Starmer slammed for video about Black MPs that ‘forgets’ Abbott

‘Bernie Grant would have despised you – and where’s Diane Abbott?’

Keir Starmer has been hammered for tweeting a typically arrogant and shameless video about Labour’s Bernie Grant programme for Black would-be politicians that completely leaves out Diane Abbott, Labour’s and the UK’s first Black MP.

Ms Abbott is currently suspended for a comment on racism that most Black activists, as well as left-wing Jews, feel were valid in exposing Labour’s ‘hierarchy of racism’ and required no apology. A senior Black judge and the chair of the Society of Black Lawyers has slammed Starmer’s personal intervention, when the Whips’ investigation had barely begun, in suspending Ms Abbott – in flagrant violation of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s ban on political interference in disciplinary processes.

The reaction to Starmer’s and the party’s tone-deaf arrogance was immediate and emphatic. Many hundreds more replied than shared it, a sure sign of a negative reaction, with many respondents pointing out that Grant, a proud Black socialist and strong supporter of Palestinian rights, would have despised Starmer and would never have made it through the regime’s rigged selection processes now – and others asking why Ms Abbott, particularly given her unique place in Black political history, was missing entirely from Labour’s propaganda piece.

Others added that Starmer continues to ignore Black barrister Martin Forde, whom Starmer himself asked to investigate a report exposing deep and wide anti-Black racism among the Labour right – and that Black MPs have said they feel afraid to speak out about anti-Black racism in Labour because they know they will be targeted for disciplinary action and deselection if they do:

On so it went on, reply after reply, with many even of the shares being ‘quote tweets’ carrying condemnatory comments.

Starmer’s party and the Labour right have been frequently condemned for rampant and unpunished racism against Black people, Muslims, Gypsy Roma Travellers and others. Starmer has readmitted racists and sex pests into the party and has covered up abuse of vulnerable women.

And Wesley Streeting, who in 2018 launched a ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’ tirade of abuse in the face of Diane Abbott, was promoted by Starmer to Shadow Health Secretary, while Starmer welcomed Neil Coyle back into the party despite Coyle’s guilt of both racism and sexual harassment..

Commenters are right: under Keir Starmer and anyone from his faction, Labour is a cesspit.

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  1. Just wait until he introduces the greville janner youth recruitment programme…I’m sure keef will appear personally on that video.

  2. Another thing.

    “black aspiring leaders’??

    Shouldn’t that be ‘aspirational black leaders’??

    1. Reply to Brian 61
      That is the object of the exercise Brian. Starmer’s remit is not to win the next election but to rid the party of socialists and pro Palestinians Once he has achieved that he’ll be off to the House of Lords andLabour will be permitted to win an election around 2030

      1. Smartboy,

        According to the latest opinion polls he’s going the right way about it too:

        Westminster voting intention:

        LAB: 42% (-1)
        CON: 31% (+2)
        LDEM: 12% (-1)

        09 – 12 Jun

      2. baz2001 – From the same Deltapoll that you’ve quoted from

        For each of the following party leaders, do you think they are doing very well in their job, quite well, quite badly or very badly?
        The leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer
        Well (All) 43
        Badly (All) 44
        Net -1
        The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak
        Well (All) 39
        Badly (All) 50
        Net -11

        Putting aside any support for a political party you may have, which of the following do you think would be best for the British economy?
        A Conservative government led Rishi Sunak with Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor of the Exchequer 35
        A Labour government led by Keir Starmer with Rachel Reeves as Chancellor of the Exchequer 41

      3. Westminster Voting Intention (11 June):
        Labour 44% (–)
        Conservative 30% (–)
        Liberal Democrat 13% (+1)
        Reform UK 6% (+1)
        Green 4% (-1)
        Scottish National Party 3% (–)
        Other 1% (–)
        Changes +/- 4 June

        Combined Net Approval Ratings (June 11):
        Keir Starmer: +13% (+4)
        Jeremy Hunt: -11% (–)
        Rishi Sunak: -9% (–)

  3. “Black MPs have told Channel 4 News they’re too scared to speak out about racism for fear of losing the Labour whip. What the hell is going on in Keir Starmer’s party?” here

  4. How long until they announce JP Morgan’s Chukka Umunna has been welcomed back?

    Starmer, Evans and the influential Akehurst seem to be testing how far to the political right they can go before CLPs and unions wake up to the fact the Labour party doesn’t actually exist anymore.

    Every morsel of socialism scooped out, leaving nothing but a hollow shell of a party.

