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Video: residents ‘manhandled’ out of Labour council AGM for complaint re broken housing promise

Residents of ‘unfit’ housing block were promised they would be re-homed within a year – now mayor tells them there are too many people on housing list

There were angry and shocking scenes at the annual general meeting (AGM) of Labour-run Newham council after residents were forcibly ejected from the meeting for protesting about the mayor’s broken promise to re-home them.

Locals told Skwawkbox that the 53 residents of 10 Victoria Street in the London borough were promised they would be provided with new homes within a year – but that Newham’s Labour mayor Rokhsana Fiaz now says there are too many people on the housing list and now says their block is unfit for families to live in. Angry residents arrived at the AGM to protest and demand answers – and were outraged by the ‘disgusting’ treatment:

Local resident Mehmood Mirza, who published the video, tweeted that:

Residents were manhandled at the @NewhamLondon AGM 2023 meeting (Annual General Meeting) today as can be seen in the video. #disgacefulbehaviourbyNewhamLabour

Last year saw a mass exodus of Labour members and their elected officers after the Starmer regime trampled on their local democracy. It seems the issues with democracy go further in Newham.

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  1. Unless one is lucky enough to have an enlightened Labour council, like Preston, any Labour councils are as bad as the Tories for uselessness and in some cases, corruption.
    All manifestations of right-wingism., to coin a phrase!

    1. The party’s right wing Washington Neocon instincts and many/most Labour councils inability to provide good local Government go hand-in-hand.

      Top-Down Fabianism is the culprit. It inclines the Labour party to paternalism, restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those it supposedly serves and causes it to act as servants of the Establishment..

      A restored or replacement Labour party needs to avoid it like the plague.

  2. With the Right nothing changes – same thing happened to Walter Walfgang in 2004 at the Labour Party Conference when this elderly Jewish Holocaust survivor was attacked by Tony Blair’s Security guards and roughly removed from the hall for shouting “rubbish” when Jack Straw tried to defend the illegal invasion of Iraq. They did the same to another delegate who tried to intervene on Walter’s behalf. Now they are actually attacking the general public who they allegedly expect to come out and vote for them!
    As I have posted previously this sort of behaviour along with the alienation of Labour’s traditional supporters makes it it is absolutely clear that Starmer’s remit is to rid the party of all Socialists and AntiZionists not win a General Election.

    1. Smarboy, will he win the next General Election? Maybe I am being naive but I somehow doubt it.
      Where is the MSM? Would Corbyn still being the leader this video would have made the news on National TV.
      Still, I have faith that little by little this another videos would start appearing in social media and it would put people off from voting Labour, unless their Labour MP is a good one.

      1. The point I have made consistently Maria is that in my opinion Starmer doesn’t want to win the next election.He wants to rid the party of Socialists and AntiZionists clear off to the House of Lords, hand over to some other hard right Zionist and then when the party is totally neutered, probably around 2030, it will be allowed to win an election.

  3. The attitude towards these people are disgusting by the Labour council they have no fucking shame

  4. Quell surprise!

    Who would have thought that the present process of cancelling anyone in the LP who does not sycophantically go along with the Official Narratives with sufficient enthusiasm would be extended to the voting public?

  5. Did the protesters expect New New Labour to keep their promises to rehouse them? That level of gullible naivety deserves the reaction they got.

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