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Labour expels another Jewish woman: Heather Mendick (video) falls to ‘witch-hunt’

Mendick expelled after refusing to ‘subjugate myself’, as regime’s antisemitism toward left-wing Jews continues

Labour has expelled yet another Jewish woman, as the Starmer regime’s antisemitism continues – Jewish left-wingers have been massively disproportionately targeted.

Ms Mendick has issued a video response, in which she dissects her case and the Labour party’s ‘witch-hunt’ – and says that she refuses to ‘subjugate’ herself to right-wing demands:

Left-wing Jews are hated by the Labour right, above all because they refuse to ignore Israeli murders of and human rights abuses toward Palestinians and challenge the carefully-constructed narrative that ‘the Jewish community’ is uniformly pro-Israel.

Antisemitism smears have been weaponised against the left for years – a conclusion reached even by the Starmer-commissioned Forde Report and utterly ignored by the regime and its media allies. As Ms Mendick notes in her video, that has not prevented the construction of a narrative that considering antisemitism to have been weaponised is somehow also antisemitic.

Last week, Starmer’s regime expelled Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, the only elected Jewish member of the party’s national executive. The right’s antisemitism sits alongside the Islamophobia, anti-Black and anti-Gypsy racism that are condoned and even encouraged among that faction by its leading members.

Solidarity with Heather Mendick and all targeted by the racist right-wing Labour regime. A transcript of the video can be downloaded here.

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  1. Can anyone now deny that Keir Starmer is the MOST antisemitic leader in Labour history? None of his predecessors ever subjected Jews to collective punishment, or ordered them to be right-wing Jewish nationalists- there is no longer any such thing as a progressive form of Zionism- even if they see that as a betrayal of their values and their humanity?

      1. How is that in any way a response to my point above? Are you actually trying to argue that the massive injustice of Starmer’s scorched-earth war against the Left overall, and Jewish leftists/non-Zionists/Corbyn supporters in particular, is mitigated or vindicated by the fact that Corbyn kept appeasing the right wing forces who weaponised false accusations of antisemitism against him? In what universe would that come close to making sense?

  2. The reason why Left Wing Jews are targeted in Starmers Labour is straightforward in my opinion. These people deplore the injustices and human rights abuses inflicted on Palestinians by the Israeli state and say so. As their word carries a lot more weight than, say, that of a young Muslim Arab it is natural that they be discredited by Israel’s allies and Friends within the party .
    It is impossible to hold any senior position in Starmers Labour unless you are a declared Friend of Israel, so most Friends hold powerful positions in the PLP, NEC etc. That makes it easy for them to use the party disciplinary machinery to silence those Jews ( or anyone else for that matter) who refuses to be condone the death and destruction Israel has heaped on innocent Arab men women and children in Palestine.

  3. Hopefully, this Labour Party will find themselves in massive legal difficulties, if, just, one person has enough money to take their case to court.

    All they need do is cite The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism(JDA).

    One of the lead authors – Kenneth Stern – of the *preferred* IHRA, has said the IHRA is an unfinished document and should not be used to define antisemitism.

    He, instead, recommends, and fully supports, the JDA.

    The Zionists wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

    1. By the way – Solidarity with Heather Mendick!

      That’s quite a distinguished collection of *expellees*, beginning to accumulate.

    2. Reply to George Peel
      I don’t really think we need any special definition of antisemitism. It is hatred of Jews because they are Jewish, just like homophobia is hated of gays because they are gay, Islamophobia is hated of Muslims because they are Muslims etc.
      In any case we all know that ” antisemitism” is the most misused word in the Labour dictionary. It is the catch all smear used to justify the expulsion of antiZionists, Socialists and anybody capable of independent thought.
      What bothers me most about this is the way Starmers Labour has trivialised antisemitism and the detrimental effect this trivialisation will have on genuine antisemitism complaints.

      1. We need it, because of the insidious IHRA definition being used to conflate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism.

        …and I’m certainly not going to argue with the many Jewish scholars who sat down together, discussed it and wrote it down.

        Not to mention the people who added their names to it, in confirmation.

