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In a functioning democracy, Al Jazeera’s revelations would be the end of the Labour right

We are not in a functioning democracy and the rest of the UK ‘mainstream’ media will either ignore, or actively collude in covering up, the vicious, racist, misogynist and blatantly anti-democratic behaviour of what is now the so-called ‘Labour’ regime

The first part of Al Jazeera’s Labour Files programme aired this evening, revealing some of what it says is the largest leak of political documents in UK history.

The leaked documents reveal not only blatant racism, selection-rigging, sabotage, misogyny and collusion with anti-Labour groups, but also that a current NEC member and ardent pro-Israel lobbyist appears to have written a response to the party on behalf of a right-wing anti-gypsy racist accused of bullying, stalking and abuse and recently welcomed back into the party, while right-wing staffers simply ignored it when the culprit was expelled for his actions.

And it confirmed – as Skwawkbox revealed early in the events in question – that attempts to smear the left with allegations of abuse, bullying, homophobia and, yes, antisemitism, were knowingly and intentionally fabricated, made up entirely by the right for political purposes, in (at least) the cases of the supposed abuse of right-wing MP Angela Eagle and the dissolution of Brighton District Labour Party. Eagle now sits as Keir Starmer’s Shadow First Secretary of State – and allegations of abuse toward her by local left-wingers were invented to distract from the fact that her own local members did not support her short-lived bid to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the party leadership.

The programme also confirmed – again as first revealed by Skwawkbox – the lengths to which the party right went to exclude black left-winger Anna Rothery from the selection of Labour’s candidate for the Liverpool mayoralty.

And it showed the horrific personal cost to left-wingers of the shameless smear campaigns – which were eagerly abetted and amplified by media that should have done its job of scrutinising them – some of whom died under clouds of completely fictitious accusations and others still clearly bear deep emotional scars.

In a functioning democracy, even just the first of three programmes would end the Labour right as a criminal cabal forever. But instead the Establishment and its media allies will either ignore or actively cover up the damning truth.

Parts two and three of the documentary air on Saturday and Monday at 9pm.

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  1. All the Labour ‘Elite’ were involved, Jowell, Watson, Starmer, Harman etc…..Scumbags the lot of them

    1. In a word, FASCISTS! And ALL fascists are psychopaths, who have absolutely no problem whatsoever with smearing and demonising good caring people and lying through their nasty, evil, rotten teeth!

      1. PS I don’t know if it’s just me, but since sometime this afternoon JVLs website has been down, with just the following message coming up:

        There has been a critical error on this website.

        Just coincidence???

      2. Allan – You’re not the only one, I noticed this myself a couple of hours ago, Nobody I’ve asked seems to have a clue why.

    2. Allan Howard 22/09/2022 at 11:38 pm :

      JVL’s website has been having trouble for a couple of weeks. First, their excellent daily blog posts, and, now, the website, itself.

      Such a shame. They have so many brilliant articles, not just from the UK, but from all over the world, as well. So educational.

      They’re working with its webmasters to try to restore it, to its former glory.

  2. Perpetuated by MSM and seen by them, the Labour right were always the victims and the left were the instigators of all things rotten. This is why it’s unlikely to get much coverage there.
    As Peter Oborne commented, if Starmer is prepared to lead a party that behaves like this. What’s he going to be like if he becomes PM.

    1. I thought Peter Oborne’s intermittent summarising was a nice touch, by Al Jazeera.

      It added authenticity and gravitas from a neutral party.

  3. Lee Harpin posted a hit piece on Jewish News on Tuesday contrived to discredit not only the Labour Files documentaries, but ALSO Al Jazeera itself, AND, irony of ironies, it was headlined:

    Al Jazeera faces ‘harassment’ claims as new TV doc targets Jewish Labour activists

    And obviously designed to deter their Jewish readers from watching any of them!

    1. Jewish News refers to ‘The Simple Truth’ about anti-Semitism in the same way that ‘the Sun’ refers to ‘the Truth’ about Hillsborough.

    2. Unbeknownst to its various editors and ,cough, journalists, readers of the Jewish press really don’t think monolithically. Some like to form their own opinions. None of my Jewish mates, well when I lived darn Sarf, read those papers anyway.

    3. Thanks for that, Allan.

      But just take a closer look at some of it:

      “The second and third episodes of investigation, focusing on discrediting antisemitism claims, will being aired as Jewish families celebrate Rosh Hashanah.”

