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Bangladeshi media alleges Mahmood accepted ‘bribe’ from ‘convicted fugitive’

Bangladeshi weekly ‘Blitz’ names Labour right-winger Khalid Mahmood as alleged recipient of ‘compensation’ from Tarique Rahman who lives in UK after conviction in Dhaka

Birmingham Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood has been named in Bangladeshi media as the recipient of an alleged ‘bribe’ from a Bangladeshi politician seeking help with his asylum case, after they were introduced by a former Tory council candidate now in jail in Dhaka, Jahid Choudhury.

According to the weekly Blitz newspaper, Tarique Rahman – a political party leader who has reportedly lived in the UK since 2008 and was twice convicted in Bangladeshi courts – reportedly sentenced in 2016 to seven years for money laundering and in 2018 for life in connection with a 2004 grenade attack, met Mahmood repeatedly and offered to provide business opportunities to Mahmood’s Pakistani contacts. The article also claims that Rahman ‘compensated’ other UK MPs.

Mr Mahmood did not respond to a request for comment. Skwawkbox understands that complaints have already been submitted to West Midlands police and to the parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

This is not the first time that such allegations have been made against Mahmood. Early last year, Skwawkbox exclusively reported accusations by whistleblower Elaina Cohen – Mahmood’s former parliamentary staffer who was unfairly dismissed by him after she reported to him and to the party leadership that Mahmood’s lover was criminally abusing and exploiting domestic violence victimsaccused Mahmood of accepting cash from the Kuwaiti embassy and stealing from a West Midlands voluntary organisation. He denied ‘all allegations of impropriety’.

Ms Cohen also accused Mahmood of sacking her because she would not stop pursuing the allegations of abuse – and both emails and Mahmood’s tribunal testimony showed that Keir Starmer and his general secretary had ignored repeated warnings from her about the abuse of the vulnerable women. She told Skwawkbox today that,

I expect a robust investigation into these serious allegations.

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  1. Abuse of the ordinary people of the working class seems to be all about the labour party nowadays and its about time the leadership of the unions realised it.Weve heard about candidates that exploit women and children and bully party members and does anyone think that it will change or that the labour party will be able to con the Tory media for the sake of a second rate tory tribute band…..No way jose just wait for the election and watch the scum and the daily fail get stuck into all of labours dirty washing.and theres piles of it festering in the making of a dirty game of rotten politics.

    1. I look forward to hearing what response, if any, Inspector Knacker makes.
      In the meantime, does anyone have information about this? – I was reading an article about Sam Bankman-Fried, the Crypto- whatever it is, being arrested and there was a throwaway line about the “Ukraine angle’.
      Anyone know what that’s about?

    2. Joseph, the leadership and slimes, pole climbers have no idea of the widespread ramifications that this almost typical behaviour of theirs has on voters. Is it any wonder that they look at them with horror when they plead for their support?

    3. Joseph, no need to expose any dirt. It’s not as if he’s a threat to the establishment or will rock any boats. This is about empire building and personal enrichment. Exposure and humiliation? On the contrary, baubles and ermine are more likely.

  2. Goldbach mr H can help you,hes got a bolt hole in the Caribbean and brownoses a few unsavoury characters in the Caribbean robbers roost.and I understand is good at supporting the criminal elements in the UK politics.

    1. Sorry Joseph, but he clearly doesn’t know.
      I had wondered if the “Ukraine angle” was meant to imply some connection to the son of a certain figure in the US, or whether it was a suggestion that, maybe, Mr Bankthemoneyman-Fried had used Ukrainian banks to shift money into his own account.

      1. What on earth are you wittering on about?
        I read an article that had the term “Ukrainian angle” in it. I wondered what it meant.
        What does your nonsensical request for “credible proof” mean?
        Proof of what? That I wondered what the term related to?
        Are you totally incapable of reading a sentence in English and understanding what it says?
        Or are you simply fixated on seeking arguments on the flimsiest of pretexts?
        Sit down. Have a pina colada and read the Grauniad.
        It’s the season of goodwill!

      2. goldbach – Do you feel better now

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