Candidate suspended by Labour after qualifying for NEC ballot leaves party in despair at Starmer

‘Under Starmer there is no hope for Labour’, says 12-year member Mehmood Mirza, ‘I am no longer willing to be part of this charade’

Mehmood Mirza stood almost a year ago in the Labour party’s elections for its National Executive Committee ‘BAME’ member – but in a foretaste of the tactic that the Labour right was to use repeatedly later in the year, he was suspended by the party after achieving 75 nominations from local Labour parties to participate in the ballot.

But now Mirza has resigned his membership of the party entirely, citing his lack of hope for Labour under the dire tenure of Keir Starmer. But Mirza’s resignation letter lists yet more reasons for his disgust, including the ‘catastrophic’ collapses in membership, funding and electoral support alongside the regime’s war on party members and their democracy, the attacks on his local Labour groups and his assessment of the appalling performance of the right-dominated local council – and the ingrained racism of the Labour right:

Mirza told Skwawkbox:

Under Starmer and the right there is no hope for the Labour party.

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    1. On average, SteveH posts the first comment about 50% of the time. Including this thread (and excluding one that didn’t have a comments section), he’s posted the first comment in three out of the last six! Yep, being a paid full-time shill working for the Establishment, he monitors the site fifteen/sixteen hours a day, and has been doing so for five years now.

      1. Howard – I doubt he’s a shill. Not a paid one, surely?!

        No, it’s most definitely done off the wee fellas own twisted bat, because as shite as keef is; I’ll bet even he’d cringe at the shite the cultist wee fella spouts.

        That said, the party’s boracic because they’ve spunked money left right & bleedin’ centre and alienated tens of thousands of members, not to mention hundreds of thousands of the electorate…

        If wee Stevie’s a paid shill, he’s defrauding both keef AND the electorate.

      2. In the thread before this one (in which he posted the first comment), out of 71 comments posted (at the time of typing) HE posted TWENTY of them! And in the thread before that one that had a comments section, he posted THIRTY out of the 86 comments. But perish the thought that he’s a shill.

        I mean WHO on this planet – apart from a full-time paid shill – posts an average of 500 comments a week, and TWO thousand a month, month after month after month, year after year after year! What ordinary legitimate person posts over 20,000 times a year!!

      3. Allan – Thanks for all your hard work. Next time could you also work out how many of my comments are in response to comments directly addressed to me.

      4. YES!, And usually within a few minutes! I mean regardless of your location, no legitimate poster posts 20,000 plus comments a year, But for one who has supposedly retired to the Caribbean…… as if anyone would retire to warm, sunny climes and spend practically every day posting comments all day long. He literally checks every single comment that’s posted on here as soon as it’s posted!

        So are you on a set wage, or do they pay you by the word?

      5. Allan – We have had a home here for well over 20yrs and it is where my wife was born and grew we are a bit past doing the touristy stuff. But having said that I’ve been diving 3 times in the last few days We’ve been doing our bit for the environment by cleaning up the dreaded single use plastic bags from our coral reef.
        We are lucky enough to have the luxury of choice, Currently I am sat by our pool and looking out over the Caribbean Ocean whilst amusing myself watching the young goats play. It is a little different from sunny Yorkshire, particularly at this time of year.

    2. £13m gone west, the party facing bankruptcy and you’re asking if people will notice if one more member leaves?

      Oh! That’s right, I forgot – Jeremy lost 15% of the membership (that he’d more than doubled in 2019 didn’t he?

      And keef hasn’t gained a single member, has he?

      Carry on, soft shite.

      1. Toffee – For once you are right, Jeremy did loose 15%+ of the membership in the run up to the 19GE. The membership was down to 430,359 in Nov19

      2. Lose*

        But you conveniently omit he inherited a party numbering 201k , and left it with more than double that number.

        And how many members has keef gained hmmm?

        Not a one. And this thread is about yet another satisfied customer, isn’t it?

        No go away, and don’t come back until you realise and accept you are a complete fuckwit that insists on embarrassing yourself with your constant crapulence that defies reality.


