Breaking: Starmer finally withdraws whip from Coyle after racism allegations go public

After months of inaction over accusations of antisemitism by leading Jewish members of the party, Keir Starmer has finally moved to withdraw the whip from right-wing MP Neil Coyle, after allegations by a British-Chinese reporter of racist behaviour became public.

This alleged racism saw Coyle promptly suspended from House of Commons bars, but Starmer waited days longer to act and only withdrew the whip after the alleged victim, parliamentary reporter Henry Dyer, published an article about it. Starmer and the whips were informed the day after the incident.

Why did it take so long – and why did months pass with no action over the antisemitism complaints by a knighted QC, a retired Oxford professor and a solicitor directly to Starmer?

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  1. Well well well…

    ONLY because they went public.

    Hopefully the floodgates will open and the greased-up cuboid head will be shown for EXACTLY what he is.

    1. Friday started earlier than expected!!!
      Ghastly crass Coyle has at last had the Whip suspended. Better late than never. And what a turn up for the books. For once Keith does something not beneath contempt. Let’s c if he withdraws the Whip from Coyle as long as from Jeremy. Days? Months ?? Suspended ??? Expelled . . .

      And, it is of considerable concern that someone keeps inviting public office polluters to Constituency affairs of the at last Whip suspended Neil Coyle. Bermondsey & Old Southwark has had Hodge, Campbell, Lammy prowling about since Coyle gained the seat on the back of UNRIVALLED support for ANY political leader in my lifetime, Jeremy Corbyn.
      The latest unsettling invitation i hear is to one DAME Eagle of Brickgate at BOS’s Constituency Meeting 17 February.
      To my knowledge, DAME Brickgate is viewed as unsavoury to most of her constituents. Join the dots
      . • * ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️

      1. ps see post on earlier thread. 🔸⬅️🚩🔸⬅️🚩🔸⬅️🚩

      1. Err… It’s Henry Dyer, Brian.

        Don’t mean to appear pedantic but danny dyer is that mockney whopper that advised a reader to ‘cut the face’ of his ex girlfriend in one of them godawful lad magazines.

  2. Why did it take so long – and why did months pass with no action over the antisemitism complaints by a knighted QC,

    Well, duh!! It’s evident it was The wrong type of knighted QC, Skwawky.

    1. Since when does the word of a knighted QC mean anything more than the average person whos probably suffered far more than a establishment lacky and the same goes for the mad professor

      .Are we here to impress the likes of Steve H and his degenerates including the other knighted QC Sir Keir Starmer.

      1. I think Julia is just being realistic – after all its better
        than being completely ignored – the usual fate for those
        making a complaint about Starmers supporters.

        I guess though that being obnoxious in several bars
        cut more ice than racism of various kinds ..

      2. Reply to Joseph OKeefe
        Why are undermining the legitimacy of complaints made about Neil Coyle’s antisemitism and mocking and name calling the Jewish complainants. Do you really think middle class Jews deserve to be subjected to antisemitism or are you just trying to defend Neil Coyle?

      3. Smarboy….nickers in a twist again reading somthing that isnt there.Get back to your Trans lobby and concentrate on that and as for the AS scam libel against me you are no better than the Corbyn haters who invented lies to make a point.My Jewish wife and son have been appalled by your attacks that have kicked off again by you..What in gods name do you think you are doing with your very serious allegations against me?

      4. Reply to to Joseph O Keefe
        You have called one Jewish complainant an establishment lackey and the other a mad professor. In other posts you have made excuses for Neil Coyles appalling behaviour claiming he is suffering from a mental illness and has a drink problem.
        These is the usual right wing tactic – undermine and ridicule the victims and excuse the offender by claiming illness.
        That tells us everything about your socialism – its fake.

      5. Smarmyboy youre off your trolley and I can only assume that you are as daft as Coyle.
        .I I don’t take you seriously anymore after your crocodile tears on the AS scam yet still happy to fund the parasites of the Labour party.
        launching attacks on me disgraceful using AS scam as an
        attack weapon appalling.being its history against socialists.