        That would be very impertinent of me.

      2. Reply to George Peel
        I disagree George. Anti semitism is a nasty form of racism and I don’t think we need scholars, Jewish or otherwise, to elaborate on that. I see nothing impertinent in holding this view.
        In relation to the IHRA most people can see that it is an absurdity which has been used very effectively by pro Israel elements to silence support for Palestinians whose human rights Israel routinely violates.
        If expressing this opinion makes me an “antisemite” in the eyes of Israel ‘s Friends then so be it . I care nothing for what a parcel of bigots think.

  4. I want to know where the media is whilst this is going on. I heard Jeremy Vine being very aggressive to JC regarding antisemitism, and then Scholfield was similarly enraged. Now we hear not a peep from either. But when it comes to such incisive programmes as Desert Island Discs, there’s the man himself, telling us that his father was a toolmaker, forgetting to tell us he owned the factory …. and never picked up by the presenter.

    1. forgetting to tell us he owned the factory …. and never picked up by the presenter.

      That the presenter managed to stay conscious is just shy of miraculous.

      Imagine being stuck in a lift with THAT dullard – nevermind a studio or any sort of auditorium.

      1. Toffee – Why do you have a problem with Keir’s dad running a small business.

      2. If you own the factory, you can’t HAVE Labour or even “progressive” values. It really is that simple, SteveH- and anytime a Labour leader moves the party to the right at all, it ends up turning Labour something that no longer disagrees with the Tories on anything but a few tiny, trivial, meaningless side issues- as it was with Blair, as it was with Callaghan & Healey from ’76 to ’79, as it was with Ramsay MacDonald, as we all know it would have been with Gaitskill had he lived to become PM and, in all likelihood, sent British troops to Vietnam while not even doing the tiny number of nationalisations Wilson did.

  5. There really is one action to be taken, This Rogue Party led by not a Stalinist but an Adolf Hitler Worshipper, This absolute Maniac and his SS Hierarchy are not going to be happy until every decent Person within this Evil Regime is forcefully removed from Starmers National Socialist Party aka Nazi Party, What was once Jeremy Corbyns Party for Hope and Peace a Proper Labour Party has become a Party of Nazi Terror Tactics, Everyone associated with and supports this Hellish Bunch of Criminals masquerading as Politicians and as for the likes of Margaret Hodge Alan Sugar Tom Watson Tony Blair Gordon Brown Jess Philips Tony Robinson Maureen Lippmann Hypocrites Liars Corrupt Nazis, And Yes I know Hodge has Holocaust History and for her Ancestors I feel for the Horror they suffered but Her and every Jew like Her Netanyahus Fascist Regime doing to the Palestinian People albeit on a smaller scale but Nazi Tactics all the same, Jeremy Corbyn and every decent person knows the Holocaust took Place and was the most Barbaric act of Savagery ever committed on any Race but this does not excuse Netanyahus Storm Troopers Murder and Theft of Palestinian Homes and Land, It is time Biden and the laughingly referred to Leaders of the Free World TOLD NETANYAHU TO GET HIS HOUSE IN ORDER but they Won’t because Netanyahus Jewish Supporters Control the Worlds MONEY GOLD AND JEWELS. Free World My Fucking Arse

  6. Starmer is deliberately destroying the Labour Party in order to transform it into just another Neo-Liberal talking shop where all decisions are made for the membership and not by them.

    He clearly lied to get himself elected leader, and his speeches and actions at the Hustings prove that, as he now tells us he doesn’t support anything he promised at there.

    I have never in all my years known such a duplicitous leader, yet understand from a NEW LABOUR perspective how he was so successful in achieving his aims. Since Blair took office the Neo-Liberal right of the party instituted a party machine that would whether in office or out, act against any of those who are socialists. Hence the Chicken Coup, (Starmer supported) and the Labour Report on the party machine.

    We should take note of all the activities conducted since Blair, the splitting up of the NHS by introducing Hospital Trusts led the way for them to be transformed into HMOs, the introduction of PFIs inherited off the Tories, the anti Trade Union laws were not repealed, and continued financial restraint on public services and benefits. All Neo-Liberal dogma.

