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A party for ‘all Jews’? Labour expels Jewish Cllr Jo Bird

Just days after Keir Starmer told a Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) gathering that his would be a party for all Jews, Starmer’s Labour has expelled Jewish Wirral councillor Jo Bird.

Bird, who has been suspended multiple times by Labour to eliminate her from internal party elections when she was a favourite to win, has tweeted that she is ‘delighted’ at the expulsion because it frees her to speak out:

She will continue to serve as a councillor for Bromborough in the Wirral.

Keir Starmer’s claim that Labour welcomes all Jews was already a mockery. Left-wing Jewish members have faced a witch-hunt by a party regime determined to back right-wing supporters of Israel, with leaders of left group Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) over 200 times more likely to face suspension and expulsion than non-Jewish Labour members.

JVL was also excluded from discussions on Labour’s so-called ‘independent’ disciplinary process, which is in fact controlled minutely by right-wing general secretary David Evans involving a handful of pro-Israel advocates. The group has even been told in effect that ‘the EHRC does not apply to you’.

Solidarity with Jo Bird and the many whom Keir Starmer and co consider ‘the wrong type of Jew’.

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  1. Solidarity with Jo. Starmer’s Labour following in the footsteps of fascists. Sorry, if that sounds harsh, but it has to be said. I am really deeply annoyed at and shocked by this.

  2. The expulsion of Jo Bird is antisemitism in action. As I have posted in the past one of the first things the Nazis did was to exclude Jews from political life and elected office. It seems now where Hitler led the Labour party follows. Shame on the party and solidarity with Jo.

  3. Wrong type of Jew as Jo Bird suspended.again. What’s the excuse now?

      1. Ben, not any more they aren’t. Latest YouGov poll has them below the Tories again…..Also several by-election results in from yesterday has them hemorrhaging votes at a fast rate.

      2. Baz: lol! Didn’t check any polls this week. It’s true though, and has been very constant since Starmer took over: each time they make some inroads, a very public civil war is ignited.

    1. Steve Richards
      Something to do with Jo associating with one of the proscribed groups in 2018. You know three years before they were proscribed.

      1. Yes I know, Labour Against the Witch Hunt. I hope nobody tells the Labour Party that I’m a member, or perhaps I hope they do? Solidarity Jo.

    2. Steve, you’ve answered your question. This cult is a shambles politically but as a racist endeavour, it’s doing better than they expected.

  4. Solidarity, Jo!

    As Sabine has commented, Labour really has crossed that line. To hear what Starmer said to Labour Friends of Israel, and the disgusting and racist Tzipi Hotovely, certainly places them in bed with one Middle Eastern apartheid state.

    1. The quick solution is to stop feeding the parasites infesting the Labour party top to bottom…..ITs not rocket science…!fight back outside the collapsing tent.and deprive them of the much needed canvessers,door knockers and funding…The left wing have always been the backbone of the Labour party without them they are nothing..but a ship drifting in a overfished sea.Jo bird must be feeling the hurt of expulsion and the very real damage that it can do in our draconian big brother society and most especially if that data is shared or sold to third parties ..She deserves the support of all socialists and anyone with a sense of morality and justice.

  5. There’s like a pattern: each time Starmer takes the lead, or puts the PM in the ropes, or has a good PMQ, a new civil war is started. Every time.

    And Labour is now definitely institutionally antisemitic.

    1. Ben, I think that it is one long civil war.. No trucks or ceasefire that I’ve noticed. No prisoner exchanges either. I do see your point.

      1. Wobbly alex its never a civil war when theres no weapons and a distinct abscence of troops to fight back…whatever that word means in Labourland….Theres only one good way to hit em where it hurts….Stop the funding cancell direct \debits.its the least that can be done but the most a Labour party that still relys on union and members money Not for long as the misfits are already out looking for alternative sources of funding other than the Israeli government.

  6. Wow! He lied – again!!

    It seems as though the leader of the – current – Labour Party has a serious problem, knowing truth from fiction.

