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Truss gone

PM resigns after visit from 1922 Committee Chair

Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister following a visit from Graham Brady, the chair of the influential Conservative ‘1922 Committee’. It was only ever a matter of when – and the most chaotic premiership in contemporary UK history has also been the shortest.

Tragically for ordinary people, the Tories were already through the bottom of the barrel and are all committed to the stripping of all that is good about the UK, so there will be no improvement – and with a so-called ‘opposition leader’ who is just as committed to austerity and a police state, just as ready to cover up abuse, as his ideological brethren opposite, there is currently no prospect for change for the better on the political horizon.

Such is the diseased state of our democracy, doubly tragic if you consider what might have been had Starmer and his faction put the interests of the country above their desire to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn,

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    1. He and the Labour party will be the ones in power, what does that say about you and your comrades?

      1. No son. They would be in office. The power lies elsewhere.

      2. Dave – We both know that is a load of bollocks but putting that aside for a moment where would it leave you and your comrades if Labour won with a descent working majority or even worse for you a landslide? This is what is really panicking you and ‘the self appointed guardians of the left’ because the penny has suddenly dropped that you’ve completely failed to get your act together in the last 3yrs and now you have been left wondering what purpose you actually serve.

      3. Wobbly – I don’t have a problem with a mixed economy with a with regulated private sector. It’s better than the alternatives.

      4. @Dave

        Nice retort. Damned accurate too

      5. I see you have you projection head on today boy.

        Once again missing the point I have already made and which you have already run away from on a previous thread, like the coward you are, that the point of being elected is to improve matters and make progress.

        An objective which is only possible in the present collapsing systemic multiclusterfuck by totally breaking with the failed paradigm of the past five decades. Something the Labour Party is clearly determined not to do and is indeed bending over backwards to signal to those who actually hold the power that their (and your) sociopathic ponzi scheme which has ruined and cost countless lives here and elsewhere is safe under the Trilateral Commissions placeman.

        On the necessary economics, foreign, domestic, criminal justice and a whole raft of policies you and your Muffin the Mule have not got a clue.

        To take one example – and this will result in well deserved egg not just on the Mule’s face but also your own – the recent announcement that the Labour Party will go even further than the present Tory anti-protest Bill by making ‘misgendering’ a criminal offence (in a context in which certain lobby groups are already arguing that the term ‘child safeguarding’ is a dog whistle for ‘Hate Speech’ which Starmer is committed to making a criminal offence) will lose millions of votes across the Country.

        Votes which ignorant numpties such as yourself are taking for granted and hanging your hat on.

        That you prefer to operate in ignorance by focusing on totally the wrong metric is not just your affair or business. What you are arguing for will not cost you in your (alleged) Caribbean bolt hole you have fled to. You therefore not only have nothing positive to bring to the table you also have no stake in this. Butt out, its non of your business.

      6. Dave – I am guessing that you only have speculation about the contents of this policy rather than anything specific.

    2. All the Tories need to do at next GE is say “keep Brexit safe ” & GE19 will repeat itself.

      This is the damage Starmer has done.

      1. Very true and I suspect Starmer knows this. For him, the brexit scam (2nd Ref etc..) was a necessary step to ensure JC (and the radical democratic principles he represented) was removed and weakened. (The pre-arranged Covid scam, and follow-on Ukraine War scam could never have happened as long as Jertemy Corbyn was a current member of the UK Establishment nexus called the ‘privy council’).

      2. qwertboi – ” It’s either happening or it isn’t”
        Given the total absence of any evidence to the contrary it isn’t

        Do you actually believe the conspiracy crap you post proselytise on here?

      3. qwertboi – I live in hope that not everyone in the UK is not as gullible as you are.

  1. This is why the Tories keep winning General Elections. They don’t put up with a leader that they know isn’t going to deliver victory at the ballot box.
    Bad news for Labour, Starmer still leader and nobody in the PLP appears to have the bottle to challenge him no matter how bad he performs.
    My guess is that by Xmas the Tories would be in the lead once again.

  2. The UK government are a shambles and a second rate tribute act of the labour party wait to get in by default..More parasites will throw their hats in the ring and Britain is a good example of a country sinking without a constitution
    l.Starmer cheated is way into the labour party and another cheated her way into downing street without any mandate from the public.
    The people deserve better than this and the system fails all of us.

  3. Good to see the back of her but the economic damage she did is still there. I am no economist but I understand from what I heard on the (biased) MSM that her mini budget fiasco wiped 11 billion of the value of the BT workers pension fund and thats just one pension fund that they mentioned- how much has she cost the others?
    She has gone but will be paying for incompetence and insane dogma drive decisions in 30 years time.