    Starmer has been established by this core of Neo-Liberals within the party to continue maintaining what has now been completed, and that the destruction of a socialist party is fundamental to that.

    He is not for turning – just like Thatcher.

    1. The ideal for New Labour was the US Democratic Party. New New Labour takes this thinking to a more intense level. They will not be happy until they have completely trashed party democracy, which, on the current showing, with the expulsion of elected NEC members, is almost there.
      What a pity some in the Labour left think they can work with these people on a reasonable basis.

    2. I don’t think that Thatcher ever had as much control over the party as Headroom and his henchtheys have upon Labour. The whips were always active and had lookouts everywhere. This bunch including the very overvalued SCG are totally compliant and submissive. Being a whip in the Labour Party is money for old rope. Bet they can all do the Times xword and know who will win the 3.30 at Uttoxeter.

  7. Starmer – a member of the Trilateral Commission – The international political arm of America’s foreign policy and determination to run the world.
    He is the only MP (at last count) to be a member of the Trilateral Commission.
    He didn’t advertise that when he was running to be Labour Leader.

    1. johnesco1 – It wasn’t a secret. If this really was such a big deal I wonder why nobody took the opportunity to publicly challenge Keir about it at any of the many hustings that took place during the long leadership contest.

      1. Bloody hell, mate, you’ve posted some ridiculous nonsense on these threads, but this one’s a dandy.

        Takes the biscuit, as far as vacuous comments go.

      2. George – Thanks for that but it doesn’t answer my question. 🤔

      3. Why-o-why didn’t anyone ask him if he was going to renege on his 10 pledges, as soon as he became leader?

        Why-o-why didn’t some ask if his father, really, was a simple toolmaker, or if he owned the joint?

        Why-o-why didn’t someone ask him if he was going to expel Jewish Socialists, on the flimsiest pretext?

        Why-o-why didn’t someone think to ask if he was going to withdraw The Whip from Jeremy Corbyn – even – after he’d apologised?

        I wonder if anyone thought to ask if Joseph of Nazareth, really, was a simple carpenter, or if he owned the business, with a view to his son taking over, after he retired.?

        Your question didn’t deserve serious consideration, let alone an answer.

      4. George – Or you could have just answered my question and spared us the rant.

      5. Or – you could, just, have kept your facile question to yourself, instead of sharing.

      6. George – Don’t be silly it is a simple and straight forward query, it isn’t my fault that you chose to highlight that you don’t have an answer.
        Thanks for drawing so much attention to my OP when you could have just chosen to ignore it.

    2. Chomsky has their measure – Social critic and academic Noam Chomsky has criticized the commission as undemocratic, pointing to its publication The Crisis of Democracy, which describes the strong popular interest in politics during the 1970s as an “excess of democracy”.[58] He described it as one of the most interesting and insightful books showing the modern democratic system not to really be a democracy at all, but controlled by elites. Chomsky says that as it was an internal discussion, they “let their hair down” and talked about how the public needs to be reduced to its proper state of apathy and obedience

      1. Vax camp Chomsky. Exile the non covidians. That Chomsky, the one with the book? Right.

  8. Funny…Our Steve still hasn’t shown up to spew his usual misdirective “we need more information”/”But Corbyn”/”Oh, so you want the Tories to win?/ shitestorm.

  9. why would any sane person want to be a member of this corrupt political party who have no respect for it’s members who have served the LP for many years just to be expelled on trumped up charges it’s become a joke party

  10. After all my good intentions, I couldn’t resist this from openDemocracy:
    “The mysterious group funding Labour MPs.
    Keen politicos may have noticed a new presence at this year’s Labour’s conference.
    Nestled among the more familiar fringe events for the party’s affiliated organisations was an event sporting frontbench MP speakers and prominent journalists hosted by ‘Labour for the Long Term’ (LLT).
    LLT popped up on the MPs’ register of interests soon after, donating a £30,000-a-year ‘policy adviser’ to health secretary Wes Streeting. On its website, it boasts of having support from other shadow ministers, too, such as Anneliese Dodds, Alex Sobel and Fleur Anderson.
    It has recently advertised for a ‘policy and operations manager’ worth up to £50,000 a year, suggesting a funding pot larger than most of Labour’s affiliated socialist societies. And it is understood that the group hopes to continue growing its roster of advisers and staffers for MPs and other decision makers across the spectrum of the Labour Party.”
    Another think tank and, if you go to the website, a think tank with nothing in the way of thoughts other than vague platitudes. If you go to the “supporters” page, you will get the idea.
    See you in 2023.This time I shall stick to it.

