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Kendall, Ashworth attack Corbyn – as Labour collapses in their own back yard

Leicester Labour loses 42% of its seats in a day while right-wingers smear former party leader

Right-wing Labour MPs Jon Ashworth and Liz Kendall reportedly spent today bad-mouthing former party leader Jeremy Corbyn and gushing about the drone-like replacement and his impact on Labour’s local election fortunes – which actually did no more than stand still in vote-share terms.

No majority for Starmer’s Labour against the appalling Tories, on today’s results

Meanwhile, the party was collapsing in their own back yard, as Labour got rinsed in wards across the city and lost 42% of its council seats – mostly to the utterly appalling Tories, who had no seats at all before today:

The collapse defied the concerted efforts of the Labour right, which drafted in party figures to campaign, no doubt because of the lack of grassroots campaigners ready to be identified with the right’s lack of vivion

The Labour right’s lack of self-awareness is staggering – and people are beginning to see through it. According to electoral experts, today’s results represent Labour managing only some 34% of the vote in a general election, with just a single-figure lead over the Tories, a continuation of the party’s Starmer-driven polling slide.

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  1. It’s becoming(become) a mental health issue, for those two. An obsession.

    More than three years since the man was Leader. Two years since he was a Labour MP, and they’re still blaming him.

    Factor in, they’re, obviously, lying, and they’re constituents should start thinking, seriously, about who they vote for at the next election.

  2. Singh Josen the same bloke who shamefully vowed not to allow Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi to take her seat on the NEC and was suspended not long after.

  3. So….
    Little Miss 4% and Captain Backstabber throw their rattles out of the pram.
    Pathetic excuses are no substitute for serious political analysis.
    We are entitled to better, but these comedians certainly set the bar low.

    1. ‘Captain Backstabber’ Yes, I like that. It is interesting to recall that his accident during the 2019 general election came just after Johnson hid in a fridge and when the polling gap was closing.

  4. These Blairites keep talking about 1997, but I remember the long queue to vote and optimism among those about to vote back then. There’s no similar enthusiasm for Starmer’s Labour.

    The Tories will almost certainly get at least 30% in a GE. And Starmer-led Labour will be lucky to match Corbyn’s respectable vote share tally of 32% and 10.2 million votes, in 2019’s GE.

    A hung parliament seems likely, and Starmer will almost certainly immediately resign in that eventuality. Because the establishment people pulling Starmer’s strings won’t allow him to compromise in cross-party negotiations on things like proportional representation or HoL reform.

    1. Andy, Starmer would only resign if he can guaranty the succession, for example David Lammy, Wes Streeting, Liz Kendall or similar.
      Kinnock only resigned the leadership when he was assured that the Parliamentary left was on its knees.

      1. A lot may depend on whether the Tories dump Sunak. If he can’t close Labour’s lead they’re certainly ruthless enough to replace him before the election with Mordaunt.

        Paradoxically, the left should hope the Tories do close the gap, to ensure this hideous, fake RW Labour party fall well short of a majority. A hung parliament outcome followed by Starmer resigning then Labour forced to compromise on PR and other reforms, is far better outcome for the left than say Starmer, Reeves and Streeting having a big majority to push through a RW agenda, including NHS reforms.

      2. Er, no Maria, you are telling big porky lies, and you just blew it completely! Neil Kinnock resigned after he was defeated in the 1992 GE, and resigned precisely because he – the Labour Party – was!

        I should warn people who are relatvely new to skwawkbox that ths site – ie the comments section – is infested with fucking trolls and shills posing as socialists, OR, to be precse, at least one – maybe two – paid full-time shills who have numerous secondary personas.

        Talking of which, SteveH 2 hasn’t posted again recently, has he! Believe me – and you’d have to be pretty naive to think otherwise – this site has long been targetted by the so-called intelligence services, and they just lurve playing games with people, as do ALL black propagandists who, by their very nature, are fascistic and psychopathic (they couldn’t do what they do unless they were). And they get off on deceiving people on the left – ie Empaths – and gaslighting and manipulating them.

        They know – and they’ve known for decades – that just about everyone on the left knows that the MSM is the establishment’s propaganda machine and, as such, their propaganda is ineffective because we see through their smears and lies and falsehoods and see them for what they are – ie vile, malevolent hideous right-wing propaganda.

