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Thought last night’s ‘Labour Files’ was explosive? Watch the full-length version here

Accounting for ads in the TV version, the full first chapter of Al Jazeera’s huge exposé of the Labour right’s racism, misogyny, spying, bullying and selection-rigging gives around another half-hour of revelations – a programme that would end the Labour right if the UK was a functioning democracy.

The programme showed that attempts to smear the left with allegations of abuse, bullying, homophobia and, yes, antisemitism, were knowingly and intentionally fabricated, made up entirely by the right for political purposes, in (at least) the cases of the supposed abuse of right-wing MP Angela Eagle and the dissolution of Brighton District Labour Party. Eagle now sits as Keir Starmer’s Shadow First Secretary of State – and allegations of abuse toward her by local left-wingers were invented to distract from the fact that her own local members did not support her short-lived bid to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the party leadership.

The programme also confirmed – again as first revealed by Skwawkbox – the lengths to which the party right went to exclude black left-winger Anna Rothery from the selection of Labour’s candidate for the Liverpool mayoralty.

And it showed the horrific personal cost to left-wingers of the shameless smear campaigns – which were eagerly abetted and amplified by media that should have done its job of scrutinising them – some of whom died under clouds of completely fictitious accusations and others still clearly bear deep emotional scars.

But a fuller version of the first episode is now available, with around another half hour of revelations. Watch below:

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  1. Ta for this – Thought that last nights program left
    a lot of explanatory stuff out and would not be as
    accessible to those “not in the know’ as to us who
    have been following the sad story from the beginning ..

    You have done us a great service Al Jazeera – and
    Skwawkie and JVL of course. Labour List have
    kept people informed too – slyly advertising both
    Naomi’s sanctioning*** AND the Al Jazeera program
    in one post! Good for them .. and Bad for the MSM
    who have NOT kept people informed ..

    *** The nasty way sanctioning is implemented reminds
    me of the DWP sanctioning of the vulnerable – the LP
    have plainly been taking lessons .. What an ABSOLUTE
    disgrace ..

    1. HFM, sorry to be a pain, but could you give a few examples of the explanatory stuff you think they left out. If you have the time that is. Thanks

      PS I suppose it’s possible that they go into more detail about this or that particular episode – and make things clearer as such – in parts two and/or three. But yes, it’s good to try.and view it from the perspective of those who have been inculcated with the false narratives, or those who are unfamiliar with one particular episode or another.

      1. I would like to know whether the embassy approached Labour Party or was it the other way around or were third forces behind it?

    2. Bear Ron mind that the first episode is only one in three. I was pleasantly surprised by how well structured it was. Let’s hold-off strong judgment until we see it all.

  2. For those of us who experienced the nastiness of those people since September 2015, this is no revelation, but explosive indeed for those who weren’t, or perhad had their doubts about it!
    We must share this far and wide!
    Anyone who can still whorship the Brand ‘Labour’ or are in any way prepared to give that toxic One Party State Parasite Infestation their vote, must have their heads buried ankle deep in the sand.
    Labour must be destroyed, demolished and burnt to ashes before The PEOPLE can have any chance of a voice in Parliament AND NO MORE KINDER & GENTLER!
    We’ll need to get in the gutters A LOT!

  3. Thanks for this Skwawkbox Unfortunately I cannot watch this now but will do so later. I watched Labour Files last night and was not surprised by any of it as a lot of it had been covered by Skwawkbox at the time.
    However seeing it all put together in one programme was horrible e.g. Luke Sanger’s vicious response to those whose politics he disagreed with was cruel and totally disproportionate. He actually had the nerve to call them crazy and deranged in his appalling posts. It is also horrific that his isn’t a case of ” one bad apple” – he was fully supported by 14 MPs and at least one member of the NEC.
    The treatment of Left activists the programme exposed was horrific – people whose lives were torn apart by dangerous people who are answerable to nobody . God help us if these fanatical haters and dictators ever get into power.

