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Tottenham Labour members overwhelmingly slam Lammy and Starmer for betrayal of striking workers

CLP agrees damning statement

Labour members in Tottenham have met to agree a statement slamming their MP, David Lammy, and his boss Keir Starmer for their betrayal of working people in his repudiation of striking workers last month.

The statement, which condemns the contempt shown by Lammy and the Labour party for working people fighting to protect their jobs and pay and the safety of the people who rely on their services and demands a u-turn from Lammy and Starmer, was passed overwhelmingly, by 36 votes to just 3:

Workers’ Industrial Action and the conduct of our MP

This GC of Tottenham Labour Party:

Reaffirms the positions taken in the motion ‘Support for workers taking strike action’ passed
at our June 2022 GC (see below)*;


• that the ‘cost of living crisis’, eroding workers’ pay and increasing poverty, is a further
transfer of income and resources from the majority to the corporations and the ultra rich, and
is also being used to erode workers’ hard won working conditions;
• the necessity of the organisation and use of strike and other industrial action by workers in
seeking to protect their pay and conditions;
• the many sections of workers taking or preparing for strike action, so solidarity and the
attitude of the Labour Party and its representatives will become even more relevant;
• the public statements made by our MP David Lammy, including accusing people showing
solidarity by attending picket lines of “posturing”, claiming that “a serious party of
government doesn’t join picket lines”, and conveying the threat that “the Chief Whip will be
speaking to” Labour MPs who take part in trade union picket lines;
• David Lammy’s condemnation of BA workers for merely seeking a restoration of their
previously cut wages, in a comment which was observed by the Unite General Secretary to
be “a direct attack on British Airways workers”, as “supporting bad bosses” and “a new low
for Labour”. We note that our MP has had to apologise for that specific remark;
• our Party having been formed to represent the trade unions and politically defend workers’
living standards, conditions and rights, the position of the leadership, as exemplified by
David Lammy, is negating the purpose of the Labour Party.

This GC of Tottenham Labour Party therefore:

• Censures our MP David Lammy for his statements which undermine workers in struggle
and disparage the expression of solidarity with them.
• Affirms that Tottenham CLP will continue to express its solidarity with workers defending
(and where possible seeking to improve) their living standards and conditions, including by
attendance at trade union picket lines as well as by other appropriate means.

Motion passed at June 2022 GC:

Support for workers taking strike action

This CLP:

• Recalls that the Labour Party was founded by the trade unions, in order to give a political
voice to the interests of working class people.
• Condemns the reported instruction from Sir Keir Starmer that all Labour MPs in shadow
cabinet, ministerial or PPSs must not to attend RMT picket lines during the rail and
underground dispute
• Urges our MP David Lammy to show support for striking workers in Tottenham by attending
an RMT picket line in the constituency
• Blames the Tory government for refusing to give Network Rail, the Train Operating
Companies, TfL and other rail employers the scope to reach a negotiated settlement to the
• Gives full support and solidarity to RMT members in taking strike action in the present
dispute over jobs, pay, pensions and safety, and
• Calls on the Labour leadership to back rail and underground workers and all other groups of
workers taking industrial action to secure a fair deal from their employers.

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  1. Not good enough.

    Trigger the c***. He’s shown what he’s about twice, now.

    1. Haven’t David Lammy’s CLP already readopted him as their Labour candidate. for the next general election.

    2. Do one better than that, launch coordinated campaigns to vote them out, vote anything other than Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES, but Coordinate who with.
      IDEALLY: 1. A Socialist 2. NOT ANOTHER TORY 3. NOT any other flavour of Neoliberal Globalist Piece of Shit 4. IF NEEDS MUST, whatever goes, no rules apply.
      We first need to burn that Parasite Infested Neo-Labour TORY House Down to Ashes, before we can even imagine a Party FOR The PEOPLE!

      PS If the New Statesman, after 5 years of anti-UK Labour Party, GetCorbyn Propaganda, laments ‘The Labour Party used to be the Party of The PEOPLE’, then you know we’re screwed, without Profoundly DRASTIC, Coordinated Action.

