but I don’t expect them to.

    1. Adding this on behalf of Tony Greenstein, for whom the comments system isn’t playing ball for some reason:

      Yes I do think that Lutfur Rahman was ‘smeared and criminalised’ not only by the Tory Government, the detestable Eric Pickles and New Labour, but also by you.

      I suggest that you reread the judgment that you have recommended to everyone else and if you don’t find that colonial ideas of racial supremacy run through it then that must be because they also run through you.

      In my blog ‘A ‘Democratic’ Coup in Tower Hamlets by an Unelected Judge’ I wrote:

      ‘Tower Hamlet’s Council was led by a radical left Mayor Lutfur Rahman until 2015. Rahman was elected Mayor in 2010 and again in 2014. This proved too much for the corrupt local New Labour machine backed by Eric Pickles, who subsequently became Chair of Conservative Friends of Israel.

      Soon after his re-election Rahman was accused of a series of electoral offences and removed by an election court presided over by Richard Mawrey. It was what I called a ‘Democratic Coup in Tower Hamlets by an Unelected Judge’.

      In the Guardian Richard Seymour and Ashok Kumar wrote about how The smear campaign against Lutfur Rahman is an insult to democracy. 37,000 people voted for him yet an unelected Tory judge had removed him.

      Giles Fraser in ‘The Lutfur Rahman verdict and the spectre of ‘undue spiritual influence’ wrote that among the reasons for removing Rahman from office, was that he had exerted “undue spiritual influence” on some sections of the electorate, specifically Muslim voters .

      The legislation under which this ‘crime’ had been committed was the 1883 Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act. The idea of “undue spiritual influence” was introduced to constrain the influence of the Roman Catholic clergy on what the English establishment at the time took to be the ignorant and impressionable minds of the Irish proletariat. Instead of impressionable Catholics it was now Muslims who were likely to be stirred by religious passions. Mawry was explicit about this.

      “Time and again”, he said ‘it was stressed that the Catholic voters were men of simple faith, usually much less well educated than the clergy who were influencing them, and men whose natural instinct would be to obey the orders of their priests … This principle still holds good … [A] distinction must be made between a sophisticated, highly educated and politically literate community and a community which is traditional, respectful of authority and, possibly, not fully integrated with the other communities living in the same area

      … [I]t is the character of the person sought to be influenced that is key to whether influence has been applied….

      [i]t would be wrong … to treat Tower Hamlets’ Muslim community by the standards of a secular and largely agnostic metropolitan elite”.

      If this is not racist then words have lost all meaning. Muslims were not as sophisticated as a white ‘secular and largely agnostic metropolitan elite’. Anti-Irish racism has been transformed into anti-Muslim racism.

      John Biggs is only Mayor thanks to a racist Deputy High Court Judge and Tory Lord Eric Pickles.

      What is remarkable is that the resolution was passed unanimously by Tower Hamlet’s Council on the proposal of its two Tory members. What kind of miserable and corrupt Uncle Toms does Tower Hamlets Labour have , and two-thirds of its members are Black and Asian, that they pass a resolution on racism moved by its Tory members. The same Tory Party that introduced the ‘hostile environment’ policy which led to the deportation of the Windrush generation.’

      These words are as valid as when I wrote them in April 2015. They are racist to the core and depend on the racist view of the Irish and now Bengali Muslims as primitive people unlike the sophisticated metropolitant elite.

      I am happy to believe that Andy Foster has not read all the judgment or that what Mawrey wrote didn’t sink in. But if Andy Foster still sticks by his views above then there is only one conclusion that can be drawn. And that is that he holds racist views which match that of any British colonialist or Tories like Pickles today.

      I hope that it goes up because what happened to Lutfhur was an utter scandal and he was vindicated by defeating John Bigg, the detestable New Labour Mayor last time.

  2. Well done Mehmood! I am absolutely delighted.This is a wonderful victory for you and a slap in the face for Starmer’s Labour which tried to destroy you ( as it did to so many others). Solidarity .