    1. Don’t worry. Sooner or later he is going to be coming to the Den. With Baddiel and Skinner one hopes.

      1. When it does come down to the den, song available on utube,he will have a lump in his pants. To see what the lump looks like, view the left side of the photograph. X

  4. If Democracy is to survive then at the very least every decent PLP member has to resign and call an election
    I’m pretty sure they can stand as Independent
    JC then puts out a message that this is the start of a new party and asks for volunteers and money to support the Socialist Labour Party
    Then we will know one way or the other if there is any life left in our so called Democracy
    What I’m certain of is there are 270,000 folk out there who would get their hands dirty and fight night and day for those candidates
    There are Unions who will do the decent thing and join the battle
    What’s to lose

  5. Well Im just watching Parliament – and an seeing a
    lot of fight back from comrades like Zarah Sultana ..

    Good for her *** !!!

    We’ll see what the shadow cabinet say ..

    Ahem ..

    *** She has also referenced “Enough is Enough ..”..

    1. Sorry HFM, I can’t celebrate with you, is Zarah a good MP yes, probably the best chance for a leader under guidance/support of Jeremy minus the Kinder, Gentler & Nice bullshit! Am I fond of her, absolutely just as i am Jeremy, but we have to let go of the Naivity. Would I vote for her absolutely NO! NOT while she represents that Toxic Party that KILLED The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019)!
      There are also certain Careerist issues that I have with Zarah 1) Retracting her signature on NATO. 2) ENOUGH is ENOUGH cancelled because of the queen! 3) the sickly sweet message for the royals in their time of need but not one of them, including Jeremy, mentioned the families of the thousands of poor people dying in Britain because of state oppression or Chris Kaba’s Family in their time of need, their loyalties appears, by thst, to lie with the monarchs more so than The Suffering PEOPLE!

      1. Nellyskelly, that’ll doit for me. Great post. I like 👍 the anger that this show has introduced into the site even though its not news to us.

      2. We need to be angry Wobbly I agree. It is our duty to be angry and agrivate those who have not been angry since 13 December 2019! Well essentially 12 September 2015 because that was the day all this started and the death of the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019) was the day all of it almost abruptly ended. They are far from done and if we come out Nice and Kind at them, they will sneeze us over.
        The UK Labour Party is DEAD and we The PEOPLE need to move on and be just as bastardly as they were to get entirely rid of them or we will be Nice and Kind for the next 100+ years!

  6. Like many I returned to support the Labour Party after Corbyn was elected leader because it finally had someone who might actually challenge neoliberal doctrine. However, looking back at what happened I think it was a mistake getting him elected because it provided a smoke screen to what the Labour party was really about, it is a toxic racist neoliberal party whose agenda is to act as a road block to real change. 7 years on it is clear that the Labour movement must rid it’s self of this toxic cancer of a party if there is going to be any chance of an alternative society being built. The idea of a toxic, racist, apartheid supporting scumbag like Starmer becoming PM should make anyone on the left both angry and fearful for what it will mean for our society. The claims within the programme don’t come as a surprise, what is clear is that those acting against us are only few in number and that is their weakness. We need to rid ourselves of these centrist neoliberal politicians and build something new and this means the trade unions need to take action and pull together all the leftwing groups forming on the wings.

    1. You say they are only few in number Tim, and that that is their weakness. The thing is though that they’ve got the whole of the MSM on their side, and THAT is their strength!

      As for ridding ourselves of these centrist neoliberal politicians, how do you suggest we go about doing that?

    2. Probably none of this sorry tale would have come to light had JC not sneaked onto the ballot. If Burnham or Cooper had succeeded, it would have been business as usual and the citizens going about their business accepting that all politicians are the same, and no-one will ever improve the lot of the many. JC gave us hope, a very scarce commodity!

      1. Yes, and the hope was very tangible and manifest, and even in the weeks leading up to the 2019 GE many of us maintained our hope, but in the end it was trampled into the ground by the fascist forces, but they didn’t stop THERE, and they are intent on destroying any semblance of our dream to create a peaceful world in which we live in harmony with each-other and the planet we live on.

