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Jama completes NEC term – and immediately resigns from Labour party

“The closer I got to the heart of the party, the more determined I’ve became to having nothing more to do with it” black left-winger leaves ‘toxic’ party

Nadia Jama

Left-winger Nadia Jama today completed her term on Labour’s national executive (NEC) – and immediately resigned her membership of a party she described as ‘toxic’, offering condolences to any left-wingers staying in. Ms Jama published the news in a tweet and saying that her experience on the NEC had opened her eyes to what Labour has become under Keir Starmer and hardened her determination to leave it thoroughly behind:

The Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’ documentary series and a speech this week by Muslim MP Apsana Begum have revealed just what Ms Jama and others of good will – especially those from black and other ethnic backgrounds – have suffered at the hands of the poisonous clique now running the Labour party.

The vast majority of responses to Jama’s tweet were overwhelmingly supportive. To the few who tried to claim that leaving Labour helps the Tories, Skwawkbox says: supporting Starmer would help the Tories currently masquerading with red rosettes to continue the growing toxicity and despair of our whole, broken society. He, his acolytes and handlers could hardly be more unworthy of it.

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  1. …Skwawkbox says: supporting Starmer would help the Tories currently masquerading with red rosettes to continue the growing toxicity and despair of our whole, broken society. He, his acolytes and handlers could hardly be more unworthy of it…

    Amen brother!

    1. Two TORY Parties, Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State, they are BOTH FUCKING DANGEROUS! However one is particularly Nasty and Sly, and that prize goes to BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen, The NEO-Labour Party TORIES!
      I just asked a friend if she watched The Labour Files and realised someting I had to keep “pinching” myself, that this was not about the BNP!

      1. ….and the credible alternative that you are offering is?

      2. nellyskelly – Yes again. The point is that you wouldn’t be saying that if you were able to offer a credible alternative.

      3. We’ve spoken about this you’ve spoken to many others about this, my answer is The NEO-Labour Party TORIES KILLED The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019) with Austin, Woodcock, et al’s VotedTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign, but until your BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen, The NEO-Labour Party TORIES are anihilated at the next GE there is no slim chance of a Party FOR The PEOPLE!
        The Past 5 Days’ events, however created a whole bunch of sparks, remember we spoke about sparks several times? Anyway as you well know it only take one tiny spark to set the entire movement into motion!
        We only need 650 candidates, we are only ~400 candidates away from victory! Considdering the past 5 days’ events I am sure even your bone brain can get through it that you should be concerning youself with attempting to rescue your NEO-Labour Party TORIES from the silt of the barrel, rather than mythering over us and all the things that you have been told already, many times! I have saved this message in my Notepad for future use, again and again and again!

      4. nellyskelly – Why would you waste your time bothering to save utter gibberish, what’s the point? Have fun 😊

      5. nellyskelly – It is sad that you have had to admit that you have nothing to offer.

      6. Not really, not when ‘you’ KILLED the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019), with ‘your’ VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign and Evidenced 4y3m Espionage Level Sabotage, Backstabbing, Racism, Misogyny, MSM, MSSM, MSP Corruption! Well as you have seen the past 5 days, evidenced revelations are still coming out of your Far Right NEO-Labour TORY Party, even if BlueKeef and MrBlobby are trying their damnedest best to keep the Stainless Steel Curtains shut tight.
        It is you who should consider what “credible alternative” you have to offer to Truss’s Conservative TORY Party! A Thatcher Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State won’t do, you’ll need more than snake oil empty promises and hollow pointless policy sweet words and promises!
        Even with all Truss’s Killer Clown-Foolery, from where The PEOPLE are watching, your BlueKeef is not looking too hot, petal!
        You can kid yourself with the MSPs all you like even if BlueKeef was 50 points ahead, if that Party led by that man gets Government, there will be riots in weeks!

      7. Well Precisely, as I said myther over your shithole TORY Party and nevermind what we are going to do. We are going to do what we are going to do when we do it, but I reckon that you can be guaranteed that there are MANY, MANY “Saboteurs” ready and waiting for the announcement of the Snap Ellections with Sharpies in hand, for long overdue payback time!
        So basically whether we have a Party prior or not, don’t count your chickens! The PEOPLE are excluded from your Billionaire Pollster Polls so you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how The PEOPLE will vote, as shit as Truss is, you may find that BlueKeef is even more shit than that, after the next GE!
        Aided by the wonderful gifts like the AJ Labour Files, The ENOUGH is ENOUGH Meeting, TWT and the hilariously BNPesque NEO-Labour Party TORY Conference, i’d say that BlueKeef is looking a bit shaky to say the least.

      8. nellyskelly – Oh for goodness sake. Are those your pathetic excuses for continuing with your long standing tradition of doing SFA beyond forlorn bleating. You’re a joke.

      9. No excuses, it is you who incessantly myther, over our “credible alternative”, I am merely obliging.
        The answers you get to your mythering questions are consistently the same, so perhaps a good suggestion would be: ‘if you head hurts from repeatedly banging it against a brick wall, perhaps stop doing it’?

      10. Indeed. I’ve just finished watching the third episode.
        Virtually a Mafia organisation.
        Evans’ “job interview” bit was, at one and the same time, sinister and hilarious.
        Couldn’t answer the question.
        He did even worse than David Brent would have done, but still got the job.
        What dross.