    1. Thanks for that info Smartboy.

      As a recipient of that fund it will be interesting to see how BT and its executives deal with that. The fund went into deficit sometime in the early 90’s arising from Project Sovereign following the Company taking a Pension Holiday on grounds that it was well in surplus at the time. Money which was used on redundancy payouts to that section of the company management cadre who did know their arse from a hole in the ground.

      However, around the time of the ERM crisis BT had also used money from that pension holiday on redundancy payouts for some 27,000 staff. The company has been putting in money to stabilize the fund and make it solvent ever since. Of course, they have also scrapped the previous funds (around 2009 for workers under the old scheme) in favour of cheaper and cheaper schemes for batches of new workers.

      The other fly in the ointment is that that £11 billion will go onto the Government liabilities column on the country’s balance sheet because the only way Thatcher could sweeten the privatisation pill in 1984 – to get the City and investors to take on the former public utility and its publicly paid for assets was for Parliament to take on the BT pension funds liabilities if they ever went bust.

      The same arrangement applies to the more recently Privatised Mail, along with other Thatcher era privatisations.

      1. Reply to Dave H and NVLA
        Thanks to both of you for the additional information As I said I’m no economist but its clear to even me that Truss is a total incompetent and we will be paying the price for her incompetence for years to come.

    2. Smart boy

      The problem with pensions is they’ve started gambling seriously with the money. Whilst they are tied into making sound decisions on account of managing pensions, this didn’t stop them ramping up the chances of failure.

      Liquidity is the problem. There is no more credit. The pension companies would have had a fire sale of assets and it would have spread globally. Mortgages are next. It is going to bang. Who fancies more interest to pay? More specifically, who can afford it?

      Sooner or later (think sooner), the wheels are going to fall off. I’ve got less than 20 years for my pension, I’m in no doubt it won’t be there when I arrive.

      Think South Park.

      “Annnnnd its gone”

      1. This UK site is already experiencing more hot air than we need from the Caribbean.

    3. This is a coup. The real attacks will begin when Headroom is placed in office. A nice Xmas present to keep us warm and fuzzy. We should all be scared. Oh no, my old Soviet Union passport has lapsed. No matter I belive its nice in Cuba this time of the year.

  4. Brexit, which gave Johnson and the far right its power in the Tory Party, has caused this fiasco. The same will happen to Labour, but for different reasons, if Starmer gets into power!

    1. Jack,, Brexit is small beer

      $2 trillion in derivatives is the problem. Nothing else matters.

      You’re weeks away from having lots of nothing. It’s coming for Europe, America and others. In or out, the same shit would be panning out right now.

      1. “Brexit is small beer”
        Maybe for some, but not for those who have lost their jobs, or those who have/will lose their freedom because of it.

      2. …but not for those who have lost their jobs, or those who have/will lose their freedom because of it…

        Woods and trees spring to mind

      3. Never Voting labour again….I have noticed quite a pannick here about the banks and acess to money.People here like Indians put their assets in Gold if they have money rather than paper when times are uncertain.Luckily theres no problems in buying gold purchased in US dollars here so thats exactly what my son has done.Hes been buying for over six months now and its a worry being has his guesses have been accurate
        .I don’t want to say too much about the situation only batten down the hatches and help the vulnerable people in Britain.We are seeing the fruits of neo liberal politics across the western world and the knock on effect even here in the middle of nowhere..

      4. NVLA, I agree Gaddaffi was an example of good government that benefited most of its people. However, a democratic system can still deliver good government, Lula, Evo Morales, Salvador Allende are examples that socialism can win at the ballot box.
        The problem as example by all the three socialist above is that the economic interest of the 1% will always do their best to bring their governments down.
        But, I will argue that through the ongoing struggle people are learning to defeat the 1%. Despite the coup against Evo and the trumped charges against Lula, Bolivia defeated the 1% at the ballot box and Lula is set to defeat the 1% democratically in Brazil.
        When Gaddaffi felt, nobody was able to carry on his work the problem with benign dictators is that when they fall, the system falls with them

    2. The UK is looking like a failed state politically. Both the big two parties detest their respective memberships and increasingly look like self-protecting elitist cabals, that are hunkered down in Westminster avoiding democratic scrutiny and local accountability.

      The whole system should be replaced with a modern democratic system; one with party primaries(for candidate selection) and proportional representation for Westminster, under a new written constitution.

      1. Andy, the UK doesn’t need US style politics. PR is by far a better solution.

      2. @Maria I’d argue a benign dictator is best. Look what Libya had before the usual suspects destroyed it.