        Anyone on here would confirm that my attacks on knights and lawyers is part of my belief system of opposition to the titles and monarchy and the establishment leaning justice system.None of this is anything to do with undermining jews more a case of the classed based system that I hate were the word of a knighted lawyer is considered more reliable than a ordinary activist
        Jews are part of my family and that includes my wife of fifty years.I love the Jewish community and their sense of humour.and I love my wife and son..the attacks I make are never racist you should appologise for the smear but I don’t believe youre man enough or big enough to do that.

      6. Reply to Joseph O Keefe
        I see you are still pushing the line that Coyle is daft – not responsible for his actions – disgusting .
        Also you claim to love the “Jewish Community” – well undermining, mocking and name calling Jews who have made antisemitism complaints is a funny way of showing it.

      1. Steve H are you claiming that Coyle is a sexual predator?.Much as I dislike the deranged attacks on Asians who are the same mix as my favourite grandchildren I cannot see the connection with the help needed for a very sick individual Neil Coyle…who also appears to suffer from alcoholism as well as mental health problems
        .I cannot see even the clown knight letting Coyle loose again.even in the house of horrors.Still there will be a lot of redundant psychopaths and alcoholics after the next general election amongst your lot mr H .Maybe you can offer help and advice from your days as a jobs advisor at the local Labour exchange in small mill town up norf “?

    1. An unfortunate slip, a half-hearted apology and a rather large carpet and he’ll be welcomed back with open arms.
      It’ll be around the time of the next big Ukraine scare, Prince Andrew’s next “car crash” or the ousting of Johnson.

  3. Carlene – You mean like Mike Hill who was suspended from the Labour Party in September 2019 over allegations of sexual harassment, but reinstated in October 2019.
    Then as his day of reckoning approached on the 16 March 2021 Hill announced his resignation with immediate effect. The sexual misconduct claims were considered by the Central London Employment Tribunal in May 2021. The claimant alleged that Hill used a staffing review as a pretext for making her redundant after she had rejected his sexual advances. In July 2021, the tribunal in delivering its decision held that Hill had assaulted, harassed and victimised a parliamentary worker and it upheld claims of “detrimental treatment”.

  4. More breaking News Labour party rascism mp suspended in all the main newspapers and media outlets…..Front page for all the wrong reasons?once again the leader of the Labour party makes the headlines.Nows the time for a real Opposition party.

  5. One thing is for sure the hard-right of the party won’t like this but Coyle will be reinstated once the paperwork gets “shredded” I mean lost at HQ. With the cold dead hand of Mandelson at the tiller, he’ll steer them to bankruptcy & obscurity for his paymasters whoever they may be. These hard-right thugs in the PLP aren’t interested in equality, diversity nor fairness. They deal in hate, division, racism and are narcissistic. Starmer has given the party Starmeroids and the only way to get rid of this affliction is the soothing cream of Socialism.

  6. I hope he is not expecting a medal for something he ought to have done straightaway rather than after a public outcry.

  7. Neil Coyle’s alleged racism to this reporter will have to be investigated by the party and until this investigation is completed his membership should be suspended – withdrawing the whip is not enough in these circumstances because if the allegations are true he has breached our Rules and brought the whole party not just the PLP into disrepute AGAIN.
    I suspect he was emboldened to confront the reporter because so far he has been untouchable in respect of his blatant antisemitism – the current racism complaints should be investigated alongside these and if they are unheld he should be expelled from the party – others have been expelled for less.

    1. Smartboy – BREAKING NEWS

      Neil Coyle’s membership of the Labour Party has now been suspended

      1. Yes Steve H I suppose Starmer couldn’t do anything else once the whole thing became public.

  8. Quote – “Chair of the Home Affairs Committee, and Labour MP, Diana Johnson said Mr Coyle’s comments were “totally unacceptable”.
    Totally unacceptable – con’t be anything else but expulsion from the LP, can it?

  9. Starmer could do no more after Coyle was reported
    to the speaker ..

    Notice there is nothing in the Grauniad concerning complaints
    about Coyle’s remarks about JVL – only about his
    obnoxious behaviour in the bar(s).

