Pro-Corbyn track reaches number 1 in iTunes chart

Craft-D’s rap tribute ‘Letter to Corbyn’ tops UK Hip Hop and Rap ranking

A tribute to Jeremy Corbyn released by rapper Craft-D has reached number one in Apple Music’s Hip Hop and Rap download chart. The track, a moving response to the abuse of Corbyn by the Labour right and the Establishment media published after Corbyn’s suspension for comments on the EHRC report that the report said he has a legally-protected right to make, has received widespread praise and attention.

A short clip is shown below with the artist’s permission:

The next task, with the Establishment desperate to bury hope and a belief that something better is possible, is to get the track and its message of hope to the top of the overall UK chart.

It can be purchased via iTunes here, or downloaded via other music and streaming services.

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    1. SH it is obvious u prefer tributes to your Saboteur SIR starmer the Julian Assange cager.
      Make a tribute then. Lets see how much “real people” will pay.

      1. It is a style of ‘music’ that I find difficult to warm to.

      2. signpost not windchimes15/11/2020 AT 7:15 PM
        SH it is obvious

        Very obvious

        (Tee-hee-hee 😁😁😁 Sorry, couldn’t resist it)

      3. Toffee – Thanks for confirming that you still belong in the playground. Its time you made an effort, the years are passing quickly now.

      4. 🤣🤣🤣 re Toffee! The gif made me laugh out loud 😂😂😂

      5. But YOU didn’t… See? You just CAN’T help yerself, can ya?

        The gift that just keeps giving. ..

      6. Toffee – I’m guessing that made perfect sense to you when you typed it, Unfortunately something must have got lost in the translation.

      7. Oh, wee stevie… You didn’t notice what signpost had done repeatedly and now you’re angry at the person who took pity on you and put you wise.

        Now you’re trying to make out nobody else noticed, neither.

        They didn’t need it spelling out for them. They have something you don’t.

        …Namely intelligence, and a sense of humour.

        Unlucky, haufwit.

      1. Not in the least, people are welcome to listen to whatever takes there fancy. It doesn’t mean to say that I have to fain a liking for it.

      2. Tis the words that irks u SH, it is isn’t it? Suck them up 😊😊😊

      3. windchimes – You are welcome to do whatever turns you on but I’ll choose to decline your kind offer on this occasion. However, if you want to provide me with the lyrics of the ‘song’ I’ll be quite happy to give you my opinion.

      4. SH, u r welcome to request i provide u with lyrics so u can be happy to give your opinion. On this occasion SH it is my pleasure to tell u to pay 79 pence and get them yourself 😁😁😁

      5. windchimes – That would mean that I would have to suffer listening to it. You can’t say I didn’t offer.

      6. Hmmm… funny that SH, “Wow , real people actually paid 79p for that?”
        Implies you’ve listened and disapprove. OR, U always have negative views “for that” which u know not ❓ OR r u doing an AH. Eg saying u don’t read x’s post but reading every single one❓

      7. windchime – I listened to the first few bars and I found it unpleasant to listen to, Not because of the words but the style of music. I didn’t get a chance to hear many of the words, hence my offer to pass comment if someone was kind enough to provide a transcript of the lyrics. I’ve made the offer, the balls in your court now.

      8. So u found the first few bars of words pleasant. But only the melody unpleasant❓ Correct❓

      9. windchime – I really shouldn’t have to repeat myself. I was very clear the first time.
        I listened to the first few bars and I found it unpleasant to listen to, Not because of the words but the style of music. I didn’t get a chance to hear many of the words, hence my offer to pass comment if someone was kind enough to provide a transcript of the lyrics. I’ve made the offer, the balls in your court now.

      10. Ball back in your court –
        🎶 Oooh JE re my COR byn
        🎶 O o o h JE re my COR byn

        🎵Star mar is a Sa bo teur
        🎵De ce i ving Shit hou ser
        🎵Stitch & Sewing imposter
        🎵Conniving vile plotter
        🎵Twatson & Bliar’s tooler
        🎵1% pro tec ter
        🎵100% no good er
        🎵1000% bad news er

        🎶 Oooh JE re my COR byn
        🎶 O o o h JE re my COR byn

      11. windchime – Thank you
        It’s not exactly what you’d call a lyrical masterpiece, is it.
        I think its a load of childish bollocks.
        I suppose there’s no accounting for taste, even Toffee could have done a better job.