        They did it because Gaddafi was planning an African currency backed by gold.

        Some of his policies;

        Free education and healthcare.
        $50k to start out as newlyweds.
        Completed the world’s largest irrigation system.
        Had no debts and held about $150b. Which was robbed.
        Petrol was 14 cents a litre!!!
        A home was a human right.
        Gender equality was a reality.
        They were higher than most Western countries on the Human Development Index.
        There was zero hunger.
        Libyan oil system was owned by its citizens. This meant regular income.

        Quite how one man could be such a paradoxical figure is a wonder, and a good example for my argument.

      3. NVLA – All well and good if you like being treated like a child but what happens when your benign dictator isn’t benign any longer.

      4. “what happens when your benign dictator isn’t benign any longer.”

        A point which many, now former, Labour Party members – many forced out of the Party since early 2020 – have been making for some time on this site.

        Yet, the cowardly streak of piss in his (alleged) Caribbean bolt hole, seems fine with a dictator as long as its one he is cheerleading for whilst at the same time knowing he will not have to suffer the consequences of what he wishes to impose on others..

        Your hypocrisy and double standards are showing stevie boy. Again, mind your own business and butt out.

      5. Dave – Don’t be a numpty all your life, As you well know Keir Starmer is the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party and there is also a democratic procedure to vote him out of office should the need ever arise.
        I remember at the time of the 2020 leadership campaign there was a poll that asked Labour Party Members how they would vote if Jeremy was on the ballot paper alongside KS, LN & RLB. The results of the poll were that RLB’s vote collapsed, Corbyn got about 30% and Keir Starmer still won in the first round.

        Your hypocrisy and double standards are showing stevie boy.”

        Are they really, what hypocrisy and double standards would they be, please be specific and supply links to your evidence.

    3. Brexit? We never had one. How are things going in the EU? Gosh, to think we’re all missing out on the benefits that the German powerhouse will be enjoying, however badly things might be going the cowboys will help them out. Could be worse, could be us.

      1. Wobbly – Whether we did or not in your opinion is irrelevant it is a fact that we are no longer members of the EU.

  5. …above their desire to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn…

    We’ve just witnessed what would have happened to Corbyn if somehow he had won.

    So, which knob is next for the poison chalice?

    1. NVLA, the markets would have probably crashed under Corbyn too as way of trying to get ride of Corbyn rather than Corbyn doing anything as reckless as Truss. In the even I guess Corbyn would have most probably have implemented protectionist measures.
      I am not a member of Franco’s fan club, but the Spanish working class had better standards of living under Franco that under successive PSOE’s governments.
      The ones that suffered under Franco were the middle classes. We were force to stay put in Spain during holidays because the value of the peseta was so low it was very expensive to travel abroad for a holiday. Foreign cars were very expensive so 9 out of 10 cars on the road were SEAT. The white goods in Spanish kitchens were made in Spain, and everybody washing machine or frigde was either FAGOR or EDESA.
      However, under Franco’s regime the average working class family owned their homes with mortgages paid in full within 10 years and on one salary and had a small car. While the middle classes purchased second homes on the sea side or on the country side for holidays and weekends use.
      Presently, in the UK the working class can barely afford to feed their children and keep their homes warm, let alone owning their own homes. It isn’t like they can afford holidays.
      Hence, the financial markets crashing means nothing to them. A Corbyn’s government would still have control of the currency and internally it would be able to ensure decent pensions and services and investment in necessary infrastructure, plus a boosting for British manufacture. Thus, for the majority of people a Corbyn’s government would have been a blessing.

      1. Gramsci lived in better conditions than most present day Italians.

    2. Replying to Joseph, not much gold can be bought if you’ve got fuck all. I asked for some at the scouse soup kitchen, when I fought through the photographers. They told me to fuck off. I’ll try silver.

      1. Yes, 45 days. George Canning, who died in office, lasted 119 days.

        That’s enough trivia!

  6. 45 days!

    At this rate soon they’ll have to fit No.10 with a revolving door.

    They’ve got a big majority too, Johnson looked invincible after 2019’s GE. How long would Starmer last, basically implementing Tory policies including austerity & Brexit?

  7. And the left is still chatting about what to do, though the stay and fight BS seems to fizzled out. A new party is the only option. The unions have to tell Starmer to sling his hook.

    1. The Unions got their fingers burnt in 2015 when they put up about 650 council candidates along with about 160 parliamentary candidates and every one of them lost their deposits.

      1. SteveH, How long was the Labour Party in existence before it got ten seats? Things take time in the UK.

      2. Wobbly – Was it more than 40 years.

        It has taken Keir 3 years.

