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Labour starts briefing Corbyn’s departure to hostile press

Testing the water or trying to make it happen?

The Labour right appears to be briefing coordinated stories to the right-wing media this evening, with both the Mail and the Telegraph running anti-Corbyn stories in what looks to be either an attempt to provoke a response or, more likely, some bizarre testing of the water by Starmer’s allies to see what kind of response there would be from their target Tory voters to Jeremy Corbyn’s permanent expulsion from the party.

As usual, Starmer’s cronies are of course chasing the type of entrenched Tory voters that read those papers, rather than those who abandoned Labour in 2019 because of Starmer’s referendum betrayal.

The Mail – in a piece co-written by former Jewish Chronicle hack Lee Harpin, who cost that right-wing rag a lot of money in libel payouts – is touting right-wing former Labour MP Mary Creagh to challenge Corbyn for his Islington North seat:

The idea of challenging Corbyn is not new, of course. Creagh’s fellow right-winger Lisa Nandy said she would travel to Islington to campaign against him in the next general election if he stood as an independent – but she seems to have cooled on the idea after thousands of current and former Labour members said that if she did, they’d travel from all over the country to campaign there for Corbyn (and others said they’d travel to Wigan to campaign against her).

Perhaps Creagh, already dumped by Wakefield voters in 2019 for siding with Starmer over a new Brexit referendum, is seen as having nothing much to lose – except of course her dignity, if Islington North’s voters do the expected thing and vote for the MP who has served them and knows them for decades.

The Telegraph, meanwhile, is claiming that Corbyn is about to ‘establish [his] own party’ because Labour won’t restore the whip to reinstate him as a Labour MP:

Much as Corbyn’s still-huge support base would love it if he did, there is no indication that any such decision is imminent – and the ‘hopes fading’ are entirely in the mind of those briefing the Torygraph. Corbyn has long been under no illusion that Keir Starmer ever intends to put him back on the Labour benches, not least because Corbyn would be his most threatening leadership rival if he did – despite his ‘political interference’ in the matter being a blatant breach of the EHRC report Starmer is supposedly sworn to implement in full.

No, it appears Starmer and co are taking a page from the Blair playbook via his adviser Peter Mandelson or some other dreary throwback and floating things they might want in order either to see how they ‘play’ with the public – or in the hope of triggering them and saving themselves a troublesome task.

How typical of the Labour right, particularly the Starmer-right variety, that they haven’t the spine to grasp a nettle or the imagination to solve a problem and instead prefer this anonymous briefing nonsense.

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  1. I would be surprised if Corbyn stands at the next General Election. Why would he take the risk?

      1. Andrew – It is just my honest opinion, one that I have expressed on these pages on several occasions. Whether you agree with me or not is of little consequence. You are more than welcome to come back and tell me ‘I told you so’ if I’m proved wrong at the next GE.

      2. At least we all know that there is a whole lot more to Corbyn than just another dead beat TORY Narrow the Field of only The Winner, a Clown Barrell Rolling for their masters Elites/Establishment an X-Lateral Commission, making a right old tit of themselves for that Winner Spot. Y would think people who think it’s a shame not to win would all be winners in every winner loser clown fest they enter.
        While the Clowns barrel roll over one another, Corbyn will be out Campaigning and Meeting with his Gaffers Constituents!

      3. “Andrew – It is just my honest opinion, one that I have expressed on these pages on several occasions. ”
        “Several”? Oh come on. That’s like saying there are several people living in China.

      4. Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone’s got one.

        Rare treat to see both of those elements in one post from Mr Heep.

      5. You are more than welcome to come back and tell me ‘I told you so’ if I’m proved wrong at the next GE.

        How old was Dennis Skinner when smarmer’s shithousery knifed the arl’ stick in the back?

        And if Corbyn does stand, you’ll once again ask for proof you ever held your current view knowing full well too much time will have passed for anyone to be arsed digging for it.

        Even if they do publish proof you’ll go all keef with his: ‘public ownership isn’t nationalisation; nowhere does that say nationalisation’ cop-out shithousery.