      2. It also indicates that Socialism will not get a footing in HoP without the complete annihilation of that Thatcher Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES. Of the two TORY Parties we can forget about getting rid of the Conservatives, however the Neo-Labour Party TORIES can be anihilated at the next GE with an well orchestrated and organised ‘vote against them at any cost’ campaign.
        That Party is NOT The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019) that Party is The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour TORY Party, who KILLED the UK Labour Party, at GE19 where The PEOPLE had HOPE and CHOICE, the next GE is TORY HELL or TORY HELL! NO HOPE & NO CHOICE!
        Then and only then can The PEOPLE start rebuilding a truly bottom up Socialist Party.
        Then we must be fully aware of the shitstorm we’ll face, the same shitstorm we’d have faced if the UK Labour Party won GE19, and Jeremy would have had to stop being so bloody stubournly naive and trusting and had heavy security, it doesn’t bear thinking about!

      3. TBH Ellie, I joined your party because my friends and I believed that it was an embryo with a potential Socialist result, eventually. JC was a good, honest man but we never saw him as the fulfilment of socialism. Better by far than devious Trots looking for personal media accomplishments. Better by far, than the fraudulent, grasping revoltingly vain, Jock the Hat and his pals from RT. That empire building slap head once announced, he was immune to all attacks, his endeavour was not financially weak because Max Keiser, RT, had enabled his safety net with bitcoin. Its on utube. Then there are the ever fluctuating views figures. I’ll stop there but the point is what else was/is there. Morning Star, CPB, Lennard has won in Scotland, to the barricades. That wierdo, masked and pced, has taken Wales. Yeah right.
        If after having seen that show and the Lobby still believe that fairness and love of ones neighbour are values that are nurtured in this sordid excuse of a protection racket then stay and try to change it. I wish you well. Soon we shall all have to make a choice and having done so must stick with it it. I am not talking about democratic centralism but informed, personally, political choice. Stay and fight and see your decency destroyed or a take a deep breath and dive in. Trouble with that is it’s cold, deep ,lonely and wet. I stopped my DD when the 2nd ref was a discussion point. No more subs, leather, spit and index finger work for that lot, not ever again.

      4. One would have to scour history to find another pair of vain, selfish pretend representatives of the working class as those two. Burnham and Cooper,
        “we do want we need to in our pursuit of baubles” ltd..

    3. I agree Tim, there is a naivity that crept it’s way into the UK Labour Party and I hope, for all us “UNDESERVING POOR” bastards that it died along with The UK Labour Party on 13 December 2019.
      Giving up Empathy for the sake of Nice and Kind while trapped in a blinkered and comfortable situation, is as good as being a nice and kind TORY!

      1. Doubling down on your shill-shit I see! Nelly!

        Giving up Empathy! What the fuck are you on about. You can’t ‘give up’ empathy! If someone is an Empath, then they’re an Empath, and you can”t decide to give it deciding to give up smoking, or give up drinking alcohol. It’s an innate part of who and what you are.

        Jeeeze Nelly, you do come out with some complete and utter B/S in your quest to discredit and disparage Jeremy Corbyn, who you are of course alluding to, but don’t mention by name, just like ‘windchimes’ so often used to do..

        Yeah, if only the left-wingers in the Wallasey CLP hadn’t been so nice and kind – and been ruthless and devious and hard instead – then they wouldn’t have been stitched up by the Blairites in their CLP and the corporate media and the Tory controlled BBC. FFS, of course they would, and it wouldn’t have mattered a jot how hard or not they were. But the reality is that hard, ruthless, devious people would never be Jeremy Corbyn supporters, only caring and considerate people would be drawn to someone like Jeremy. precisely because they have the same vision as him.