    2. It will take a very long time before anything Socialist will get into HoP. For now The PEOPLE have no voice…….dahhhh dah daaaaeh….until BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen takes office we will be heard on every street from everywhere,
      The PEOPLE who are still MSM Sheeple, will start waking up and the demand for a PEOPLE’S Party will become louder.
      We have to drop the Top Heavy Naive Middle-Class Leadership and get Working Class in. People who would not cancel pickets/protests, because the queen died etc. They could always remain as advisors, but the next generation PEOPLE’S Party must be made up of the Stewardship from the docks, rail, trades, etc, etc!
      Real PEOPLE, PEOPLE’S PEOPLE. People have lost faith in the Posh Totty telling the poor about their suffering.

      1. People have lost faith in the Posh Totty telling the poor about their own sister’ssuffering.

        Fixed 👍

        (Although keef cannot be accurately described as “totty” – unless the one describing him as such is a deaf & blind masochist)

      2. Wah hah hah! Yeah, but I just chuck the lot of them from the Wannabee Middle Class to the Super Rich under Totty, well Posh Totty, men or women, “pretty” or “ugly”, they’re all ugly on the inside. And the “prettier” the wrapper the uglier the contents. However on rare occassion, like BlueKeef, something goes wrong.

      3. nellyskelly – Unfortunately the people had self evidently lost faith in Corbyn by the time it came around to the 19GE. We went into the 19GE with the party 11% points behind and two thirds of the electorate expressing a dislike for and a lack of trust in Corbyn and to top it off some pretend lefties either sat at home or even voted for Boris. The idiocy they displayed is baffling.

      4. According to the Manufactured MSM, MSSM, MSP, maybe. Unless of course there is traceable proof of how the miniscule RW/LP Voters who “vowed” to Vote Brexit are blamed as the guilty party who “caused an 80 seat slide” VS the Masses of ‘I will never vote for Corbyn and Organised, Planned, VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign, wich ironically has never been mentioned in the make-up of the Labour Loss of 80 seats!
        You won’t, because, you cant, it doesn’t exist, they used the “I’ll never Vote Corbyn” and VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn data to blame, as you love to do, the wrong ‘man’ as a diversion from the actual facts and figures!
        Your Zombified MSM Sheeple brain sees a couple of Working Class say that they voted Conservative ‘to get Brexit done’ and a description “Millions of Working Class voted Conservative, to get Brexit Done” and you just blindly believe it, no evidence, no facts, no questioning, no thinking required, same with every other issue discussed here.
        You are either an Extremely Gullible Fool or have Invested Interest in attempting to make MSM, MSSM, MSP Propaganda appear factual. You’ll lose eventually.

    3. And who is going to tell the unions, you know the ones I mean, to sling theirs. They’ve played their part in this long winded stitch up especially the JC assassination and the AS plot. Don’t look for fly agaric in nettles.

  8. Telegraph claiming they might be about to bring the ‘albino warthog’ back.

    Other countries must be rofl’ing at this sh*tshow.

    1. Reply to Andy
      There has been a lot on TV since you posted your comment about the potential for Johnson to make a come back.
      Starmer is a wooden top and naturally is calling for a general election on the grounds that ( among other things) a new PM would not have a mandate from the electorate. The last thing the Tories want now is a General Election .Johnson had a mandate so they may decide to reinstate him so that a General Election can be avoided.
      This is just speculation on my part but it could happen. They are stupid and arrogant enough for anything.

      1. Smartboy, I have been informed-by a non political gambler- that a few bob has been laid on that outcome even if Rishit is favourite.

    2. To preserve my own sanity, I’m in it strictly for the LOLs by this point😶. What a cluster fuck!

    3. Andy – The Telegraph should reflect on their use of language, it has consequences.
      “A young albino woman says she wears make-up everyday after being “abused, bullied and even spat on” because of her appearance. Billie-Jo Randall says she has been physically attacked in public because of her disability and has “rude comments hurled at her” whenever she leaves the house.”

  9. No surprise Thick Lizzy’s going. The next can only do better. I suspect Penny Mordaunt was auditioning for the PM job when she substiuting for Lizzy.

    1. “The next can only do better.”
      Not if the ‘next’ is Bozo. Truss has done the job which she was put in to do i.e. create a route for Bozo to get back into no.10.

    2. Chris, gotta admit that Penny is more pleasing on the eye than No Profiles. But, I have been called a shallow minded sexist – amongst many other things.