        You’re just shite. At everything. Go away.

      6. Toffee – …….and yet you spend so much of your time following me around like a needy stray.

    1. SteveH
      The risk and the cost will be borne entirely by the fraud Temporary Embarrassment

      1. What risk would that be – losing?…”

        Yes. Not winning the next GE outright; needing a libdem, snp or other accomplice to make HMG’s pretend-Opposition an effective option for the governance of the UK.

        Starmer could add “Bad Faith” and “Utter Incompetence” after ‘Rodney’ in his given name, and no-one would notice the difference.

      2. qwertboi – A situation brought about by Corbyn losing 60 seats

      3. “losing 60 seats”

        Tut tut! You know perfectly well that they were gifted to the tories by Starmer – and that, like many people, Sir Keir, Bad Faith, Utter Incompetence Rodney Starmer is a destroyer not a builder.

        His skills at demolishing, devastating and wrecking are legendary – at restoring and re-building, hardly worth missing.

      4. They often do stevieh – but not when it matters (e.g. the 5m votes that leftnew-labour and gloriously returned at GE 17, only to disappear again as soon as soggy starmer asserted presence (i.e. his incompetence) at GE19.

        Klaus Schwab would be a more convincing ‘Leader’ of Labour than Keir Rodney Starmer.

      5. qwertboi – According to the Stats for Lefties site Starmer is far more popular with the electorate than Corbyn. Feel free to check it out for yourself.

      6. Stephen – Not really, I would be sad to see Jeremy’s career finish in ignominy and rejection.

    2. SteveH, I seldom comment, but have to say it would be nice if you gave yourself a break for a bit. Your pseudo reasonableness is rather taxing.

      1. Mike – Thanks for the feedback. You should perhaps bear in mind that no one is compelled to respond to my comments, it is entirely their choice.

      1. The very real risk that he’ll lose.
        Who did Corbyn’s own CLP endorse in the leadership election?
        Why would Corbyn take the risk of ending his career by being personally rejected by the very people he had served for decades when he can retire as a hero of the left who’s vision for the future when leader was thwarted by the combined forces of the neo-cons despite Corbyn having the overwhelming support of the rank and file?.

      2. Very real risk? You wish! His majority is rock solid, you ignorant sack. But thanks for the laugh!

      3. So Steve H Hall you finally admit to being a conservative and a supporter of american reactionary forces who are the beacon of the pro slavery politics of the “deep south bible belt” ..neo cons “Little wonder that your leader is considered a threat to the Republic of Ireland especially on your support for partition of Ireland.and the other neo cons bible punching DUP.

      4. You are basically driven by the ideology of the neo cons bible punching belt that dictated politics in the deep south in the sixties and seventies and had strong ties with the bible punching bretheren of Ulster and the Afrikaans RSA …IF You dont realise the connections between extreme evangelical groups neo cons and rampant Zionism then you need to look more closely at the Labour leader and his fanaticism supporting Apparthied in Israel and the six counties of ocuppied Ulster.Your l leader is in for a fall and the direction of travels for the Labour party will make your party a pariah if it isnt already amongst decent people.

      5. Joseph – WTF has that got to do with anything I’ve said?

      6. Poor wee stevie.

        Probly thinks Jeremy will go the same way as the hubristic, narcissistic, conceitedvtwint frankenfield.

        But Jeremy doesn’t write for the currant bum like Frank used to, or like keef does now…

        (Anyone else ever noticed wee fella doesn’t even entertain the notion of how keef’d get on as an independent? L-O-fooking-L)

        Nah, lad. People appreciate a principled and labour MP. Not a duplicitous, lying tory shithouse, like those other two mentioned.

      7. Toffee
        Probly thinks Jeremy will go the same way as the hubristic, narcissistic, conceitedvtwint frankenfield.
        No I think it is more likely that he will follow CW.

        But Jeremy doesn’t write for the currant bum like Frank used to, or like keef does now…
        Look where that’s got him.

