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Exclusive: whistleblower Cohen challenges former boss Mahmood for Perry Barr seat

Former staffer announces she will stand for selection against right-wing MP who wrongfully sacked her

Whistleblower Elaina Cohen has announced that she is standing for selection in the Birmingham seat of Perry Barr – against the right-wing MP who wrongfully sacked her after she blew the whistle on alleged criminal exploitation of vulnerable women by Mahmood’s staffer and alleged lover.

Cohen, who won her tribunal case against Mahmood earlier this year, was sacked despite Mahmood admitting she was very good at her job – and the MP did not contest any of the accusations made by one of the women on the witness stand about the way she and other domestic violence victims were ‘sadistically’ abused and exploited.

And she has announced on Facebook this morning her intention to stand, accusing Mahmood of ‘effectively condoning criminal abuse of vulnerable women’:

Ms Cohen, who has also accused Labour leader Keir Starmer and his sidekick David Evans of covering up her allegations, exclusively told Skwawkbox that local Labour figures are already backing her bid:

It appears that the only way to get justice for the victims of criminal abuse and for myself is to become an MP myself, so I will be standing in the Perry Barr selection. It’s early days yet and the selection timetable has not yet been announced but I have asked the party to notify me when the process opens and I already have the support of local politicians.

Khalid Mahmood was contacted for comment.

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    1. Reply to Steve101704
      Yes That’s right Steve – criminal abuse and disgracefully no apparent police involvement.
      The case involves the exploitation and abuse of vulnerable people Ms Cohen was a whistle blower and reported the criminal activity she uncovered to Mahmood, Starmer and Evans .None of them took any action against the Labour member/s concerned but an Employment Tribunal found that Ms Cohen was marginalised isolated and was unfairly dismissed from her job in Mahmood’s office.
      The police may investigate and charge someone eventually but they haven’t done so yet- maybe wheels within wheels Steve?

      1. As can be seen below from the actual verdict of the Employment Tribunal the finding of Unfair Dismissal was on very limited grounds, most of the many claims made were dismissed.

        [this extract is a direct quote]
        “(1) The claim of unfair dismissal pursuant to section 94 & 98 of the Employment
        Rights Act 1996 succeeds, any award to be subject to deductions for
        contribution to her dismissal and under “Polkey” to be determined.
        (2) The claim of detriment because of a protected disclosure pursuant to section
        47B of the Employment Rights Act 1996 succeeds in respect of the allegation
        that she was marginalised and isolated in the period January 2020 until her

        [All the following complaints were dismissed]
        (3) All remaining claims are not well founded and are dismissed:
        a. The claim of automatic unfair dismissal pursuant to section 103A of
        the Employment Rights Act 1996;
        Case Number: 2203775/2021
        – 2 –
        b. All other claims of detriment because of a protected disclosure
        pursuant to section 47B of the Employment Rights Act 1996;
        c. Claims of direct discrimination because of race and religion or belief
        brought under section 13 and section 39 of the Equality Act 2010;
        d. Claims of harassment because of race and religion or belief brought
        under section 26 and 40 of the Equality Act 2010.

        You should read the full document – the evidence about Ms Cohen’s various actions regarding the concluded police investigations and her general conduct make for an informative and interesting read

        Does anyone know how much compensation Ms. Cohen has been awarded?

    2. Steve101704. Yes, that’s right. Another failure just like Starmer’s failure to bring the most prolific Establishment Paedophile to justice as well. See a pattern here?

  1. Bold, brave, noble decision, Elaina Cohen.

    I hope you’re right about Labour members. For what it’s worth, your ‘strong stance’ in this entire car-crash of Party mismanagement gets backing and support from people who love Labour and are no-longer members. Good luck with your Selection – and any action you see fit to take if it is not awarded.

  2. I assume this is the same Mahmood who is a senior fellow at Policy Exchange, one source of the anti-union legislation enacted since 2016, with more to come. How is this compatible with Labour Party membership?

    1. Paul Smith. The very same person. Makes you wonder why the big Unions still keep contributing to the corrupt, anti Union, racist Labour Party.

  3. Hear hear Smartboy! Women as a whole are
    marginalised by Labour Party HQ. I was able
    to get the slander of a Woman MP by a Conservative
    MP removed from recording of “Any Questions” – but
    so far as I know – no apology from latter or by the BBC
    “who could not have foreseen this”. The slander took
    place in July and I heard from the BBC in October –
    so Ive no idea how long recording was unaltered.
    I would like to complain about Conservative MP but
    not sure how to. Info on Govt web site makes my
    heart sink ..