        And the point I’m making of course is that Jeremy is Jeremy, and he can’t be what he’s NOT, but it wouldn’t matter what he was like if he had the same policies/beliefs he DOES have, because the Establishment and it’s propaganda machine would do everything in their power to prevent him from ever being in a position where he could potentially realise his vision. Just as they HAVE done!

      2. From the misfortune of seeing your opening lines I can say two things for sure, 1) you are exactly who I warn about. 2) you are those who you hate most!
        “Fascists” he says, tut, tut!
        Yes, okay Luke Sanger!
        I wonder when the other ‘barking’ Chihuahua will jump on this Witch-Hunter General Bandwagon of yours?
        Be warned you are being ignored and I don’t/won’t read your posts.

    4. A few who out thought, out fought and whipped the arses of over half a million clever clogs, some from…public schools and oxbridge.

    5. Socialist Labour Party
      The Labour brand is still worth a lot
      I have no clue whether we save the party or the country
      I was taught itz better to make a bad decision rather than no decision at all

  7. The right’s vicious and underhand ways of operating in stubbing out party dissent, are only matched by their political ineptness.

    Starmer moving Labour to the centre-right has allowed the Tories to drift off to the extreme right in terms of fiscal policy. Were Corbyn still leader there’s no way today’s mini budget would have come into being. Reeves seemed angry, because she knows they’ll end up backing these outrageous measures.

    Time to demand PR, so a truly leftist party can establish itself.

  8. The ominous-sounding music was hardly needed.

    Peter Oborne made a very valid point, what would Labour be like in power? We must all do everything we can to ensure that we never get to find out.

    Nothing in the print edition of today’s Guardian about this.

    1. Tony removing all the fuff here is our Next GE choice:

      TORY HELL (Provided by the TORY bastards who robbed us from a GE17 & GE19 Labour Government. Robbed us of CHOICE & HOPE! Killed The UK Labour Party leaving us with the squirming wriggling Infestation that is The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, within the dead thing that once was The UK Labour Party.)

      I am pretty sure that I know who I will not be voting for!

    1. Until the numbers are so great that it is too risky as was the case with its reversal over the death of Tutu.

    2. I was moderated several times this morning for fairly innocuous comments about ‘The Chancellor’s’ behaviour at a recent funeral… I have just returned to the live thread and find I am being ‘pre moderated’ now! Not a cat in hell’s chance of ‘Labour Files’ or Starmer’s utterly shameful treatment of Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi appearing in The Guardian. I ask myself why do I still go to the Guardian online? Basically for an overview of world news I guess and articles by a few of their contributors who can still earn the title ‘journalist’ – and I do learn stuff from BTL, which is more than I can say for most of their contributors. Totally off topic, but there was an appalling ‘article’ by Jonathan Freedland yesterday (more like writing his own review) about a play he has written opening at the Royal Court Theatre. More of the vile stuff we got from him trashing Corbyn – with contributions from Margaret Hodge, Luciana Berger, Tracy-Ann Oberman (who was the ‘inspiration’ apparently)…need I say more.

      1. Many others who suffered systemic ‘moderation’ started an alternative Off-Guardian community. As the saying goes “Once you Off-G there’s no going back”.

      2. I haven’t been allowed on the G since I criticised Starmer a year ago! Simp[le critiism, no bad language (even though it would have been justified)!

  9. Frank Dallas in this comment in Electronic Intifada nails it……
    “Labour is a criminal conspiracy against its members”. The people exposed are not fit to hold public office: Angela Eagle, Harman, Lucy Powell, Hilary Benn, all falling in with the corruption. Labour is a vehicle for corrupt careerists who have no concern for democracy, the truth or the rule of law. The corrupt leadership needs to be dislodged. The bureaucrats have to be stripped of their powers. The party must be in the hands of its members and its decisions must all be democratic. At the head of it all is Starmer. Thoroughly dishonest, corrupt and as Oborne says, if this is how he behaves as leader of Labour what would he do in power?

