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Labour MP reports front-bencher to Met for sexual assault. No action from Starmer

Keir Starmer’s record of inaction in the face of serious allegations against Labour right-wingers continues

A female Labour MP has reported a current member of Keir Starmer’s shadow ministerial team to the Metropolitan Police for a sexual assault alleged to have taken place in July 2021, Tortoise News has reported. Neither the victim nor the offender was named in the report. The woman MP also informed party whips and raised concerns about a ‘wider pattern of behaviour’ among Starmer’s MPs.

So far, Keir Starmer has not suspended any member of his front bench, forcing female MPs to continue to work – knowingly or unknowingly – with an alleged sex offender. This continues Starmer’s appalling record – despite his boasts to the contrary – when it comes to protecting women.

Yesterday, news emerged that Labour has let a sex pest senior staffer keep his job with a ‘final warning’, despite two separate investigations – the party’s own and an independent parliamentary probe – finding that he groped an intern twenty years his junior, after keeping the complainant waiting three years for an outcome. Politico has reported.

The victim of that assault also also said that sexual harassment is rife in Starmer’s party and that this had driven her determination to pursue the case.

The ‘pattern of behaviour’ does not only apply to the sexual misconduct of right-wing Labour MPs – the party leader has a horrific record of inaction against alleged offenders against women among the Labour right.

The former DPP – whose service ignored evidence against Jimmy Savile – is sheltering at least two alleged sex pests on his front bench and took no action against now-former MP Chris Matheson while Matheson was under investigation for ‘threatening’ sexual misconduct. Matheson ultimately resigned after being found guilty by a parliamentary panel.

And Starmer, along with his general secretary David Evans, covered up whistleblower Elaina Cohen’s repeated warnings that the lover and employee of right-wing MP Khalid Mahmood – then on Starmer’s front bench – was engaged in ‘sadistic’ and ‘criminal’ exploitation of domestic violence victims she was supposed to be helping.

Despite this shameful record, Starmer has boasted that he will ‘champion’ protection for women and girls. The party again said, in response to today’s news, that it ‘takes all ‘treats all complaints of sexual misconduct very seriously’. Yet not one MP has been suspended by the party pending the outcome of internal, parliamentary or police investigations. So much for safeguarding.

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  1. What if its starmer himself ups sorry he’s the protector of sex pests looking forward to who it is Torys will love this. things can only get better for the great leader

  2. Remember how the MSM treated the allegation of sexual harassment against Kelvin Hopkins?
    I guess the MSM is giving Starmer a pass, or perhaps doesn’t know about it.
    Skwawkbox you could print the article and deliver it to the public outside Holborn tube station and see if the MSM starts paying attention?

  3. Coincidently, Anas Sarwar was having a go at the SNP, today, on the same subject.

    His timing could have been better. 🤫

  4. Brian, the Tories have their own sex pests to protect, right now it is best to keep the powder dry.
    However, comes next year the Tories could start exposing Starmer’s deficiencies on the run up to a General Election.
    It makes sense to me for the Tories to wait until nearer the GE. They don’t wish to fright the horses (PLP) into challenging Starmer’s for the leadership of the Party and getting someone like Barry Gardiner as leader.
    Gardiner isn’t left but is by far more competent that Starmer and he has a modicum of integrity something that Starmer lacks.

  5. The MP in question shouldn’t have reported a sexual assault, she should have said he made complimentary comment about Jeremy Corbyn.

  6. There was a report in the Sun Newspaper about one of these
    men – I think it was the staffer?

    Sooner or later it will all catch up with him

  7. A senior aide has resigned from his position by all accounts he is an adviser to a front bench MP KS

  8. He’s a big contrast to the shower currently occupying the LP front bench.
    Here’s what Cris Mullin has said about him in the Independent.
    “(Kier Starmer’s) decision to expel Corbyn from the party over an anti-semitism row was a “cynical bid to appease the mob”.
    “It may appease the mob but it is an act of moral cowardice.”
    “Jeremy has behaved with dignity throughout, despite the extraordinary quantity of shite rained down upon him, much of it from people unworthy to tie his shoelaces.”
    My only quibble with Chris Mullin is his use of the word “much”. It should read “all”.