      1. All they do whould be put the CLP in special measurers then give the vote to a tame bunch of right wing wonks that whould vote him straight back thought. Grand result you paid them your hard earned money for NOTHING they use that to keep there backsides elected and wonks in power all the while stopping any hint of a chance to really remove them. Your talking fantasy now and wasting your time, money and sanity trying to push sewage back uphill all you get is covered in you know what.

        This endless repeated mantra of vote them out is fantasy they own Labour they have all the power, all the avenues of actual change and honest candidates or socialism is gone. I bet in 2 years there will be 0 socialist Labour MP’s and that’s there game.

        They won good for them so what are you telling everyone to carry on this same fight for nothing. Better they leave let them have this prise this rotting husk of a party let everyone see the joke there centrists really are. People see Starmer and co for the liars they are. Take you money, passion and vote and give it to a party that shares your ideology maybe PAL or others I won’t demand you make the same choice I made I just recommend you honestly look at your CLP, your branch your MP and party and see do they share your desirers your views and ideology or do they only offer Tory-lite. With vague promises of maybe a few crumbs for you? Do you honestly want crumbs or shared vision, power and a honest party? Well it’s your choice isn’t it!

      2. Appologies for the delay in responding, a couple of minor crisees and that goddamned heat JFC! That heat!

        I understand and I totally agree. I am not speaking as a Labour Voter or Supporter, not since 13 December 2019. As far as I am concerned, since BLiar gnawed his way into Parliament via the sewers of Westminster, dragging Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberalism in behind him, the Parasites started to Occupy and Devour The UK Labour Party, from within. There has always been an Element of TORY invasion, never as well funded and focused as BLiar et al.

        There are two distinct Polar Opposite Parties and Ideologies at play.
        The UK Labour Party, is now DEAD as a Dodo, all that is left are the 10/15 UK Labour Party MPs, dangling like baubles on the outside of the dead squirming Parasite infested dried out skin of the remnants of the once UK Labour Party, under an ominous flickering neon sign that reads ‘LABOUR’.
        The Neo-Labour TORY Party, the Occupying Parasite TORIES who devoured and killed The UK Labour Party 13 December 2019.

        The UK Labour Party AND The UK Labour Movement = Democratic Socialism = FOR The PEOPLE NOT FOR The Elitist Establishment.
        The Parasite Infestation, The Neo-Labour Party TORIES = Globalist Thatcherite Neoliberal = FOR Themselves and The Elitist Establishment NOT FOR The PEOPLE.

        When I say Vote for UK Labour Party MPs, I mean the 10/15 baubles outside of The Parasite Infestation that now make up The Neo-Labour TORY Party.
        I am speaking of those 10/15 as Democratic Socialists using the term UK Labour Party, I did not make that very clear. Once again, The UK Labour Party is DEAD, whether Jeremy Corbyn wants the whip back, to be the fly in their ointment, or not.
        There is a common denominator in and out of Parliament: Socialists, Democratic Socialists, any other Socialistish, Unionist, etc VS FAKE Socialists and other TORIES.
        Common ENEMY NR1: Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberalism = The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
        Common ENEMY NR2: Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberalism = ANY Other Flavour of TORY Party!
        The nearest thing we have as a Comrade these days:
        ALLY NR1: Any Socialist of Any flavour, whose interests lie with The PEOPLE.
        ALLY NR2: Any Party/MP THAT DOES NOT Subscribe to Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberalism (doubt there are any).
        We need to completely wipe out the Neo-Labour Party TORIES the bastards who robbed us, The PEOPLE with the help of The MSM, MSSM, MSP, MS Internet, using clever division tricks.
        Credit must be given where it is sickeningly due, to the mastery of the BLiar, Mandelson and Campbell Remaoner Shitshow SpinPorn!
        It was they who drove many away from hearing what ‘The UK Labour Party’ (Corbyn and the 20% Democratic Socialists).
        It was they who called in every pompous ‘tv celebrity/”comedian” type’, created the 12 million (or whatever) petition, all the noise of empty tin can bashing that completely freaked out the Brexiteers and sent them off on an overprotective tangent.
        It was also they who had the Confirmatory Vote in their hands all along and was written into Labour’s Leave Plan, therefore had no reason or need to screech, squeal or wail about FBPE, 2nd Ref or PV!
        It is now they who like to blame the Brexiteers for GE2019.
        They ALL claimed and now claim that they voted NeoLib Dem, but the sums don’t add up, the NeoLib Dems didn’t do so well, but on the other hand, the Conservatives did!!