        (Anyone else ever noticed wee fella doesn’t even entertain the notion of how keef’d get on as an independent? L-O-fooking-L)
        Why would I waste my time contemplating something that isn’t going to happen.

        Nah, lad. People appreciate a principled and labour MP. Not a duplicitous, lying tory shithouse, like those other two mentioned.
        The problem Corbyn has is that he pissed all over his own USP and people lost their trust in him.

  2. What happened about the court case to get Corbyn back the whip ? Has that ended without a resolution ?

    1. David – I doubt that the courts will entertain interfering in what is a political decision. The Justices of the Supreme Court made this very clear in Dec16 that it was not within their remit to interfere in political decisions.

      1. Well, thanks for replying but there was a court case in progress, what has been the outcome ? Has there been an outcome ? I’m not asking for predictions, just to know the actual status…

      2. David – From what I can see it is going nowhere fast. I can’t find any indication that Corbyn has even decided to proceed with the case following his disclosure application defeat in Jan21
        60. Stepping back and looking at the matter in the round, and taking into account the overriding objective, I do not accept pre-action disclosure is desirable. Mr Corbyn has sufficient material to make a decision on the merits of his case and to plead to both arms of the case he wishes to advance. The matters raised are not sufficient to depart from the usual course of events and I refuse the application

  3. I think SteveH is correct – in that I do not think that Corbyn would stand as an independent,
    seeing it as a betrayal ..

    I doubt thowever that Starmer and his cronies understand the concept of betrayal, so
    they would likely not consider it.

  4. No….one has any indside information on what corbyn will do at the next general election even him.Why the Labour party have once again set about Jeremy Corbyn is obvious in the continued destruction of the Labour party.The only natural enemy is not the conservative party or the lib dems but Socialism.Jeremy Corbyn is a living breathing Socialist and that will always be a threat to the knight from Surrey and his parasites infesting the Labour party.Where does starmer go now?…attack a long serving socialists mp because like Steve H Hall centrist Dad and many members theyve no longer any discernable differences between the two particularly only a few socialists
    For the people of Islington and the people of the UK.the Opposition have gone
    .The culture of a vicious cycle of the witchunt is a reflection of the nature of the scum thats are in total control of the Labour party and with the few limp wristed socialist mps that are still in hibernation
    The future is looking bleak for any remaining socialist members who are suffering from delusional behaviour by funding this appalling Labour party.or the left mps that think remaining stum will save them.
    Fascist behaviour will not go away especially when a general election is in the air and Labour are looking to cleanse the party of socialist baggage in the knowledge that the members are not basically driven by socialism and will stay and continue to support the fascist Labour gain access to government by default.Jeremy Corbyn has become a Socialist beacon and more and that is why they attack a elderly man who served the Labour party for many years and it will continue whilst he lives and breaths…

    1. Reply to Joseph O’Keefe
      Your description of Socialist MPs as “limp wristed” and “in hibernation” is insulting but typical .By referring to Jeremy Corbyn as an “Elderly man” you are just repeating one of the undermining tactic used against Jeremy from 2016 onwards.
      Despite your assertions to the contrary you clearly have a deep and abiding dislike of Socialists and probably socialism too and this is evident in many of your posts.

      1. Back on again with the obsession smarmboy…Who are you to lie about my socialism just because I offended your beliefs some time ago.To spread unsubstantiated lies without any evidence is just the tactics of the fascists in your Labour party.against Corbyn.I could take your comment more seriously if you stopped feeding the parasites infesting the Labour party and do somthing.Your personal problems shouldnt get down to the level of attacking genuine socialists who described so called left wing mps as limp wristed and in hibernation.You can bet that Corbyn would appreciate Labour mps as a group speak out together as a socialists block .

      2. Joseph – I thought you were a self confessed Communist.

      3. I respect the right of people to have different views to myself and have never in my life attacked a GENUINE socialist. I have however called out fake socialists who post on this site solely in order to demoralise us and undermine our movement.

