Breaking: sentencing of ‘Elbit 4’ protesters delayed

Palestine Action activists denied chance to put cause of their actions to the jury were due for sentencing on Monday at a hearing marked by a demonstration for justice and human rights

The sentencing hearing for four Palestine Action activists, found guilty by a majority jury verdict after a trial in which they were barred from putting the political context of their actions – the prevention of war crimes – to the jury, has been delayed.

The four were due to be sentenced at 10am on Monday, marked by protests outside the courtroom against the political ban and recent moves by the authorities to prevent juries finding out that they can vote with their conscience.

But the hearing has been delayed at the eleventh hour, apparently without explanation, until 10 July. Those who can make it to Wolverhampton County Court on the new date to protest for justice are encouraged to do so.

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  1. The sentencing hearing was postponed because the defendants, including myself, were remanded for reports. It was only today, Friday, that the probation service – who are massively understaffed – managed to fix up an appointment. None of the other 3 defendants have so far even been contacted.

    July 10 is also likely to be postponed because none of our barristers are free that day! And so the 2+ yr trial continues on its slow pace

    1. Best wishes, to all of you, Tony.

      I hope someone – somewhere, in the Justice system – will see sense.

      1. The judicial system’s very seldomly sensible, as clearly demonstrated in Tony’s (and co-defendants’) cases , George.

        ..And with each passing day it’s being weighted further in favour of the corporates and state over the individual. There doesn’t seem to be any politician or (serious and broad spectrum) political will to redress the balance. Any politician endeavouring to so much as murmur is being manoeuvred into obscurity.

        Anyway, FWIW – best wishes,Tony 👍

      2. It’s a sad lack of scrutiny that occasionally Skwawkbox allows a poster to manipulatively get this far off topic, so as to manipulatively invert the page’s priorities.
        To put this in context, Russia didn’t force white westerners to conquer Palestine, and to participate in the oppression of Black and middle-eastern Jews there, along with Palestinians. It didn’t force the US in the 1950s to bring down Iranian Parliamentary democracy and install death squads, when the government wanted nationalise oil for the benefit of its Indigenous citizens. It didn’t force the US to use napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, and Tony Blair to participate in the killings of 1+million or more Iraqis. It didn’t force US western imperialists to use uranium based munitions in the Middle East, resulting in a generation of children there born with birth defects.
        Russia didn’t force the US to install a Fascist dictatorship in Chile supported by death squads. It didn’t force the US to do the same with supporting death squads in Salvador. It didn’t force the US to attempt the same against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.
        Russia didn’t force the US to make assassination attempts on Socialist leaders in Venezuela and Cuba.
        Even in the age of Oligarchs most people on this site know who to be really scared of.

      3. The triumph of hope over reality. You can’t go through life with your fingers crossed and you certainly shouldn’t hope the system actually serves ‘the people’.

    2. Ignoring the corporate media nonsense that libels Tony – who’s Jewish – as an anti-Semite, what’s really amazing is that occasionally even the labels – ‘prickly, difficulty’ – are cynically mobilized against him.
      Most of us would have to have the patience of Job to put up with this nonsense, and media/judicial harassment.

      Go get them Tony !!!
      Keep fighting mate!

    3. Solidarity Tony. Thanks for being here at Skwawkbox, especially at this difficult time for you.

      Hatta al-Nasr!!!

  2. Meanwhile – PUTIN IN CRISIS❗

    Vladimir Putin is facing a major military crisis after Russian mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin declared war on Moscow’s own defense ministry, claiming Kremlin officials had killed thousands of his soldiers.
    In a statement issued Friday night, the FSB security agency said it had “legally and reasonably begun criminal proceedings” against the Wagner Group warlord “for the organization of armed insurrection.”
    Prigozhin, meanwhile, claimed he had pulled his troops back from Ukraine and into Russia’s Rostov, and vowed: “If anyone gets in our way, we will destroy everything!”

    1. Here Flick
      You must be ever so proud of your proxy war, you have fought valiantly from your couch to the last Ukrainian

      1. Doug – If you are you are going to pass comment then you really should at least make an attempt to keep up with what is going on

      2. Dear Doug, Steve Richards, and Dave Hansell, there is no point in legitmising the troll by replying to its irrelevant right-wing deflections.
        Remember it has no place on this site. It’s postings are artificial irrelevancies from someone no one here is interested in.
        Remember the pathetic irrelevant troll is begging for your engagement with its petit-fascist nonsense. Don’t give it your attention.
        You’re better than it!

      3. Bernie – ….and yet here you are. 🤔Thanks for drawing attention to my post 😏

    2. ……..using Washington based ‘Politico’ as an ‘independent’ news source?

      1. Steve Richards – Don’t be silly. Where are you getting your ‘news’ from, RT.
        Wagner has already taken the Rostov military base and HQ.

    3. Oh dear! Its amateur hour again. More wishful thinking from the delusional steveH counting his non existent chickens.

      You’ve drunk too much Kool-aid boy. Just because you want something to happen does not mean it is happening or going to occur.

