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Young people stage climate protest at Starmer’s office: ‘stop breaking promises’

Anti-environmentalist Starmer finds climate-change protesters on his doorstep

‘Tree-hugger hater’ Starmer – who posed as climate-friendly as part of his con to get Labour members to vote him in as party leader then u-turned to enable the government to pass laws that will criminalise climate and other protesters and even said he hates ‘tree-huggers’ – had a little surprise on his constituency office doorstep yesterday.

Dozens of young ‘Green New Deal’ activists pitched up outside his office to demand that he stop breaking promises – Starmer has shown that his aren’t worth the air he emits to pronounce them – and decorated his office window to remind him they were there, as they explained on their Twitter feed:

Starmer even broke his promise to meet the climate activists

The activists also staged protests at the offices of deputy leader Angela Rayner and the appalling Ian Murray in Scotland.

Tory-enabler Starmer has repeatedly fled from climate change protesters and reacted like an awkward robot when they protested at his speech last week.

But while the protest was good-natured, there is nothing remotely funny about Starmer’s contempt for protest, democratic and civil rights – and the environment. Unfit to run a tombola, let alone a political party or, worse still, a country.

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  1. Here we go again. So Starmer hates ” tree huggers” every one of whom has a vote. So we can add these tree huggers to all the other groups he has alienated – socialists, antizionists, trade unionists, Kashmiri, BAME, Muslim and Irish voters etc.
    Does anyone still believe that this man is trying to win the next election?

    1. Choices don’t matter. But to keep you occupied and distracted, here’s two choices.

      Heads you lose, tails they win.

      That said, kudos to Keith for ignoring the environMentally challenged.

      1. The play on words at the end show your ignorance to the climate catastrophe around the corner.

      2. My ignorance…

        The hottest temperature ever measured on Earth is 134 degrees F; this reading was taken in Death Valley on July 10, 1913.”

        1913. When greenhouse gasses emitted by man were 90% lower than they are today.

    2. Diabolical Establishment lackey Starmer doesn’t give a shit about the planet or the future so young people can go hang.

      This is the central issue of our time so it’s great that young people have Starmer’s number.

  2. The photographs appear to indicate that dozens (in the plural) is an exaggeration.

  3. Graham getting “cosier” with Starmer and the alleged-leader’s duplicity and failing on the green new deal and the system’s erosion of human rights has rightly caused Tribune to ask Is Labour Backsliding on Workers’ Rights?

    It’s a sobering read – and, according to at least one of the article’s authors*, the tip of an iceberg.

    Keith Ewing is professor of public law at King’s College London and the author of numerous books, including The Bonfire of the Liberties and MI5, the Cold War and the Rule of Law.

    John Hendy is a Labour peer and labour lawyer. He is the chair of the Institute for Employment Rights (IER).

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