  3. Excellent post by Caitlin Johnstoe:

    Profit-Driven Systems Are Driving Us To Our Doom

    Our entire civilization is driven by the pursuit of profit, and to keep turning large profits your corporation needs to continually grow, and your corporation can’t continually grow unless you’re manufacturing a crappy product that needs to be continually replaced or supplemented, and you can’t manufacture those replacements and supplementations without harvesting them from the flesh of a dying world.


      1. And for anyone who missed it, Jonathan Cook’s latest post::

        ‘Weaponised antisemitism crushed the political left. Now it’s the cultural left’s turn’

        Having dispatched Corbyn, the smear industry is targeting icons like Ken Loach and Roger Waters over their support for Palestinian rights and opposition to Nato’s war machine

        What does it mean to be antisemitic in modern Britain? The answer seems ever more confusing.

        We have reached the seemingly absurd point that a political leader famed for his anti-racism, a rock star whose most celebrated work focuses on the dangers of racism and fascism, and a renowned film maker committed to socially progressive causes are all now characterised as antisemites.


    1. One aspect of which can be seen in this particular trend:


      “…..if a customer’s opinions or behaviour are deemed by the bank to be discriminatory in any way, it can close their account. As in the US, the reasons for an account closure are often a mystery to the customers affected, though political or ideological motivations appear to play a part in some cases.

      A Clear-Cut Example

      The most clear-cut example of this was the Canadian government’s decision, in February 2022, to invoke the emergencies act to compel banks to seize the accounts of the freedom convoy protesters who had blocked several key border crossings. According to the minutes of a meeting between Canada’s Economy Minister, Vice President and WEF board member Chrystia Freeland and senior bank executives the day before the act was invoked, one CEO flagged concerns that if banks were forced to close accounts, it could be seen as the sector “being used as an arm of the government” or even “a political weapon.”

      In the past year, Paypal has banned the accounts of the UK-based Free Speech Union, its founder Toby Young and his online publication, the Daily Sceptic, for purportedly breaching its policies against hate speech. It also closed the account of UsForThem, which campaigned against school closures during the UK’s COVID-19 lockdowns. Worse still, the fintech giant surreptitiously slipped a line into its terms of service granting itself the right to fine customers $2,500 for spreading misinformation. When the news got out, provoking a huge public backlash, PayPal claimed it had all been a big mistake.

      It is hard not to see this becoming a bigger problem if and when central banks begin launching central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), as I warn in my book Scanned:

      Combining digital currencies with digital IDs while phasing out, or even banning, the use of cash would grant governments and central banks the ability not only to track every purchase we make (and made in the past) but also to determine what we can and cannot spend our money on. They could also prevent certain “undesirable” people from buying anything. Anyone with a blocking notice attached to their digital identity would “thus be unable to do many of the most basic things independently,” says [German financial journalist Norbert] Häring.”

      In this context the observation made by Thomas at 11:20 am 14/7/23 (above) that the Oligarchy [in this case the upstart Starmer’s little Junta] “cannot force people to vote for said candidate come election time” may not be as solid as it appears.

      1. “Like the social credit system that they operate in China?”

        Pretty much! Captalism’s neoliberal-era isn’t too choosey where it gets its autocratic powers from.

        And as Dave’s article points out, it’s not just people like Nigel Farage who get controlled this way.

        ” Every major British media outlet has reported the revelation from British populist politician Nigel Farage that his bank accounts are to be closed without notice or explanation.

        “The Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent. Mail, Express, Evening Standard, Spectator and others have awarded Farage ample space. He’s compared modern Britain to communist China – and claimed that without a bank account: “I won’t be able to exist or function”.

        “This is more than empty hyperbole.

        “In the modern world, a bank account matters as much as electricity or running water. Without one you cannot travel overseas, you feel like a criminal and normal life becomes impossible.

        “I know this because, over the last decade, I have spoken at great length to dozens of people who have had their bank accounts removed without explanation – the same fate as Farage.

        “One lost his job, another saw his life’s work, a charity, wiped away. Yet another, a proud man, broke down in tears as he described the humiliation inflicted upon him and his family…

        “I have written up many of these stories in Middle East Eye. Not one of them has been followed up in the British media, or taken up as a cause by politicians.

        “No prizes for guessing why not. The individuals concerned, though mainly British citizens, were Muslims.”