      4. Smarmyboy….You are a nasty dangerous little twat,just when you brand someone like me a turncoat and possibly a imposter you not only blacken the name of a long serving socialists and ex Labour councillor you raise doubts about what I am doing inside a democratic socialist party like Sinn Fein.You have no reason to do this appalling lie other than a petty nasty disagreement over your transgender LGBT radical thought police..IN real life accusations against me like you are making are downright dangerous and disgusting and you must now stop it as its corrosive and you dont add anything to debates when you invent lie about comrades.
        .Get out of the Labour party and stop funding the parasites if you wish to be taken seriously with any sincerity regarding socialists and the enemy of socialists the Labour party
        IF you have any evidence show it comrade otherwise keep your nasty little mouth shut and grow up and stop getting your nickers in a twist with tantrums and spite.against a true socialist andI am unlike you a member of a socialist party.not a neo liberal one the Labour party.

      5. Joseph – Didn’t you used to claim that you are a Communist.

      6. No Steve H I have never been a Communist and I have never been a saint either but we can all aspire to them hights like my grandfather who wasnt a saint but a member of the Communist party after returning from the first world war to a country ravaged by poverty and unemployment.

      7. Joseph O’Keefe
        You can rant all you like but it is a matter of record that you haven’t a good word to say about any socialist MP. You undermine them at every turn- why would anyone do that to comrades? The answer is nobody would which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that you are a fake Socialist – a troll who posts on this site to discourage and demoralise us.

  5. If Corbyn is forced to run as an independent I would expect him to increase his majority. If Labour run some right-wing hack against him they would risk losing their deposit. Personal love and loyalty to him in his constituency is huge.

    The only thing that might restrain him is residual loyalty to the party he has given his entire adult life to and maybe that parliament is no longer where his main focus is. He has other irons in the fire, notably his Peace and Justice project.

    1. Excellent post John Davies. Its incisiveness is entirely down to your CCURATE READING OF JC’S PERSONALITY AND INTEGRITY.

      1. I don’t think there will ever be a “Peace and Justice” party. I marvelled when JC formed it, but very quickly realised that its full potential and capabilities would never be achieved. Why? It was formed as an and Jeremy’s intent in forming it was ‘party discipline’ and to ensure the democratic left had something more meaningful than ‘SCG’ to keep it in/ with Labour.

        I hope to heaven that JC lives a long and productive life and that he never has reason to regret his loyalty to the Labour party more than he (hopefully) does today.

      2. qwertboi – I can’t follow your thinking on the use of the suffix, the Labour, LibDem & Green Parties all use this suffix.

    2. Spot on – its what I said about his reluctance – that his inherent decency and loyalty
      would stop him.

      However the Stsarmer project does not understand the concept of decency and loyalty
      so the possibility of this should scare the pants off them ..

      The Peace and Justice project is – as you say – part of what inspires him and separate
      from any Political Party.

      AS Mr OKeefe will know it is similarly named to the Roman Catholic “Justices and Peace
      Commission” which is roughly the same thing.

      It is as the link suggests a network – pretty much every UK parish has a group ..and
      there are groups all over the world.

      1. Holbyfan mw Interesting for me personaly that you mention the Catholic justice and peace commission whom I was a member of in the English martyrs parish of Horley Surrey and made my first contacts with Cafod the relief agency.
        Corbyn whom I met on his visits to our CLP was too good for this world and certainly as leader of the Labour party.Justice and peace are a perfect fit for a sincere politician like jeremy Corbyn. which is a rarity in modern politics.thats infected with carreerest politicians.The global reach of the Catholic church as helped to foster good relations between government and NGOs wherever I was sent and we are always carfull to provide help and support with no strings attached to provide clean drinking water and sanitation which as you know are not available in many countries decimated by War .and especially here in Cambodia were the rice fields had millions of tons of chemical weapons dropped into the civilian population by US secret wars in the Veitnam conflict .And it is here that I retired because of a cancelled flight from Phnom Penh to Paris and the reason that I am retired doesn’t stop me from participating in the wider belief of justice and peace and the sanctity of human life and freedoms outside of my personal attachment to Socialism.God bless Jeremy Corbyn because the Labour party never will.not with a fascist dictator running it.