      12. “style of ‘music’ that I find difficult….”

        You more into ‘creative destruction’ SteveH? It’s a strategy that entryist anti-socialists like Sir Keir and Tony before him are eager to (re)infect Labour with. It worked in the US with the Democrats, but it won’t work here with Labour. Not even eight months yet and even non-socialist (‘pragmatic’) members are working him out, seeing him for what he is. Blair had eight years before his WMD moment, but Sir Keir is blowing his cover within eight months.

        Starmer and Evans’ Creative Destruction-ism won’t work this time. They can try every trick in the book to get democratic socialists to leave the party, but enough of us are staying to organise and fight-back.

        Keir Starmer and the Trilateral Billionaires are not going to hollow-out and take-over Labour like their ‘third-way’ cousins did before. The Working Class don’t like this creative destruction stuff. As far as we’re concerned ‘creative destruction’ is a trick the capitalists use, together with their billionairess and their vulture capitalists, rigged economies, growing inequality and crony capitalism to keep us down and them up.

        We in Labour believe in democratic socialism and the very second Sir Keir Rodney Starmer admits he does not, his cover will be blown.

      13. Top post qwertboi🎉 With with u all the way🎉 For SH it’s the lyrics SH can’t stand. GOOD🎉

      14. qwertboi – ‘Creative Destruction’ that’s what Brexit is, It’s dissapontment that so many were naive enough to fall for the Tory con trick.

      15. SH: ” ‘Creative Destruction’ that’s what Brexit is…..”

        As we said, creative destruction is a technique used by end-stage neoliberal capitalists to help the billionaires cope with reduced profit rates and ever-decreasing value generation. Of course, mis-diagnosing the dangers of a virus and characterising it as an economically diusasterous pandemic is another.

        POINT IS, never trust the powerful, they’re massively self-interested – and that some of them are financing the charlatan who was elected Labour leader confirms this, and said agent of the billionaires should not be the leader of Labour.

    2. But you’d pay eight nicker for a colouring book and some crayons, though…

      1. Toffee – Thanks for your contribution, I’m sure that someone out there will find it of value. surely there must be someone, somewhere.

      2. What’s it like, being panned every time you post, on any subject, by just about everybody?

        Maybe you think you’re some sort of maverick; a contrarian, a lone voice of reason.

        …The sad fact is, you’re a nonentity who’s only faculty is to annoy people.

        Just think…Ten people will get VFM by buying that track, compared to one gobshite who would be shafted by your dear leader’s ‘suggestion’ by allowing themselves to be hoodwinked into parting with their hard-earned.

        People would be doing far greater good and getting far better VFM by paying for a homeless person to have a pub lunch than to give to a toerag supporting cadaver, and they’d still get the same novelty item from it.

      3. Entertaining?

        You’re a prick. Hurry up and die slowly.

    3. I’m not a rap fan so haven’t heard it all – but that’s the best example I have heard.

      1. David – If that’s true then there must be a lot of shit out there.

    4. Wow I am following a Truss link. Hullo Steve, first again. Personally I like the blues and consider myself a proud deadhead, having got on the bus in 1974.

  1. Steve is not alone: Blair and Mandelson don’t like the track either. And it needs Tom Watson and Ian McNichol cold.
    It takes all sorts and Steve is sort of Labour inclining towards fascism- Blackshirt Labour.

    1. Oh dear, perhaps you should consider that I simply didn’t enjoy the track.

      1. D’ream are doing a song for Clive Stumbler.
        “Things can only get beiger”

      2. hilary – No, but there appears to be more than a few on here who revel in being provoked, are you one of them?

      3. SteveH – from the place where jokes go to die and where wit commits suicide – CCHQ.

      4. hilary77201316/11/2020 AT 9:38 AM
        Do you take enjoyment out of provoking people, you insignificant little man, do one.

        SteveH16/11/2020 AT 9:51 AM
        hilary – No,

        Says the pathetic wee shitbiscuit who finds being castigated by people (Because he’s deliberately set out to annoy them) ‘Entertaining’

        What a snivelling little ponce you are, little steven.

      5. Toffee – and yet you are the one who’s making a tw’t of himself with the pathetically childish insults

    2. Margaret Hodge says EVERYONE liking it is obviously antischemtic – and the BBC will not air it for thaat reason, give them a few days and the deep state’s spymasters (Google, Facebook and Twitter) will remove every mention of it from the internet….

