Starmer in hiding, cancels appearance after weekend of #beergate and local election flop

Planned appearance at Institute for Government cancelled without explanation as critics conclude Labour leader avoiding tough questions

Labour leader Keir Starmer has cancelled a planned appearance today – apparently without explanation – at the Institute for Government.

The cancellation comes after a weekend of intense pressure over Starmer’s ‘beergate’ social and the party’s u-turn last week on deputy Angela Rayner’s presence at the event, which a leaked document shows the party knew all about but had originally denied – and Labour’s failure to make any headway in England against a Tory party that lost hundreds of seats. Labour came a distant fifth with only a paltry gain of 11 seats, far behind the Greens, LibDems, independents and even the tiny new Aspire party that only stood candidates in a single London borough (Tower Hamlets, where it took both the council and the mayor’s role from Starmer’s right-wingers). Left-run Welsh Labour made six times the paltry gains Starmer managed, despite Wales having far less than a tenth of England’s population.

The cancellation is being seen by Starmer’s many critics as a decision to hide from scrutiny and difficult questions.

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  1. Temporary Embarrassment
    Morally and Financially bankrupt
    Red Tory history repeating itself
    What do they have in common with Trumpton
    The only man to bankrupt a Casino
    £13 million in reserves, 14 million supporters, 650,000 members

    Has he gone yet, no not Temporary Embarrassment,
    Two Cheeks

  2. It’s par for the course for his type.

    You only need look on here from last Thursday to Sunday to see just who went missing.

    And when they finally returned, they had less than sod-all to say about all the hubristic shite they’d been spouting, pre-election.


  3. He ISNT hiding…

    He’s on a fact-finding mission to check if bears actually DO shit in the woods.

  4. Sorry, to correct you but Labour gained 22 seats in England no 11 as you are reporting. Still 22 is a very poor performance indeed but the reporting should be accurate.

  5. Jeez, what a coward. Wes Streeting was on BBC breakfast this morning and actually spoke well (I’m biting myself for writing it). At the moment (since no fines issued), they are in a relatively good position: the Mail’s “proof” is quite equivocal and can easily be brushed off as political spin to deflect from Johnson’s abysmal management and Streeting made this point quite clear. But by going into hiding, he looks more guilty than ever.

  6. So! We all know their dirty little deceitful plan is to replace him with another lying bastard right winger, don’t we? 🙂 You can feel it like me, it will be a female deceitful lying bastard like Cooper or vile Nandy etc etc etc. If I were still a member I would vote for both just out of Spite. 🙂

    1. Andrew they have to choose an MP, which makes ending up with another cheating lying bastard right winger almost inevitable- anyone else would have had the whip withdrawn.

    2. Andrew, no such chance of men on the right of the Party standing aside for a woman, the right will file a man candidate now that Jess Phillips proved to be less than satisfactory.
      The right only filed Phillips with the purpose of her standing down (as she did) so that members would buy that Starmer was a continuation “of Corbynism without Corbyn.”
      If the likes of Wes Streeting, Ellie Reeves, Margaret Hodge and Liz Kendall have nominated Starmer many that voted for him would have smelled a rat and voted for Long-Bailey.
      I wouldn’t be surprised for Wes to be on the running to become the new leader and I seriously doubt that he will stand down for Ellie Reeves for example if he can gather enough support.
      Perhaps, Reeves will run for leader and Streeting for Deputy?

  7. Signs are that we should expect a big wedge of Virtue Signalling from Sir Keir sometime soon.

    Or maybe “Look! A dead cat!

    Or maybe Sir Keir will even accompany his good friend, David Cameron, to a food bank or two.

    One thing’s for certain, the synchronised-MSM and its amplifier, the BBC, will play their part – even if it costs the covid- and Ukraine-Narratives valuable brainspace.

    1. quertboi ….I think mr Starmers suffering from long covid and may have to go into isolation after discovering the concept of long term suffering after having a swift beer and a curry.Hes also known to suffer from Gulf war syndrome in conjunction with the two serious disorders has been advised to go into isolation for the 89th time but still lagging behind Johnson and Hancock on ninty nine.and recovering well after having friends over for a late night Soiree in the garden.of his Surrey mansion.

  8. Oliver Eagleton on how Keir Starmer collaborated with the US State Department to extradite hacker Gary McKinnon, and how Theresa May stopped him.

    1. “You’re making me uncomfortable” (When MacKinnon’s mother confronted smarmer)

      Exemplifies the shithouse to a tee. 🤬

      1. Thank you posters for reminding me of that disgraceful
        episode in the history of Labour – when Teresa May
        acted both compassionately and honourably. In
        contrast and to my disgust at the time – the
        Labour Panjandrums were a disgrace. That was when
        I started to routinely turn off the TV when anyone from
        the Labour shadow front bench appeared. The principle disgrace (for me) was Alan Johnson who objected to
        May’s decision and got quite aerated about it.. I didn’t
        know anything about Starmer – had never heard of him.