  6. Is it not the case that, for Mr Corbyn to be replaced as the candidate, he would either have to not be a member of the LP (i.e. to have been expelled) or his CP would have to have had a successful trigger ballot?
    If that’s the case then it would explain why the idea of expulsion is being floated, since there would be minimal chance of the CP calling a trigger ballot.

    1. Incisive point goldbach.

      Maybe the leader is instigating the whole issue to try to force the pro-Corbyn dem left’s hands here?

  7. It is a small detail that Islington North CLP’s will have to select Mary Creagh. Somehow, I believe the members would be more inclined to select one of their local Cllrs.
    Should HQ parachute Mary Creagh, I believe many members will encourage Corbyn to stand as an independent and make no mistake Corbyn will beat her with ease.

  8. Let’s i), take a step back from this press-generated story for a moment, ii), see the Opportunities and Threats (to democratic socialism) it presents and iii), try not to feel ‘too good’ about the pain and disfiguring trauma that the piss-poor, divisive management of Labour’s new forensic leadership is causing the (once oppositional and relevant) Labour Party.

    Firstly, this is a press-generated story, the Telegraph and DMail being the instigators of the ‘thought’ pieces’. Why are they running these analysis pieces? Two reasons, 1 – Because JC and the democratic left do not need to. In fact, most of the dl would rather not force the issue yet. We’re happy not to. 2 – because the PTB, the ‘establishment’, the ‘elite’, the LabourRight (they’re all the same thing btw) ‘possession is nine-tenths of the law’ and they want a clean break between themselves and the LabourLeft/Jeremy Corbyn ‘interregnum’. They think that their electability at the next GE depends on it.

    1. The Opportunities and Threats that forming a new party would entail are pivotal in determining if said new party is ‘likely’/possible/advisable.

      * It is not very likely that his plp close allies would ‘jump ship’ to join JC;
      * The Unions that kowtow to plp authority and which “tug their forelocks” (Unison, Community, USDAW, GMB) will not break with their historical partner; those which are more critical of Starmer and the LabourRight (Unite, FBU, CWU) have already cut funding and started their own candidate programmes – and will not ‘sever’ the link either. But stranger things happen in politics, like JC becoming leader in the first place, or a Xmas party (and not 170,000 unnecessary deaths).
      * Clearly the synchronised MSM would do its darnedest to ensure any new party died within months of formation.
      * On the plus side, a ’new’ party could immediately have 150,000 new members and activists energising it.

      1. OOOOOPS – typo on my part: shouuld have added the emboldened text:

        “But stranger things happen in politics, like JC becoming leader in the first place, or a Xmas party (and not 170,000 unnecessary deaths) causing Government unpopularity.

      2. quertboi you are basically correct about the one hundred and fifty thousand members could be the catylist for a new party along with a few genuine Socialist,or genuine left mps.The problem is that the ex members cant wait forever for the penny to drop amongst the socialist group of mps
        .I am now with a democratic socialist party in Ireland but theres nothing to stop us donating to a new party in Britain who wants to abide by the GFA and leave Ireland to the IRISH to decide unlike the Labour party leader whos commited Labour to partition in Ireland and Apartheid in Palestine.

      3. @Joseph – I’m not sure the penny is ever going to drop for some of JC’s ‘close alies’. I’ve no doubt that John McDonnell and Diane Abbott could ‘jump ship’ if they chose to and if the wretched non-leader got even worse (for they could retain their seats without the Labour brand behind them), but the rest of the SCG seem to be company men first and SCGers second. (NOT what we hoped/ need, at all).

  9. ‘a blatant breach of EHRC report?’ So what are they going tom do about it, assuming they care?

  10. Goldbach, I don’t believe it needs a trigger ballot since the whip has been removed from JC. However, you are correct that it would be labour members of Islington North CLP that will be doing the choosing and somehow, I see them selecting one of the local Cllrs as PPC.
    I am afraid I don’t see Mary Creagh standing much of a chance at winning the position of PPC unless HQ rigs the process.