      1. Hodge has got far too much influence. Where does this power come from. She was an interesting mayor.

  2. The Patchwork Foundation run an MP of the Year Award, one of which is voted for by the public.

    Their website states:
    “2020 Awards

    Patchwork Foundation are grateful for the engagement received on the public vote for MP of the Year Awards 2020. Due to irregularities in the voting count we will postpone this year’s public vote and instead release the results for the judge’s panel only. We hope you will be able to join us for the awards ceremony where we will be celebrating and recognising MPs who have gone above and beyond to champion under represented or disadvantaged communities. You can register to join the virtual Awards Ceremony (Weds 2nd Dec, 7.15-8.30pm) here.”

    I’m not sure what irreversible problems there can be with the voting count……………

    1. JoeRobinson, the irreversible “problems” are that Jeremy won🎉🎉🎉 ps did CES run that vote? will check my records. Took a note AS USUAL, when i voted. 🌹🌹🌹

      1. Just noticed this in the “rules.”

        “Similarly, MPs under investigation or suspension would not be included.”

        It doesn’t really state what it means by under investigation, or suspension, it doesn’t state when the suspension took place in relation to the vote, and it doesn’t say when that rule was introduced (not that it should IF it has been a rule for “ever.”

      2. a suspended MP is still an MP🌹🌹🌹

      3. Joe – You can check the back issues, they are still available on line. Be sure to check the Appendixes, there is a wealth of info there.
        Surely the central issue here is were they members when they voted. If they had already resigned when they voted then self evidently they weren’t so they were not entitled to vote in a ballot of the members. It really isn’t a difficult concept to grasp.

      4. Joe – My apololgies I thought you were talking about the NEC elections. Sorry, my fault entirely.

      5. Joe – If it is any help I do remember that previously Chris Williamson was also excluded because he was under investigation. I would ithink it is a sensible rule to have in place to protect their reputation.

      6. windchime –

        Chris Williamson
        16 Jul 2019
        I’m very sad to report that I’ve now been notified by @UKPatchwork that my nomination for the #MPoftheYearAwards has been vetoed.
        Thank you everyone who nominated me.
        I will continue standing up for Derby North residents, promoting greater democracy & fighting for social justice.

      7. patchwork has dodgy connections. this is evidence they are carrying out the orders of the 1%. Dangerous as they are targeting young people. DANGEROUS!!!

      8. windchime – It is disappointing that you don’t have the good grace to admit you were wrong.

      9. JoeRobson, i just checked my records, the patchwork ballot appears to have been directly via the patchwork site. Thought it was CES. However they have sone dodgy sponsors / associates but i voted Jeremy as it would irritate the saboteurs Starmer and his devoted SH. It’s worth a try. However i’m a firm believer in not running away. Try everything, even patchwork.

        ps. Quite odd to me the advocates of spoiling ballots or not voting. Do they think the 1% guardians will weep and think, they had better change things? No they have never done that and never will.

        We have to think always of multiple new EFFECTIVE acts to change things. Not indulgent laid back waiting for “posterity” to prove us correct. We must activate our “correctness” now. Now is the time. We are being robbed by crony Tory bandits now. Johnson’s chums are depriving the many of decent government and support now.

        When posterity proves us right, those who suffer now will be very dead! The “many” who need a TRUE Labour government, need TRUE Labour now! Parasites parading around with Red rosettes and abusing the Labour name, do not cut it.

        Cosy polite echo silos have FAILED. Loop-sided “Broad Church” altars where all benefits have ALWAYS been gobbled up by slithering slimy sewer serpents, must now be a delusion of the past. No more that! No more 🌹🌹🌹

  3. Bevin, nobody is every going to write a song praising Starmer. If Starmer doesn’t perform a U turn soon, I can see someone writing a song denouncing him, similar to the liar, liar targeted at Teresa May..
    Sad really, because a generation of young people that voted Labour because of Corbyn would never vote Labour again while Starmer of similar is our leader.
    They would remember Starmer putting a carrot before their noses (People’s Vote) promising to keep Corbyn’s policies at hustings, only to be elected leader of the Party and suspend Corbyn.on the flimsiest of excuses.

  4. everyone on here is talking shit…
    Jeremy Corbyn should be reinstated and made Labour Leader again.. this time he WILL win the next elections…

    1. Rik – I suppose you are entitled to your dreams if that’s what keeps you going but the reality is that Jeremy is unlikely to rejoin front-line politics. Come the next GE he’ll be 75, I doubt he will stand for parliament again.