        And so the only way for them to ‘influence’ left-wingers is to infiltrate the Comments Sections of left-wing blogs and other platforms posing as socialists and then start falsely discrediting the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and left-wing MPs in general, and even ordinary left-wingers when members (most of whom are now former members). And there have been literally thousands and thousands of such ‘comments’ posted on this site during the past five years or so, endlessly repeating the same ‘set’ of falsehoods over and over again, because they know that Repetition is very effective, especially when the same slurs are repeated by a number of posters, giving the impression that there is a consensus about whatever – eg that Jeremy threw ‘good comrades’ under the bus, or that he didn’t fight back against the A/S accusations and smears.

        They work on a very subtle level and, as such, have ‘influenced’ what many left-wing commentators think and believe as well, who end up unwittingly repeating the falsehoods. And it’s subtle precisely because their falsehoods are directed at the emotions – ie constructed so as to evoke an emotion – and our emotions are to a large extent hidden from us because we are completely in them and not conscious of them as such. And the reason they can do what they do is becaiuse they are the polar opposite of genuine left-wingers and, as such, are completely devoid of integrity and a conscience AND get off on deceiving and duping people AND playing dirty, which they revel in. I persoally regard them as ‘Anti-human’, and but for them the carnage and devastation in Ukraine would not be happening, and THAT is indicative of precisely how totally evil they are. If you didn’t read the John Pilger article that I posted a link to the other day, here’s a clip from it:

        In 2003, I filmed an interview in Washington with Charles Lewis, the acclaimed investigative journalist. We discussed the invasion of Iraq a few months earlier. I asked him, ‘What if the constitutionally freest media in the world had seriously challenged George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld and investigated their claims, instead of spreading what turned out to be crude propaganda?’

        He replied. ‘If we journalists had done our job, there is a very, very good chance we would have not gone to war in Iraq.’

        I put the same question to Dan Rather, the famous CBS anchor, who gave me the same answer. David Rose of the Observer , who had promoted Saddam Hussein’s ‘threat’, and Rageh Omaar, then the BBC’s Iraq correspondent, gave me the same answer. Rose’s admirable contrition at having been ‘duped’, spoke for many reporters bereft of his courage to say so.

        Their point is worth repeating. Had journalists done their job, had they questioned and investigated the propaganda instead of amplifying it, a million Iraqi men, women and children might be alive today; millions might not have fled their homes; the sectarian war between Sunni and Shia might not have ignited, and Islamic State might not have existed.

      3. Allan, you are admitting that Kinnock resigned after 1992 GE because he didn’t win the GE, despite Thatcher’s been perceived as on its knees after the results of the local elections in 1991.
        I believe that sectors of the left couldn’t forgive Kinnock over the expulsion of Militant from the Labour Party and refused to vote Labour with him as leader. A few hundreds missing votes here and there stop him from gaining a majority.
        Did the MSM attack Kinnock? of course it did, did the attacks from the MSM had an impact in Kinnock’s ability to wind a General Election? Without a doubt, but proscribing Militants didn’t do him any favours. This is my point, have Kinnock kept a semblance of Unity within the LP after the Tories dismal performance in the 1991 local elections, Kinnock could have won.
        Blaming the MSM for our woes how it benefit us? The MSM isn’t going to change its tune. I know you aren’t going to agree with me. It is true the MSM hounded Corbyn and I believe too that not matter how much Corbyn wanted to reason with the MSM, the MSM wasn’t going to have it and was going to still propagating the “antisemitism”.
        We cannot change the way the MSM is going to portrait socialists/socialism, but what we can do is to change the way we engage with the MSM.
        By the way, I don’t appreciate you calling me a liar, I have a different opinion to yours about why Kinnock could never win a General Election, you can disagree with my opinion and give an alternative but please stop the personal attacks.

      4. OMG Maria, the more you say the more you come across as a black propagandist. I mean you begin your response with complete and utter bollocks – ie that I am ‘admitting’ that Kinnock resigned etc. I wasn’t ‘admitting’ anything Maria, and you know it, and I was stating a fact – ie that he resigned after having lost two GEs. And it’s NOT a case of you having a different opinion, because you are lying through your teeth, and like the litlle black propagandist you obviously are, you are trying – albeit incredibly lamely – to rewrite history.