  11. SteveH22/12/2022 AT 4:49 PM
    George – Thanks for that but it doesn’t answer my question

    SteveH22/12/2022 AT 5:52 PM
    George – Or you could have just answered my question and spared us the rant

    All about you, innit?

    My question!! My question!!! Mememememememememememe!!

    Attention seeking little ponce. Do others the courtesy of answering the plethora of questions that you haven’t ever dared answer, before you make the same demands of others.

  12. Well it seems you have an info ite supply of tiresome repetitive bullshit.

    Still refusing to name a single instance of keef whipping his MPs to vote AGAINST the toerags

    …So much for being anti-tory. 😕

    Still defending keef over spunking members does on litigants that helped him shithouse his way to the leadership.

    …So much for solidarity with your fellow labour party comrades who are irate he chose to do so. 😕

    Still defending keef for sacking MPs who attend picket lines.

    …So much for your (self-professed) solidarity with the workers 😕

    Still defending and excusing keef for ORDERING peers to ABSTAIN on allowing kids to go hungry at school

    …So much for your (self-professed) concern for society’s most vulnerable. 😕

    Need I go on?

    Nah, I’ll let someone else have a go because you’re about to continue with your tiresome repetitive and antagonistic bullshit.

    So I’ll leave you with my festive wish for the folks on this site, including – but especially for – yourself

    May the livestock that you have (or are about to) slaughter for your Christmas lunch in your Caribbean bolt-hole (Ha! Yeah, right) give you the galloping shits for quite a considerable time.

    I’m sure the rest of the regular posters will be grateful for the time you’re sat on the khazi,because at least they won’t be subject to your insufferable bollocks for a bit.

    Seasons greetings, everyone 🥳👍

    1. Toffee – Not by any means your best but a little more entertaining than your last effort. 😗

      1. Not by any means your best

        At last, something you’ve got right.

        But before you give yourself callouses through your self-congratulatory backslapping…

        I save my best for worthy adversaries. Just one of the many capabilities you pitifully lack.

        Oh! And before I forget, it’ll have escaped nobody’s attention that you’ve made no denial of the observations and criticisms I made. 😙🎵

        As de piffle, or rees-smog might utter

        “res ipsa loquitur”

      2. Toffee – I appreciate that you are trying very hard to impress but what on earth has res ipsa loquitur
        got to do with anything?

        Feigning ignorance once again. Your pathetic shithouse tricks are very few, very predictable, and very much over-abused.

        So, for the benefit of nobody (because anyone with a modicum of intelligence approaching that of an amoeba is fully aware of what it entails)…

        Your non-denial of the observations and criticisms I made regarding you and your shithouse hypocrisy are ‘the things that speak for themselves’

  13. STeveH – In answer to your question – why did noone object to Starmer
    while he was campaigning ?


    Because they could not see into the future and did not know he
    was lying .,.

    They heard his assurances – and believed that he would pretty much
    carry on with the same policies as Corbyn. All the other candidates
    promised the same thing.

    READ his ten pledges – I have mine on my mantel piece to remind
    me in case I forget.

    I guess most had not heard of the Tri-Lateral Commission and took no
    notice of reports off his membership.

    We are bombarded with News all the time and have to filter out
    what is important and what is not ..

    Plus he plainly – LIED –

    An example is the answer to the question about his support of Zionism –
    BEFORE he won te leadership

    He said Zionism was nuanced and “it depends” ..

    AFTER he won

    He said he was 100% Zionist – now what that means is anyones guess.
    I assume the Kahanists would say THEY were 100% Zionist – and
    noone else is ..

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