    1. Son of Kinnockio- the shite house vigilante- will be upset that you haven’t included him in your list.

    2. Harry Law, thank you for that link. I’d forgotten about EI and what a giant of a journo Asa is. Followed some links and was astonished. I am pretty clued up about the whole war thing. Have followed politics over in that part of the world since 80s. There before us are vids of Jewish/Israeli mercenaries in Ukraine. Now think about everything that that scenario implies. Yes, it’s fucking terrifying.

  10. Two Cheeks
    Lawless Organisation and Working night and Day for the Tory party
    You must be so proud

  11. Program discussed on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story here:

    To be honest, I believe that there are gaping holes in The Purge. e.g. There was nothing on the Party retaining personal data on ALL ex-members INDEFINITELY ‘just in case’ they decide to rejoin (and presumably vote the ‘wrong’ way), not just those expelled for disciplinary reasons, which is understandable.

    Retaining data for convenience ‘just in case’ contravenes Data Protection Principles, but the Labour Party is acting with the full support of the Information Commissioner’s Office in this (I have emailed proof). My (Tory) MP does not give a “fig” either.

    Over a million people are affected now, and conservatively, thousands have had their personal data hacked as a consequence. In response the Labour Party was (and still is) unwilling to divulge even what data fields it keeps about people – name, email address etc.

    The Labour Party is supposed to be a “creature of contract” – the Party’s Rule Book – but the Rule Book was (and still is?) silent on these matters. Is the Party acting ultra vires, else relying on hidden contractual terms? In my opinion, yes. It is, of course, led by a QC, and ex-DPP and human rights lawyer. Meanwhile they bang on about respect, security and being tough on criminals…

  12. I thought this program much more coherent
    compared with the shorter televised version
    with some apparent confusions clarified.

    I was shocked to read about the way Momentum
    was smeared and – blatantly – lied about,
    The ex-Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle
    who was no friend of Militant absolutely
    ruled out any resemblance between the two.
    IN fact he characterised Momentum as it was
    in those days pretty well.

    I must say after hearing what I did about Labour Party meetings
    from the MSM I was surprised when I actually started attending
    them in 2015/16. I did not find them full of nastiness – on the contrary I
    found them rather dull – boring even! There did not seem to be time
    to discuss policy – as they seemed bogged down in procedures
    and rules. These days we make sure we discuss policies.

    What was missing from the Liverpool account was the financial
    mis-management within the City after which I think the then Mayor
    resigned (?) hence the vacancy. I can understand why this was missed
    out – legal minefield.

  13. I thought Skwawkbox did the stories covered in the documentary better than Al Jazeera. Hugely admired their previous documentary on Labour and anti semitism a few years back featuring that terrible woman Ella Rose. Not as good as it should have been – particularly the last story featuring Damien and the emails. Luke Stanger seems an odd person to me but the emails Damien received and his father read, which were undeniably evil, had not source, and no provable link to Stanger.

    1. I’m hoping for some kind of grand reveal on Monday and yesterday’s the ‘weakest’ of the three.
      Lets wait until Montserrat and Freddie sings.
      I wasn’t too impressed with the broadcast interview after, too much Starmer/Neo-Labour TORY love if you ask me.

      1. Nellyskelly, it is Al Jazeera after all. How long have they had all of this stuff? Why pick Curtess(?), and that other bloke to comment. AJ is no friend of the working class.

      2. Yes you are right, there really is no MSM that is The PEOPLE friendly, anywhere on this plannet, even if they pretend to be so, there will be an underlying catch that will be reported by someone or t’other, 5/10 years from now.
        Then again those of us who did at one time have our flavour of MSM, were fools even back then. Jeremy Corbyn was a major turning point in exposé material not just here but internationally.
        The number of TV/Comedy types that crept from under their rocks, were just unbelievable, but then we are a dumb ape, we don’t learn, because the same people who were raging are back to quoting and even interviewng the exposed TV types. It’s all very odd indeed, I swear that Gates’ Death Jab has made people, well either dead or insane! Still at least some of us still see and hear.

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