        I only turned on the TV again when Jeremy Corbyn
        became more prominent and actually paid my £3 to
        vote for him .. subsequently joining the Labour Party.

        About the Labour leadership Bevin – if the Left play
        their cards right an obvious choice for leader would
        be Dawn Butler. Principally for the fact
        that she has had the cojones to call Johnson a liar in
        Parliament .. but if you look at her Wiki it reads well ..
        Unfortunately she has had health issues recently.
        Pragmatically – the right cannot object because she
        absolutely ticks all the boxes!

        AS for Starmer – I find I don’t care whether it is just or
        not just that he is fined .. if he is. At the time it was
        difficult to work out what was right or wrong apropos
        lock down laws and a bi-election would have been
        difficult for police regarding them. Wasn’t Corbyn
        in trouble at one stage for being at the home of the
        friend – who had died? He was consoling the widow
        and someone extra turned up unexpectedly.

        Considering Starmers casual attitude to Labour Party
        rules it would be poetic justice if he fell foul of
        lock-down laws. However given the imminent issuing
        of new fines plus Report into Conservative lock
        down culture it is likely that all else will disappear into
        long grass..

      2. Sounds like another case for the DPP. Just watched prof. Curtis on Jock the hats vanity ship. That man is the slimiest, most disingenuous piece of…sorry he is our very own Delphic Oracle.

  9. Starmer’s in the headmaster’s office getting a dressing down, for his abysmal performance over the past 26 months.

    Difficult to tell who the ‘headmaster’ is. Is it Blair, with Mandelson as his ‘familiar’? Or is it the other way round?

    Starmer’s days are numbered, anyway, and not before time. He’s not, even, a good actor.

    As an aside, Jeremy Corbyn thinks Labour did so badly, in London, because of his suspension. He could have a valid point.

    1. Irrespective of jollies or non-jollies, Starmer’s performance, ‘crowned’ by the local election results, should be enough for any party wishing to advance at the next GE, to take stock and realise that change really needs to happen now. Labour lack the ruthlessness of the Tories in such things and the trailed ‘FPN and I’m off’ announcement is probably Starmer’s best option but even then (to be frank even if he cured cancer) he will not win round the left of the party. Corbyn’s estimation of his own importance seems a calculated ‘come and get me’ appeal in the wake of a vacancy but he couldn’t and cannot command the support of the dsyfunctional zombie of a party that Labour has become. Now might be the time for him to launch his own party and for those currently residing under the flag of convenience called Labour to rearrange themselves accordingly. On the assumption that some will join JC, some stay and some likely to go Lib Dem, there then might appear to be a head of steam for a coalition with a strong rationale for PR.

  10. Beth Rigby


    🚨NEW: Starmer to make a statement on the Durham police investigation at 4pm. Understand he will offer his resignation if issued with a FPN. His team adamant he’ll be cleared & this an attempt to draw line between Starmer & Johnson that not all politicians are the same

    2:55 PM · May 9, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

  11. So, Starmer has had a “weekend of intense pressure”? What a wimp.
    It’s about one billionth of what was thrown at Corbyn on a daily basis.

  12. Re May, I sometimes imagine her and Corbyn getting together for one of those ‘evening with’ tours, trading stories on the treachery of colleagues.

    1. Reply to Tim White
      The treatment that Theresa May ( and Thatcher before her) had from the Tories does not come anywhere near the hatred vilification and abuse Jeremy Corbyn had to contend with all day every day from a bunch of undemocratic guttersnipes in the PLP who weren’t fit to wipe his boots. Their non stop smears and vicious lies about him backfired on many of them who I am delighted to say lost their seats in 2019 while Jeremy who refused to descend into the gutter with them their increased his majority.

      1. Smartboy, I did not suggest an equivalence though your account makes me believe that a comparing of notes would reveal much about the differing ways in which political assassination is effected.

  13. PW – Thanks for the link. I’ve found, and just watched, the full interview.
    As a result, I have revised my opinion of Starmer.
    I hadn’t thought that my opinion of him could get any lower, but it just has.
    What a two-faced, self-promoting, louse.

  14. Even the state-funded Amplifier of the synchronised-MSM is reporting that Keir Starmer (is) dodging lockdown questions – no mention of his poor electoral performance of course, but his name isn’t Jeremy Corbyn and he isn’t supposed to be an existential threat to Jews, Billionaires or Russian Billionaires.

    Interesting thing is, Sir Keir is even not-showing up at his sponsor’s ‘independent’ think tank, Institute for Government* to promote the third-way what-aboutery that neoliberals of a certain type so love.

    wiki, ‘Institute for Government – a British independent think tank which aims to improve government effectiveness through research and analysis…. It was initially funded with approximately £15 million by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, at the instigation of Lord Sainsbury, Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester (18 July 2009). “Lord Sainsbury turns back on Labour to help David Cameron win power”. The Times. London. Retrieved 9 October 2009.

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