        It’s funny, but posters on here have compared Starmer to Kinnock regards his purging of the left, and yet Starmer has been 15 to 20 points ahead in the polls for the last year or more despite being totally and utterly devoid of any charisma. And yes I know that skwawkbox tried to paint a negative picture of the local election results for Starmer – and there is a long way to go until the next GE is due of course – but Starmer’s purging of the left didn’t have an adverse effect on the results.

        So what’s the difference between Kinnock and Starmer. The difference is that Kinnock – who was very soon after becoming leader labelled The Welsh Windbag – was contantly being smeared and his/Labour’s policies misrepresented by the right-wing press, whereas Starmer has been given a relatively easy ride by the right-wing press since he became leader, precisely because the establishment know that he – and his fellow Blairites – are a safe pair of hands.

        Your argument is all arse up Maria, and the reality is that if the electorate were led to believe that Militant Tendancy are a threat to democracy etc, etc, as they were, and Kinnock set about ejecting them from the party, then surely THAT would have been in his favour. I closely followed the right-wing press during the 1987 and 1992 GE campaigns, and the lies and fabrication and disinformation about Labour’s policies was just relentless, Kinnock’s Kremlin Connection being just one example of the lengths the anti-democratic fascist forces would sink to in their quest to make sure Kinnock lost and they won. And, needless to say, they wouldn’t have done THAT unless his policies were relatively radical (contrary to the easy ride they gave Blair and have been giving Starmer).

      5. That should have read: ‘…. and the lies and fabrication and disinformation about Labour’s policies and the smears were just relentless, Kinnock’s Kremlin Connection being just one example….’

        And another smear was that Kinnock and the LP were planning to attack and discredit John Major’s wife. Yes, really!!

      6. You are making some good points there Allan:
        – between Thatcher/Major and Kinnock their was still a visible difference, with Kinnock still recognisably centre left, rather than outright red Tory.
        -the MSM demonised Kinnock non stop while still is giving a free pass to Starmer. Perhaps, because the establishment was still fearing Kinnock, while Starmer is establishment?
        Still, called it whatever you wish to call it, Kinnock was gone after losing two GE. I agree with you that the hostility from the MSM didn’t help Kinnock. Perhaps without the hostility from the MSM he could have won a General Election?
        However, you cannot prove that Kinnock expulsion of Militant didn’t harm his chances at General Elections and that everyone on the left voted Labour at the two GE Kinnock lost.
        Moreover, Kinnock did his very best to bring down Corbyn, I don’t see Kinnock criticism Starmer at all.
        Still you haven’t answer my question: are you planning voting Labour at the next GE no matter of whom is the Labour candidate?
        I guess that you don’t follow Corbyn’s rule of no getting personal with those that express different views to yours. I do, I could have called you names but I don’t.

  5. Perhaps Liz Kendall is putting on a brave face while facing adversity or perhaps she is so conceited to realise that as things stand she is the only Labour MP in Leicester City after Claudia Webbe lost Labour’s whip. Hence,perhaps her constituents in Leicester West are getting fed up of her and by extension the Labour Party. Thus, preferring to vote true blue rather than red Tories.
    Our Liz was increasing the Labour vote steadily until the GE of 2019 in which from a majority of over 11K in 2009 plummeted to just over 4K.
    Maybe the Tories will target her seat at the next General Election. It would be good news for Claudia Webbe as the more Labour resources that are diverted to defend Kendall’s seat, the easier it would be for Claudia as an independent incumbent to defend her seat from a Labour candidate.

    1. It would be good news for Claudia Webbe as the more Labour resources that are diverted to defend Kendall’s seat

      Will they have the resources to plough into kendall’s seat?

      Projections that they’re going to fall 28 seats shy of a majority might discourage a few of the big-hitters keef’s’ trying to woo, so those potentials might see a bit more value in the libtards 🤔

      1. Don’t think so Toffee, no in the case of Kendall, the LP will find the money, Evans would see to that.
        Evans as GS would defend her seat, Wes Streeting and a few others to the expense of the Tribune Group MPs for example: Jon Cruddas, Yvette Cooper.

    2. It is the epitome of political irony that for all Kendall’s attacks on JC, that like virtually all his opponents, her highest vote occured in the 2017 GE, the election the Labour right want us all to forget, because it scared them and the Establishment shitless!
      And that left leaning sentiment amongst the electorate can be revived.