  10. As predicted, BlueKeef calls for GE, not even just against The CheezyTruss but ‘just’ against a chaotic Conservative TORY Party. All part of the NEO-Labour Party TORY Corrupt, Coup and Sabotage to get the Commissioners’ Boy, BlueKeef in to Nr10!
    I feel sorry for CheezyLizzyTruss she was nothing more than Lamb to the Slaughter. Her sheer stupidity and ignorange led her to believe she could do it and just perhaps without a MSM onslaught, she just may have managed to some degeree, but she has never presented any different, she never had a moment of genius, not as MP, not as Minister, not in the Leadership Debates, not as PM, Isn’t it interesting how she was mostly well receive by the MSM, even when she was REALLY SHIT! Right until the moment that she took the Keys of Nr10, it was almost Jeremy Corbyn all over, I bet if she found her Mojo and shock surprised us all, going on and doing “well”, she would have been an Antisemite, rivaling Corbyn!
    I hope, two hopes:
    1. They put up something half decent, for PM, that fucks up BlueKeef and The Commissioners years long, long conn.
    2. BlueKeef gets his Snap Ellection and we see just how fast Britain descends into utter chaos, and sadly with the Starmerstruppen a Police State bloodshed.
    However that wont stop The PEOPLE bellow way up Upper Middle-Class. BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen as Government. I give it less than an over generous 3 months before the first riot.
    I can’t make up my mind which one of those will give me greatest pleasure in seeing the NEO-Labour Party TORIES suffering their own nastiness! Like a snake eating itself!

      1. BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen has Policies that speaks sweet “left”, Actions and Talk that Speaks Far Right Fascist.
        I dont hink you have a leg to stand on for mocking Naïvety.

        Political Naivity may be in the ranks of The remnants of The UK Labour Party, (RIP 13 Dec’19), but I can assure you it is miniscule by comparison to the Naivity of The NEO-Labour Party TORIES, who are not even aware of a poverty class below Upper Middle-Class! They thought that they eradicated The “UNDESERVING POOR” we’re still here, and we will show you just why you made a Massively NAÏVE mistake by pushing us out on the street.

      2. nellyskelly – Are you referring to all those poor working class individuals who after 9 years of Tory austerity voted against their own and their communities interests by voting Conservative at the 2019 GE.

      3. 1. 43 years of TORY!
        2. VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn vastly outnumbered any other group who threatened to vote TORY/not to Vote UK Labour Party (Revived 12 Sept’15 & RIP 13 Dec’19)!
        An “UNDESERVING POOR” Person is also going to think long and hard, at that ballot box, of personal consequences, whereas a Middle-Class Socialist and Poor Hater would not think twice, it will have no consequence, you are already TORY, The NEO-Labour TORY Party, you are far more TORY and Dangerous than even this disaster in government, but we’ll let The PEOPLE do the talking!
        The number of deaths by suicide and attempting to return to work and the prisons overcrowded for BlueKeef’s beloved 10 year sentences, for as light a crimr as farting in the wrong direction, IF you are “UNDESERVING POOR”, it is going to hit the proverbial fan!

      4. nellyskelly – Which makes it all the more puzzling why so many of the working class chose to vote for Boris instead of Corbyn. Were you one of those who thought long and hard before you voted to ‘ Get Brexit Done’?

      5. They didn’t, VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn did. You know the TORY SCUM of The NEO-Labour Party TORIES, who Sabotaged the UK Labour Party to death (RIP 13 Dec’19).
        No Point reposting for the millionth time your Unverified Unregulated Billionaire Manufactured and Bent Demographics, meaningless and pointless. They may have the area of interest right, but in the red wall they would not have spoken to the invisible class for their oppinion it would be your pals The Middle Propaganda Class, the likes of Woodcock, Austin, et al the VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Saboteurs. They were hardly going to blame themselves, when BLiar, Mande and Campbell so nicely baited and gaslit the handful of Red Wall/Labour Voter who vowed to vote ‘Brexit’, were they now?
        Better to lose Honourably, than to win shrouded in Deceit, Lies and Shame.
        The Commissioners may practically have their Puppet, The BlueKeef, in Nr10 already, but again under a shroud, and this time there will be no payoff.
        3 Months!

      6. Steve H ….pull yourself together….youre acting like truss a child “giddy with” im in charge “…..I won…I won and soon you will see the results of all your greed and hatred of your very own working class and country….good luck you will need it with even more prayers for a working class that dont deserve this.

      7. Joseph – All I’ve done is point out a few basic facts that you have found to be uncomfortable reading.
        As for your prayers, thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need an emotional prop.

