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Labour regime set to rewrite rules to disempower Black and Asian members

Labour right’s racism rears its head again as NEC prepares to shred rules giving Black, Asian and other ethnic minority members a direct say in party affairs and resurrect sham body to maintain charade

The rampant racism and unchecked contempt of the right-wing Labour regime for Black, Asian and other ethnic minority members (‘BAME’, according to party jargon) is on show yet again – right alongside its utter disdain for member democracy, despite Keir Starmer’s leadership campaign promise that he would push power out to members – a promise long since added to the bonfire along with all his other campaign promises.

The party’s right-dominated national executive (NEC), which operates in lockstep with the leadership’s wishes, is set to vote tomorrow to scrap the party’s obligation under its rules – hard-won by ethnic minority members after years of a sham body designed to keep them from genuine influence – to hold a conference of its ‘BAME’ members.

And replace it by resurrecting the sham ‘BAME Labour’ body that was for years rigged, like so much else in the right-dominated party, to give the right control over what minority members of the party supposedly ‘thought’ and wanted – a body that long ‘elected’ the disgraced (now-former) right-wing MP Keith Vaz to represent it on the NEC.

That situation continued – unchecked by right-wing staff and NEC members – despite the supposed ‘elections’ being entirely unlawful under the party’s rules at the time because, out of the party’s many thousands of Black, Asian and other ethnic minority members, ‘BAME Labour’ could not even muster the 2,500 members that the rules required it to have in order to even have a representative on the NEC, although the right had tried to keep that deficit hidden.

It only ended after outcry from those disenfranchised members was heard by the newly left-dominated NEC and Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Democracy Review’, which mandated the new, inclusive conference – and that the NEC’s BAME representative must be directly elected by BAME members.

Now the party regime wants to silence the voice of those many members again – and return to the old ‘BAME Labour’ days where the right can easily control its puppet body to ensure minority members are unable to say anything to inconvenience Keir Starmer’s rampantly racist and Islamophobic party.

Starmer’s party is no alternative to the Tories – and the man himself is no alternative to more than a decade of dishonest and authoritarian rule.

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  1. This is just more evidence that the only racism recognised by Starmers Labour is anti semitism. The reason for this is that anti semitism can be and has been used to undermine and smear socialists and anti Zionists who like our BAME brothers and sisters are unwelcome in Starmers Labour.

    1. An NEC source said that under Corbyn’s tenure Labour had “created a number of bureaucratic structures that involve huge costs, which are simply not a good use of money in the run-up to a general election”.
      They added: “The BAME and disability conferences that were proposed would have cost almost £500,000. The proposal is, instead, to support BAME Labour and disability Labour to grow dramatically and to support the internal democracy of both organisations.
      “This gives both sets of members more influence in the party as affiliated organisations have nomination rights whereas the proposed conferences would have been talking shops focused on passing resolutions.
      “The package includes other important support for BAME members such as refocusing the Bernie Grant programme specifically on Black candidates because the selection process hasn’t been generating representation in parliament for Black men.”

      1. Well colour me shocked. Quelle Surprise! What a surprise.

        These sociopaths – alongside their lickspittle wormtongue cheerleaders hiding out offshore in their safe space like the cowards they are – would say something along these lines to justify their behaviour.

        Just like the bloke kicking his dog in the street will vehemently protest he had good reason for doing so.

        There is a definite and consistent pattern of abusive behaviour operating here. You can see and experience it every day at every level.

        Here’s another example from a couple of years back:

        In which Lisa Nandy, who has apparently been supported by Lord McConnell, called for a Catolonia style crackdown on those seeking Scottish Independence from English rule in an interview with Andrew Neil.

        Lest anyone has forgotten, “Catalonia’s 2017 independence referendum saw police violence against voters, ballot boxes seized by authority, and.. political leaders jailed for holding such a vote.”

        And, as a man kicking his dog in the street can be guaranteed to treat anyone and everyone else, including his own family in the same way should they dare to express a different world view to their own; so you can guarantee that these sociopaths and their fellow travellers at all levels presently running the Labour Party will treat the rest of the populace in the same way they have treated the majority of their members should these people ever be voted into Government.

        The Labour Party, like the British Crown has no citizens, have no members, only subjects to be treated as those who elevate themselves above everyone else as their superiors deem fitting for their own convenience.

        The historical record for such people, their attitudes and their behaviour, is not an edifying one. Inevitably, they, along with their cheerleaders (wherever they hide themselves) always end up face down in a ditch.