    1. Chris was a v.good fair-minded leftist MP.

      He wasn’t a fan of Corbyn as leader though, but not due to any personal animosity or for ideological reasons. For Mullins, Corbyn didn’t have the intellectual rigour to take on the enormity of the task of being PM. You can see Chris’ point, going against the grain of establishment thinking, as a left-wing PM would have to do would be no easy task. Mullins should know too, he wrote ‘A Very British Coup,’ which featured that very scenario, with Harry Perkins being his embattled left-wing PM, taking on the might of MI5/MI6 the UK military top brass, and most of all, the US (CIA), protecting the special relationship at the cost of UK democracy.

      You can understand that logic : Corbyn couldn’t even fix the vipers nest that is the PLP full of RW Blairites, handling the British establishment and the multi-pronged attacks from those in Mullins’ novel would be on another level. Mullins view was that Tony Benn had the intelligence & ability to take them all on, and it’s a shame he didn’t get Corbyn’s opportunity.

  9. It appears now that the Met will not pursue the complaint because the victim has asked them not to take it further. It looks very much as if she was nobbled; “persuaded” to drop it. I cannot help wondering what pressures were brought to bear? Combined with other cases (like the woman who had to wait three years for an unsatisfactory outcome) it is pretty clear the in-party environment is very unpleasant.

    Little has been said about the people who do this sort of nobbling; staffers either at party HQ or in the regional offices. We need to know a great deal more about them as individuals. They have had enormous influence on the party. Where a constituency party or an individual member goes against the Starmer line, it is usually an edict from the regional offices that muzzles them. It appears the party has become a centralised, authoritarian bureaucracy with a few democratic trimmings for show.

    For many years Mandelson’s “Progress” ran training courses for people who aspired to these posts. He seems to have filled the party machine with his graduates, who seem to remain loyal to him and his views. It appears that real power in the Labour party rests with these machine politicians of right-wing views. They did their bit to nobble Corbyn and now they are happy to nobble anyone who questions the present leadership clique.

    We need to know more about them. Who exactly are they, what exactly are their powers and how are they organised? At the moment they simply appear, like a sort of dark deus ex machina, do their dirty work then vanish back into bureaucratic obscurity. They need to be dragged out into the light.

    1. John Davis

      No doubt the RW would say they’re turning the party into a lean,mean, election winning machine.

      But as far as I can tell, their mediocre success to date, is down to boredom with the horrible Tories and maybe a residual racial resentment for Sunak among older white Tory voters.

      A party in which democratic debate isn’t permitted isn’t a healthy party. It’s the cowardly leadership following this Mandelsonian belief, that allowing open debate could be presented as anarchistic by the media, therefore it can’t be allowed. They don’t get the fact that North Korean style gatherings are fooling and impressing nobody.

      1. Also think this arrangement of ‘no policy debates allowed’ suits Starmer, and Evans. Evans previously stated how he believed “Representative democracy should as far as possible be abolished in the Party…”

        This is also then because the right know they can’t win such debates, so they simply won’t allow them. How anyone can’t support a party like this, ruled from on high, by an out of touch elite making it up as they go along, idk?

        It’s a disgrace really, that all three major parties are terrified of open policy debate. If political parties won’t fulfil their basic duty – of allowing a forum for that political debate – then what is the point of these political parties that want to be more like fan clubs?

  10. No shad cab resignations announced….

    Had Starmer not already purged the left completely from the shadow cabinet and were this an allegation levelled at one of their number, anyone doubt they’d have already been forced to resign? Rebecca Long-Bailey was “sacked” remember on the spurious reasoning of ‘sharing a link’ to an interview actress Maxine Peake, her constituent and a Labour supporter(at the time).
    The party has been accused of operating a hierarchy in relation to accusations of racism within the party i.e., accusations of anti-black racism and Islamophobia is not taken as seriously as antisemitism. Is this just plain old favouritism by the leadership, someone in Starmer’s gang?