    He is in, obvious, need of some psychotherapy, before that gets out of hand.

    Solidarity, with Jo Bird!

  7. Jo BIrd has certainly been put through a welter of undeserved crap locally and nationally by hating Labour Tories and hating Tory Tories in her time as a Wirral Councillor. I lodged a standards complaint against three councillors some years ago after they were directly antisemitic towards her, along with 20 plus of their colleagues who got up and walked out as she tried to educate them on the horrors of the holocaust and how it had impacted her own family.

    The media, both locally and nationally fell selectively silent on it.

    This was a clear cut case of antisemitism and an obvious standards breach, all explained in very close detail. But senior council officers got together and saw to it that it failed.

    The council’s video has now expired and is no longer viewable:

    It seems Starmer is now aligning himself shoulder to shoulder with those who would not just stifle debate, but would go to the extreme of allowing their hatred to get the better of them and behaving antisemitically towards a legitimately elected party member.

  8. Jewish, female, socialist, internationalist and from Merseyside.
    Jo certainly ticks all their boxes.
    Wonder how many members who have slogged the streets leafleting, door-knocking and chasing up the voters on election day will now find that they are otherwise engaged in May.

    I’m just waiting for my letter so that I can be “free” like Jo is today.
    I’m ashamed to be a member of this fascist, crippled Labour Party that Starmer has created.
    Goebbels would have been proud of his endeavours.

  10. Dame Angela Eagle and her former PR man, hater Imran Ahmed, chaser of UK Honours and CEO of the Campaign for Countering Digital Hatred will be beyond ecstatic upon hearing this latest news.

  11. Things are going really well for Israel’s ethno-nationalists. They influence pretend antiracist group Hope not Hate. They’ve successfully lobbied the government to proscribe Hamas as a terrorist organisation. MSM journalists are terrified of upsetting the Zionist lobby. Political parties and newspaper owners have all accepted a grossly skewed set of rules governing ‘tropes’ and what constitutes antisemitism. Several times a week Palestinians are executed by Israelis without comment even though many of the victims are children. Israel is knocking down people’s houses in Sheikh Jarrah Occupied East Jerusalem without comment. Israel fires missiles from Jordanian airspace into Syria at least once a week. Israeli settlers, backed up by the army invade Palestinian land, burn olive trees or steal them, assault and racially taunt anyone who stands in their own way and NGOs do nothing. They can’t do anything because Israel is protected by America, Britain, the European Union and indirectly the Gulf dictatorships.
    That it was allowed to come to this shows how appalling our governments are and great planning by Israeli intelligence. While the support for cultural proto-fascism purpetrated by Israel is not beyond the bounds of imagination by America, the assistance of UK and Europe is shocking. But worst of all is the active participation of the Labour party which has been turned inside out culturally and now takes the lead in cultural authoritarianism.

    1. lundiel, who funds Israel ?

      US controls our politics for its own ends, sometimes indirectly…

      1. An Irish solicitor Pat Finucane who used to defend those accused
        of terrorism in Northern Ireland (both IRA and loyalist) was himself
        murdered by Loyalist Paramilitaries in 1989. There was collusion
        with State Forces which has never been properly investigated ..


        This was not the only example off collusion – described by the
        BBC in their excellent series on N Ireland. In the early part
        of the series – the involvement of senior Nationalist politicians
        with terrorism was also shown and this was headlined in the MSM –
        but the Collusion of loyalist paramilitaries with the State was
        hardly mentioned.

      2. Perhaps you should stick to the topic instead? Popping this in to distract from this – yet again – absolutely disgraceful behaviour by Starmer and his cronies?

  12. Solidarity Jo!! Great to know that you aren’t standing down as a Cllr and hope that when it comes the next election you stand as an independent socialist.

  13. I thought Cllr Bird had instigated legal proceedings
    against the Labour Party? What happened – did
    they come to anything?