  6. Socialist group better start drawing up their shopping list, by every calculation they will hold balance of power

  7. This has the feel of 1991. Labour gained 584 seats. The Tories lost 1085.
    Then what happened in 1992?
    Starmer is going around with a grin that is pure Kinnock.
    Maybe he’ll fall in the sea too.

    1. Maybe he’ll fall in the sea too.

      All that grease (& slime) will repel the water. 😕

    2. Goldbach, to make it worse, the results yesterday are being applied to Scotland too. Somehow, the Labour Party believes that the SNP’s troubles would benefit Labour.
      Wrong!! the Scots left Labour because the SNP position itself to the left of Labour. Starmer isn’t positioning the LP to the left of the SNP. Hence, no a chance of a substantial Labour recovery in Scotland.
      Kinnock could never win an election because sectors of the left couldn’t vote for Labour with him as leader and chose to abstain or vote for minority parties. I believe history will repeat itself with Starmer.

      1. Jeezus Maria, you’re really going for it with yer lies and disinformation, aren’t you! First you tell a big porky about NK in relation to him resigning (near the top of the comments), and now yer lying through yer teeth about the reason he didn’t win a GE.

        You are spouting complete and utter bollocks about ‘sectors of the left’ blah, blah, blah, and he lost both the 1987 and 1992 elections precisely because of all the lies and falsehoods and disinformation the right-wing press churned out during the election campaigns on a daily basis. And THAT was just during the campaigns, but to a lesser extent it was just constant during the whole time he was leader and, as I’m sure you know, the likes of the Sun (which had a circulation of nearly four million at the time and was read by around ten million people) and the Mail and Express labelled him The Welsh Windbag (just as they labelled KL Red Ken and Tony Benn Barmy Benn and left-wingers the Looney Left).

        Please stop decieving and disinforming readers Maria, ffs! It’s bad enough with SteveH polluting this site!!

      2. So Allan do you have a crystal ball, that categorically tells you that Kinnock expulsion of Militant from the LP didn’t play a part in his inability to win a GE?
        Are you going to tell me next, that Starmer withdrawal of Labour’s whip from Corbyn and Abbott isn’t going to have a negative effect on its ability to win a GE either?
        I believe thousands of people that joined the LP inspired by Corbyn and that have left the LP over the treatment Corbyn is receiving at Starmer’s hand would refuse to vote Labour come the next GE, unless the Labour candidate is a member of the SCG.
        Or are you Allan going to carry on voting Labour no matter who your Labour candidate is?
        What would that make you? A collaborator perhaps? Or would you go to Islington North and campaign for Corbyn to keep his seat?
        I intend to travel to London and do the latest. I have not interest in Starmer winning the next GE with an absolute majority. My interest lies in ensuring that as many MPs belonging to the SCG get re-elected and to defend the 3 former member of the SCG that have the Labour’s whip withdrew.
        Tell me Allan what is your priority for the next GE?
        I would appreciate if you keep the emotional responses in check, what to you are lies and disinformation, to me is what I honestly believe: Kinnock didn’t win a GE because his treatment of Militant made it unpalatable to certain sections of the left.
        Of course Kinnock’s treatment by the MSM didn’t help, but Labour won the 1991 local elections and thrashed the Tories. I will argue that Labour as a Party was liked but Kinnock as leader was not.
        I don’t appreciate you telling me that I am going for lies, you can give me your opinion but calling me a liar isn’t cutting with me.

    3. Now it’s more than a feel of 1991.
      With one council still to declare, we have:
      Tories lost 1061.
      Labour gained 536.
      Looks like they’re not quite going to reach 1991 levels.
      Factor in the boundary changes and Scotland, about which I agree with you, Maria.
      The only way Labour could profit would be if Alba split the independence vote to a significant degree.

      1. Goldbach, this is the question: will Alba still run at the next GE?
        With Nicola Sturgeon no longer a leader of the SNP would Alex Salmond feel the need to carry on with the Alba project?
        As it stands the Alba Party doesn’t have a seat in Holyrood having failed to win a single seat in the last Scotish Parliamentary elections in 2021.
        The next year Alba failed to win a single seats in the Local elections held across Scotland in 2022.
        Alba’s share of the vote at the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections was 1.7% in first preference votes and next year at the local elections 2022 rather than increase the share of the vote it went down to 0.7%.
        Hence, I will argue that Alba is death in the water and most likely the names behind Alba would be rejoining the SNP.

