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Labour excludes first Black female MP Diane Abbott from Black and Asian members event

Anti-black racism rears its head again as ‘wrong type of Black person’ not invited

The Labour party has excluded Diane Abbott – the UK’s first Black woman MP – from an event for Black, Asian and ethnic minority members.

Maurice McLeod, the candidate whose exclusion from the Camberwell and Peckham parliamentary selection in favour of a right-wing outsider triggered widespread outrage, commented that he would be attending despite being sure his views would not be welcome – and Abbott responded that she had not even been invited:

‘Maybe Labour HQ do not know that I am black’.

Ms Abbott was the target of disgraceful racism from right-wing Labour staffers during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – a fact acknowledged even by the Starmer-instigated Forde Report and exposed further by Al Jazeera’s ‘Labour Files’ documentary series. She was also targeted for ‘disgraceful’ and ‘disgusting’ abuse by Keir Starmer’s front-bench right-hand man Wes Streeting, a fact that did not prevent Starmer promoting him or the Labour right positioning him to be Starmer’s successor.

The Labour right’s appalling treatment of Diane Abbott is the tip of a poisonous iceberg of anti-Black and anti-Muslim racism among that faction, one that has seen Black councillors and candidates deselected en masse and disgraceful campaigns of abuse mounted to demonise and drive out left-wing women, with not just a lack of condemnation by the leadership but often with the active collusion of the Labour machine.

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    1. Has Diane actually been told not to attend (ie: excluded) or simply not been sent a personal invite.

      1. What’s the difference, wee gobshite?

        Hardly a good look to not have labour’s longest serving black MP there, is it? Not that she’s openly anti-smarmer, neither.

  1. My son is 23 years old; his mother has black skin, I am often described as ‘swarthy’ or an olive skinned Pikey. We are neither black nor white; we are mongrel & we both refuse to be labelled by our skin colour. I am attempting to motivate him to take an interest in politics but so far he expresses nothing but contempt for political parties & only taking an interest in single issues. He’s a bright kid (just like his dad).

    1. @steve101704

      In complete darkness we are all the same.
      Only our knowledge and wisdom separates us.
      We should not let our eyes deceive us.

  2. People are now calling for the total collapse of this filthy right wing party called the party of betrayal aka the fucking labour party… My party is now growing fast! I am proud of The Workers Party of Britain, we back all strikers Unions all working class people Join

    1. Andrew, just out of interest, WHO exactly is calling for the complete collapse of the Labour Party, and what ppoint does it serve to do so? I mean do you seriously think that doing so will lead to the total collapse of the LP,. or have the slightest effect whatsoever. Anyway, can you provide a link to where these people are doing their calling. Thanks

    1. Andrew,

      You are surely being disrespectful here in neglecting to use the correct definitive article pronoun.

      I take it that what you mean to say is THE DICKHEAD.

      1. I fall to my aching knees and worship your every move you beautiful Socialist you. Ooze Ooze

  3. Why on God’s name, ANYONE with the slightest left of centre views stays in this abhorrent, racirt party I have no idea! Get out and join or start a party called “traditional Labour, or something. Btter than waiting to be picked off by the Tories in the current Labour Party. Starmer claims to have kissed a Tory (just like his wife does) but he didn’t tell us where.

    1. During the past couple of years or more a bunch of people who post on here have said the same on numerous – ie hundreds – of occasions, but it goes without saying that they are quite content to sit on their lazy arses and do nothing themselves in that respect. If you can’t walk the walk then for fucks sake stop admonishing people!

      It’s just blah fucking blah fucking blah. Well STOP complaining and DO something about it ffs!! Or are you all just gonna keep on complaining ad infinitum!

      1. Or more to the point, STOP criticising people for not establishing a new party and do it yourselves!

      2. you are absolutely right AH all fucking talk and to lazy to get out of their comport zone I was out in Batley supporting GG and i am not a member of his party I will be out after xmas delivering leaflets against Nandy/phillips/Benn/creasy/cooper/streeting/lammy/Eagles/Jarvis/and a few more. 70 ex LP members will be delivering over 400 thousand leaflets that we have been organising for quite some time we are hoping that we can convince people to vote anyone but these parasites

      3. That’s something you cannot accuse me of Allan, I have built up a following of over 11 thousand people who are now like minded socialist decent ordinary people who now want to see this fucking dreadful party of betrayal shit down! and replaced… Watch this space..