    Needless to say – another disgraceful episode ..

  14. Solidarity to Jo.
    The water outside Labour is rather nice.
    Jewish Socialists like all BAME socialists and socialists in general would be very welcome in a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.
    Read G.D.Smith ‘A 3,000 Year History of Palestine.’
    Paul Keleman, ‘The British Left and Zionism. A History of Divorce.’
    And Bernard Regan, ‘The Balfour Declaration.’
    Oh Starmer, the USA gives Right Wing Israel $3.9b military aid each year and $6b in debt guarantees.
    One Democratic State for Palestine (respecting all religions), The Right of Return for Palestinian refugees, and Peace to All in the Region!

  15. Solidarity to Jo!
    All Jewish socialists, BAME socialists and socialists in general would be welcome in a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.
    The water outside Labour is rather nice.
    Just read G.D.Smith ‘A 3,000 Year History of Palestine.’
    Paul Keleman ‘The British Left and Zionism. A History of Divorce.’
    And Bernard Regan ‘The Balfour Declaration.’
    One Democratic State for Palestine (respecting all religions),The Right To Return for Palestinian Refugees, and Peace to All in the Region.

    1. I hate to rain on your parade but any successful new party would be littered with fifth columnists. Look at Labour.

  16. The Labour Party is bad rubbish that Jo Bird is well rid of.

    I wish her every success as an independent socialist.


    “Aneurin Bevan, your party is dead
    The time for a new one is nigh
    Will the last person left
    Please turn out the light
    New Labour , just fuck off and die!”

    Atilla the Stockbroker

    As true now as it was thirty years ago!

    Forward to a new party of and for the working people!

  17. Congratulation Jo! Maybe you want to appeal to Van der Zyl & her cronies? Thought not.

  18. Meanwhile in PLP cloud cuckoo land, the ex shadow chancellor is calling for an investagtion into the expulsion of the Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick. Forget the petition, we’ll go straight to asking for an investigation.

    That’ll help

  19. The request for an investigation into Pamela’s expulsion
    might be the crack in the dam which leads to a flood.

    Not only is there Pamela’s expulsion to investigate -there is also
    Jo Bird’s ..

    John McDonald night know where a few bodies are
    buried .. and where to apply some pressure.

  20. The utter moral degradation of misusing the Nazi genocide as a means of getting rid of dissent and pretending to protect Jews is exactly what Norman Finkelstein has written about for decades. Of course, his books are on Labour’s proscribed list. Starmer gets away with this because the public has no idea what’s happening, thanks to the MSM which portray him as a fine anti-racist. When did you last hear him speak up for Musiims? When did he condemn Islamophobia? The news has been full of Rafiq’s testimony about racism in cricket. Any sound from Starmer? Not a whimper. Imagine if a Jewish player had been subjected to the same persistent abuse. Rafiq’s case is a gift to anyone who wants to seriously take on the endemic racism in the UK. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the support? Where’s the promise of action? Starmer has nothing to say because he doesn’t give a blink for racism. He is a racist. He supports the apartheid State of Israel. Racism against Arabs? Why does that matter? After all, all those darkies are backward, aren’t they? They get in the way of progress don’t they? Starmer connives with racism in pursuit of power. His fascism, however, lies in the simple fact that he is prepared to close down on all thought and speech which disagrees with him. He has a totalitarian sensibility. But let’s think tactically. There are c 300,000 Jews in the UK. 70% vote Tory. There are 3.3 million Muslims. 80% vote Labour. Most of the Muslims support the Palestinian cause. Most believe Israel is a racist State (because it is). If they can be convinced Starmer is their enemy, he will be in electoral trouble. If he speaks up for the Muslims, he will get it in the neck from the Israeli lobby. If he doesn’t, we should work hard to ensure hundreds of thousands of Muslim voters refuse to support him. We must make a distinction between him and good local Labour councillors (like Jo Bird). Starmer is the enemy. Let’s get to work hand bring him down.

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