  10. Oh Dear Kier.
    Dreadful sabre rattling from bourgeois lumpen Starmer in today’s Guardian re Russia.
    Complete ignorance of history re Russia after they broke the Nazis back in WW2.
    And remember the German capitalists poured funding in to make Hitler after the Strasserites had been slaughtered (they were virulent anti-semites but wanted some nationalisations which Hitler didn’t) and it was the likes of capitalist Henry Ford (anti-semetite) who gave the profits of Fords in Germany to the Nazi thugs!
    NATO was set up to protect Western Capitalism (ie the rich and powerful) after WW2 against the bourgeois socialists of the USSR (top down, elite leaders, telling people how to live their lives a socialism FOR which thus was doomed to fail).
    So NATO has a context and time.
    And Mr Starmer presents himself as one of the Great Men and Wonen of History but like them all perhaps without an original idea in their heads?
    PUTIN is a nationalist and whilst I may have little time for his regime I have nothing against the Russian working people perhaps at least he doesn’t want their gas and assets as someone said parcelled up for US hedge funds?
    Iam a left wing democratic socialist and want such grassroots, bottom up, participatory socialist societies in every country WITH diverse working people.
    The Right Wing Western Neo-Liberal Pro-Capitalists are good as they ramp up the fear but not good enough.
    Perhaps NATO has passed its sell by date and we need a World Peace Alliance with ALL countries IN.
    Wot no enemies? A multi-trillion dollar hit to military complexes (spend the money on human need), millions of lives saved, afraid so.
    Working people of NO country are our enemies

      1. goldbach – Oh goody, yet more Russian propaganda for the gullible. 😏

      2. SteveH
        Twas 27 million Russians what saved the free world and died fighting Hitler

      3. SteveH, I had thought that it was simply a matter of us disagreeing about a number of matters and you occasionally descending into mild abuse, but now I realise that you are utterly blinkered. You have been offered the opportunity to see a wide range of, often expert, opinion in relation to geopolitics (including that of Ray McGovern who worked as a CIA analyst for 27 years, was head of their Russia section for almost half of that time and gave personal weekly briefings to 3 US presidents) and you have the bizarre idea that you know more than they do.
        I will, on this one occasion, move briefly to your level.
        I have realised that you must be an utter buffoon.

    1. You can day dream all you like, but we both know that it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. In the meantime we have to deal with the reality of Putin’s insecurities and lack of self esteem.

      1. SteveH
        Biden, Baby Trump and Macron have no insecurities at the moment
        On your planet

  11. Sleepwalking into a War…..unbelievable as I read the worlds news and the anti Russian Narrative.The failing neo liberal alliance across the West appear to be using war talk to hide behind their empty politics of greed and corruption.Note both Biden and Johnson the biggist dangerous idiots driving the West into a another senseless war to end all wars with massive civillian casualties especially in Britain.and Europe..The oil and gas pipeline being more important than civilians and the worry of the continued Belt road opening up trade from the East to the West…follow the money and it leads to the white house.

    1. Joseph – What is it about authoritarian dictators that you so called socialists find so appealing.

    2. Well said Joseph…..Meanwhile the Chief Turd floating in the Labour Party Cess Pit meets with the NATO Boss and Labour abstain on the Bill to reduce Pensions and Benefits. Priorities…..

  12. What we have perhaps is an attack by the Neo-Liberal Capitalist bourgeois lumpen on left wing democratic socialist critical thinking.
    As someone said: “The sleep of reason produces monsters.” (Goya).

  13. I think Steve H will be off to bed after all the ducking and diving.He seems unable to take the deranged threat of war from Nato and the bosses in Washington seriously.British civilians will once again be asked to pay the price in a land unfit for heroes and all the usual suspects will be urging the public whilst making sure their sons and daughters are not made to pay the ultimate price of War.Even with the might of the German military machine and the Japanese government no one in Europe or Britain can win anything.I
    live in a war torn country decimated by USA chemical bombing and a insane dictator and I wouldnt wish that for anyone in Europe or Britain.They never learn do they that no one other than the Yanks has ever profited from world war.This time everyone in the west will be the looser.I will pray that my worries are just that but I am extremely worried about this being more than just the usual sabre rattling of tyrants in the neo liberal alliance.God bless the peacemakers Jeremy Corbyn we need more than anyone at this time but they the Labour party destroyed him and the people rejected him on smears and lies even decent people..and a whole lot more comrades destroyed in the AS scam campaign.Repeat a lie enough times and even some of the left believe it…!

