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Starmer ‘boycotts’ Qatar World Cup – but not really. And nothing to do with Al Jazeera…

Qatar-based TV station recently exposed the horrors of right-wing Labour and Starmer’s inaction over racism. But Starmer is ‘boycotting’ World Cup by only watching from sofa and not because they might ask awkward questions if he goes to Doha

Keir Starmer has announced that he and Labour are ‘boycotting’ the Qatar World Cup because of that country’s human rights record.

Except he isn’t – he says he will ‘only’ watch it from his sofa and of course if watching it from your sofa was a boycott, millions of people around the world are also ‘boycotting’ the event, while avidly driving up TV advertising revenue of broadcasters eagerly fattening Qatar’s coffers for the privilege of showing the games.

The hideous racism, rigging and smears of Keir Starmer’s now-ruling faction of the party were recently, horrifyingly and indisputably exposed by the ‘Labour Files’ documentary series shown on Al Jazeera, a broadcaster whose HQ just happens to be based in… Qatar.

His and his allies’ tactic of pretending that the programme and indeed the broadcaster don’t exist would be a lot harder to maintain in Qatar itself, where the station could detail a reporter to dog Starmer’s footsteps at every game, event and outing.

One of Starmer’s unabashed, no doubt corporate-paid junkets

Keir Starmer has so far shown no aversion, nor even bashfulness, about attending plush freebies paid for by corporations, for example England women’s football matches and the royal box at Wimbledon. But of course, the threat of being forced to face up, on camera, to the purge and other conduct he condones, ignores and allegedly promotes has no role in his decision to avoid this one.

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  1. This story threads a very particular path through the circumstances. I agree that any boycott is partial if it refuses to send an official delegation yet contributes to the funding of the event by watching at home but there is a big gaping hole in the piece where some explanation of why the event might be boycotted should go. The allegations surrounding the deaths of migrant workers involved in the construction of stadia for the World Cup are not insubstantial, to the point where supporting the event is doing more than simply “fattening Qatar’s coffers”. Likewise, though it does not impinge upon the journalism of the expose given considerable prominence in the article, to describe Al Jazeera as “a broadcaster whose HQ just happens to be based in… Qatar” – is disingenuous. They didn’t stick a pin on a globe and ‘just happen’ to end up there as opposed to Aruba, they were bankrolled by the Emir of Qatar and continue to be funded by the state.

  2. Boycotts Qatar, because of its Human Rights record.

    Supports Zionist Israel – unequivocally – despite its Human Rights record.

    Up to today, Israel has murdered – approximately – twenty Palestinians, since the beginning of this month.

    That includes two babies smothered by tear-gas. Gassed, in other words.

  3. Thought he had a (taxpayer paid) job to do here, rather than going on jollies to sporting events a few thousand miles away?

    Mind you, they say All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

    Not as if keef can use the excuse that he’s hardworking for his cadaverous insipidity, is it?

    1. …, rather than going on jollies to sporting events a few thousand miles away?

      Forgot to add: …While the nation is in the thick of not just one, but several, crises

  4. Starmer the RACIST supports the murder of men women and CHILDREN in Palestine expels Jews/ Black and Asian members of the LP. JC was hounded for false A/S by the same people that now support starmer the B.o.D and the apartheid stat of Israel /LFI

    1. Reply to Brian 61
      You are absolutely right. Only a hypocrite like Starmer would have the nerve to criticise the human rights records of other countries while supporting the total subjugation of Palestinians by Israel and cruelly branding anyone who speaks up for the Palestinian rights (including their right to life) an ” anti Semite”.
      Also his racism toward our BAME brothers and sisters is a matter of record as is his vicious treatment of British Jews who are not Zionists so his stance on Qatar is not unexpected.
      Keir Starmer is a Zionist who has overseen the institutionalisation of anti Arab and BAME racism within Labour and has encouraged the persecution and expulsion of anti Zionists in the party.
      The thought that such a man might one day be Prime Minister genuinely makes my blood run cold.

  5. Is that Lady Victoria wearing a frock in that PR-agency-arranged shot (cleverly put against a The Labour Files background by Skwawky) to put the idea in people’s mind that she’s an NHS nurse?

    Wouldn’t put it past them. Starmer takes funding from vulture/venture capitalists intent on an NHS-bargain or two.

  6. I wonder how many people will be boycotting Qatar World Cup for allowing the Murdering Zionist Terrorist Junta to play, without so much batting an eyelid, and now also calling for Normalisation with the Terrorist Junta!?
    Well I guess you can always make yourself feel better and switch off just for the Junta Games ‘IF’ they’re not playing your team of couse, while the Terrorists continue to mow the “promised land’s” lawn!?

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