        We are being divided and ONLY we can stop it! Throw away your TV, Media Box, Aerials, Dishes, Radios, Newspaper Subscriptions, MS Internet, Google, Amazon, Siri, Alexa etc, etc, etc! Anything that can be abused by Spinmeisters like Mattinson, BLiar, Mandelson, Campbell, etc, etc.
        Step out from the Mainstream and look in, it is frightening, but that is a whole other story!

        Socialism in the UK in particular, is divided in extraordinary ways, there is no other political ideology as divided.
        Why? We The PEOPLE allowed that to happen! We joined the Sheeple and a life of needing what we want rather than wanting what we need! We herded with the rest desiring Materialist Capitalist Manufactured Consent cheap tat and subscribed to their dividing Class systems.

        The Real war as I see it, is Neoliberalism VS Socialism. The PEOPLE vs The Elitist Establishment. The PEOPLE vs The MSM, MSP, MSSM and MS Internet.
        So when I speak of The UK Labour Party, now entirely dead, bar 10/15 MPs, I most certainly do NOT speak of that Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORY Filth and I do not condone funding or joining that piece of shit. We need to burn that Parasite infested house down for as long as they existed in Parliament, will Socialism never again see light of day, with them and their Corrupt, Sabotaging, Couping ways will forever be their Masters’ the Elite’s sock puppets. We need to move on and rebuild a new Party FOR The PEOPLE, that exludes ALL OF THEM, where all our different factions will be respected and can work together as one under an umbrella Party FOR The PEOPLE, something akin to PAL, but bigger to incorporate the REAL Communists, The Socialists and the Anarchists, the focus being on The PEOPLE, not the Faction, Class Categorisation, etc, etc, etc a Party FOR The PEOPLE in the face of The Elitist Establishment.

      3. nellyskelly – That was quite a long diatribe, did you get a bit carried away. Unfortunately you forgot to tell us all about the wonders of the credible new alternative that you are offering. You do have one, don’t you?

      4. nellyskelly – Could you explain what “it” is? Or are you still working that one out?

      5. nellyskelly – So itis nothing more than empty rhetoric, is it any wonder that nobody is listening?

      6. You are going farther from contexts or any sort of sense with every post you make, you might as well reply with:
        “kettgh yuhbjjkoo, hhsjud hjjs hjjsuh, opokkmak hv bhjjj as jkjnke! Hjjkdkk upk hjkkkolm.”
        Perhaps that would make more sense to someone, somewhere in the universe, who actually cares about your gobbledegook!

      7. nellyskelly – …and yet here you are again with empty hands and nothing to offer apart from more hot air and empty rhetoric.

      8. You attempted to troll me by commenting on a post that had nothing to do with you, and now you expect thst I should answer to you for that?
        Retire from Trolling, you are done, your best was never adequate, just leave now with your head bowed in shame.

      9. nellyskelly – Were you expecting your empty rhetoric to go unchallenged?

      10. My empty rhetoric are merely thoughts and ideas, and appart from waffling on about fluff you did not challenge me. You made a very poor attempt at trolling, a failed attempt. You have lost the ability of conversing, instead you spout overused troll farm keywords and jingoes. Retire from Trolling you SUCK!

      11. So just fluff that you’ve plucked out of thin air then.

      12. nellyskelly – In the light of your dismissal of Labour’s policy platform then how would you describe them?
        Your abiding problem is that by your own admission you don’t have anything credible to offer. Are you still hoping that at the last minute Jeremy will ride in and save the day.

