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Exclusive: union member of SELECTION committee excluded from West Derby branch vote

Email from union rep on committee supposed to be overseeing selection process asks why meeting took place without him being notified or invited. MP of the Year Ian Byrne has mass union support

Left-wing West Derby MP Ian Byrne is currently fighting a battle to remain Labour’s candidate in the seat against the determination of the Labour regime to replace him with a right-winger.

That determination saw such intense rigging of results in the ‘trigger’ process that decided whether there would be a contest that the official appointed to oversee it refused to sign off on the ‘result’. Rather than investigate the official’s complaints, the party simply removed them and installed the London regional office, which has been accused of extensive anti-democratic conduct, extending domestic abuse perpetrated against Muslim woman MP Apsana Begum and even ‘criminal’ data breaches in its own territory.

The party’s push to remove Byrne has also seen Labour break its own rules to lock Byrne out of party communications platforms, preventing him from emailing members – while the right-wing staffer, whom the party wants to install in the safe seat (despite unanswered allegations of bullying and hate speech toward a young disabled woman), is reportedly able to freely email campaign messages and media to members.

Now the contest has entered the branch nominations phase – and video revealed exclusively by Skwawkbox showed the farce of the right-rung nomination meetings, where a London official ignored points of order and requests for clarification before telling members they had twenty-four hours to vote on the widely-criticised ‘Anonyvoter’ system.

Byrne has the backing of the party grassroots – and mass support of the unions that are affiliated to Labour. Which may explain why a union rep supposed to be on the selection committee overseeing the process was excluded from last week’s Knotty Ash West Derby (KAWD) branch vote, as he pointed out in an email after the local party secretary sent him an email with the result of a meeting he was supposed to be helping oversee but had known nothing about:

The massive ‘problems’ with the West Derby selection process, which have already seen one official removed for refusing to sign off on corrupt results, continue.

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  1. Surely the only vote that really matters is the final OMOV one. If Ian is anywhere near as popular with his constituency members as is claimed then he should walk it.
    Ask yourself, how many sitting Labour MPs have actually been deselected by their CLP.

  2. SteveH, didn’t you hear? Ian Byrne has been locked out of the computerised system while the favourite of the right is given access.
    I bet Lavelle isn’t contacting any member likely to vote for Ian Byrne, plus the level of filibustering on show I wouldn’t be surprised if Lavelle wins on postal votes.
    I would donate to a fund raiser and see the Labour Party taken to Court. I am sure many local members and residents would support Ian Byrne too.

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