      2. Of course, JC did not face that problem because he was popular and attracted hundreds of thousands of members, so the Party was millions in credit. Starmer and the facist right however put the cart before the horse, and are more interested in money than democracy. If we all followed your approach we’d scrap general elections as a waste of money when the country is trillions in debt.

      3. Reply to Steve H
        To quote the late Mandy Rice Davis “Well he would say that wouldn’t he” lol

      4. The “simply not a good use of money” accusation indicates a Starmer regime opinion: that extending democracy is not a sufficient priority to win elections. For them, it’s just affectation, anyway.

        Labour aspires to be democratic BEFORE , yes before, anything else – for some of us know that democracy and socialism are indivisible and one assures the other.

      5. qwertboi – “some of us know that democracy and socialism are indivisible and one assures the other.”

        Nice idea but which countries would you hold up as a shining example of how this works in practice.

      6. @SteveH – probably Norway’s a good example and model for UK: A simple single decision gave the country the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global, which is worth some US$1.3 trillion. It’s current left-ish leader, Jonas Gahr Stoere, is a multi-millionaire (aside from his share of the Pension pot), and is, according to some, every bit as worryingly WEF-ish as the f*ck-awful Keir Starmer.

  2. Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powel would have been proud of this Starmers blackshirt Labour Party

    1. I met Powell, through his daughter. I feel fairly confident that he would have viewed Starmer as a prick, an arriviste prick. Surprisingly he got on we’ll with Benn. Politics is always interesting. I like Steveh. Yeah I know.

  3. Isn’t it about time we stopped referring to this lot as the ‘Labour right’?
    From the era Trade Unionist & Chartists founded this Party right up to the 90s there’s never been anything as right wing as this lot in the Labour Party.
    They are rightwing entryists.

    1. Spot on. It makes me so angry to hear the likes of Reeves saying :

      ‘…. a drop in Labour membership, which has reduced the party’s income, was a price worth paying for shedding unwelcome supporters and removing the “stain” of anti-Semitism from the party.

      “Membership in my constituency is falling and that’s a good thing,” she said. People had left “who should never have joined the Labour party. They never shared our values,” she added.’

      How bloody dare she. I joined the Labour Party years before she was even born – along with a large number of even older members who have been suspended/expelled on the most spurious of reasons and treated so shamefully.

      1. In an interview with the Guardian [in 2015], the [then] shadow work and pensions secretary laid out plans to slash the number of food banks operating in the UK if Labour comes to power. She said she felt it was a sign of “failed welfare state” that so many people in Britain were using them.

        “We are not the party of people on benefits. We don’t want to be seen, and we’re not, the party to represent those who are out of work,” she said.

        “Labour are a party of working people, formed for and by working people.”

        There was a strong reaction to her comments on social media, with many pointing out that people who are on benefits can be employed.

        Shortly after she was appointed, Reeves warned that Labour would be tougher than the Conservatives when it came to cutting the benefits bill.

        Labour recently slipped behind the Conservatives in the opinion polls for the first time in three years.

        I’ve never found anything to like about Reeves. Even the sound of her voice grates in my ears.

  4. “The BAME and disability conferences that were proposed would have cost almost £500,000″

    £100k less than keef hurriedly and uncontestedly shelled out to a few of his mates for helping to push the antisemitism narrative that did for Corbyn – The same Corbyn that left the finances £13m in the black…😙🎶

  5. “The package includes other important support for BAME members such as refocusing the Bernie Grant programme specifically on Black candidates because the selection process hasn’t been generating representation in parliament for Black men.”

    No, it hasn’t – has it, keef? 😙🎶

  6. I am sorry but you are swimming against the tide with the labour party who have pretended to represent the majority working class of Britain.Pretense is officially over you support fascists with your subs and agree to everything you dont believe in or bugger off….thats the message from Shitshow bunker southside.

      1. Typical of the Grauniad. It wouldn’t have taken much effort for the Grauniad “journalist” to check with UNESCO to find out whether or not the structures that are to be removed did, indeed, contravene UNESCO’s requirement that unauthorised structures should not be placed on such sites. Of course, they couldn’t be bothered to check. Maybe the Cambodian government is just enforcing UNESCO requirements, or maybe it has some less worthy agenda. The Grauniad could have provided us with such information but, as usual, their poor journalism shines through.

  7. And still, clowns will put their faith in the labour party…

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