      2. Don’t you just love the Gell-Mann effect.

        Every day we wake up to a a fresh barrage of misinformation and lies by omission and commission – from the economy is in good shape when our daily experience tells us its on its last legs to ‘the Russians are coming! the Russians are coming’ from people who have 800+ military bases across the planet and whose only inducement is to “promise” to maybe not bomb you or instigate a colour revolution if you let them rape you of all resources like a global ‘protection’ racket.

        Nothing changed since the days of General Smedley-Butler:

        “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

        And still we get dumb-asses like steveH pushing TON (The Official Narrative) like a backstreet crack lord.

        All you’ve got to go on steveH is the narrative fed to you by sources with a track record in distorting information that would make Goebbels blush. How, in such a context can you verify such Official Narratives? Have you lived in China for any length of time?

        Have you considered other perspectives or are you a TON junkie trying to force their habit onto everyone else?

      3. Quelle Surprise!

        Once again, living as he does in the fictional and delusional create your own reality post-modernist fantasy world, steveH delivers no rational evidence and fact based counter argument whatsoever.

        Zilch. Big Fat Zero.

        Which tells us everything you need to know about this loser.

        Stick to counting the railings.

      4. Dave – But you’re the gullible f’wit who is self evidently proselytising the propaganda of an oppressive authoritarian state.
        I am quite happy for others to watch your ‘tefal-head’ propagandist and draw their own conclusions.

      5. (Christ on a bike, what’s wrong with this site today?

        I’ll try posting this for a third time).

        The evidence based ‘assey’ by General Smedley Butler – the most decorated US Marine General – is sufficient on its own to demonstrate that the oligarchy which passes itself off as a “democracy” (sic) is the most autocratic and murderous in history. And its not improved any since WW2.

        Ask the peoples of China 1945-46/1950-53; Korea 1950-53; Guatemala 1954/1960/1964/1967-69;
        Indonesia 1958; Cuba 1959-60; Belgian Congo 1964; Dominican Republic 1965-66; Peru 1965; Laos 1964-73; Vietnam 1961-73; Cambodia 1969-70; Lebanon 1982-84; Grenada 1983-84; Libya 1986/1989/2011; El Salvador 1981-92; Nicaragua 1981-90; Iran 1987-88/1998//2020 – ; Panama 1989-90; Iraq 1991; Kuwait 1991; Somalia 1992-94; Bosnia 1995; Sudan 1998; Afghanistan 1998/2001/2003-2021; Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999; Iraq and Syria 2014 –; Somalia 2011 –.

        (Can’t post any links because for some dumb reason this site won’t publish a BTL comment containing the relevant URL – even when its split into separate chunks).

        And that’s only the bombing since WW2. Added to which are the sanctions (who can forget that great humanitarian and non autocratic democrat (sic) Madeline Albright’s claim that the death of hundreds of thousands of non-Caucasian children was a price worth paying for the ego of the Oligarchy); the use of depleted uranium which causes birth defects; the use of cluster bombs with a failure to detonate rate of up to 30% in civilian areas causing the death of more children over decades; the the proxy wars; the installation of Comprador regimes across Latin and Central America, Africa, The Near East, Asia, Europe, Australasia;to steal the resources; and the blatant theft of gold and other reserves from Iran to Venezuela and beyond.

        But I’m forgetting aren’t I. The presentation of substantive fact based evidence is an ‘assey’ which keeps poor little woke post-modernists like steveH awake.

        The Reality Based Community intruding on their post truth fantasy world which – to paraphrase the economist Michael Hudson – insists that the incompetent, unworkable and collapsing Western Oligarchical system is the democratic (sic) one (what Spanish Socialist Workers member and Eurocrat Josep Borrell calls ‘The Garden” containing as it does the chosen “Golden Billion”) whilst everything else – the majority of the worlds other 6-7 billion peoples – are authoritarian/autocratic (Borell’s “Jungle) just on the non-evidenced say so of people like steveH shilling for a worn out past its sell by date Official Narrative..

        Have you actually go any fact based evidence to substantiate your ludicrous claims or refute the facts and evidence presented to you steveH? Or are you going to continue standing their with your trousers round your ankles looking ridiculous? Come on. Don’t be shy. We are all ears. Give us some evidence.

