Does Starmer silence over Zahawi mean he knows Labour MP next?

At least one more MP said not to have paid tax due – four hours after Zahawi sacked over tax affairs, Labour leader’s social media remain silent

This morning, Tory PM Rishi Sunak sacked Nadhim Zahawi as chair of the Conservative party after an ethics adviser’s investigation confirmed what the rest of us already knew – that Zahawi had paid a heft penalty to HMRC for non-payment of tax and had tried to cover it up when the news broke.

But Starmer, despite pressing for Sunak to act last week, has so far failed – four hours and more later – to make even a mention of the sacking on his social media and does not appear to have commented elsewhere. Could this be a sign that a Labour MP is next in the firing line for similar behaviour?

After all, tax expert Dan Neidle – who played a key role in outing Zahawi and was the target of legal intimidation attempts by Zahawi’s lawyers when he got too close to the matter – has already said publicly that at least one more MP is the subject of an investigation by journalists, and that ‘the MP is not a Conservative’.

Starmer, who is sheltering at least two alleged sex offenders in his Shadow Cabinet and covered up ‘criminal’ and ‘sadistic’ abuse of domestic violence victims by the lover of a third right-wing Labour MP, may be wary of going in too hard over Zahawi when his own team’s dodginess is going to be under scrutiny very shortly – particularly if the culprit turns out to be one of the right-wing ‘usual suspects’ at the heart of the right’s sabotage of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

The Labour Press Twitter account has also been silent.

Shadow Treasury spokeswoman Bridget Phillipson did comment on the issue this morning on the BBC’s politics show, saying only that the sacking was not fast enough – but she will have been pre-booked on the programme and unable to pull out without raising questions about what Labour might be hiding, so had little choice.

Time will soon tell.

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  1. With the Labour party making large tax bills is not a problem more a case of being bought for peanuts ,with little work involved
    amongst the B”team”.Most of em come cheap and perform! for the puppeteers on demand .I can see the Labour cabinet to come shortly setting new records for cheaper deals at bottom basement levels of corruption…..sort of Aldi cheap an not so cheerful ?

  2. It could explain the increase in Corbyn slanders, in the past week, or so.

    If deflection is their only tactic, they’re bereft of ideas, which doesn’t come as a surprise.

    1. Maybe. Starmer’s obsession with Corbyn reminds me of Captain Ahab.
      One can only hope for a similar denouement.

  3. Skwawkbox article: “Could this be a sign that a Labour MP is next in the firing line for similar behaviour?”

    People in glass houses….

    Keir Starmer’s broken promises (and unmade pledges) will come back to haunt him. Britain’s Labour leader was elected as a left-winger, but then ran hard to the right. Why would voters trust anything he says or even expect him to mention it?

    Keir Starmer is a big part of why the public’s trust in politicians is at an all time low.

    1. Revealed: Trust in politicians at lowest level on record Good analysis for the Many, not the Few?

      “IPPR argues that growing distrust in politicians should be of particular concern for progressives. Declining trust is thought to be linked to a decline in support for income redistribution and ‘culturally open’ policy measures, particularly on immigration. Without trust in government, it will be harder for progressives to advocate and enact policy requiring greater levels of government intervention, according to the report.”

      Cue Jeremy Corbyn/Peace and Justice and a democratic socialist fightback?

      I know, I know!

      1. Wasn’t Corbyn still landed with a hefty legal bill (£1,000,000+) after the various court cases and that crowdfunded money only covered £300,000-worth? Whatever, if so, he probably wants to get rid of that millstone before planning/funding any new party. He needs to get a move on for it to be in place in time for the next election, but it would stand a good chance of splitting the Labour vote enough to be able to drive a hard bargain with Starmer, who will be forced to come crawling to the Corbyn party to form a government.

        And who wouldn’t relish seeing THAT?! (Actually, one person here does spring to mind…)

      2. JC spent a £1 million on legal fees, Really
        Thats a bit steep, only makes sense if his detractors spent £5 million
        Lawfare at its worst, possibly
        Can anyone clarify what occurred

      3. Carol Morgan update last November (on gofundme):

        As you may remember from the update I posted at the end of September, Richard Millett has now dropped his defamation claim against Jeremy. But although the settlement vindicated Jeremy and cleared his name, he has been left with an enormous bill for the work undertaken by his legal team in preparing his defence over the last three and a half years.

        The total bill was originally in the region of £1,477,000. Jeremy has managed to negotiate fees charged by the lawyers but he remains liable for £900,026. We have already paid some of Jeremy’s bills in full, together with a portion of those remaining but that still leaves Jeremy having to raise a further £775,000 for the outstanding amount, including potential corporation tax.

        Like me you are probably quite shocked at these costs……

    1. I hear that it’s connected with a failure to declare shares held in foreign accounts.
      Unfortunately, I don’t hear who is alleged to hold these shares.

  4. Could be anyone – hardly anyone backed up Corbyn when he and McDonnell criticised the Tory Party for accepting money from Russian Oligarchs and dirty money at that. Corbyn accused them of interfering with UK politic and some in the Labour Party were very annoyed at him for “politicising” te issue ..! In turn the Tories did nothing about it . even as the tanks were advancing towards Ukraine. and Russian money was used to buy up chunks of Mayfair ..

    And not only the Russians; the Iranian Govt Iranian Govt – it is alleged – have their money stashed away in London ..with their sons and daughters living it up in this Country.