    1. The party has quietly accepted more than £230,000 worth of free staff from ‘big four’ accounting firms PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Ernst & Young (EY) since Keir Starmer took over as leader in 2020.
      “It comes four years after an inquiry chaired by Rachel Reeves, now Labour’s shadow chancellor, recommended the accounting giants be broken up and a new independent regulator be established.”

      Corruption in Labour goes way beyond Chukka U, Starmer, Reeves or any other single person. The party is showing itself to be rotten to its core and incapable of the responsibility its founders gave it.

  5. Keir Starmer can praise Bernie Grant because he is dead.Diane Abbott is not. She is a tough principled black socialist and is therefore perceived as a threat by Starmer ,the right, their establishment backers and the pro Israel lobbyists. As a result she has been scapegoated and vilified.
    Regarding the other black MPs who are too worried about their own positions to open their mouths about the racist, undemocratic cess pit the party has become, they should hang their heads in shame. They are a total disgrace

    1. And just WHERE precisely would they ‘open their mouths’ Smartboy? None of the MSM would cover it of course, as they’ve got Starmer’s back. So what would be the point, as only those who already know the score would be likely to read any denunciation of Starmer and Co if they tweeted about it, or wrote an article for the Morning Star, for example. So it would serve very little purpose in speaking out about Starmer and the gangsters now running the party, and would more-than-likely serve only to have them suspended from the party or having the whip withdrawn.

      I would have thought you could have figured all of that out for yourself Smartboy. How about a little solidarity and compassion and empathy, instead of attacking them.

    2. Reply to Allan Howard
      I am a retired Trade Unionist and I frequently had to oppose or challenge management in my role as a rep. It cost me dearly over the years but I believed and still believe that standing up for myself and others came with the territory.
      Therefore I have no time whatsoever for people who put themselves forward to represent their constituency but turn a blind eye to racism and other abuses they, their colleagues or their constituents face because its in their own best interests to do so. This is totally shameful behaviour and in my opinion indefensible.
      In relation to my showing solidarity – I would point out that solidarity cuts both ways. In my opinion your remarks would be better addressed to the MPs who are “too scared” to speak out in case it adversely affects their career/ career prospects.

      1. Just this minute seen your reply Smartboy. Hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you omitted to respond to several of the points I made. As I said, the only way they could potentially make a difference is if they were able to reach a significant percentage of the electorate, and the only way that could happen is if most of the MSM gave them a platform. And given that THAT is never gonna happen, it would be fruitless to speak out on their twitter or facebook account, when the vast majority of people who follow them are fully aware of what’s going on with Starmer and Co already.

        If a majority of the electorate knew what Starmer has been doing during the past couple of years or more they would despise him, and never vote Labour with him at the helm. But they DON’T know, and that’s why Labour are around fifteen points ahead in the polls on average. Yes, I know the Toies are in turmoiil, and have been for some time now, but the point I’m making is that if the electorate knew that he is a bully and a thug and a lying piece of shite, they would either vote for another party, or not vote at all.

        The point I am making, given all of the above, is that speaking out on any platforms available to them won’t make the slightest bit of difference to Starmer and Co – ie lead to him and his buddies having to stop their persecution of the left etc – and most likely lead to them – the MP or MPs who ‘spoke out’ – being suspended or having the whip removed. In other words, they would have spoken out for absolutely nothing.

        And what’s with the complete bollocks about these MPs you’ve decided to target – who are obviously the MPs that are on the left – turning a blind eye to racism and other abuses….. their constituents face. I think you slipped up there Smartboy in your quest to try and discredit them. And I mean Big Time!

        Yeah, a fascist piece of shit in effect terrorises and intimidates them – ie left-wing MPs – and YOU blame THEM for HIM terrorising and intimidating them. Ffs!

      2. Reply to Allan Howard
        I understand the points you make but I cannot agree with you. These MPs could/should have tried to do something- anything – about the blatant racism etc in the party but they choose not to. It seems clear that self interest – fear of losing the whip – is whats has stopped/ is stopping them. I find this contemptible.

  6. Diane Abbott’s ejection from New New Labour (pretty much inevitable) has nothing to do with race. She isn’t right-wing enough, too much of a leftist.

  7. Yes, kids…Join the Bernie Grant programme for ‘aspiring black leaders’.

    But don’t expect to get anywhere unless you espouse in full the manner and views of grant’s successor, david integrity lammy…

  8. Diane Abbott’s letter is not just insensitive, it is racist and she has a history of similar comments. She is a classic example of ‘see me, see my colour’ with many of her beliefs founded in the ideologies of the Nation of Islam.

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