      8. Stevie boy, are you talking to me with your mouth full again?

  11. From one of the great Jamaican artists, a tune to send Liz on her way:

    Joe Higgs – It’s Goodbye

      1. Great track from a fine album — Forces Of Victory. Probably my favourite roots album from a UK-based artist from that mid 70s to late 80s period in Reggae music. Superb musical backing thanks to Dennis Bovell. Excellent live clip, too.

      2. I see there’ also a clip of Reggae fi Peach (Tribute to Mr. Blair Peach) from the same concert. Top tune!!

      3. Did anyone see him in Liverpool this week? Was he solo or with Dennis Bovell’s band?

    1. Definitely, and they’ve got Penny. Pity about the type2 or is it the glands. Yeah, yeah, sticks and stones etc but words, try telling that little saying to someone with a warrant on your doorstep.

  12. Starmer got less than enthusiastic applause at the TUC22 Congress, this morning. Not what he was hoping for, but then the speech was, simply, a rehash of a Jeremy Corbyn speech from a few years ago.

    JC’s was more authentic and sincere. Those in the know – knew that.

    Despite ‘friends in the audience’ trying to whip up a few cheers, extended applause and whoops, no one else was playing their game. It fell flat as a pancake, and, just, made Starmer look silly.

    Sillier than he normally does, that is.

      1. How cruel! Asking people to sit through that dross – some for the second time.

        Have you no compassion?

        It may not be so bad if there was any coherence or originally, in the speech, but there’s not. We’ve heard it all before – and with much better delivery and genuine sincerity.

      2. I might add, it was a third-rate facsimile, of the original.

      3. George – Which original was that, could you post a link so that we can all benefit from being able to contrast and compare the two.

      4. SteveH, the applause to Keir last less than 5 seconds each time and not cheering at all. I will define as polite but less than enthusiastic applause.
        Please compared with the applause for Corbyn in the clip below at the Trade Union Congress

      5. Maria – But the adulation wore off and self evidently didn’t translate into actual votes.

      6. Steve H…..todays news in Asia are predicting that its a poisoned chalice the office of PM and the unlucky victim will inherit a slumping economy in recession and a inflation rate the highest in forty years.I suppose that is good news for you and your fascist labour party but a absolute disaster for all of us who will feel the results of a establishment’ meltdown .We have to absorb the pain to feel the gain but you lot are in deep trouble with a unique opportunity that will bare no fruit for any of us until you collapse and burn 🔥along with your tory party tribute band and unionist chums…

      7. Joseph – …. and yet bizarrely you are the one who is actively campaigning for more of the same
        Life is so much easier when you choose to live in an authoritarian dictatorship like yourself.

      8. SteveH, adulation towards Corbyn? I don’t think so. The MSM was against him, the bureaucracy of the Party was against him too? He wasn’t going out of its way to purge the right? Hence, why would anyone adulated Corbyn at a Trade Union Congress?
        Transference, transference, I will argue that adulation is what Starmer is receiving because many within the Labour movement are scared of him.
        Still thinking that Starmer can win at the ballot box? Did you see Mordaunt’s taunting Starmer with his record of betrayal at the House of Commons just the other day?
        I am not going to be surprised that by February 2024 Panorama decided to screen the Labour Files, SteveH, care to comment about the likely impact on the chances of Labour winning a GE in May 2024?

      9. I doubt that Panorama would show it, but sooner or later, as we approach the next election and scrutiny of Starmer’s party intensifies, one media outlet (my bet would be GB News) will go nuclear and break the MSM Omerta on the Al Jaz Labour Files and start the clock ticking on Starmer & Co’s future, synchronising this with an Al Jaz repeat of the Labour Files series, ideally. It would be too good an opportunity to boost their credibility for either channel to resist.

        Popcorn at the ready!

      10. tinfrom – Does anyone apart from a few gullible idiots still watch GB News.

      11. Maria – Did you notice how similar the formats of the BBC and the Al-Jazeera ‘documentaries’ were

  13. Maria, I would expect that the Tories will still be behind in the polls at Christmas, though not by such a large margin. Whoever is shoehorned in could not be as utterly inept and so the Tories’ figures will improve. They will still have two albatrosses around their necks though – the enormous money creation project that we have been involved in for years, and the self-destructive economic war.
    Trouble is the LP are not offering a reasoned analysis of this situation, never mind any suggested solutions.
    I suspect that, whoever wins the next GE, it won’t be the people of the UK.