      11. That Dossier was no internal data leak that was Intelligence level Espionage! I doubt that it was MI5 or CIA, no matter how much they owe to BlueKeef for Julian Assange, probably Savil and all!

      12. Here he comes NellyKSkelly….any minute now the antisemite Turd Polisher. Wait for it….

      13. It’s Impossible to know where to block from, it gets flung from every direction, above, below, sideways, yaba, yaba whatever! I am thick skinned and stubourn as fuck, Baz, let them come, we’ve been at it since 2015, went quiet 2019, but alas it continues!

      14. nellyskelly – Oh dear, have you got a persecution complex? Are you remembering to wear your hat?

      1. WTF!!

        Not only is the content of the claim shocking – but at the end of the video it appears jimmy savile is alive and well and on that panel (3rd from right)


    1. qwertboi – ….until ‘the left’ eventually gets its act together (in about 20yrs according to smellyknelly).
      Or alternatively you can skip the interminable wait for something that will probably never happen and just vote for a Labour government instead.

      1. “Take it or leave it?” – after taking it for far too long it is liberating to leave it.

      2. Two Cheeks
        Labour government
        Have you heard of the Trades Descriptions Act

      3. Steveh, I’d rather die than vote Labour when a reprobate like Starmer, Brown, Blair, Kinnock… or be imprisoned for life instead of taking mandated to take any drug – not least an untested, highly dangerous rmRNA concoction that to call ‘experimental’ is attrociously inadequate, for a disease that is indistinguishable from any of the last forty years’ influenza.

        (Notice I didn’t include Corbyn, Milliband or Smith, but did include every other leader of Labour since 1983).

      4. 3 Months of your Manufactured NEO-Labour TORY Party and all hell will break loose. You can’t give what you haven’t got, it is better to be honnest and say you don’t have it than to promise it and not able to deliver. BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen The NEO-Labour TORY Party promise UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) but they haven’t got an ounce of it to give!
        The PEOPLE are desperate, The PEOPLE expect The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19), but The PEOPLE will get what they are given, The NEO-Labour TORY Party, and be grateful for it!
        Uhhhm, I don’t think so!
        3 Months!

      5. nellyskelly – The people may well be desperate but there is no point in them turning to you and your cohorts, you’ve already made it clear that you are still trying to get your act together and have SFA to offer anyone.

      6. nellyskelly – The polls are clearly and consistently indicating that the electorate is in the main quite happy with what the Labour party and Keir are offering them.

      7. Yes, perhaps BlueKeef, Deborah “working for FREE” Mattinson and the BLiar Witch Project working hand in hand with the orchestration of the MSM, MSSM, MSP etc have the Zombified MSM Sheeple fooled for now, but what happens when ‘the children wake up on xmas morning and instead of presents from Santa, under the tree, they find piles of reindeer shit’!?
        3 Months!

      8. PS The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 DEC’19) is DEAD, that dead thing that you call ‘labour’ is the remains of what once was The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19), the dead skin propped up by the Wriggling and Squirming Parasite Infestation that is BlueKeef’s Starmerstruppen, The Thatcherite Neoliberal NEO-Labour Party TORIES. Don’t insult the memory of The UK Labour Party like that, it’s disrespectful!

      9. SteveH, voting Labour= voting for a fascist Party
        Whatever you like it or no, you are supporting fascists.

      10. SteveH28/09/2022 AT 11:59 PM
        qwertboi – Your idiocy is your problem, not mine

        What happened to: “You are, of course, entitled to your opinion??

        Are you taking qwertboi’s intense dislike of keef, personally? 😙🎶

        It appears so.

      11. “about 20yrs ..”

        As quick as that? lol.

        Only three things are needed steveh.
        – Stronger independent media with wide reach to displace synchronised-MSM;

        – electoral reform;

        – new party.

        Any two of the above could cause it to be faster than 20 years?

      12. Yes, I did say that if we stick our heads in the sand ie BLiar era, for the sake of the brandname “LABOUR” (look where that got us 43 years down the TORY HELL line and counting), we will prolong the suffering and my personal estimate and what I warned people of 2015 to 2019 was 2 Decades. However I also said that if we stopped being naive, kinder, gentler, nicer, and started fighting for our right to a Party for The PEOPLE by The PEOPLE, and fighting as hard/dirty as we have to, we could realistically destroy the NEO-Labour Party TORIES and have a Government in waiting in one term.
        What you don’t seem to grasp is that your NEO-Labour TORY Party are the 2015 to 2019, 80% of Nasty as Fuck Saboteurs, who killed the UK Labour Party and Movement. The hard evidence is out, and I dare say a whole lot more will be coming out. You took Kinder, Gentler, Nicer and raped, tortured and massacred it and now you expect it to STILL be naive enough to vote for YOUR TORY Party who tormented it. Yes there will still be some gullible enough to vote for that Neo-Fascist Party, but you’ll have to hurry, as this video, for one minor example, shows The PEOPLE are waking up fast and The PEOPLE are biting back! So if you don’t hurry, there will be NO MORE Nicer, Kinder, Gentler left asleep for your abuse.
        You, as much as you think your miniscule, in comparison, Middle-Class are the saviours of “Labour”, you are NOT! You NEED The PEOPLE’S votes if you want to win a GE and being a Twat is never going to win their Hearts and Minds.

  2. Evans as David Brent is just too good an idea to just see, laugh and move on.
    It really needs carving in stone.
    And Starmer’s interview with Chris Mason earlier today was totally lacking in energy and inspiration.