    1. That’s why I was asking the question. It needs someone who knows the details of the rules of the LP (if we assume that such things still exist in the LP) regarding candidate selection to clarify this.

  11. In a recent editorial, the Observer backed Starmer’s actions against Corbyn and Anne McElvoy had a very curious take on the result of the Shropshire North by election. No mention of Labour’s vote being more than halved in a seat where they thought they had a chance.

    Mary Creagh’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 leadership election was crucial to Corbyn being nominated and becoming leader as some of her former supporters were urged to nominate him in the belief that it would help Yvette Corbyn.

  12. I saw this at the fails website. Yes, I know it’s a dirty habit, but it helps to see perspectives from other angles.

    One of the top comments was;

    “Get ready to lose your deposit luv”

    Accurate, no?

    This is yet another clear statement from Labour. They are _not_ for the many. If your face doesn’t fit, you’re shafted.

    As the two main parties plus Lib Dems (and to a lesser extent, Greens) have all gravitated toward the same spot, is this the biggest indicator yet that left and right are a charade and that the reality is only top down exists?

    Wage earner? Debtor? We’re in the same boat. And it’s the kind of boat where you’re chained to the oar and thrown overboard when you’re spent.

  13. Creagh has an inflated ego and behaved like an absolute joke.

    Wakefield heavily voted leave and she spent three years post-referendum basically lecturing voters on why they were wrong. She loses her seat in 2019, then screams, ‘it’s all Corbyn’s fault’ scolding him very publicly in London. Being the reasonable man he is he tolerates this rather than shouting the truth back in her face, as others would have been inclined to do.

    Votes for remain

    ​58,877 (33.6%)

    ​Votes for leave

    ​116,165 (66.3%)

    ​Percentage turnout in Wakefield district


    Did this arch PLP Europhile really think Wakefield was fertile ground to push the case for another referendum before the first had been implemented. Duh!

  14. A man who gives love engenders a hell of a lot more. I think they are playing russian roulette and its not Corbyn that will cop it.

    1. If he did start a new party, if only in a token, ceremonial type presidential role, and if they set the membership entry cost low to bring in those normally excluded it could well quickly rise to having more members than the existing big two and Lib Dems put together.

      You’d know it was becoming a real electoral threat when bogus extremism and antisemitism claims started to escalate in the press and wider MSM. But without the PLP ‘bad faith’ actors it’d have a good chance of defending itself. For TV and radio would have to provide party spokespeople a ‘right of reply’ due to impartiality rules. One of the big problems Corbyn-led Labour faced was the very people who should’ve been defending the party i.e.,Labour MPs, were too often the ones on TV and radio bad mouthing it instead. The party would need to be wary of those slyly seeking to enter to destabilize too – It shouldn’t have Starmer backer, the ever hawkish Paul Mason, anywhere near the party, for example.

      1. Paul Mason has come out against any new party in an article for The New Statesman. A party based on Corbyn’s Peace & Justice Project (PJP). No self-respecting leftist would still be supporting Starmer at this point, so Mason’s opposition should probably be viewed as some sort of tacit endorsement.

        Be in no doubt, the establishment parties would be terrified of a populist leftist, youth-driven movement calling for radical change to the system.

        Mason admits it’d be smeared by the MSM and called a vehicle for anti-Semites what he terms ‘cranks’ – a broad insult often used by the right mainly and deployed against anyone who actually questions western narratives – much as mainstream journalists used to before many became propaganda merchants, incapable of posing basic questions. It’s now left to bloggers and investigative journalists to try to fill in the missing pieces.

        Mason claims a new party would split the Labour vote. But so what? The PLP isn’t worth protecting. Some may not like to admit it here, but even if Corbyn had won in 2017, the PLP was so stuffed with toxic Blairite opponents, getting them to vote through that manifesto would’ve been like herding cats. The PLP is a lost cause, and it was even under Corbyn. Under Starmer, the SCG look like the political equivalent of prisoners on death row.

  15. For those that missed it, Oliver Eagleton’s blow by blow account of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension makes extraordinary reading.

