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Video: multi-millionaire Starmer tells TUC his sister ‘struggles to make ends meet every week’

Do these right-wingers actually listen to themselves?

‘Labour’ leader Keir Starmer gave an excruciating speech to the TUC Congress this morning. In a long drone in which he signalled his commitment to austerity, Starmer then told his presumably-incredulous audience that he knows a care-worker who works 14-hour days and still struggles every week – ‘Yes, every week’ – to make ends meet:

He and his aides presumably wrote and went through that speech. No one appears to have said, ‘Hang on…’

Starmer infamously ignored pleas from Labour back-benchers to support a £15-an-hour minimum wage – which he had promised in his leadership campaign – and he refused. He said Labour would give nurses just a £2-per-hour pay rise.

If his own sister can struggle ‘every week. Yes, every week’ to make ends meet, what will he do to the rest of us if he gets into Downing Street?

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  1. But mummy was a nurse and daddy was a toolmaker and keef knew all about being hard up and dreading the final demand bills when he was a nipper…

  2. I wander does Starmer’s sister still in speaking terms with him? Or perhaps his sister is the owner of a social care work agency? Her financial struggles is not been able to afford holidays in Tahiti or similar?

  3. Mmmm. Whether Starmer’s supposed large amount of disposable income contributes toward making things less precarious for his sister, the point being made (somewhat diffusely given Starmer’s trade) is that someone doing a critical job cannot make ends meet on the remuneration the job provides.

    1. And keefs’ grand plan is to rectify that IS?

      Because we know it ISN’T £15p/h. And he won’t support those who are striking for a fair day’s whack.

  4. starmer will try anything to get into power his sister has recently bought a modest home for hundreds of thousands so she can’t be struggling that much anything that comes out of this scumbags mouth is all fucking lies

  5. I am just an ordinary person. I’m not rich like Starmer but I have enough to do me. If my sister or any other relative was struggling to make ends meet I would cut back on my own spending and give them all I could. I would want to try to make sure they were comfortable. That is what any normal decent person would do for a close relative.
    IF Keir Starmer is telling the truth ( which I very much doubt) and his sister struggles every week to make ends meet then he should be totally ashamed of himself.
    Of course maybe her struggles involve private school fees, ballet lesson for her children ,a mortgage on a mini mansion etc. If that is the case he should also be ashamed for misrepresenting her situation and exploiting the suffering and desperation of people genuinely struggling to make ends meet.
    Either way the man is a total disgrace

  6. Notice he is speaking against a plain blue backround without the usual TUC logo. Going to great lengths not to be associated with the unions.

  7. Interesting piece from Simon Fletcher on Byline Times (and republished on JVL), ex-advisor to Starmer, Corbyn and Milliband.

    Keir Starmer’s Squeeze of the Left is a Worrying Sign of Things to Come

    Labour’s infighting can seem very distant from the interests of the wider public. But the party’s internal culture should be of interest to anyone who wants to know what a Keir Starmer-led government would be like. An ethos of command and control can harden in office to the detriment of legitimately-held differences of opinion about major issues of policy. And narrowing the composition of the next generation of Labour MPs so that many more of them are hand-picked from the centre will tend to cut the parliamentary party off from people, movements and ideas at the sharp end of the multiple crises a Labour government will face.

    Taken as a whole, the range of forces affected by the new machine politics is now very large. The left, the soft left, the affiliated trade unions and numerous local constituency activists, have now all felt the extent of the reach of the party’s centralised machine. The only question is whether a sufficiently powerful movement will evolve to constrain it.

    1. Is that similar to the worry that surrounded the underhand and undemocratic attempts that Corbyn’s staff and supporters made to get rid of a democratically elected party officer.

  8. His sister pays £1000 a month for her son to live in a posh annex how the fuck can someone who is on minimum wage afford this

    1. You mean she was sharing a 3 bedroom home with her son and contributing to his rent.

      1. SteveH Even if she was sharing a house with 3 kids giving her son a grand a month how the fuck can she afford it on minimum wage East Grinsted isn’t cheap to live

      2. Brian – She was contributing towards a rent of £1,000 pm not paying a rent of £1k per month, there is a difference.

  9. Truss modeled herself on Thatcher, Blair and Brown were admirers too, as no doubt is Starmer.

    But Thatcher’s legacy is crap if reviewed honestly; she had North sea oil revenues and the outrageous privatisation sell-offs to fund her sweeping tax cuts. That’s all done now, and the naive Truss and arrogant, hubristic Kwarteng tried to borrow to fund their ‘Thatcherite’ tax cuts – the said nah.

    Truss and Kwarteng thought the UK was the US; the US can always find central banks willing to buy its bonds because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency: goods, commodities, assets and debt obligations are all priced in dollars so countries have to hold significant quantities. Because of that permanent built-in international demand from central banks, the US can borrow at incredibly low rates.

    Reheated New Labour is the wrong approach too. Can you imagine the weight of expectation if they get a unprecedented majority due to the Tories imploding. Yet they refuse to countenance radical changes, lest upset the financial markets and will opt for austerity.

    Effectively eliminating the Tories by relegating them to the 3rd party status (~25 seats) in the HoC might be worth it though, even for the left. Labour would then get one term and face the same fate, clearing the way for a new party and possibly new system. Both big parties are completely crap and out of ideas.

  10. If there was an honest bone in his body he’d have to admit he has no integrity. His last job taught him that the truth is on a very long piece of elastic. Scheister

  11. SteveH20/10/2022 AT 6:05 PM
    Brian – She was contributing towards a rent of £1,000 pm not paying a rent of £1k per month, there is a difference

    That a 57 year old woman does not own her own home, but shares the rent with her son is a sad reflection of society anyway.

    Furthermore, it is exacerbated by the shithousery of her own brother, who has continually supported or abstained on toerag policies that have determined and shaped her plight.

      1. Toffee – Apparently she has now moved to East Grinstead where she has bought a modest home. Why is this an issue for you?

      2. Toffee – I think that it is important to be accurate, the repeated pontificating of nonsense like you’re doing doesn’t help anybody.

  12. Another point about Starmer: he appears to be using the plight of others as long as they come in handy. Apart from that I do not buy into his story.

    1. Sabine – Why not, do you have any credible evidence that there is an alternative.

      1. Will you just FUCK OFF with your credible evidence/alternative BOLLOCKS, for complete and utter fucks sake.

        Christ almighty, but you’d bore a fucking zombie back into it’s grave.

        Think of something novel to reply to people with, you mind-numbingly boring nonce case.

      2. Toffee – No more boring than you repetitive use of expletives as a cover for your woeful ignorance on almost everything.

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