    1. “Starmer’s interview with Chris Mason earlier today was totally lacking in energy and inspiration.”
      I am not surprised if there ever was a contest for the Dullest TORY of All Time the result would be:
      1. Chris Mason
      2. SirLawdy BlueKeef
      3. Rachael Reeves
      As dull and painfully dull as BlueKeef is, Chris Mason is like an internal torture chamber level dull.

      1. Definately!
        However I believe that Truss was the ‘brainchild’ of The Commissioners, to get their man into Nr10. With that excruciatingly long dull and pointless “Leadership Race” (a Propagandist trick, made the MSM Sheeple believe that they were being thorough, with their selection process) they probably were thorough, but to ensure the worst candidate was selected, to give BlueKeef every opportunity to get the Keys to Nr10.
        Keep an eye on BlueKeef, I reckon we are going to see some uncharacteristicly “good” speeches/Parliamentary performances, from him.
        No doubt the same Luntzspeak that gave us Cameron, BoJoke, possibly BLiar.
        Nothing can change the fact though, that BlueKeef is the equivalent of a very dodgy Texan Route 66, abused car salesman.

    2. I think that uber brit Bent, is presenting the award to the yanks again. For the last time again. Don’t care, likes the cheques, but speaks his mind. My kind of rebel, mmm.

  3. Youve heard it from Squawkbox…..and theres no longer any excuse for supporting the fascist endeavour the labour party.or paying subs to parasites that are directly involved thugery racism and discrimination against the working class..This labour party are even more dangerous than the pigs party the conservative and unionist parties..No excuse for voting for any of them and certainly none for bankrolling this obscenity who are a direct threat to the country and the working class..The sooner the labour party get out of the way the sooner real change and a working class party can rise.

  4. “Asked on Times Radio if he was comfortable saying Labour was closer to the party of Sir Tony than it was to Jeremy Corbyn, Sir Keir said: “I certainly hope so, because Tony Blair won three elections and I want us to win the next election.”

    “Mr Corbyn, who still has not had the Labour whip restored despite remaining a party member, saw the ground that needed to be occupied in a different way.

    “Ahead of a huge Enough is Enough rally in Tottenham last night, Mr Corbyn told the Star: “The ground we need to be on is the same ground as people struggling to make ends meet.

    “We also need to be on the same ground as workers on picket lines fighting for better pay and conditions.”

    “Labour MP Diane Abbott told the Star “we should be going forward not looking back.”

    “Mr Starmer went on to tell Times Radio: “We are firmly on the centre ground, common sense politics, practical answers to the challenges the country faces” “. source

    1. So its “never mind the quality feel the width…mr H ?This is your idea as a” credible alternative “…a fascist endeavour of thugs the labour party.!

      1. And there are really very dangerous thugs attached to this Headroom venture. Some of them remind me of people from the AFA days. Unprotected, solitary, elderly and often unwell women, many of certain faiths are sighted and then attacked. Your Labour Party meetings are not safe spaces for many honorable and decent members. Man up those of you in the party who care, and protect the vulnerable. You don’t want oaps who aren’t in your beloved party to come out of retirement and do it for you? Just asking, comrades. The bigger the gang the weaker it really is. It’s like picketing. First time it’s frightening. Then you surprise yourselves at what you are really capable of. Joseph understands this very well.

    2. But they must do it! They or the chosen young ones with their guidance and support must do it, we can’t dream it into reality. They are the politicians and they have to put their hats where home will be.

  5. The default stock answers from the wee shithouse have never been more evident than they are in this thread.

    Nevermind that someone else in a senior position has altogether spewed the shitshow that party’s become – most likely before they were expelled for THE most spurious reasoning – just stick to the obfuscation, evasion and deflection from the fact that keef and his clique are becoming political pariahs at an exponential rate.

    And don’t bother with any polls, gobshite. Keef is as popular as the toerags’ are competent.

    If more people were to be made aware of his shithousery, they’d have a quite different opinion

    Put it this way, if the toerags hadn’t caused the current economic shitshow, OR in the event they actually DO manage to get something right (as likely as keef is) then people will be pointed towards, and have more time to pay attention to keefs’ shithousery vindictiveness and incompetence.

    Either way. A (former) executive jibbing the party altogether as soon as their tenures up is NOT something to be dismissed so casually.

      1. Not on any part due to keef being remotely close to being any good, but down to truss being the colossal imbecile she is. (Second only to you it has to be said).

        A week-old roadkill could take truss apart. (And she’s that fucking thick she’d debate the roadkill)

        Keef has to rely on truss’ incompetence for a lead. That’s how shite he is.

        On bbcqt** earlier there were enough people still don’t know who he is or what he’s about.

        And that’s the first time I’ve bothered with it in months, the last time I did I was quite refreshed at a friend’s gaff.

      2. “…down to truss being the colossal imbecile she is.”
        …..and not without very “Good” Reason!
        The Commissioners have spoken!
        ‘BlueKeef SHALL BE YOUR LEADER!’
        Voting is possible, but totally pointless. The votes have been counted and verified.

