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Starmer, Reeves, Streeting, Khan, Sarwar party with Murdoch

Contempt for ordinary people paraded again

Keir Starmer, his mini-me Wes Streeting, the dire Rachel Reeves have partied with S*n owner Rupert Murdoch and a string of Tories at his ‘summer party’, including Rishi Sunak, Suella ‘ship them all to Rwanda’ Braverman, disgraced former Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi and ‘Scum’ hacks:

The contempt of Starmeroids for ordinary people has long been on show, with Starmer writing repeatedly, and Reeves and Streeting at least once, for Murdoch’s ‘Scum’ rag despite its lies, racism and its decades-long smear campaign against the victims and survivors of the Hillsborough disaster.

So great is the arrogance of the Labour right that they no longer even bother to try to hide their billionaire fetish and barely even try to pretend that they have the needs of ordinary people remotely at heart. No doubt the apologists for the ghoulish regime will roll out their tired excuse that the party needs to appeal to the hard-right readers of the S*n, but appealing to the millions who need real change is clearly an idea that has been passed through the shredder repeatedly to make sure the interests of the rich and powerful are not threatened.

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    1. Jess Phillips is a real pain in the backside and most people can’t stand her. I suppose that even though they are two of a kind ,she affects Murdock the same way.

      1. Is Jess Phillips now a permanent feature on ‘Peston’?

  1. It’s been a long string of betrayals from Starmer and his right-wing entryists.
    Why are we not surprised that he hob-nobs with the mouthpieces of the rich and powerful ?
    FOR THE FEW – NOT THE MANY …. That’s Starmer.


  3. I see that Wagner are now <300km from Moscow and that Putin did a runner about 3hrs ago when he moved the seat of government from Moscow to St.Petersburg.

    1. Moscow Police are reporting that Wagner are now on the outskirts of Moscow City

      1. A Russian govt plane took off in the direction of St Petersburg before turning transponder off. Putin not necessarily on board. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Wagner crushed like a bug, along with the wild hopes of liberal warmongers!

      2. Premature ejaculation can become a serious condition. Ask your doctor.

      3. Herr Flick
        How’s your Spring offensive going, have you cleared your gutters, painted your shed, potted your plants
        Theres always the Nuclear option, you could use weedkiller to wipe out the last Ukrainian

  4. Yet another reason not to vote Labour and since is a two horse race in most places to abstain from voting.

    1. The ruling clique wouldn’t worry too much about voting-apathy, Maria, but if enough people turned-up to vote and intentionally ‘ruined’ their voting slips by writing on them “none of the above” time-and-time-again, it would scare the ruling-elite and their bought politicians. It’d also remind people that their votes are supposed to matter.


      1. Oh dear, the last refuge of those that know they can’t win because they lack support.

      2. Hmm. Vote for a douche bag? Vote for a turd sandwich? Or do absolutely anything else.

        Besides, the labour party has shown on more than one occasion that it’s fond of abstaining.

      3. Good idea. Still, I somehow don’t believe enough of us would do it to make any difference.
        I wish the Greens start campaigning that so far they are the only Party that doesn’t want to invite the private sector into the NHS.
        Also that they put as a candidate at the next GE Jo Bird against Alison McGovern in the Wirral; with a good campaign three things could happen:
        – Labour HQ gets fluster and decided to divert resources to protect McGovern
        – Diverting resources from other seats will let Labour exposed to lose more seats.
        -Jo Bird wins the seat.

  5. ‘Oh To Be Invited.
    To This Repulsive Fest.
    As a billion live on $2 a day.
    To Dance With The Grotesque.’

  6. When the Dirty Digger likes a politician, you know they’re in his pocket.

  7. Got to wonder if a secret deal has been struck for Labour to be given a clear run to a big majority in return for full NHS privatisation? Sunak and the Tories seem to be throwing in the towel too.

    NHS privatisation is a step too far for the Tories, as there’d be a public revolt, but for Labour, the so-called ‘defenders’ of the NHS? Nobody would see it coming.

    Labour stand for little else, besides economic tinkering and social authoritarianism; thee’s no great democratic/constitutional reform plans; no plans to implement the much demand and conference backed fairer proportionate voting system. So why do this cerntrist crew want power so badly? Unless for some horrible NHS plan.

    Starmer surely wouldn’t do that? Well, he’s lied about everything else, so why not? What’s the depth of his lies? And who is to say we’ve reached it.

    1. “So why do this cerntrist crew want power so badly?

      So that they can implement their manifesto to improve the life chances of the many.