      2. Anyone who has been following the political scene in Scotland understands that for a whole plethora of very sound and sensible reasons no one seriously interested in Scottish Independence (or for that matter, competent administration) will be going anywhere near the SNP – which has been losing members at a far faster rate than the Labour Party.

        It has become a toxic unpopular brand as a result of the Murrell’s personality cult and what contributor toffee on this site would no doubt label the “blue” Greens in Scotland.

        Indeed, the SNP have morphed over the past nine years into another version of New Labour. With non-existent due process; manipulation of rules*; attacks on members and its own representatives – up to and including trying, and failing miserably not once but twice, to fit up its former leader on the same kind of charge the Swede’s did with Julian Assange; misusing members money and more.

        The notion that Alba members are going to go back to the SNP is so risible and fantastical that one wonders where such an idea actually originated and why it is being propagated anywhere?

        *See here for just one example:

  8. Labour vote plus 0.1% from the last local election and a prediction it would fall 28 seats short of a majority in a GE. Eighteen months to go before the 2024 GE and Starmer has thrown away a 28 point lead in about 6 months….

    How is he going to polish this turd?

      1. He’ll need at least ten tins of that product.

        Apparently they are available via someone who goes by the name of ‘Keith.’

      2. I thought Keith sold washing machines??

        Oh! Silly me – that’s ‘Jim’, (vaz) innit?

      3. Its not necessarily either/or toffee.

        The amount of laundering going on in Westminster, with its powerful and influential lobby, it would indeed be surprising if Keith and his little gang have interests in such merchandise.

  9. Labour did OK (and I haven’t cared how Labour have done for at least15 years) but they are far from a government in waiting in terms of numbers regardless of credibility. There is no virtue in a Labour Party, regardless who leads it if we still maintain a winner-takes-all FPTP system.

  10. Right-wing Labour MPs Jon Ashworth and Liz Kendall reportedly spent today bad-mouthing former party leader Jeremy Corbyn and gushing about the drone-like replacement and his impact on Labour’s local election fortunes – which actually did no more than stand still in vote-share terms.

    …SteveH03/05/2023 AT 1:43 PM
    Tomorrow’s ‘verdict’ will be interesting🤔


    Another ‘holiday’, is it? Or perhaps a long lunch?

    Or maybe the capricious one is taking out his frustrations on his caprine livestock.

    Either way, the silence is deafening (but welcome)

  11. I see Jo Bird retained her seat in the Wirral as a GREEN. What
    is more she got more votes as a Green than as a Labour Candidate!

    And the “know-alls” were certain that she would lose and I was afraid they
    were correct. I could hardly bear to look and had to check the good news ..

    1. HFMw Mandy Claire retained her seat in Cheshire West and Chester as an independent as part of a new independent socialist group in Winsford.
      The new group of socialist independents calling themselves “Salt of the earth” almost banish the Labour Party for the town of Winsford. Labour had all 15 seats and the new group took 14. leaving a single Labour Cllr standing.
      I guess we would not see this reported in the MSM. It should encourage Corbyn, Abbott and Webbe to stand as independents at the next GE and win.

    2. 246
      Will Starmer get more votes than JC
      Methinks not
      How long before Red Tories and Cheap and Nasties form a Coalition

      1. “How long before Red Tories and Cheap and Nasties form a Coalition”

        Such a formal public position of what already de facto exists informally would require some kind of catchy title.

        ‘The Goon Show’?

      2. You obviously haven’t compared the results from 2019 when these seats were last contested with Thursdays results when Labour increased their share of the popular vote from 28% to 35%.

        In 2019 the Tories lost 1,330 seats but Labour despite these exceptional Tory losses somehow managed to lose 84 seats and the control of 6 councils whereas in 2023 the Tories lost 1,058 seats but this time Labour gained 536 seats plus the control of an additional 22 councils. 🤔

      3. ‘Labour despite these exceptional Tory losses somehow managed to lose 84 seats and the control of 6 councils”.
        How about the ludicrous second referendum nonsense promoted by, now who was it?

      4. steveH ignoring “context” (in this case that of the Brexit issue on the 2019 results)?

        Say in ain’t so!

      5. Is that the brexit that wasn’t gonna happen (without a confirmatory vote) under keef’s watch??

        It was and it did… Now he’s gonna make brexit work.