      3. Steve H labours rise is down to ignorance of the electorate and desperation of a country on the brink of economic collapse brought on by the parasites in the establishment parliament…Clutching at straws and voting labour will not have any real effect on a country dominated like Europe by a two party system of neo liberals.The Rot started with the establishment and spread across the anointed including the labour party and clearly the evidence of carpetbaging government will tip the country over the edge.
        I see a real difference and awakening across the water in Ireland were Sinn Fein supporters are demanding a end to neo liberal rot…and hopefully this real change and democracy will spread from the rise of the working class in Ireland and educate the British people that the old establishment neo liberals are yesterdays people.and a threat to the country…..away with God save the king and take up the banner of “God save our People”

      4. Exactly, but can you imagine what is going to happen when severely desperate people who were sold and are expecting The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019) are given The NEO-Labour Party TORIES and as part of Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State?
        No more than 3 months and Britain will be ablaze with Riots!
        BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen will be the shortest lived Government on earth.

      5. I did think about saying that, but then I thought nah, once they come out with their anti-“UNDESERVING POOR”, anti-Socialist, anti-Left, anti-Protest, anti-FOS, anti-FOI, pro-War, etc, etc crap it will go boom, especially after Truss.
        However People are so desperate that they will self-flagellate, for some time, before any action happens, so yeah you are quite right after Truss’s, it is.

      6. Toffee – Labour now have a 33% point lead in the polls

        You say that like it was something to celebrate. The only thing standing between the Labour party and utter oblivion is the continued collusion of the media in pretending the Al Jaz docs don’t exist.

      7. “The votes have been counted and verified.”

        What could have been read as a joke a few years back now seems more than possible. IndeRef and Brexit ref could be in that situation too….

      8. That’s the workers done then. He’s as popular as Putin.

  6. SteveH28/09/2022 AT 10:47 PM
    nellyskelly – Oh dear, have you got a persecution complex?

    Asks the bellend that calls the Al Jazeera investigation A hatchet job

    But point blank refuses to explain why.

    Nonce enabling wrong un.

    I’ll say it again. Wee steve h enables (and excuses) nonsensism – no less than madge hodge did

    1. Toffee, Wee Stevie is an antisemite and a racist that much is clear. He supports the Labour regime that perpetrates it. Time to call the fuckers out for what they are.

      1. …And a nonce apologist.

        Generally a piss-poor excuse for a rodent, nevermind a human..

      2. And the best bit is, while he’s on here trying to wind us all up, his missus is out by the pool getting banged stupid by the gardener!😀

      3. timfrom – Thanks for so clearly illustrating that you have nothing worthwhile to contribute and what a sad little individual you are.

    2. Toffee Steve H has become a Apostle of fascism and I know only too well that to break the bonds of whats become a religion is extremely difficult and trying to convince a believer in the almighty knight of the realm along with all the establishment baggage is nearly impossible.I am afraid he is a lost cause like many other “believers still clutching at straws of a wicked version of politics the labour party carpetbaggers and establishment lackys.

      1. Joseph – And yet you are the one who has chosen to live in a dictatorship ruled by an ex senior commander of the murderous Khmer Rouge who maintains his position in power by a combination of fear, imprisonment, torture and the murder of his opponents whilst indulging in nepotism and corruption to enrich himself, his family and his cohorts at the expense of the poor impoverished Cambodian people A leader who is now in the process of setting up a dynasty by installing his son as his successor.
        I can freely criticise our political leaders without any fear of retribution whereas you are shit scared to say boo to the leaders in Cambodia. You’re a joke.

    3. Was that disturbed denizen of the deep at the knees up in Liverpool? Did she add anything to the greater good?

  7. Maria Vasquez, When somebody votes for and supports a party that promotes corruption, racism and lying one can assume they are corrupt, racist and a liar. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. baz2001 – I think that this is true of many who actually work (employees or just members) for the LP nowadays.
      There are other categories, though.
      There are those (many) who don’t bother, or don’t know how, to access the information that would enlighten them – the MSM has a stranglehold, don’t forget.
      Then there are those who have to work it through and understand what is happening (e.g. Nadia Jama and many of us on here who left at one time or another) before they realise they need to cut loose.
      Then there are those who live in hope because they have given their lives to the LP in the hope that they could effect change, and would feel lost if they cut the cord.
      Finally, there are those who take little interest in politics but just turn up and vote on the basis of folk myth.
      I have friends who are still in, or feel committed to vote for the LP. I don’t argue with them. I just send them links to information that may help their recovery (e.g. the Al Jazeera series).

      1. I always say that the people who work for ie. Elbit, form the cleaner to the CEO, they all know exactly what puts money in their pockets. Bombs and Things that Kill Palestinian, Yemeni, etc Children, Women, Elderly, Civillians.
        As far as I am concerned they are complicit in the killing of those people. Whether you only do the cleaning, only design/attach one small part, etc it doesn’t matter, it is not about that, you knowingly take money that is dripping in innocent people’s blood!
        The same goes for anything else, people will do absolutely anything for money, money means more than lives and at the alarming rate that killing people is being normalised on MSM and the overpopulated planet we have become easily disposed of commodities, war fodder.

      2. What a fair and reasonable summing up of labour party supporters one I wouldn’t attempt because of anger and blood pressure and a responsibility to my hang on as long as age allows.Also I wish to see a democratic socialists government in Ireland and a deep hope of a democratic socialists government in Britain after the coming collapse of the neo liberal disaster.the people deserve better than this.
        Thankyou Goldbach once again spot on.

  8. An apology – on another thread, which I can’t find at the moment, I mentioned Starmer’s “plans” for rail. I should, of course, have said energy.
    Here’s Professor Prem Sikka saying it much better that I can.