      Because without power you can’t achieve FA. Look at Corbyn, for decades he has run an admirable campaign on behalf of the Palestinians and yet despite his efforts he has achieved nothing that has made any tangible difference to their lives.

      1. “life chances”? – revealing words.
        More of those buzz words like “opportunity” which don’t indicate a desire to ensure that everyone can have a decent life. They indicate that there is the hope that some people may have the “chance” to rise from the morass and, if they “strive” to take the “opportunity”, they may make it; and blow those who don’t.

      2. goldbach – You can dance around on the head of a pin as much as you like, somebody out there is sure to be impressed, but the fact remains that you and your comrades are self evidently incapable of offering even a remotely credible alternative.

      3. Thank you for your truly novel thought.
        You’re entitled to your opinion, however inane.

      4. goldbach – Thanks, it’s nice to be appreciated.

        …….and the credible alternative that you’ll be offering the electorate is❓

      5. SteveH

        Rachel Reeves, who wouldn’t last a week in an Amazon warehouse, or any warehouse for that matter – much like most of her PLP featherbedded upper middle-class colleagues, seems to think the UK is full of idlers. She basically has the same mindset as the gawd awful Liz Truss, albeit, she keeps her opinions more closely guarded than the dim Truss. The PLP is profoundly out of touch, and Starmer is making things worse by parachuting in candidates, who are barely out of uni or worked as researchers for MPs. Starmer is similarly out of touch and naive.

        Reeves big aim to get the long-term sick back into work – into tough manual jobs she couldn’t and wouldn’t do, it’ll be life-changing alright, in terms of the misery she’ll create. In 2008, under New Labour ATOS testing was introduced , and caused similar misery. We’ve know what Reeves thinks : “work until you drop for the good of your soul.” They think idleness a sin and that they can perform miracles, they can’t and they won’t. They’ll just make the poor sods who voted for them extremely angry.

      6. SteveH.

        It’s funny you raise Palestine. Labour’s 2019 manifesto promised official recognition as did the 2017, the 2015 one too iirc, will the next manifesto? And if not , why not ? Why should that be dropped?

        Domestically, what they offer is more of the same. Starmer is now ruling out raising the top rate of tax, after U-turning (his speciality) on the £28bn per year green investment. So its cuts and austerity planned. What hope from a Labour govt? … none. He’s not even brave enough to follow the public mood by calling Brexit out as a disaster. Because he doesn’t want to upset his Tory establishment friends.

      7. Herr Flick
        You fuckers lost 5 million votes and lost to David Cameron
        It’s a failed strategy

      8. Herr Flick
        What is on offer is Democracy or Kleptocracy
        Do you know the difference

      9. Doug – You could try asking one of the latest AI systems to write you an essay comparing them.

      10. Please SteveH, you remind me of US students back in the late 1970 coming to Spain for a semester. They were aghast when reading the headlines of the Spanish MSM. Needless to say they only came for one year, I am sure they found the experience deeply uncomfortable.
        They couldn’t understand why the Spanish MSM was so critical of the “Americans” as all they care was freeing the people of the world from tyrants. You should have heard the laughter and derision of the Spanish students at the canteen. We couldn’t believe our ears !!
        You are the same: all Starmer has done is performed U turns. After all when running for leader he was going to implement the 2017 manifesto and Corbyn was his friend.
        We know too than when running for the leadership he refused to publish his donors on time, also that he is getting donations from individuals that have interests in medical insurance and private medical companies.
        Hence, it doesn’t take much on an effort to realise that Starmer and his side kid Streeting plan to privatise the NHS,
        That you are still trying to convince me to trust Starmer saying that he is going to make things better.It either makes you a fool a masochist.
        Their was a chance to make things better in 2017 and 2019 only that Starmer’s sabotaged Corbyn’s chances with the People’s Vote and as a result Labour lost seats in the 2019..
        Weren’t you a supporter of the People’s Vot? Why it is that Starmer isn’t running on a platform of rejoining the EU? How is it that you aren’t involved in a campaign to persuade Starmer to include in the next Labour’s manifesto the promise to re-join the EU?
        Every time, I hear Starmer speak I feel a compulsion to start singing an old Spanish Children’s son. its first verse translation in English is: “now that we are walking slowly we are going to tell lies”

      11. Maria – ….and yet according to Jeremy Corbyn he didn’t have a choice because the vast majority of both Labour’s membership and voters wanted a CV and to stay in the EU. Was he lying when he said this?

  8. A nay, you cannot deny that the ‘ life chances’ of Wes Streeting, Rachel Reeves and all would be greatly enhanced by Labour winning office. As to the people-there are far too many of them for any improvements in their lot without letting the trilateral Commission down.