    1. Goldbach, I agree we will be the losers who ever Tory or Labour win the next election.
      However, if we are looking towards a better future in 10 years time, Starmer’s Labour needs to be defeated at the next GE.
      If Starmer instead of winning seats was to lose 20 seats. Providing that we ensure every single member of the SCG keeps her/his seat we would be able to file another socialist for the leadership.
      I rather have someone like Ian Byrne as the leader of the opposition to a Tory government, that Starmer in government.
      We know that the Tories will push Starmer more and more towards the right as they did while in opposition during Blair’s governments.
      Despite its comfortable majority neither Blair no Brown repelled anti-trade union legislation or invested in infrastructure. Instead Labour started the privatisation of the NHS with gusto.

  14. The 1922 committee with Tory Party Chair Jake Berry just appeared to set out the rules for installing our next PM.
    Asked if just one candidate gets nominated on Monday will he/ she then be Prime Minister, they didn’t know!

  15. Red Tories are just as poisonous as spivs and thieves in cheap and nasty party
    Sunak will beat 7 colours of shite out of Get Brexit done

    1. Doug – …..and the advantages of voting for Brexit alongside the likes of the ERG for what was always a neo-con’s wet dream has been what exactly?
      Where you one of those who voted to ‘Get Brexit Done’?

      1. Two Cheeks
        The Neo Cons who now beat the EU with a shitty stick at will, how long did it take for them to cave in

      2. Doug – Oh dear I see that you’ve yet again felt the need to resort to childish taunts in the forlorn hope that it will prop up your nonsense. Toffee obviously isn’t the only one who needs to grow up.

      3. Where you one of those who voted to ‘Get Brexit Done’?

        And what if he was??

        One thing’s certain, wasn’t Corbyn shithoused the second referendum policy that people didn’t vote for in 2019…Just like you were warned they wouldn’t.

        But of course, YOU knew better.

        Then he sold you out. And STILL you idolise the greasy, lying bellend.

      4. Toffee – I suppose that depends on whether your priorities were a Labour government for the benefit of the many or a f’wit ERG wet dream that will only benefit the few. It’s a shame that you and others were gullible enough to be taken in by Boris’s lies. Unfortunately the many, particularly the vulnerable and disadvantaged, have paid the price for you and your comrades gullibility.
        As for being sold out, you and your idiot comrades who didn’t Labour are the f’wits who betrayed the many.

      5. Steve H ….I would love to see europe doing well especially the euro but unfortunately it isnt……… like sterling.which is a yo yo currency now.its very risky.with the euro and eventually the doller.all bits of paper with a promise from a bunch of scoundrels.m
        Brexit or not the whole continents in serious trouble.I have got a buyer in france for my smallholding a Gendarme. who seem to be the only ones doing well and well paid. although whether I will see any of it when Credit Agrico!e get their hands on it is in doubt as the banksters drawbridge is being drawn up across Britain and Europe……You are so nieve Steve H Brexit has bugger all to do with the state of europe and Britain more so because the West are in the grip of a unelected world order based in Washington dc..We need a labour government just to show how bad the situation is with the lack of democracy in Britain.and europe.The knight of the realm is a nightmare too far.Get out of the way labour party…!

      6. Joseph – Have you forgotten what a democracy looks like. We may not be perfect but it’s better than anything you’ll have to offer when you eventually work out what that is.

  16. I can’t see the Tories obliging Labour and calling a Gen Election because they will be wiped out. They will hang on for the next 18 months or so and pull back some ground. I am still confident that we shall have a hung Parliament in 2024

    1. If we’re lucky… and as the Tories’ survival instinct gets stronger and stronger, the likelihood that Panorama does a The Labour Files-job will increase (unless Jeremy’s Peace and Justice project evolves into a pajama political movement)…

    2. Indeed, Albert.

      And the (mordaunt) attack line on keef’s shithousery will only be further repeated ad nauseam ad infinitum

      Thereby waking up a slumbering populace as to what keefs’ all about.

      In the meantime, keef will still be whipping his MPs into abstaining or supporting the toerag policies because he’s worse than clueless, and as much use as therese coffey’s beautician, or kit malthouse’s nutritionist.

  17. Toffee obviously isn’t the only one who needs to grow up.

    Awwww, wassamarra, wee fella?

    Not finding annoying people entertaining when they react as you goad them into reacting?

    (For further proof of wee stevie shithousery read the whole thread – as if you actually need any more evidence of his gobshitery)

    What’s that called again? Being a snowflake, isn’t it?

    Wee stevie snowflake. All alone and unloved. 😢

  18. If the Tories get what the public think of as a ‘competent’ Leader watch Right Wing Labour’s lead evaporate.
    The problem is Right wing Labour are not ahead by winning people to their IDEAS but because the Tories were losing by imploding so Right Wing Labour’s position is fickle and weak.
    I still think it could be hung.
    Problem is genuine socialists & other progressives have no-one to vote for unless a democratic socialist party emerges.
    If JC is barred from standing in Islington which is likely perhaps we could have a National List of JC Independents (including Emma in Kensington) but not standing against the few genuine socialist Labour MPs in Labour.
    Or apparently 70% of Enough Is Enough supporters think they should stand candidates?
    Either way EIE or JC are known names and have a brand name.