      The sources you quote from and hang your hat on have consistently been wrong on every fundamental and are proven propaganda outlets without an iota of credibility. But what else can you expect from those who revel in the delusion that it is possible to create their own reality.

      Can I suggest an appeal to provide stevie boy with the unlimited supply of Kleenex tissues he needs to constantly wipe the egg off his face – which is wholly self-inflicted.

      Meanwhile, unless he wants to drown in egg yolk – which I concede would be not only a blessing but a mercy and kindness in the sense of putting down a suffering creature – it would be best if stevie boy weaned himself off the propaganda produced by the proven incompetents and their scribes and joined the real world of those who do know their arse from a hole in the ground.

      Like ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson and his sources, for example….

      Because stevie boys premature ejaculation here is cringe-worthy to the point of indecency.

      No wonder the West is falling apart.

      1. Dave – What are you claiming to be a professional at.
        Wagner are reported to be on the outskirts of Moscow City.🥱

      2. The Major of Moscow has declared Monday a non-work day and locked down the city.

      3. By whom? What sources?

        How far is Rostov on Don from Moscow? What’s the terrain like? Is it open country? What cover is there?

        Twenty five thousand mercenaries in Rostov on Don and they are abandoning it and marching on Moscow unmolested. Or are they splitting this ‘huge’ force leaving half in Rostov on Don and the other twelve and half thousand invading Moscow. Yeah right.

        You make Baldrick look like a credible intellectual. But what else can you expect from someone whose only military experience is the claim of having once driven a tank.

        The Hammersmith Apollo is missing out on a major comedy talent.

      4. Dave – “How far is Rostov on Don from Moscow? What’s the terrain like? Is it open country? What cover is there”

        Google is your friend. It may have escaped your notice but the Wagner troops currently advancing on Moscow have simply driven up the M4 motorway with their armour on transporters.

        The latest reports that I am just hearing is that Wagner and Putin have negotiated some sort of peace deal and the Wagner column have halted their advance.

      5. Your information, along with your sources, is pure bollocks steveH. As will be proven in the not too distant future.

        Your notion that a rag tag bunch of mercenary malcontents can advance the 700km to Moscow unmolested with no air cover and force the elected leadership to negotiate is the pure fantasy of a Walter Mitty.

        I’d lay off the Ganja for a while son.*

        This seems more Captain of Kopenick….

        ….than anything serious.

        Certainly not worth the scale and extent of the ‘Dads Army’ Corporeal Jones impressions currently doing the rounds.

        *And that’s me being kind and giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a bought and paid for liar and propagandist working out of Hermitage Barracks.

      6. Dave – ……and you would be in a position to know because?

        ps: As I made clear above, I am simply reporting what I’ve seen and heard, you’re the one getting your knickers in a twist. We’ll see over the next few days who’s info was accurate.
        Don’t forget to come back and tell me all about.😏

      7. We’ve gone from Western incompetents and their dumb shills – like steveH – prematurely ejaculating in celebration of the collapse of Russia to OH SHIT! in the space of about twelve hours.

        The rag tag motley bunch of apparent malcontents are back in the barracks and the Chef has folded up like a bad souffle.

        Meanwhile, the real professionals have been able to use events to move significant numbers of troops closer to the front using this as cover whilst the security services have been able to flush out not only Ukrainian sleeper cells but also fifth and sixth columnists inside the RF.

        What’s really tragic – as well as hilariously funny here* – is that the unthinking and dumb shills and amateur liars and cheap propagandists don’t even realise they have been played.

        *Watching numpties like steveH drowning and choking on their own bullshit is the best free entertainment available right now given the dire state of whats on offer on TV. Every blog site should have its village idiot. Keep it coming kid. Its most enjoyable to witness someone making a complete prat of themselves every time they open their mouth.

      8. Dave – You really do need to get over yourself. Who are you trying to impress, yourself?
        Is it dark up there?
        Please free to point out anything that I have said above that is inaccurate.

  3. Why doesn’t Steve H start his own blog? Let him deflect away, to his heart’s content, on that.

  4. Failing justice system and an (intentionally) failing state?

    To what extent is this sentencing delay merely a consequence of rampant austerity and under-funding and to what extent is it a deliberate, directed delay? If the latter, what is the reason, to subject Tony Greenstein and the Palestine Action four to Assange-like torture and humiliation?

    Whatever’s going on, it is proof-positive of a broken justice system.

    1. Now that’s a hell of an accusation baz2001.

      Does anyone really believe that steveH would ever be unfaithful to himself in such a manner?

    2. Just a bit of Prigozhin theatre before he fades into oblivion.
      Very embarrassing for the Russian government, but that’s all.
      Lots of speculation in Russia that Prigozhin may have been offered inducements by the CIA, or by the Ukrainians with whom he has been in contact. Don’t really go for that idea myself, after all he is already loaded.
      I suspect that he just likes to be the centre of attention and wanted one last hurrah.

      1. Goldbach……I said from the outset that it might be an exercise to flush out several Western groups present in Russia who were making efforts to create conditions for a coup.

        We shall see….

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