      3. I reckon Keith has spent most of that on Trolls and Shills…..There’s a highly paid one on here for a start.

      4. baz2001 – Unfortunately Corbyn’s team had based their budget on keeping the membership above 500k so the financial problems started when the membership numbers dropped below 500k in 2019

      5. Unfortunately for your bullshit excuse, Corbyn was out just over four months later.

        And how many members are there TODAY? Less than 430k, AND plummeting by the day, innit?

        So keef – in less than two years – has managed to spunk the entire reserves…

        …On court cases against those wrongly accused of antisemitism, rule breaches, plus payouts to those he needn’t have paid. (But had to because they put him where he is now and they’ve got him over a barrel)

        All that dough gone, and less revenue to plug the breach. It’s not looking too good is it, soft ollies?

        What’s your next piss-poor attempt at absolution gonna be?

        Don’t bother, if that other one was the best you come up with.

    3. Some of my posts seem not to get published. Why can’t it happen to yours too?

      1. So this one appears but not the one I posted 5 minutes ago.

      2. Andrew – I used to have problems too but since I opened an account with WordPress I’ve had none. It doesn’t cost anything, you don’t have to build a website and you don’t have to give them any more info than you do already.

      1. bedroc56 – Very well thanks, I don’t have any stress and the roughly 12hrs of daylight and 12hrs of dark that we have everyday throughout the year is much more conducive to regular restful sleep.

    4. Its not quantum mechanics Mr Heep.

      When people see someone in the street kicking their dog they avoid such people like the plague on the grounds that such behaviour towards animals is one likely to be replicated in other relationships and interactions.

      Similarly, the majority of reasonable people would be justified in considering the total disdain for due process norms, standards and principles towards its own volunteer members – which is endemic through the entire leadership, organisational echelon, and managerialist cadre of the Labour Party – would be replicated towards citizens and the electorate should they be elected to govern the country.

      It is only a matter of time before the reality begins to dawn that the Official Loyal Opposition is just as authoritarian, anti-democratic, corrupt and incompetent as the traditional Party of Government.

      Whether you like it or not more and more people are taking the position of why would any voter trust a Party with power over them as citizens which plays so fast and loose with due process standards and principles?

      You can bellyache all you want with this Walter Mitty line you are taking. It won’t alter the reality you are clearly desperate to deny.

      You really should seek medical intervention for your condition.

  1. SteveH
    Only matter of time before the fraud catches up with Temporary Embarrassment
    Dead man walking

    1. I like that 🙂 well bloody said matey. I see right wing soppy knobs SH is here again.

      1. Andrew – Thanks for the name check, it is gratifying to hear that I occupy so many of your thoughts

    1. This looks very familiar. Didn’t they publish the same article a few months ago

  2. I am so sorry that Mehmood Mirza has been forced into resigning. It is heart breaking that so many long time activists like him – good hardworking socialists- have either been expelled by Starmer’s Labour or have resigned in disgust.
    These are the people who knock on doors or man phone banks during elections and they won’t be doing that next time round. Without effective campaigning Labour has no chance ( it has no chance anyway without policies or principles ) and we will be stuck with this vile Tory government for the foreseeable.
    For Starmer and his backers this will be “mission accomplished” and by the time the wooden tops in the PLP realise what he is up to it will be too late.
    He’ll waltz into lucrative employment provided by his backers and they will be up the creek without a paddle.

  3. How long until he gets letters thanking him for being a valuable member and begging him for help/support a-la Sam Gorst??

  4. Why aren’t my posts appearing? Whoever is suppressing them could have the decency of admitting they are doing it and explain WHY.

  5. This talk of “X lost/gained N members” misunderstands the dynamics of party membership. People join political parties, or leave them because they believe that the party represents their interests. Many people joined the party in the middle of the last decade because they thought that the party would work for them. Many left towards the end of the decade because the party had proven to not be what they had hoped. Many had hoped that Jeremy Corbyn would, almost single-handedly transform the LP and the UK, but they didn’t do the spadework they needed to do to provide him with the requisite support. [Given that SH has told us that he voted for Mr Corbyn twice, I assume that he feels let down and that is the source of his bile.] They were enthused by Mr Corbyn’s ideas rather than by a “personality cult”, but hadn’t recognised the stranglehold that the right of the LP held on the party.
    This report continues to illustrate that the malevolence of the right wing clique.continues to poison the LP.