    1. Bazza – “Problem is genuine socialists & other progressives have no-one to vote for unless a democratic socialist party emerges.”

      Whose fault is that, you’ve had 43yrs to get your act together. What have you been doing, what have you ever achieved?
      How will you determine who is a ‘genuine socialist’ who will get to decide?

      1. Whose fault is that?

        …Asks the beaut that never stops reminding people he voted for Corbyn FOUR TIMES.

  19. Interesting. It seems that there are rumours that the Conservative Party elite is finding it very difficult to agree on who should be shoehorned in to replace Truss. Allegedly, this is that, although Sunak should be the obvious choice, it is suspected that he is coming to the view that the economic war is unsustainable. We must also throw into the mixer the hints that Jeremy Hunt has dropped that there needs to be cuts to defence spending.
    The permanent state getting twitchy?


    Whereas back in the REAL world, people were NOT gonna vote (and didn’t for the second referendum choice, foisted upon them by smarmer’s shithousery, and attributed to Corbyn by the right-wing MSM.

    As well as the ‘antisemite’, terrorist-supporting, wont-hit-the-nuclear-button’ smears.

    You’ve even said it yourself – many times – by asking if we were these so-called ‘idiots who voted to get brexit done

    And what happened when keef was subsequently shoehorned in as leader after said shithousery, hmmm?

    That’s right. The very same brexit he was determined to stop at all costs suddenly became fait accompli didn’t it?


    1. Toffee – Don’t be silly. We had already left the EU months before Keir was voted leader

  21. SteveH20/10/2022 AT 10:51 PM
    Toffee – I suppose that depends on whether your priorities were a Labour government for the benefit of the many

    OF COURSE it was the priority, you complete RETARD.

    But it wasn’t for the many…Who wanted brexit and were sick of being told by thundercunts like you and keef and fatwatson they were stupid and didn’t know what they were voting for.

    Had there been NO second referendum undemocratically shithoused through by keef & co, then it’d have been a FAR different story from December ’19.

    We’d have had the socialist government that was a priority for the likes of me and a labour-negotiated brexit** that even Barnier had no complaints about.

    **Or at least we would have had keef and his six shit tests – panned by leave AND remain as “unworkable”

    The simple fact is, keef wasn’t up to the job and isn’t anywhere’s close to being a socialist ,so he bollocksed up any chance of a socialist labour government with the help of the plotters. Keef with the EU, fatwat and the rest on the antisemitism.

    (Until keef fulfilled his leadership shithousery and almost immediately dropped brexit like a hot potato; then switched to the antisemitism bollocks – despite mentioning next to nothing about it when in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet…NO COINCIDENCE)

    As a result, everything since 13/12/19 is down to him, both directly and indirectly.

    And obnoxious, would-be child-starving nonces like you.

    1. Toffee – Get a grip even Corbyn has had to admit that you were only a small minority of Labour’s voters. You can make as many excuses as you like but it won’t alter the facts or the outcome.

  22. Truss’s departure resolves nothing – build the resistance

    “Shoring up the profits of the few amid a worsening economic and social crisis requires the suppression of effective trade unionism. That task is one the Conservatives are committed to.

    “Yet Labour under Sir Keir Starmer, despite promises to repeal both the latest and the 2016 anti-union laws, is not supporting the strikes and nothing he said in his address to the TUC today committed it to inflation-proofing wages or a wider restoration of democratic rights — unsurprising as on other key issues, such as the persecution of Julian Assange, Starmer is complicit in the authoritarian drive.

    “We need the widest possible resistance to the British state’s war on democracy and the power of organised labour.

    “That means spreading and sustaining industrial action until victory. It means building a wave of public protest over the cost-of-living crisis, organised around specific demands that politicians can be measured against.

    “It means turfing out the Tories — but cannot mean reconciliation with a Labour leadership that is also part of a ruling-class fightback against us.”


      1. “credible alternative”. 😀😀

        You wouldn’t recognise one if it climbed up your rectum and caressed your prostate. It’s either happening or it isn’t, but you don’t seem to know. I suggest you go and watch Alistair Campbell (a real war criminal) on Daily Politics. It’ll probably be more useful to you SteveH

      2. qwertboi – Oh dear what a sad little individual you are.

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