      13. JFC! In light of a TORY PARTY Parasite that infested Devoured and Killed The UK Labour Party, I will not be fooled by their pathetic attempts woo The PEOPLE, with cheap tricks and lies. No matter what you think or whine on about, every “working class” person will know what that Rat King of s shithole TORY Parasite Party the Neo-Labour Party TORIES are, before the next GE!

      14. Oh dear back to your Jeremy Corbyn obsession!
        I am starting to get the impression that you are Luke Akenhurst. Your rhetoric, Pointless blabbering, Jeremy Corbyn obsession, yes you are Luke Akenhurst aren’t you!?

      15. nellyskelly – Does that mean that you’ve sensibly abandoned all hope of JC coming to the rescue.

      16. I have told you many times before, Jeremy Corbyn has already done all the work he needed to do. As far as expectations go he has already excelled himself. Would I be happy to see a return of Jeremy Corbyn? I can’t think of any reason why I shouldn’t be. Do I thiknk he will? Stranger things have happened. Do I think he should? I would probably say no, there are some profoundly nasty individuals out at play he could do without that shit. We’ll soon see a flourish of maturing young Corbynists, full of passion, drive and bite. Who know what the Forde Report reconciliation will bring, once the the court cases starts hitting the Parasite Party perhaps you lot will get ris of yourselves by your own Neo-Labour nastiness.

      17. nellyskelly – I suppose that all depends on how flexible your definition of excellence is and how low you set the bar on the level of your expectations.

      18. Thank goodness the world is not revolving entirely around your warped Mainstream, faux world view, straight out of a Tony Robbins Self Help Sheeple book.
        Like plasticine people printed on a conveyor belt.
        People as fake and plastic as you, I doubt, spends even a moment daily with the reality of being a miniscule living organism on an extremely volatile planet, in an extremely volatile solar system, in an extremely volatile galaxy, in an extremely volatile universe, and that this tiny little planet could go boom any moment of any day, without warning, and for a vast number of reasons. But hey if spending your life chasing a dangling carrot is your thing knock yourself out!

      19. Why?
        1. I don’t want Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES to win anything.
        2. LabourList, once again, Just WHY?
        3. I SO hope that I am wrong, on this point, but your Elitist Establishment are lining up Truss to be the PM! What does that mean? As I said all along they want their Trilateral Commission BlueKeef in Nr10 and Truss will guarantee one of two things 1. A swiftly called/demanded snap ellection OR 2. The United Kingdom 6ft under the Atlantic Ocean!
        I have a feeling the Elitist Establishment Omnilateral Commissions will work on 1.
        You really don’t grasp much BlueSteveH, I am not “Labour” and have NO interest in seeing “Labour” win.
        The UK Labour Party is DEAD, The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES killed and devoured it.
        All of The PEOPLE became Political Exiles on 13 December 2019 thanks to your Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES, do you think that you (that party) has a friend amongst us?
        Do you really think that we don’t know that we will suffer another Tory term, or even two, if that Party of yours is annihilated at the upcoming snap ellection?
        However we do know that not annihilating that Parasite Party now will prolong the suffering for an even longer delay period. Just as BLiar’s New-Labour was just an extention of Thather’s Government. There is already ONE TORY Party we do not need a second!
        Thanks all the same I guess.

  2. The Three that didnt vote with the rest of the CLP need to be removed….dont the members realise that having spys and collaborators in with them will only show weakness.and thats probably why the labour party are in the mess theyre

  3. Filthy rich pompous grifting “C”
    Like most of these shithouse Labour MPs they’ve become rich on the back of the working classes who foolishly supported them. Just look how fucking fat he’s gotten on his luxury lifestyle we pay for! the bastards…

  4. It’s good to see that some Labour members haven’t forgotten where they come from.
    Uncle Tom Lammy is a disgrace ….. Just like his leader (“a Zionist without qualification”).
    Bought-and-paid-for by the rich and powerful.
    Draw your own conclusions !