    The story that emerges is a mixture of incompetence and bad faith on Starmer’s part as Corbyn and his advisers tried to maintain a principled response to the EHRC report whille steering a path away from confrontation…..”

    Well worth a re-read too! Thanks Oliver Eagleton, thanks JVL.

  16. I had forgotten that Corbyn was still a member of the Labour Party so still
    eligible as a Labour Candidate. In order to replace him – they would have
    to remove him from the Labour Party first.

    The problem for him is not the LP rules – Starmer appears to be able to
    break them with impunity – as well as the EHRC regulations ..

    The next NEC meeting should be interesting .. I would be worried
    about this – but for the absolute ineptness of Smarmer and his

    NB It appears that Labour List is now trying to get in on the act

    1. Well one obstacle is that Corbyn can’t stand as a Labour candidate without NEC approval.

      page 32 of the current rule book
      “A. The selection of a parliamentary candidate
      shall not be regarded as completed until the
      name of the member selected has been
      placed before a meeting of the NEC and her
      or his selection has been endorsed. Until such
      endorsement has been received the member
      shall not be introduced to the public as a
      prospective candidate. Where successful
      candidates are not members of the national
      recommended panel or if in the case of a
      sitting MP a referral from the Whips office is
      received, there should, however, be an
      endorsement interview in each case before a
      recommendation is made to the NEC.”

      1. Mmm. As with much in the LP “rules” there is a degree of lack of clarity – “there should, however, be an
        endorsement interview” – it doesn’t state who/what group would conduct the “endorsement interview”.

      2. goldbach – I don’t remember the Labour Rule Book ever being any different. It has always been imprecise by design.

      3. bedroc56 – It would be a surprise if he did, Jesus died over 2,000yrs ago.

  17. The Socialist Party
    Would work, it defines everything that has happened to the Labour party in last 7 years, not least Red Tories and the Internal report
    But only if it takes every major union with it, I have no doubt there are 400,000 members waiting to join
    Finally if JC is nominal head of it and dirty work is taken on by a young and hard headed bame female
    Invoice in post

  18. ITs often said that the country and the mps come together in times of strife .Their appears to be a more unifying factor has our mps return from the long Christmas break(for them)and the extra days holiday.One of the first jobs for the unified mps was to vote themselves a “bumper pay rise..and was passed with enthusiasm apart from a handful of mps who objected with the massive burden of poverty to be unleashed on the elderly,disabled,vunerable and even working families across the UK in the coming months….Theres somthing rotten and stinking at the heart of parliament when in the face of poverty for millions they say” Let them eat cake “

  19. New New Labour were never going to have JC back, he has principles, KS is a principal free zone.

  20. “bedroc5610/01/2022 AT 3:48 PM
    I don’t think even Jesus would win this JC’s seat”
    He wouldn’t be allowed to stand as a LP candidate.

      1. Yes. But obviously he would not! Something about ‘tak the plank out of our own eye..”

        FWIW (but I’m ‘unobservant’, which steveh can dismiss as tin hat stuff). Jesus’ instruction to “take the plank out of your own eye” is often misinterpreted as a general prohibition against all judgment. It isn’t. It was part of a ‘transcendentalist’ movement which simply (pre-Marx and other fine Jews like Freud) beckons the individualm to realise that the political and financial elite contol your tinking, how you see the ‘relationship’ between things, and therefore know how to manipulate you.

        Yes, WWJD – he’d be on the platforms with Jeremy Corbyn and promoting gentle, moderate democratic socialism.

        This is the word of The Lord. Amen!!

  21. I suppose this canard is the latest manifestation of a wish to Garner the votes of that segment of the electorate occupied by gullible halfwits. Those are the Tory voters that New New Labour’s High Command believe they need, but who they think are “frightened” by JC.
    The strategy is simple enough: put about the idea that JC is about to start a new party, then use that as the final ” convincing” reason to expel him.
    One really would need to be delusional to think that would pave the way to electoral success, and gullible in the extreme to fall for it.

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