    1. It is fairly obvious Starmer (or more likely Mandelson) is very firmly in control of the party and what happens inside it. The most striking thing about the woman MP who accused a front-bencher of sexual assault was how rapidly she withdrew her request to the Met to investigate. It looks obvious she was nobbled with extreme speed. Threatened with a trigger ballot and having some grey Starmeroid drone imposed in her place? Threatened with some trumped-up accusation? We will probably never know. The Starmeroids are a hateful bunch, but we have to admit they are effective at machine politics. Right, wrong and natural justice don’t come into it.

      1. JD

        Indeed. They are a deeply sinister bunch and any of those you list, alongside offer of financial compensation or possibly future political promotion could be in play?

        Going back to the party more generally, people like Mandelson has been at war with virtually the entire membership for as long as he’s been in that party. He’s in a constant struggle to push it rightwards, until it’s almost indivisible with the Tories. A weird goal in politics? Who does he represent?

        His centrist MPs don’t have a base within the party, they’ve just managed to con sufficient numbers to be able put together a small audiences who’ll cheer, while friends in the media do the rest. Everything about Starmer’s Labour is artificial, unhappy fake smiles, nothing is organic at all.

      2. Mandy isn’t known as the Prince of Darkness for nothing. He’s been pulling the strings since Blair got elected. The only hope for justice is, when Labour fail to win a majority at the next election, the credibility of the entire Labour RW and their “adults in the room” bullshit will be shot to fuck.

  11. After a smidgeon of forensic thought I’ve decided who I suspect the wrong’un is.

    I’m sure a few of you have, too.

    But I’m not telling…or am I??

      1. Amazing how quickly the radical feminism associated Guardian online nuked this story into the void.

        Were this happening under Corbyn-led Labour, all sorts of lurid newspaper headlines and BBC reports would be running, with conjecture about the complainant being intimidated into dropping this by Corbyn’s enforcers, Momentum ‘thugs’ etc.. i.e. the opposite of reality. Does anyone doubt that?

        There are also allegations against other Starmeroids that these newspapers & BBC simply ignore. Allegations that would be front page news fodder under Corbyn.

      2. “Amazing how quickly the radical feminism associated Guardian online nuked this story into the void.”

        Quite. The corporate media seem to be better synchronized than a military parade. I’ve never seen anything buried so quickly – alive or dead.

      3. Guardian has piece up bigging up the Local election results for Labour.

        The turnout was just 40%, of which Labour got 35%, so in total just 14% of those eligible to cast a vote, voted for Labour last Thursday. Hardly champing at the bit for a Labour govt is it?

  12. In June 2018 Corbyn announed that a future Labour govt. would make NDAs that stop whistleblowing on discrimination, harraasment or victimisation illegal. Starmer depends on it. Is he protecting the whistleblowing Labour MP?

    I doubt it. She probably only spoke to Tortoise News on the promise that they wouldn’t disclose her identity to Keir Starmer or one of his apparatchiks. Under Starmer’s supposed-leadership, the Labour party is at the forefront of imposing fascist-like authoritarianism, not fighting it.

    Starmer causes me to fear for Labour and for freedom of thought and speech.

    1. qwertboi

      Typical Starmer hypocrisy.

      He says the party will ‘never again’ be “captured by a faction,” i.e. the left. Failing to see that he himself belongs to the RW faction that is so at odds with Labour party and union members’ values. This is the arrogance of these people; take over a left-wing party then claim it’s always been basically another liberal party.