        Because ‘circumstances have changed’

        And guess what? Those circumstances will have changed again come the next election.

  12. ‘form a Coalition…”

    Dave H is right, Doug, maybe they just need to revamp the covid-con, escalate the proxy War in Ukraine or have an (admitted) economic catastrophe,another ‘global/national emergency’, to pull that particular trick off?

    Careful, though, it’s probably story-boarded already and being fine-tuned into a Narrative for deployment as we pledge our allegiance to the state-funded multi-billionaire being coronated today as king.

    Meanwhile, all-cause death figures/rates are higher than they ever were during the (non-evidenced) pandemic in the ‘free world’, Russia, PRC, and everywhere else that jabbed citizens with untested mRNA (experimental) ‘vaccines’.

    1. qwertboi
      The economic catastrophe should have been dealt with in 2008
      Twas Obama and Brown who had them by the Sir John Halls and let go
      So now it’s much worse
      Bitcoin and Gold could save our sorry arses,
      Democracy however is dead, long live the Benevolent Dictator

    2. Hark, Hark the dogs do bark
      The beggars are coming to town
      Some in rags
      and some in tags
      And some in velvet gown

      Odious thieves and liars, every single one of them. Openly bragging about stealing money from hard working UK subjects who subscribe to the Labour Party.

      “Pro-Israel group locks video discussing bankrupting Labour. Here’s what it says”

  13. I was wrong.
    I had believed that we have the most inept political class in the world ………………. until this popped up when I opened YouTube.

  14. The fact that Sirhan Sirhan is still in prison is in no small part due to Kamala Harris. She denied his appeal back in 2012 when she was California’s Attorney General.
    The real reason for not releasing him is because it would allow him to be hypnotised so that we could discover who originally hypnotised him to fire at Robert Kennedy. The assassination was a CIA operation approved by President Johnson.

  15. On the ‘subject’ (ahem!) of breaking news from the early hours of Saturday morning……

    …’s news of a dangerous bunch of anarchists dressed in high
    vis pink jackets with the logo of the Metropolitan Police on the back
    arrested by the Tactical Support group at 2:00 am in the vicinity of the
    City of Westminster whilst in possession of rape alarms which apparently they regularly hand out to women free of charge, and kept locked up and handcuffed for fourteen hours.

    Apparently there was some vitally important event taking place later in the day yesterday.

    Par for the course really for a Class which have been raping this Country and those in it – as well as outside it – since the 11th century.

  16. Gonzalo Lira has been sentenced to prison (i don’t know how long for).
    The Ukrainian prosecutors have released a video of him perpetrating his “crimes”.
    In it he makes two points.
    That neo-nazis are involved in the Ukrainian state/military (a fact that has been frequently stated over a number of years by western media and many US politicians).
    That the Ukrainian military have been shelling Donetsk City since 2014 (he makes a small mistake and says 2015) killing around 16,000 civilians (a fact that has been reported by human rights organisations. Amnesty etc.)
    Meanwhile, I hear that the offices of Just Stop Oil, in Leicester I think, were raided yesterday when they were holding a training session on Peaceful Protest, arresting a number of people.

    1. And yet according to the Berkshire Bore/Boar citing such empirical evidence is nothing more that being some kind of “Putinbot”.

      We went through this about a year or so ago when, presented with this evidence, the Carribbean ‘s (allegedly) answer to the birth pill slunk off with his tail between his legs with some lame response about the citing and detailed presentation of this evidence representing my being “excitable.”

      It must be a hard, sad and pathetic life every day publicly revelling as having a status well below the level of the fabled ‘oldest profession’ as though it was some kind of badge of honour.

      1. Oh dear, if only we were as clever as you think you are. 🥱

      2. And yet according to the Berkshire Bore/Boar/Boor….

        Fixed. 👍

      3. Ah! Diddums! The butt-hurt is starting to show.

        Is that your way of saying you have no evidence to back up your delusional and desperate rantings steveH?

        It must hurt like hell getting your arse handed to you a platter every single time you open your ignorant and arrogant gob.

  17. Aaaaand it’s back to the torpor-inducing, abused-to-death, shit cut&paste replies….you’ve got NOTHING, wee boy.

    Best to say nothing when that’s the case – and with you it’s ALWAYS the case.

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