      1. Appart from the 10/15 UK Labour Party MPs dangling as Socialist image and bait, the rest subscribe to The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES.
        Polar opposite Parties, NOT the Right of the Left. The UK Labour Party, Dead and Devoured by the Neo-Labour Parasites.
        We need to burn that old parasite infested house down to ashes, so that we can rebuild.

      2. nellyskelly – Apart from a lack of support what’s preventing you from getting off your arses and building a new socialist party?

      3. steveh “nellyskelly – Apart from a lack of support what’s preventing you from getting off your arses and building a new socialist party?”

        La France didn’t stop being la France just because it was occupied by nazis. Labour might only occasionally have been socialist in the past – and might be a total abomination under Sir Keir show-me-your-papers today – but the more the likes of you try to usher people out, the more likely they are to fight for their principles. Now whether that means starting a new party of renovating the old, nobody’s sure yet. We’re keeping our options open.

        Vive La France.

    1. johnsco1 – Your use of an ill-informed racist trope is regrettable.

      any person of any colour can face situations in which the choice is between profit or safety, on the one hand, and principle on the other. There are words for a person who makes the less admirable choice. “Coward,” “sellout” or “traitor” would suffice. If the person is black, why use “Uncle Tom,” unless it is to punish the person for his colour as well as his behaviour?

      1. Two Cheeks
        Obama was the end of the race debate, he proved we are all the same underneath, in his case as bent as a nine bob note, nothing to do with him being a Malteser
        Is it acceptable to argue being Black then they should know better, see Israel as a comparison for the Jewish community
        Works the other way, if a Duck Egg like him can make millions and become POTUS, then any fucker can
        Thatcher was the end of the Feminist debate for simple reason it was Women and Athur Scargill who kept her in power
        The Trans debate sums it all up, if you dont agree with everything we say then your a hater, as opposed to join the queue we will help you when we can
        I would put Starving Children before the Trans Community, Children in Care and the Traveller Community

      2. Children in Cars and the Traveller Community before the Trans Community

      3. Funny that you should be so indifferent regarding the profound racism and misogynism aimed at Black, Muslim and “Fringe” Jews MPs and Members of the ‘UK Labour Party’.
        Despite all the evidence since September 2015, you still struggle to see it, somehow. Despite the tonnes of evidence provided just here on Skwawkbox alone by Steve Walker and fellow forum posters, you still ask for evidence, as though you had none.
        What would be the differece then?
        Does non-TORY, non-Zionist, Black, Muslim and “Fringe” Jewish People somehow have a lesser status in that Cesspit of a TORY Parasite Party of yours?
        Tut! Fucking Tut!

      4. steveh “If the person is black, why use “Uncle Tom,” unless it is to punish the person for his colour as well as his behaviour?

        Yes, ‘uncle tom’ refers to a black man. A black man who is ” considered to be excessively obedient or servile to whites,” (Apple dictionary). The derogatory nature of the noun is about an oppressed person being referential and obedient to his oppressor.

        (but as Andrew and others pointed out above, Lammy is not oppressed, he’s working like as train guard on the Auschwitz Express, and doing very well out of it)

      5. ooops, above I said “The derogatory nature of the noun is about an oppressed person being referential and obedient to his oppressor,” of course the “r” word should have been reverential. Words matter!

      6. qwertboi – You’re right about words, they do matter.
        Which is why I have pointed out that the use of racially specific slurs and insults is inherently racist.

      7. You\d prefer we referred to him as “Uncle Adolph Eichmann”? Works for me.

  5. Starmer has in the last few days:

    Come out against proportional representation in an Andrew Marr interview; refusing to support change and insisting it’s not a priority; rowed back on his own promise to end outsourcing to private companies in the NHS; defended a former private healthcare lobbyist he’s got advising. Promised to deregulate the City of London further & faster to “end EU-era financial services regulations,” seeking to take competitive advantage of Brexit, adopting arguments à la Rees Mogg & John Redwood.

    Maybe the five remaining Tory Leadership hopefuls should stand aside to give the true blue Tory candidate who’s currently leading Labour a clear run? The Labour frontbench are even arguably more hawkish, about the war in Ukraine too, and subservience to anything coming out of Washington.