    1. I love Crispin’s work on YouTube, there is particularly good coverage of Black Labour Women’s FRIGHTENING experiences in the Neo-Fascist NEO-Labour TORY Party, which I feel was not adequately covered in AJ Labour Files.
      I wonder if Crispin, et al will follow several left leaning YouTube content makers over to Rumble, I reckon eventually it will be the only way we could get a word in edgeway, you’ll probably see the Right and Far Right shuffle off back onto Far Right controlled YouTube.

  9. Yet more discriminatory behaviour under the guise of ‘failed security clearance’?:

    Labour Bans Three Kurdish Attendees From Conference While Cosying up to Turkey by Rivkah Brown at Novara Media

    Three Kurdish attendees were turned away from this year’s Labour party conference, among them a former local mayor. All had travelled to Liverpool and were refused entry at the door, the party claiming they had failed security clearance.

    The decision has raised questions about undue influence within the party of groups affiliated with the Turkish state.

    Ali Gul Ozbek is a Kurdish Alevi former Labour councillor who between 2015 and 2017 served as mayor of Haringey, a London borough home to a large Kurdish community.

    Ozbek has been attending party conference for 14 years without issue. “This year, all of a sudden, I couldn’t get a pass.”

    “I thought it must be a mistake,” he told Novara Media. “I’ve been a member for longer than 90% of MPs.”

    1. This is Starmer cosying-up to,Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, just as his Kashmir u-turn was him cosying up to Narendra Modi.

      In both cases Labour members and Conference were dishonoured. I hope remaining members are beginning to see a pattern in Starmer’s pro-right wing authoriatrianism.

      1. Qwertboi, Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission, it’s what they do.

        Read Chomskey’s dissection of that headbanging organisation.

  10. 0ctober…..tommorow…A General Strike this month and get out on the streets and even take grandad as well and bring down parliament…! Hit the streets and fight back against the establishment in the only way they understand….FEAR of the majority working class movement. “

  11. Some news on the world economy:
    Currencies are normally bought and sold on the money markets at either “spot prices” or “forward prices”. Spot prices are the rate of exchange for trades completed on the day. Forward prices are the agreed exchange prices for trades to be completed next week/ month etc. The totality of the spot prices is used to produce “ratings” for the currencies every day (what we refer to as the exchange rate). These rates are used to produce daily ranking, with a higher ranking value being better.
    Yesterday’s ranking values were:
    Top 12:
    Russia +28.63
    Brazil +2.97
    Mexico +1.55
    Peru +0.78
    Hong Kong -0.68
    (N.B. As long as the “rating” is reasonably close to zero, there are no problems.)
    Singapore -6.11
    Indonesia -6.62
    Switzerland -7.08
    Canada -7.93
    India -9.18
    Malaysia -10.14
    Colombia -10.17
    To have so few plusses is a concern.
    Bottom 12:
    Denmark -14.33
    Eurozone -14.44
    New Zealand -16.91
    South Africa -17.38
    Norway -18.10
    U.K. -18.72
    Poland -19.05
    Sweden -19.41
    Japan -20.43
    Hungary -24.88
    Turkey -28.18
    Argentina -30.16
    With only one looking good and even half of the top 12 looking far from OK, looks like we’re into a world (nearly all of) recession and heading towards a depression. Wasn’t the economic war a good idea?

    1. Thanks for this goldbach. Do you have a link for this and does it enable longer-term analysis (as direction of travel may be more indicative than daily spikes)?

      1. Oh my goodness. It’s easy to get today’s individual spot rates from the Bank of England website, but how i got to the summation etc. is another thing. I went from link to link and then it wouldn’t let me copy and paste so I just copied it by typing it out. I’ll give it a try again.
        I guess there must be ways of analysing past trends and, if it’s possible to see what the forward rates are day by day, it would be possible to forecast future trends. That stuff is higher than my pay grade though.

  12. There seem to be six/seven routes forward and my own take on each is given below. This is just me thinking aloud though I’d be interested in others’ take on this, whether obvious flaws, their own perspective, though maybe less so gratuitous insults, as I already have a number of suppliers for those.

    0 Suffer the Tories as the lesser of two evils
    1 Suffer a Labour Party under Starmer as the lesser of two evils
    2 Work toward replacing Starmer as Labour Leader
    3 Vote for an existing party other than the Tories or Labour
    4 Create a new party
    5 Change the electoral system
    6 Use extra-parliamentary means to change the system

    0 is listed as, though the Left have an existential distaste for the Tories, an argument could be made that if one must endure a mendacious and callous regime, it is better to side with those who are unapologetically so rather than duplicitously pretending to be otherwise.

    1 is the epitome of self-loathing, made worse because the knowledge of what Labour once was will always haunt the corrupt husk that now bears its name

    2 the amount of energy and acrimony involved, as likely to result in no more than self-immolation of the organisation as well as long-lasting distaste amongst the electorate for such indulgent in-fighting, does not make this particularly attractive

    3 The confetti of abandoned or dormant acronyms for parties that launched and then fell to earth or the isolated strongholds of parties that cling to minimal parliamentary representation attest to the sclerotic tendencies of FPTP.

    4 Mindful of 3), if you can operate at scale then optimism will take you a long way but that gets diluted as consensus and compromise come into play

    5 My preferred option and one that, to reach its objective, may well need to accommodate one or more of routes 0-4.

    6 The most superficially attractive (more so at moments of acute frustration, of which there have been a few of late) and also the most unstable: it may well serve this time to produce a system that one approves of with an acceptable level of disruption to those things wee take for granted, yet also legitimises the use of force more generally and those with the biggest stick may not always be ones you agree with or have the means to remove (by force or otherwise).