      “It is understood that television journalist John Ware is also the subject of sustained attacks in the documentary, focusing on the BBC Panorama documentary on Labour’s antisemitism crisis he presented in July 2019.”

      “The pro-Corbyn commentator Peter Oborne is filmed suggesting the BBC had been wrong to air the Panorama episode when it did, even though the general election was still months away.”

      This description of Oborne is ridiculous.

      But I think my ‘favourite’ has to be this one:

      “Back in January 2017, Al Jazeera sparked anger within the community after airing four-part series The Lobby, which attempted to suggest Israel was heavily influencing British politics through its embassy.”

  4. And what it is all about- in a movement which has produced thousands of martyrs, dying for our people- is the careerism and sordid self regard of a hundred or so parasites who have vaulted into positions of power by pretending to champion the interests of the poor and downtrodden.
    Behind these disgraceful conspiracies against socialists and honest reformers are onion like layers of treachery; betraying their class, their country, their ancestors, their descendants, their principles, their fellow workers, their friends, themselves. They betray everything, they lie, cheat, bribe, bully. And at the end of it all they achieve a modest prosperity that allows them to pass themselves off as members of the middle class or even the House of Lords.
    There isn’t a pickpocket or a child molester in the country who doesn’t look down on them contemptuously.

    1. Bevin, so very well said. They are the scum of the scum. And on this forum we have one person trying to undermine all the good work Skwawkbox does and all the people who care about decency and democracy.

      1. baz2001 – Is there anything that I have said on this page inaccurate?

    2. I think that you have written a good piece Bevin. I disagree with one point. They are not traitors to their class but agents for their class, entitled, vain and bauble chasing. Ugly bastards all. Seriously, they are. Frankenstein is a good front man for a bunch who when they are rightly jailed will be kept in segregation from the nonces.

  5. This documentary, and its likely memory-holing by the MSM, illustrates painfully clearly that we (& in the West more generally) live in a kakistocracy. Our politics has become a magnet for sociopaths and bottom-feeders. Kinda what you might expect to find in a civilization rapidly circling the plughole…

    1. baz, I looked down the page to check if anyone had posted a link to it yet….. You must have posted it whilst I was typing out my comment. So anyway, it’s at the top of the comments as well now!

  6. I watched just under an hour and switched off for health reasons.My blood boiled and I witnessed brave people putting on a brave and defiant face after having their lives torn apart by criminals under instructions from the Israeli government via the embassy.
    I have pleaded for members to get out and get behind a new party and the sooner the better.IN a true democracy security services would be all over southside due to the infiltrating of a foreign country inside the labour party.and the blatent disregard for internationally recognised protocols whilst dis respecting the Country they are based in.
    Unfortunately Britain has a shoddy reputation on international agreements and so no help there then.Can anyone after watching this seriously continue to fund a government in waiting the labour party.I will continue to watch later after a cup of Rosselle tea which seems to control my blood pressure better than all of the tablets and so I nowadays am free of any form of drugs \tablets.Also my life and health has improved dramatically since leaving the labour party.comrades.Try it you know it makes sense.

    1. Next year I shall be celebrating half a century of smoking proper dope and taking acid. Thanks to to that clarity of mind I have been a thorn in the flesh of left, right, green and extreme centrist. Never jumped of a tower block or crouched moaning in a corner. DIY works all the time. Enjoy your oysters and claret. Sorry locusts and craft beer. WTF is that. Just thought that I would lighten a dark mood and irritate people a lot.

      1. Put it there 👍, Wobbly! Not done acid in a while, though…

  7. Looks like the MSM are gonna completely blank the documentaries. The dilemma for THEM is that if they were to do a ‘discredit number’ on the Docs, then they draw attention to them, which would no doubt lead to stacks of people watching them, and THAT’s the LAST thing they want, so best keep schtum, eh!

    Anyway, if you’ve never seen it, or you want to watch it again, here’s a link to John Ware’s string of lies and falsehoods from start to finish documentary that won the Joseph Goebbels Prize for best black propaganda film of 2019:

  8. Sireen Abu Akleh was a Catholic journalist. John Mann should have been charged with assault, self evident.

  9. ‘I can’t watch this anymore’………….lest we forget the complicit BBC.

  10. ‘In a functioning democracy, Al Jazeera’s revelations would be the end of the Labour right’

    In a SANE world, they wouldn’t exist

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