    Our already limited two-party system has been reduced to the choice of a single right-wing party.

    And yet… Labour members and the unions will trudge to conference and applaud being crapped on from a great height by these impostors.

    1. If your MP is UK Labour Party or any other Socialist or non-TORY – VOTE THEM IN Campaign and Coordinate who that would be before the GE!

      If it’s Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORY – VOTE THEM OUT!
      Vote for WHOEVER you have to, if there is a Socialist Vote for them. No Socialist, or Only Neoliberal TORIES? Then VOTE FOR WHOEVER the strongest competition qould be.
      With the Parasites out we’ll soon take out anything collected at that GE, with the Parasites in they WILL Sabotage every effort just as they did 2015 to 2020, GE17 & GE19!

      1. They already have! You won’t notice, because you don’t know how to. You do not form a part of The PEOPLE, your head’s too deep up your Elitist Masters’ arses!

      2. nellyskelly – Never mind, perhaps people will start to take notice when you can offer a credible alternative.

      3. Why have you added labour to your presumed Socialist list of parties?? Have you lost the plot??

      4. Ha ha, no Those Parasites, everyone refers to as “Labour” are “Labour” only for the Corporate Brand/Logo, they are TORIES.
        The UK Labour Party, the 10/15 Democratic Socialist MPs dangling outside like baubles, are all that remain but the UK Labour Party is DEAD.
        The Parasite Party within, BLiar’s New-Labour Party TORIES and now Neo-Labour Party TORIES are by no means Socialists, they can say it and write it into their Wiki Page as much as they want they are FOR The Elitist Establishment NOT FOR The PEOPLE.
        To be specific I speak of two Labours
        1. The UK Labour Party (RIP) = infested by a Parasite = part of the UK Labour Movement = Democratic Socialists = FOR The PEOPLE.
        2. The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES = the Colonising Parasite Infestation = NOT part of the UK Labour Movement = Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberalism = FOR Themselves and the Elitist Establishment NOT FOR The PEOPLE.

      5. SteveH asks “Will anybody notice?🤔” the difference between a non-socialist Labour party and a socialist-ish Labour party.

        YES! Labour already gets significantly less support, fewer votes in elections and more disdain from both ‘journalists’ (sic) and the voting public than it did under the wonderful Jeremy Corbyn.

        Starmer’s personality is repellent, I know, but even he couldn’t do that so quickly without the help of Klaus Schwab, Peter Mandelson* et aL..

        *and the RW-dominated PLP

      6. qwertboi – But Labour were consistently behind in the polls during the Corbyn era and we also went into the last GE with two thirds of the electorate consistently expressing a dislike for Labour’s leader (sadly this poor polling was reflected in the catastrophic 19GE results). Contrast this with consistent lead in the polls that Labour now has under Keir’s leadership. Have you seen the current polling results, You should also take a look at the MRP polling results, you will find that they indicate that Labour will regain the vast majority of the Red Wall seats that Corbyn lost.

        Given the abysmal level of support that the left’s candidates have attracted at the ballot box one has to wonder if there is enough of you to make any noticeable difference. As I said above “Will anybody notice?”

    2. “Contrast this with consistent lead in the polls that Labour now has under Keir’s leadership”

      i). I will when/ if it ever provides as many real actual votes as was achieved under Jeremy’s leadership.

      ii) under a staid, formulaic FPTP-corrupted two-party system, voicing support, for (but not necessarily providing a vote to) Labour is shorthand for “the other lot really stink.

      Keir’s supposed lead is what it is; a way of saying \the government stinks’.

      Nothing more and nothing less! Remember KRS is the second worst schlemeil in the world – which proves he is, indeed a schlemeil.

  6. Filthy rich pompous grifting “C”
    Like most of these shithouse Labour MPs they’ve become rich on the back of the working classes while he and his ilk smiled and lied straight in your faces..
    When you read the words “Labour is on your side”
    Make damned sure you take notice of that sick feeling in your stomachs…

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