    1. I guess that it is out of our hands by now. I think that the dice have already been cast with the economic war, and we are simply waiting to see how they fall. I suspect that they will fall pretty quickly too and there will be no time for any of the strategies you postulate to take effect.

      1. Hope that I didn’t sound too fatalistic. What I meant was that, in the short to medium term we’re snookered; we need to look at the medium to long term. That would involve a mixture of 4, 5 and 6.
        In the short/medium term we will end up with 0 or 1, but the trajectory won’t change.

    2. “one or more of the routes” sounds right. ‘The Left’ it seems has to be reactive cos we haven’t got the brains or the discipline/organisation to be strategic and to take the initiative.

      1. qwertboi, I wouldn’t say it’s a lack of brains so much as the head being subservient to the heart – there’s a place for both (and the hand sometimes needs to be called into service also). goldbach, I’m wary of anything with a conspiratorial whiff but couldn’t help thinking when the news reports were all trumpeting the 33 point lead and comparing it to the figures Blair was getting in the run-up to 1997 that such outliers could easily be a fabricated signal to permit a change of government

      2. Maybe. Or maybe a signal to the Tories to change leader, and economic strategy, quickly.

  13. Ref Sqwawkbox’s latest article with John McTernan telling the Politics Show that BlueKeef has told Thatcherites “It is safe for them to come back home to Labour”
    I wonder just how many people will still dimwittedly vote for that TORY Party!
    We need to start preparing for a Snap Election, I am sure that, with only 650 seats, we could create a sabotage list and vote to sabotage not just the NEO-Labour Party TORIES but The Conservative Party TORIES also.
    Wherever we may have a Socialist to vote for we vote for them, where there are no Socialist candidate we vote for a preselected alternative NeoLibDem = TORY, NeoGreen= TORY, can I make a suggestion that we all vote Looney Party, couldn’t make a stronger statement than that. It doesn’t even matter that they have no experience, they would still by far outperform BlueKeef and CheesyTruss!
    It would cause utter chaos internationally! Woooondefullll!
    Job Done!

    1. nellyskelly – “can I make a suggestion that we all vote Looney Party”

      I am happy for you. After years of searching you’ve finally gravitated to your natural home.

      1. I am sure you’ll be even happier for come the morning after the day and night before. I can just imagine your little faces as the Looney Party knocks NEO-Labour Party TORY after NEO-Labour TORY after….., right out of their seats!
        It’ll be like Kinnock, et al watching Jeremy Corbyn destroy NEO-Labour Party TORY after NEO-Labour Party TORY, unforgettable.
        NEVER underestimate the power of The PEOPLE, SteveH you may have won GE17 and GE19, BUT you’ve NOT by a very longshot won the Battle!

      2. nellyskelly – “NEVER underestimate the power of The PEOPLE,”
        I don’t, have you seen the polls?
        It is quite entertaining to sit back and observe the palpable panic that is emanating from ‘the left’.
        I voted Labour in both 2017 and 19, did you?

      3. What have we got to panic about? Appart from the real risk of harm being done to us by BlueKeef’s Starmerstruppen?
        Our Party is DEAD! The NEO-Labour Party TORIES KILLED it. We have absolutely nothing to lose, we have freedom to disrupt, sabotage, etc and you, you still think that Middle Class & Up are the majority, that will be your demise!
        You and your Unverified, Unregulated, billionaire owned polls are the only panic we’ll see!
        You did not vote labour Petal, you have never once had a possitive thing to say about The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019) and it is only you who persistently affirm that “you voted Labour” that is classic guilt.
        The only “Labour” you voted for was NEO-Labour Party TORIES’ Project VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn!

    2. Labour Neo-Liberals will tie themselves in knots denying that they’re spiritual soulmates with Thatcherites. Their SEVERE cognitive dissonance will be very entertaining!

      1. That article was what Nelly & I were referring to. There were no comments allowed underneath it, though, which is why we posted here instead.

      2. Yep, then again they have kept that worn out mask on for a very long time. Since BLiar gnawed his way into Parliament via the Sewers of Westminster, dragging in dehind him Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist, Neoliberal One Party State and created the New-Labour Party TORIES in honour of the “grande dame”!
        Then, with the aid of Deborah “working for FREE” Mattinson Director of Strategies for the Office of BlueKeef, they followed in Clinton’s Successful Transision to a One Party State USA and immediately started to move away from The Dreadful “UNDESERVING POOR” and Socialists!
        Here’s what Tony Benn said after attending one of the Thatcher Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State Workshops, with BLiar and Mattinson:
        “Tony Benn was particularly alarmed by the meeting: ‘Labour was associated with the poor, the unemployed, the old, the sick, the disabled, pacifists, immigrants, minorities and the unions, and this was deeply worrying’. Benn was further troubled by what he saw as the proposed remedy of Thatcher style leadership: ‘I came out feeling physically sick; I’m not kidding | felt unwell, because if this is what the Labour Party is about I’ve got nothing whatever in common with it.”
        They are vulgar excuses for human beings and if The PEOPLE don’t get rid of them The PEOPLE will never again be represented in Parliament!
        I worry about the left naivity though, just last night I watched a Politics Joe thing on YouTube, asking people of Liverpool what they thought of BlueKeef, there was this kid saying about how Andy Burnham came to ENOUGHisENOUGH, etc and he was alarmed because he’s not sure if he can be trusted, moments later he was extatic because “he came to us, we never asked him, he came to us, and that is a good sign, because if he is comming over to the left…..” I couldn’t help but shout that that was how the fucking bastard were let in, in the first fuckking place! We are never going to have a entirely socialist party with saft gullible sods opening the doors wide to the TORIES all the while, are we!?