      Why don’t the unions step up and remove Starmer? Virtually anyone else would be an improvement sans for Reeves and Streeting. And neither of those would win because the unions & members trust them even less than the liar that Starmer’s turned out to be. Once bitten…

      1. It’s part of the entryists’ strategy I reckon Andy. They (starmer + co) know darned well that they’re the entryists intent on making neoliberal, pro-free-market-thinking the norm for Labour, so they have to ‘other’ the people and the values that they’re here to disable and replace.

        Of course the MSM assists them in the delusional con , but, yes, that so many members and trade union leaders seem not to recognise and resist this, is, well, worrying. As Skwawky’s GMB story suggests, some of these people must be ‘in’ with them.

      2. qwertboi

        I guess some just want to win at any price and values be damned. They know if the press ‘go easy’ on Labour they likely win. But at what price?

        What is the point in winning with these RW people who’ve hollowed out the party and made it near identical policy wise to the Tories they’ll replace? I don’t get the mentality involved to think that’s a good trade-off :surrendering the left-wing policies for the brief high of election night success?

        Suppose it’s a bit like Man City and Newcastle fans in the football Premier League, the fans don’t care if success has been bought by ME Gulf monarchy owners pumping in funds, those teams have gone from mid/low table to now title contenders i.e. all they value is success, however artificial(bought) that success is.

        Off topic _ Post-Brexit,personally I don’t know why we can’t reintroduce the 5 foreign players per team rule. it’d give young English players a chance give us a better national side. And put an end to moneybag foreign owners buying clubs as a portfolio investment.

  13. Andy
    On paper Newcastle United is the richest club on the planet by a factor of 10
    Eddie Howe has concentrated on developing the players and squad mentality, it’s not rocket science and it has very little to do with money
    Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool and Tottenham have all spent far more than us and they are shit
    How much debt are each of these clubs carrying
    If you want a level playing field look at the NFC
    Will make it easier for the Toon to kick arse

    1. Eddie Howe has concentrated on developing the players and squad mentality, it’s not rocket science and it has very little to do with money

      I’ll give Eddie Howe his due; he’s done well with a what was previously a pile of steaming horse shite. He hasn’t spunked a load of dough to bring about their improvement.

      But don’t forget, the horse
      -punchers were more or less demanding fatty beneathus (benitez) return before they got Howe, and he’s (partly) a factor in Everton being in the shite, which I’ll grant is down to my club’s woeful adminstration – so hurry up and fook the fook off kenwright & moshiri.

      (Putting a former manager of the shite, who labelled us a “small club” is THE biggest “fuck you” of any football club’s roll of ignominy)

      Be grateful that yous have not only dodged a bullet, you’ve dodged a neutron bomb. It’d have been the same as Liz truss in #10 had yous got the FSW. instead of Howe, and there’s no fooking way on god’s green earth you’d be going on about other clubs spending in relation to their PL position.

      But still, questions need to be both asked and answered about the money sloshing around in footy. Just as they do with (London) real estate.

      1. He hasn’t spunked a load of dough to bring about their improvement

        PS. Except that £40m will come in handy. Ta very much 👍😋

    2. Whether Howe/NUFC have “spunked up” the kind of money other clubs have in comparison is not really the issue in the wider sense. Besides which, qualifying for the Champions League will most certainly see that comparative gap shrinking somewhat.

      Simply because the whole system is little more than a money laundering scam which reflects the fiat money debt context of the wider society which is presently imploding in real time at a sufficient velocity for it to now become noticeable. Regardless of which individual football club one is talking about.

      1. Simply because the whole system is little more than a money laundering scam which reflects the fiat money debt context of the wider society which is presently imploding in real time at a sufficient velocity for it to now become noticeable. Regardless of which individual football club one is talking about.

        Can’t disagree with that, sadly.

      2. Have a ‘greasy chip butty’ toffee to cheer you up.

  14. Had the DISGUSTING NONCE paul clark still been a labour mp (either during keefs’ tenure as DPP or leader of that party) I have to wonder would he have been prosecuted/expelled.

    Anyway, there should be no segregation for his type. Lob him in with the common lags; see how long he lasts, the fookin animal.

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