      1. SteveH

        If Labour were serious about improving ‘the life chances of the many,’ they’d support proportional representation for Westminster, as conference voted for. The fact they are content for the Tories to return to power on a minority vote share, and then reverse everything, suggests they aren’t serious.

        I remember you, stating here, that PR was a shoo-in with union support, Labour party members backing and conference delegates’ support. What happened ? Starmer simply said we’re ignoring conference.

        And you have said sweet FA about it since, as if your master has spoken?

        Starmer is another British wannabe PM, who thinks there is no greater honour as PM, than being a lapdog to the US, like Blair was.

      2. Andy – I still support PR and I will continue to do so. It will come round again.

      3. When you have the power of the Murdoch Media Machine working on your behalf, you can control perceptions not only via newspapers, but also TV. MSM ownership limited to to just a few elite chums in our healthy democracy. Just ask Tony Blair, or maybe Murdoch’s wife?

    1. True bevin: democratic socialism and the values of capitalism are antagonistic: they cannot exist together and indeed (like lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate) neuter each other. When Clinton and Blair each formulated their ‘third-way’ (© the tri-lateral commission) to the problems of their counties, they were each conceding that the left-of-centre value-systems of their respective parties were being rejected and superseded by a centrist ‘third way’ built on current capitalism’s ‘neo’-liberal hegemony: ascendent financial capitalism, rentier-ism, upwards income distribution, increasing economic and political inequality (for which, FPTP was essential in both countries) were the intended results.

      No wonder Regan and Thatcher each boasted that their proudest “achievements” were Clinton and Blair: The ‘class war’ (antagonistic natures of capitalism and socialism) was being abandoned by the side that had right on its side.

      ‘Entryists’, ‘class enemies’ and quisling collaborators – and now Keir Rodney Starmer (Streeting, Reeves, Cooper, et al) are here to banish ‘the left’ in Labour and make-way to implement neoliberalism phase II.

      1. Shoulda added:
        “Entryists’, ‘class enemies’ and quisling collaborators – and now Keir Rodney Starmer (Streeting, Reeves, Cooper, et al) are here to banish ‘the left’ in Labour and make-way to implement neoliberalism phase II, in which “You’ll own nothing and be happy” ( here), © World Economic Forum.

        allso, ‘Regan’ should have been ‘Reagan’

  9. SteveH24/06/2023 AT 11:45 PM

    And that’s your answer to the plight of hundreds of thousands of sick & disabled?

    God stiffen you, you odious, piss-poor excuse for a sub-human. Fuck off and die screaming in agony, along with all you hold dear.

    1. Toffee, the Labour Party have admitted they only will look after the folk who are working. The rest of the population, sick, elderly, homeless, students, disabled, can rot in hell according to Herr Starmer.

      1. and everything will be means tested – just so that Lord, Sir, Professor Klaus Schwab, founder of WEF, knows that comrade Starmer is not adhering to sick corbynist thinking (“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”).

    2. Toffee – You really should have checked the timeline before making your inane contribution.

      1. Toffee – You really should have checked the timeline before making your inane contribution.

        Andy24/06/2023 AT 11:45 PM

        SteveH24/06/2023 AT 11:45 PM

        What about the timeline, nonce case? We already know you have no qualms about the suffering caused by poverty, and the sexual abuse of children. Now you’ve irrefutably demonstrated your nonchalance towards the plight of the sick & disabled.


      2. BBC News Report from Moscow………..”nothing is happening here”.

  10. Well, well.
    So Prigozhin has gone to Minsk to fade into obscurity with his ill-gotten gains, and we’re almost back to as it was a couple of days ago. The Beeb etc. is still trying to make hay but it won’t last for long, then they will have to look again for new ways of spinning the war ……………… and our resident neoliberal (or is it neocon?) will conveniently forget his “Putin flees the Kremlin” disinformation foray.
    All eyes now on Vilnius, to see whether the realists prevail or whether the neocons decide to push for WW3.
    Still, the weather is quite good.

  11. This is what Starmers Labour has become- a cess pit of right wing careerists falling over themselves to party with a repulsive man whose papers lied about and vilified the Hillsborough dead and those who survived, the striking Miners , gays ,the Irish, Muslims etc, a man whose papers hacked phones of numerous people including the phone of a murdered schoolgirl, a man who backed Thatcher and her ruinous policies to the hilt and who then supported warmonger and money grubber Tony Blair.
    While they do this decent people like Jeremy Corbyn Diane Abbott Jo Bird Ken Loach Audrey White Tony Greenstein and many many more are hounded out of the party and denounced as anti semites.
    Starmer and his PLP are shameless.

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