      3. Is that their strategy to reclaim the Red Wall? Welcome back Thatcherites. He’s appealing to the right of the Tories ffs.

      4. wobbly – Which of Labour’s current policies do you think are Thatcherite?

    3. nellyskelly…..You dangled the carrot and the antisemitic donkey turns up.

  14. nellyskelly – “can I make a suggestion that we all vote Looney Party”
    Which one do you mean, Tories or Labour?

    1. 😂 I knew someone was going to jibe me with that one. Yeah it is nuts so may as well keep to the Looney theme propper, and vote Looney Party.

  15. nellyskelly, the sentiment of “We are never going to have a entirely socialist party with saft gullible sods opening the doors wide to the TORIES all the while, are we!?” does resonate with the not entirely baseless saying, “The right looks for converts; the left looks for traitors.” On a war footing, the committed few overwhelming the indifferent many ( a la “We are Spartans!”) has appeal, but that’s a tough gig in the context of keeping a nation running. At the risk of sounding like an old record (but a good, 180gm mint disk, nonetheless!) the mass appeal needed to win a GE relies on a combination of the other side running out of ideas and/or competency and a lurch toward the centre (and I accept that there is as discussion as to whether Corbyn was an exception to this). Far better, in my mind, to have a system of PR that keeps all ideas in play and gives a greater chance to the best ones being taken forward. Socialism SHOULD triumph because it is evidently humane and equitable but most likely WILL succeed because it is also pragmatic and obvious and I have no problem talking to anyone regardless of their supposed political leanings to convince them that this is the case.

      1. Yeah why not and by the way, clean yer ears out, Skwawky, he said “over”, not “home”!

  16. nellyskelly – “NEVER underestimate the power of The PEOPLE,”
    I don’t, have you seen the polls?
    It is quite entertaining to sit back and observe the palpable panic that is emanating from ‘the left’.

    And hes thrashing himself silly again.

    Have we seen the POLLS?

    Yes. And while nobody will deny smarmer holds a lead, it’s one a fortnight old roadkill ought to be holding and maintaining over THE worst government on history – nevermind the Dillard that is smarmer.

    He barely managed to hold a lead over the second worst (under the previous cretin government in history

    His local & by-election results have been piss poor against the second worst (under the last month’s cretinous) government in history.

    He lost another council seat the other day, losing something like thirty-odd points.

    But you’re the moron told everyone that your 70% of membership was enough to win in 2019 with the 2nd ref that you said labour would lose seats to the libtards without it.

    Even desperate dan hodges has had more right than you.

    Essentially, keef can thank Satan or whoever he’s made a pact with, that truss is beyond absolutely fucking shite. The rags punt her on time and keefs’ fooked.

    You know it, we know it.

    Talking of desperation – fancy crowing about keef having a lead in an opinion poll – but ONLY because the opposition is utterly useless?!

    It’s like cheering on tyson fury in match against weaselly screeching** Glenda Jackson ffs.

    1. Toffee – Labour have been consistently ahead in the polls for 10 months now, something that Corbyn never manages against Boris.
      I am looking forward to a landslide victory by Labour at the next general election, are you?

      1. Toffee – Labour have been consistently ahead in the polls for 10 months now, something that Corbyn never manages against Boris.


        Consistently ahead…by 2 or 3 points since last week. Keefs’ only got the 20pt lead everyone said anyone but Corbyn would have because the toerags have bollocksed things up even further by installing that retard.

        Corbyn’d be ahead by the the same margin. Even YOU couldn’t fail to get a double-digit jump on those imbeciles ffs.

        I am looking forward to a landslide victory by Labour at the next general election, are you?

        No. A/ Not gonna happen. B/ They’re just as toerag themselves.

        What do they offer people like me?

        Nothing. Same as the rags. But with less civil liberties.

      2. Toffee – Oh for goodness sake get a grip of yourself, going into the last election Labour was consistently 11 points behind in the polls and Corbyn himself was despised by two thirds of the electorate. These consistent results were reflected in the outcome when Corbyn lost 60 seats.

      3. Oh, and what was the reason Corbyn didn’t maintain a lead over de piffle**…??

        Seen the Al Jazeera documentary?

        Oh, I almost forgot…it’s a <hatchet job on keef & co, isn’t it? 🤦

        **How many votes has keef won against the rags?

        What’s that? None??and WHY’S that?

        It’s because you don’t win votes if you vote WITH them, or abstain when you’re not voting WITH them.

        But keef provides a credible alternative… And that alternative is to mimic the toerags at every given turn.

        Stupid nonce apologist.

      4. Get a grip of meself?

        No thanks. You’ve certainly got a good firm grip of yerself now that keef’s got a (default) lead over the rags, simply because of truss’ crass imbecility rather than coming up with anything radical himself.

        Your keyboard must be a right mess, you abominable little tripehound. Mind you, I’m sure your livestock are grateful for the respite. .