    1. Goldbach…youve hit the nail on the head with Steve H and from my memory of Steve H he was a broad church member and not a right wing fanatic who would support the shenanigans of a leader like starmer or Apparthied in Israel and continued partition of Ireland with Labour party support alarmingly.I think it could be the Blair phenomenon were we lost track of why we were in the Labour party and just concentrated on win win and things can only get better.
      I sat next to Sir George Gardiner in Doynings leisure centre for the 1997 landslide and watched the former mp for Reigate and Banstead burst into tears when the Torys lost despite him being the only mp for the goldsmith party.George new his politics and advised Thatcher through the wilderness years of the Labour party and feared a labour middle class party and said to me you may have won but Tonys one of us .Groundhog day again but this time the leader of the Labour party is in no way a leader like Tony Blair who could sell sand to the Arabs and accommodate the left wing socialist members.The trajectory for the Labour party looks grim and I take no pleasure in that despite being angry 😠.My anger is channelled into a democratic socialist party in a positive way,whilst Steve H is helping the Labour party over a cliff…maybe he really does feel let down and angry.And before anyone points out Blair is a barsteward ,I agree but at least he was a leader not a plant whos foriegn funded like the knight..What Blair is now hes morphed is a War criminal.and it shows in his evil face.

    2. Great post (again) goldbach. Why? Winners take responsibility/blame, and that’s what your post is encouraging us to take. Yes, we all failed to support JC and his project adequately and appropriately. Well said Sir.

  6. I just checked Newham LA official website and every single Cllr there is Labour, no Tory,no Green, no LibDem or independent.
    Hence, I hope Mehnood Mirza and other comrades stand as Labour independent against the red Tories.

  7. Mehmood Mirza deserves our respect and thanks. Maria’s suggestion above makes sense. Opposition takes many forms and, re the ‘stay and fight’ advice, leave and fight can be appropriate sometimes/

    1. quertboi…..I genuinely didnt realise just how bad it had got inside the Labour party and like many other members didnt realise the support from the members the parasites had.I should have known with the amount of activists being sacrificed.and the penny only dropped when I realised that only right wing or As scam candidates got through the PLP.Knights and bloody lawyers bottom feeders and carreerists….that was the choice and I certainly didnt vote for a obvious establishment knight of the realm and bottom feeder.I think I voted for RLB lawyer and Burgon lawyer.Yes I am still bloody angry,we were kept in the dark and maybe if we hadnt been we might could’ve should’ve who knows but never again.I was a long time member and served office including virtually every job in the CLP and I didnt know until the end
      .Starmer arrives and its curtains for me and it should have been for anyone who considers themselves a socialist….and yes I am a socialist not a right wing fascist or a paid shill.just an old man like Jeremy Corbyn who was cruxified by his own members and the PLP…Hq who undermined from day 1,….The deputy Dawg twatson and to cap off the media and everyone who could switch the telly 📺on……Yes I should have known better.

      1. Joseph – I’m really surprised that you felt able to support RLB after she took this stance during the leadership hustings

        “Asked about the Labour whistleblowers who appeared on Panorama, however, Long-Bailey was willing to criticise the leadership. She said: “I don’t think the party gave the right response. We should not have called out or attacked former members of staff… We should apologise for how we behaved. We should settle any claims that were made.”. She also confirmed that she would welcome Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman back into the party, saying what they “have been through was absolutely shocking”.

        If only Rebecca Long-Bailey, the left’s candidate, had won the leadership election then things would have been so different.

  8. There are thousands of us Mirza, who threw ourselves into a venture that promised real change and a break with the vices and control of the rich and conceited, but little did we know that the vicious grip of the right in the party all the time only worked to plot and undermine us. the levels of corruption that we are seeing day on day,, week upon week, month upon month, are almost beyond belief

  9. whilst amusing myself watching the young goats play

    Am I the only one to be extremely concerned by this?

      1. Whereas your comments speak volumes about you. 😙🎶


      1. Toffee – I’m sorry you’ve lost me there, I’m referring to kid goats🐐, what are you referring to?

      2. Better than going off for a walk round Denham Town or Tivoli Gardens?

    1. I always said he should get himself an agent rather than sitting there in the dark handling himself.

      Looks like he’s decided to do both.

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