    2. Rik the smart thing would have been what many people wanted including me for Corbyn to stay on.Unfortunately he listened to the soothsayers a nasty habit hed picked up from john Macdonall and others.Waving the white flag is never a option when faced with the barbarians.Water under the bridge now,but I will never support any leader again who would sacrifice comrades to the mob mentality That is why I intend to join Chris Williamson and his new socialist working class party….he deserves the support and his a leader who has shown not to back down.

      1. Joseph – Well at least there is plenty of headroom to fill if the excellent level of personal support CW attracted in the 19GE is anything to go by.
        Yazz descibed your situation perfectly, “The Only Way Is Up”
        Good Luck

  5. Responding to SteveH – Corbyn will be younger at the next election than Biden is now. However long this rule has been established, and whatever the details of its application, it seems bizarre. It would exclude any MP who has fallen foul of his/her party – e,g. Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve.

    1. I think you have misread the rule, there is absolutely no reason why the likes of Ken Clarke or Dominic Grieve would be included.

    2. Rik/Alan: Even if Jeremy was reinstated, he would never-ever get the required amount of nominations necessary to contest the leadership. And after more than four years of relentless smears and demonisation – which would of course just resume full blast the moment he was nominated – I don’t suppose Jeremy himself would be very keen to do so.

      But it would appear that NEITHER of you give a flying fox about THAT, and would have him subjected to it all again!

  6. windchimes – All these pesky conspiracies get in the way of everything, don’t they.

  7. Well, hancockups return to GMB to be interviewed by moron was nowt but s ssmp squib.

    He was let off on each and every answer…no wonder the knobhead was grinning his head off.

    Moron & Reid have lost their impetus, or more likely, have lost their bottle.

  8. In a country where the MSM (even the supposedly ‘friendly’ parts of it) systematically demeans, diminshes and ridicules a popular figure for no reason other than he is a moderate democratic socialist (and therefore challenges the power and hegemony of established corporate oligarchy), a number 1 place in a download chart must TERRIFY our lords and masters.

    1. WOW! Thanks, different frank.

      One says ‘third-way’ the other says ‘trilateral’: LET’S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF!

  9. If I can’t enjoy reading the quality of the posts, at least I can enjoy the quality & good humour of the insults…….so far there is none, only hate.

  10. Whether Corbyn is readmitted into Labour or not, whether he stands for Parliament again or not, we should make his legacy a thorn in the side of the Tory party forever. We owe him that much and more I think.
    The words ‘Corbynism’ and ‘Corbynista’ will hopefully survive Jeremy, even if only as a rallying-call for the left.

    I’d buy more #We Are Corbyn teeshirts Skwawky, but I already have two and I foodstain teeshirts in no time
    Any chance of #We Are Corbyn hoodies, so I can wear the logo on the outside in winter?
    Red on black or black on red for me please, if enough others want them to make it worth doing.
    Come on, folks, they’ll be collectibles!

  11. Below is the full text of Jeremy Corbyn’s statement on his suspension.

    Last month, I was suspended from the Labour Party, after 54 years’ membership and four and a half years as party leader.

    On the day I was suspended I gave a broadcast interview to clarify what I had said in response to the EHRC report, and I also made a statement to the party to clear up any confusion about what I had meant, as follows:

    “The publication of the EHRC report should have been a moment for the Labour Party to come together in a determination to address the shortcomings of the past and work as one to root out antisemitism in our own ranks and wider society. We must never tolerate antisemitism or belittle concerns about it. And that was not my intention in anything I said this week. I regret the pain this issue has caused the Jewish community and would wish to do nothing that would exacerbate or prolong it. To be clear, concerns about antisemitism are neither “exaggerated” nor “overstated”. The point I wished to make was that the vast majority of Labour Party members were and remain committed anti-racists deeply opposed to antisemitism. I fully support Keir Starmer’s decision to accept all the EHRC recommendations in full and, in accordance with my own lifelong convictions, will do what I can to help the Party move on, united against antisemitism which has been responsible for so many of history’s greatest crimes against humanity.”

    I’m grateful to the many thousands of Labour party members, trade unionists, and supporters in Britain and around the world, who have offered their solidarity.

    I hope this matter is resolved as quickly as possible, so that the party can work together to root out antisemitism and unite to oppose and defeat this deeply damaging Conservative government.

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