      5. Toffee – Thanks for so clearly illustrating that you have nothing worthwhile to contribute and what a sad little individual you are.

    2. Ah, but that doesn’t matter. WINNING POWER is all. The end justifies the means. They’d happily kick a child in the face if it won them some power! The way they (Jess Phillips springs to mind) say “power” and the way their eyes light up as they say it. I can never decide how to react to it – is it creepy as fuck or terrifying as fuck?!

  17. ** I’d happily allow tyson fury to let rip on screeching. I’d even pay to watch it.

    1. Mmmm! Okay! It’s another leak and definately lawlessly obtained data, BlueKeef would be lucky to endup with a -£1billion kitty! Dear gordon, those people must act on this information!

      1. I wonder how many more tricks have up their sleeves.
        Make sure that you subscribe and notifications on to AJIunit, not to miss any more releases.

      2. Certainly looks like there have been criminal offences committed here.
        Surely there must be an investigation by the police.

      3. goldbach – If that is what you believe then why don’t you report it yourself, please keep us updated with progress reports.

      4. Ffffoooossshhhhh….*a lonely tumbleweed rolls by*

        I wonder if the Commissioners control the Police AND the CPS?

      5. nellyskelly – Oh dear, yet another feeble excuse for doing nothing. Is there any chance of ‘the left’ ever getting their act together

      6. Now you really do look like Nokia Velcroed to that Manilla office wall!
        Firstly that’s been answered.
        “We’ve spoken about this you’ve spoken to many others about this, my answer is The NEO-Labour Party TORIES KILLED The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019) with Austin, Woodcock, et al’s VotedTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign, but until your BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen, The NEO-Labour Party TORIES are anihilated at the next GE there is no slim chance of a Party FOR The PEOPLE!”
        Secondly what has that got to do with this comment. How does it even relate to this conversation? Who is making any excuses?

      7. nellyskelly – Will you be reporting your suspicions of illegal activity to the police or is your activism restricted to running around shouting fascist to anyone stupid enough to listen.

      8. My days of running around screaming anything are long behind me.
        Do you really not think that the people who are the actual victims, of Lawless BlueKeef’s Lawless Starmerstruppen, are just going to say ‘Aww well C’est la Vie’?
        Have you watched this series?
        Skwawkbox has just done an article on this ‘part 4’ if you watched it you REALLY would not be so smug. Then again TORIES will be TORIES.

  18. The whole debate has been turned into binary choices, whose side are you on, despite having the most powerful tool in the world in your hand, people still dig there heals in
    ‘We could never vote for that Jeremy Corbyn, who did you vote for in 2017, Labour of course we always vote Labour’
    Will say it again these are not Left Right issues, they are wake up and smell the coffee issues
    Freedom, Democracy, Free Press, Free Markets, Jobs, Standards
    The simple wish your bairns will do better than you
    I’ve been betting since I was 14 and there are two truisms for inveterate gamblers, you can only control your losses and favourites are favourites for a reason
    Very soon equilibrium will reestablish itself, markets will crash, Property prices will drop, Interest Rates will be at least 5%
    But here’s the challenge, how do you stop the same old same old getting in at the next election
    For a party that was built on people laying down there lives, i really can’t name one of the fuckers who deserves my support

    1. Doug – Well given that ‘the left’ still hasn’t (surprise, surprise) managed to get its act together and you still don’t have anything by the way of a credible alternative to offer you will face a choice of either a Labour or a Conservative government at the next general election.
      Which will you choose?

      1. Well, (if Doug doesn’t mind) Sir Keir has reduced my choices. So this one or neither (although Sir Keir’s trying to persuade us that there’s no feeking difference).

    2. Doug, you have to give him credit for persistence, if nothing else ………………….. well, definitely nothing else.
      The lunatics are crashing the world economy (or at least the economies of “The West”) and he clearly cares about who will steer the Titanic. when it’s already hit the iceberg.

    3. False binaries are everywhere – often by design. The Establishment uses them to stop us seeing every lie they tell – which is always in plain sight.

      1. Well, every time a hypothesis is put forward, it can be to verify a false premise, and – more commonly – to direct and control perceptions (lab leak for example), so it often serves a ‘Narrative’s’ purpose and supposedly validates a dubious proposition* . You want political examples? Take your pick..

        (* eg that SARS-CoV2 was real and ‘novel’ (in 2019), whereas most scientists know it as a previously isolated virus we named SARS in 2011, moreover all the patents listed for vaccines from 2020 only cite SARS (from 2011) and its epidemiology etc.).

      2. qwertboi – Jeez, is that gibberish really the best you could come up with.

    4. Wouldn’t Jamas outrage have been expressed more effectively had she resigned in disgust during her tenure. I mean it takes some determination to hang on and wait till the end before you protest. The Labour Party is a dungheap. People stay in it even while they are victims of every form of oppression imaginable. Really, meeting after meeting of abuse. Would you make a BNP pub your local if you are a socialist. I remember flogging papers and I walked stupidly into ( I think the name is right) the Agriculture Arms in Islington and was going to do a quick flog, however, survival mode kicked in and I beat it. Its a long way of making a point. Nonetheless, I think that it’s valid. Don’t expect lots of likes, never do, sniff sniff.

    5. Doug, there isn’t. Not one who wouldn’t sell their souls for a position. The odd one supports a picket line and its headlines. It should be compulsory. WTF!

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