      4. Andrew – To be replaced with what, or are you still working that one out?😏

      5. And where are they following you Andrew? And how long do you think we’ll be watching your space before whatever you have in mind, happens?

  4. In my opinion this is just a further example of the abuse Diane Abbott has had to contend with over the years. She has been mocked undermined maligned and insulted by Southside the PLP the BBC and the MSM among others but she is still standing, still defiant.
    Solidarity with Diane and Maurice and every other BAME member discriminated against by the racists currently controlling the Labour party.

  5. “Starmer claims to have kissed a Tory (just like his wife does) but he didn’t tell us where”
    Except that ….
    If she’d closed her legs, she’d have broken his glasses.
    [Couldn’t resist that one !]

  6. Backing any of the so called labour left is like stabbing yourself in the back!! Most of you still need to wake up about this fucking dreadful party of betrayal…

    1. Could you elaborate Andrew – ie WHY is backing any of the left like stabbing yourself in the back? And WHY do you refer to them as so-called left?

      1. PS And how many members have the Workers Party of Britain got now? And exactly how fast is it growing?

  7. If those who are attending have anything about them at all they will demand to know why Diane Abbott isn’t there. If they don’t they are simply strengthing the hands of those who are happy to continue to undermine Black & Asian members within the Labour Party.

  8. Starmer’s Labour serves the economic, social and political objectives of the global-capitalist Establishment.

    Starmer’s regime are nasty, complacent, self-interested Enterists. Labour as a vehicle for reasonable, principled democratic socialism for the Many, not the Few has been denatured by them.

    The MSM will advance the view that centrist Labour is the bee’s-knees. As a result, many voters will persist in the view that Labour is a radical, principled alternative – as they did post-1997 when Blair lost Labour 5m+ votes. Starmer is the bookies’ favourite to be the next Prime Minister.

    FPTP and the MSM will ensure that Starmer is the next PM. His denatured-Labour will implement the political agenda of the trilateral commission and World Economic Forum.

    A repeat of 1997, Starmer’s Labour serves the economic, social and political objectives of the global capitalist (or ‘neoliberal’, if you prefer) Establishment. Not for the Many, but serving the Few.

      1. Steve H do you really think “more of the same” will ensure the wests survival.?…you are deluded if you think the new world powers will tolerate you your present warmongers form.Time you lot cleaned house or the Eastern world will do it for you….!

      2. Two Cheeks
        What do people do when there is no democratic solution
        The Aristocracy has been replaced by the kleptocracy and they have gone global, only a matter of time before it all ends in tears, because it always does
        If we are lucky then we the people will end up owning everything, maybe the kleptocracy will not lose their heads this time, just their freedom and ill gotten gains
        Starmer is brought before the committee, what will be his defence, I was just following orders and taking the money
        Covid, Ukraine, Global Financial crisis will bring them down, when it happens, it all falls down in a nano second
        Can’t wait

      3. Doug – …..and the credible alternative that you are offering the electorate is?
        Please don’t forget to come back and tell is all about it when you
        have managed to get past the talking shop stage and actually have something tangible to offer the electorate.

      4. Two Cheeks
        Which part of Bankrupt do you people not understand, what is your definition of a functioning democracy and what should we do with the spivs and thieves who stole our kids futures

      5. Doug – When are you going to actually going to offer anything but empty rhetoric. Where’s your credible alternative?

  9. I see Sunaks flinging millions around the Ukraine and gets a hug from the comedian in full usual action man costume for the best act on offer in the western world….No shortage of funds for slaughter is there?

    Candidate drops out of Liverpool West Derby Labour contest, Kimberley Whitehead has withdrawn from the process
    A contender has dropped out of the race to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Liverpool West Derby.
    Kimberley Whitehead announced she has withdrawn from the process. It means that incumbent Member of Parliament Ian Byrne will go head-to-head with Croxteth Councillor Anthony Lavelle, with a result expected this afternoon (November 20)

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