        Put up or shut up tosser.

  4. Many congratulations, Mehmood!

    There are many Socialists, like Mehmood Mirza, all over the country. Their names don’t appear on YouGov polls.

    JC may never be PM, but his ideas and policies have been given a life of their own. Anyone who thinks they can kill them off, will have a hell of a battle on their hands.

    There are journalists who know this. Peter Oborne, for one. That list is being added to, all the time.

    Here’s Paul Rogers, earlier this week, in Open Democracy. He sounded shocked, to me :


  5. Allan Howard’s reference to the Jonathan Cook article raises a lot of questions:


    It’s clear that the self-appointed witch-hunters of the left have no compunction about lying and smearing anyone they don’t like with spurious and false accusations of anti-Semitism.
    They appear to have no regard for the effect that these ridiculous falsehoods have on people’s perception of Jews.
    Fortunately I have the political understanding to see beyond the easy implication that these deeply-unpleasant people are representative of the views of Jewish people.
    They are not.
    Their hatred and gross dishonesty are anathema to many Jewish people.
    These liars and defamers speak only for themselves.

      1. ‘an insight into their thinking’………where? Louise Ellman was my local MP @ the Liverpool Riverside Constituency, what do you want to know?

    1. C’est la vie. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯
      I can’t be right all the time. 😉

      1. Does LFI chairperson, Dame Louise Ellman – ‘A Poisonous Soviet Legacy’, start to explain why Israel (and the NATO Western Alliance) are so enthusiastic in their efforts to destroy Russia, as the original source of resistance to Neo-liberal Capitalism? An admission, endorsed by chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, that their primary goal is the eradication of Socialism in a process originated by Regan and Thatcher in their successful dissolution of the Soviet Union. Nothing to do with anti-Semitism

      2. Steve – Does socialism exist in the corrupt Putin’s Russia❓🤔

      3. Facts and substantiating evidence please steveH?

        But I’m forgetting. You don’t do evidence do you. Just one liners that reduce down to something is so because you say so.

        Put up or shit up.

  6. Well done.

    This should embolden others.

    But what we need, and need soon, is an announcement from Corbyn, Abbott, Webbe etc. that they will seek re-election as independents at the next election. Planning needs to get underway for them to be successful.

    Incidentally, a rather ominous result for Labour in Dinnington ward in the Rother Valley constituency. Labour failed to take it back which does not bode well for the general election in a constituency Labour lost to the Conservatives last time.

  7. As Jonathan points out, Roger Waters has been donning the fascist-style trenchcoat at a certain point during his concerts for nigh on fourty years, and it’s only NOW that the Smearers fraudulently sieze on the fact and, as such, transform it into the opposite of what it represents. Millions of people who have either been to Roger’s concerts or watched his concerts on youtube or DVDs etc know of course that Roger is playing out a scene from The Wall movie (released in 1982), but the fascist propagandists – including Starmer and Gove – know that hundreds of millions of people DON’T know that THAT is the case, and so therefore know that they can demonise him based on their falsehood, along with heaps of faux outrage.

    And just one quick point before I continue (and it isn’t a criticism of Jonathan of course), but in his article Jonathan says (referring to Jeremy): ‘We have reached the seemingly absurd point that a political leader famed for his anti-racism….’ etc. Thing is that although many people will have been familiar with his name when he entered the leadership contest, most people – apart from those on the left and the political classes and the MSM – wouldn’t have been familiar with his anti-rascist credentials.

    Anyway, I’m sure just about everyone (who follows skwawkbox) knows what Starmer said and did in respect of Roger Waters – ie his letter, widely covered by the MSM, to the BoD. The following is from a JC article on June 7th:

    Sir Keir Starmer has accused Roger Waters of “spreading antisemitism” and said the musician should not be allowed to perform his remaining British shows as the UK leg of his tour draws to a close.

    The leader of the opposition made the remarks in a letter to the Board of Deputies in which he said that that Waters had “clearly espoused antisemitic views” that are “highly disturbing”.