    Incidentally Ive heard nothing from Labour Party
    concerning support for female MP – although the
    Society of Black Solicitors considered the whole
    episode (which was detailed by Skwawkie) as racist.

  4. Reply to Holby
    I doubt very much if you will hear anything from Starmers Labour about this Holby . I am not sure who you mean for there are a few MPs who have been similarly targeted but if she is Black, female and socialist there is more chance of pigs flying than there is of Starmer offering her one iota of support.

  5. Smartboy – the MP is Claudia Webbe.Here is the info
    about her case:

    Although the appeal was turned down, the judge specifically
    ruled out the “Acid” threat yet a Tory MP repeated it on
    “Any Questions”.

    And no – I do not really expect support from the Labour Party –
    however the Tory MP DID slander her as the BBC more or
    less admitted after deleting his remark. There is an OFFICIAL
    complaints procedure applying to MPs but I cannot get
    my head round the details – as it looks like one of those
    those god-awful “Apps” that never do what you want.

    1. Thanks for this Holby. I thought it might be Claudia. The way she has been treated by all concerned is truly disgraceful. Clearly her colour gender and Left politics played a major part in this.
      What sickened me more than anything was the Right’s reaction to her court appearances and sentencing. They were gleeful. Totally disgusting.

  6. Off topic:

    Interesting piece by Adam Ramsey in Open Democracy

    Keir Starmer’s broken promises will come back to haunt him (and Labour)

    The Labour Party goes into the next general election as the clear favourite. It is more than 20% ahead of the chaotic Tories, and appears so grey and stale that the right-wing press and City will be much less afraid of it than it was last time.

    But, surely, the Tories will take the blank screen that is Keir Starmer, and project onto it the image of the unprincipled liar, someone whose promises and pledges you can’t trust, someone you can’t take at his word – drying all his pledges to dust, ensuring voters don’t believe anything he says. Unlike much of their messaging in 2019, this will have the advantage of being objectively true. And they will do everything they can to project the sense that ‘they’re as bad as us,’ that when politicians propose to do nice things, they are lying to you. And the bigger the promise, the bigger the lie.

    1. Absolutely spot on – and this has already started. Even the buffoon
      Johnson cottoned on. Sunak is right in there too .. though sometimes
      he is idiot enough to refer back to Corbyn.

  7. An aside, but a significant one.
    Very interesting, given that the NYT is, essentially, the mouthpiece of the dominant faction in the US administration.
    Interesting, also, that the Grauniad was one of the signatories – especially given that The G played a significant role in the events that led to Assange’s persecution. Could it be that they have developed a conscience?

  8. Anyone heard the local election results in Taiwan?
    Tsai Ing-wen, the President and leader of the DPP ruling party, went on TV 2 days before the local elections saying that these elections were a referendum on her government’s policies, and stressed the policy of working with the US to “confront” China.
    The DPP suffered very heavy losses and the Kuomintang registered huge gains.
    The Kuomintang is in agreement with the PRC over the “one China” policy, though they think that they should be the government of the “one China”.
    Looks like the people of Taiwan have said very clearly that they don’t want to be used by the US administration as a pawn in their strategic chess game.
    Tsai Ing-wen has had to resign as leader of the DPP, though she still retains the presidency …………. for the time being.

    1. Just realised when Tsai Ing-wen leaves office she will be able to repeat, ad nauseam, “when I was DPP”.

  9. On another matter
    If you want to see how efficient the RW are as opposed to the Left
    When it comes to being on message, on every level, they repeat ad nauseam that days lie
    Apparently disparate individuals all saying the same thing
    The latest are ‘wage inflation, we can’t afford it’
    There is no such thing, never was, for it to be a thing, the wage rises would need to come before price rises and businesses would be failing left right and centre
    Brexit, give it time
    Time for what, name the Golden Goose that will make it all worthwhile
    Send all migrant workers back and force people off the Nat King to do those jobs
    Or make those seasonal jobs more attractive to British workers, allow folk to keep their benefits if they choose to work in those sectors
    Every pound is worth 8 pounds in the local economy, its the multiplier effect, for the simple reason those who benefit are Good Spenders

    1. I’m convinced there’s a memo goes out every day and you can bet your bottom dollar, Pound Shop War Criminal is on the distribution list

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