    There are some in the UK who will do anything if it enriches them .. the London Market
    is awash with money from many dubious sources and the stench of corruption has lingered over UK public life for far too long

    1. …Iranian Govt – it is alleged – have their money stashed away in London ..with their sons and daughters living it up in this Country…

      Source? Unlikely considering both the prior history and the decades long missing Iranian money £400+ million) held by Britain.

      Part of the reason the UK is in trouble is because foreign money us fleeing the UK, reducing our GDP… This has largely come about after recent sanctions stealing people’s money.

      Why would any foreigners trust the UK now? Or the West in general for that matter

      1. The source is from several Iranians living in this country
        – unknown to each other.

        Of course the Iranians who have money stashed here
        are complete hypocrites – pretending to be devout in their faith but
        really living corruptly. Maybe others know but turn a blind eye ..

        This is dirty money – difficult to trace their real owners except by
        those in the know.

      2. Interesting how the super rich from places like Russia, Iran etc. seem to be oligarchs, whereas the super rich from the UK, the US etc. seem to be businessmen.
        I don’t ever recall a report in the UK which said ” ………. the Australian oligarch, Rupert Murdoch …..”

      3. Indeed goldbach (@ 8.25am). But the Russians (and Chinese) are not virtuous agents of truth against the west’s slef-serving cartelism. Theyre using misinformation, disinformation and propaganda as weapons every bit as much as ‘we’ do, probably to the same oligarchic end,. Frighteningly so!

      4. Yes. However, I would avoid talking about “the Russians”, “the Chinese”, “the Americans” etc.
        There are some in every country who are in it for themselves and some who are more responsibly inclined. I recall reports, back during the Yeltsin presidency, which outlined the extent of corruption that had been allowed to flourish under Yeltsin, and the fact that bribes were a part of business for any UK company in Russia. They often emphasised that there was one official in Russia at that time who could not be bribed. His name was Vladimir Putin. When he became president a lot of “oligarchs” shipped out , mostly to London, Tel Aviv and Spain. The Spain connection is interesting (see Skripal).

  5. Oh wow! I really don’t know who I want to be singled out for it.

    Reeves has had a six figure sum donated her way from various sources (all declared).

    Starmer in Hello magazine, so that may explain the silence.

  6. I do hope so!
    Is it Starmer himself or someone very close, “Wes Streeting maybe”?

  7. Oh wow! I really don’t know who I want to be singled out for it.

    Yep. There’s a plethora of shady, self-serving bastards candidates that would send the schadenfreude levels stratospheric – in this corner, at least.

    But one just isn’t enough. A much bigger muck rake is required. And an industrial-sized drum of disinfectant.

  8. Discussion and debate on the endemic and widespread epidemic of corruption across the entire political class throughout the West – not just the UK but also a continental Europe which has all but destroyed its industrial and civilisational base as a result of its (along with that of the UK) elites falling over themselves to launder fiat printed money through a forced war of choice – cannot be limited to money alone.

    The fact that this is happening is one aspect. The fact that every single individual, section and part of the political, ‘professional’ and media classes – whatever nominal political party rosette they wear – firmly and sincerely believe they not only can but should get away with it represents a different level altogether.

    The very obvious corruption of values is doing far more insidious damage than the subset of corruption that is money/finance.

    Systemically, we are in an actual, literal and practical situation in which internally generated reform and remedy is no longer possible without total system collapse and permanent removal, via whatever means or chain of events, of all those at every single level from top to the very bottom feeders who have any kind of stake in this rotten State. Whether that stake is financial, social, political, intellectual or psychological.

  9. Probably terrified of this leading to demands for all MPs to publish tax returns, him included.

    Her recently sold that plot of land in Surrey (7 acres) valued at £10 million:

    Register of Members’ Financial Interests?

    (soz about linking to the Mail)

    Thangam Debbonaire looked horrified on Newsnight, when the presenteer, Kirsty Wark asked if Labour’s fromnt bench would lead by example on publishing tax returns. Spluttering and deflecting with, ‘this isn’t about us, it’s about Zahawi’.

  10. About the oligarchs – tI came across an academic paper which detailed
    what happened when Ukraine gained its independence. In fact the story
    was a familiar one of ruthless men profiting from those less strong.

    In Ukraine’s case it was the pointy elbowed brigade – mainly leaders in
    the Communist Party who managed to acquire the state’s assets. The public
    were aware of this – corruption was one of the reasons Zelensky was elected
    as the public did not trust any of the politicians. However unfortunately he struggled
    to control it in his first years of power but now he has acquired legitimacy as a
    result of the War he is using this to root out the oligarchs with criminally
    acquired wealth.

    In Russias case after the chaos of Yeltsin the pointy-elbow brigade got their
    greedy mits on Public Assets – whereupon Putin decided to get them
    under (his) control and it is now in-house.

    But of course in every country – these people are few and the ordinary person
    struggles on .. I remember seeing a Russian Climber on TV News flying out to aid
    a Climber reported as in trouble on some mountain .. he was just getting on with it
    without fuss ..

    In the case of the UK – the BBC (I think?) reported on a mysterious Company – where
    what they do is unknown and these have donated sizeable sums to offices of members of
    the Shadow Cabinet. These are nothing like the millions owned by Sunak’s family or
    Zahawi. I’m not sure I know of any Labour MP bilionaires though some of the Blairite
    Labour ex- MPs are extremely rich ..

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