    He was of course lying though his nasty, malevolent and malignant teeth! But I wanted to draw attention to what Gove said at the time, which was much less strident. This, again, from the JC article:

    Conservative Michael Gove also expressed discomfort with Waters performances in a separate letter to Jewish leaders, claiming the Pink Floyd singer was “falling short” of a responsibility not to abuse his public platform.

    Michael Gove, secretary of state for levelling up, housing and communities, said: “The Government is clear that everyone has a clear and fundamental right to freedom of speech and artistic expression, so long as they remain within the boundaries set by law.

    “There is also a societal expectation placed on people with a significant public profile to behave responsibly and not abuse their platform.

    “This is an expectation of which Roger Waters is reportedly falling short.”

    Note the ‘reportedly’ bit! But what Gove is saying in effect and implying is that RW broke the law – ie he DIDN’T ‘remain within the bounderies set by law’. Well if THAT is/was the case, then how come neither HE – Gove – or Starmer, or the BoD or any other Jewish organisation – ie the CAA and/or the JLM and/or CST etc – report Roger to the police for antisemitism. It doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t do so if they genuinely believed Roger had ‘clearly espoused antisemitic views’ and broken the law. But they DIDN’T! Hmm, I wonder why not???!!

    Talking of which, the Berlin police are taking an inordinate amount of time to complete their ‘investigation’. What a sick joke it all is! By sick, twisted. malevolent and sadistic fascist scum!! Demonising human rights//anti-rascist campaigners so as to create bad feeling and hostility towards them in tens of millions of people, duping and deceiving them with their lies and falsehoods and phony outrage. It really is PURE EVIL, on a par with what the Nazis did to the Jews and socialists and communists and gays and disabled etc in the early years


    1. A good rule of thumb in all aspects of life is that if part of a narrative – and those who push it – is found to be a lie you can guarantee that all other parts of the narrative are also works of fiction.

      i.e. Propaganda put out for the purposes of those pushing that narrative in its many forms.

      And as night follows day and a dog always returns to its vomit the world is full of useless gullible idiots whose life revolves around believing six impossible things before breakfast and trying to force everyone else to share their habit.

      1. Yes, I can see how the presentation of facts and solid evidence can be so inconvenient to a one trick pony whose only take on the world is an evidence free one liner which reduces down to ‘this is so because I say it so’.

        You are so transparent you perfectly fit the definition of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Which everyone knows is ‘Invisible Idiot”.

      2. An “assay”?

        That’s a new level of desperation – trying to get laughs by writing in an Australian accent.

        If you expect to be here all week ankle biter you’re going to need better material than that.

        Tell me, my son, did you really come on this stage to die? (which, in the spirit of the old Lifebouy Toilet soap advert, you do every time you open your gob stevie boy)

        Nah mate! I came on this stage yesterdie.

        Don’t call us and don’t give up your day job mate.

        Oh! Hang on? Bollocks Out! Nearly forgot. As your day job is being a Waz end you can scrub that last bit me old galah.

  8. I dont know about any of the other people who have been deprived of Bank Accounts –
    but Farage was subsequently offered a standard Nat West account:


    NatWest apparently owns the prestigious Coutts Bank.

    His case was discussed on “Good Morning Britain”.

    1. Speaking of Nigel Farage, he recently stated on his show on GB News, that he warned about the EU & NATO’s expansion ever eastwards in the European Parliament for many years.

  9. Off subject I know BUT I wanted to draw your attentions to the excellent article about Julian Assange. (2,500+ words)

    Chris Hedges: Journalists Abandoned Julian Assange and Slit Their Own Throats
    The failure by journalists to mount a campaign to free Julian Assange, or expose the vicious smear campaign against him, is one more catastrophic and self-defeating blunder by the news media.
    The persecution of Julian Assange, along with the climate of fear, wholesale government surveillance and use of the Espionage Act to prosecute whistleblowers, has emasculated investigative journalism. The press has not only failed to mount a sustained campaign to support Julian, whose extradition appears imminent, but no longer attempts to shine a light into the inner workings of power. This failure is not only inexcusable, but ominous.

  10. Having your bank account closed is not unusual
    What would be unusual is to be blacklisted by all if the banks for all of their accounts
    Most would get at least a basic account
    That would just leave credit unions who operate current accounts

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