  14. For once I (almost) agree with SteveH about the threat – but disagree
    about the remedy.

    The Russians have form in their invasion of the Crimea – which
    I note is (or was) sovereign Ukraine territory .. They also have
    previous form when the Soviet Union invaded Eastern Poland at
    the same time as Nazi Germany invaded Western Poland. I
    doubt that murdering many thousands of Polish Troops after
    they helped Nazi Germany helped in the subsequent
    fight of the Soviet Union when the Nazis decided to invade

    I doubt if Putin really wants to invade Ukraine – but one can never tell ..
    and the dangers of an accidental war starting with two armies facing
    each other off at the Ukraine borders is great. The best remedy is one
    that Corbyn and McDonnell wanted – to come down heavily on the
    Oligarchs who are using our money markets to launder money.

    Putin may not care about the sufferings of his own Country but he and
    his mates will not want their own funds touched. Starmer is talking
    bobbins about Corbyn helping Russia for he most certainly did not!
    TheTories too are stinking hypocrites – it took years for the Magnitsky
    Act to be passed and it has only been implemented recently under
    pressure from the US – it was enacted by the US in 2016.

    1. HFM, I understand “where you’re coming from” as they say in the US but would suggest that you have a good read of Ray McGovern’s writings on his website. He really is a mine of knowledge regarding Russia and the US – how could he be otherwise after his distinguished career?

  15. Holby, your comment about Russia’s “invasion” of the Crimea risks presenting the Russian action over Crimea as if it was something that happened out of the blue. I would suggest that there’s a lot of context to consider before pointing the finger at Russia for bad “form”. Here’s a link (I hope it works!) to Phillip Roddis, who writes about some of that context on his “Steel City Scribblings” blog:

    1. Yes, Paulo. Since the Russian Empire acquired Crimea from the Ottoman Empire in 1774 and formally incorporated it into Russia in 1783, Crimea had always been regarded as part of Russia. In 1954, after 37 years of the Soviet Union, the administration of Crimea was transferred to the Ukraine SSR. In 1991, when Ukraine became independent, Crimea became part of the new republic. In 2014 the coup in Ukraine precipitated events which led to the reintegration of Crimea into Russia. In total, Crimea had been under Ukraine’s control for 23 years and under delegated administration (from the Soviet Union) for 37 years.
      If we want to be exact about the events of 2014, it is inaccurate to say that Russia “invaded” Crimea. When Ukraine became independent in 1991, the two governments agreed that Russia could continue to use the bases it had in Crimea. The Russian troops who, it was claimed, invaded Crimea were already based in Crimea. We could argue about whether or not we approved of the agreement, between the Governor of Crimea and the Russian government, to use those troops to prevent the Poroshenko regime from taking over in Ukraine, but we can’t call it an invasion.

      1. Correction – I wrote “to prevent the Poroshenko regime from taking over in Ukraine” – it should say “to prevent the Poroshenko regime in Ukraine from taking over”.

      2. That’s very succinct Goldbach – thanks for elaborating and there’s a whole lot more context of course, including (as I understand it) the fact that the ethnic Russian majority in Crimea voted to secede to Russia, in 2014, 2015, and 2019.

  16. China and Russia will do what they want and there’s nothing Uncle Sam and the West can do to stop them, that’s the beauty of MAD policies
    Mutually Assured Destruction
    It’s not about who would press the button it’s who would end life on this planet
    Anyone saying I would, should be assassinated the morra

  17. On a matter almost as serious – Sunderland have appointed a new manager – It isn’t Roy Keane – thank heaven for large mercies.

      1. Keane fell on his sword in 2008 after losing 4-1 to Bolton (why is it always Bolton?). That’s why I’m glad he didn’t get the job again. – too full of self-admiration … it’s always someone else’s fault.

  18. No chance that a person who has prejudged things will watch this but, for the rest of you, you might find the sight of Matt Lee dismantling the inept Ned Price on Russia/Ukraine amusing.

    1. goldbach – So what? I’ve watched this before and having just watched it again I haven’t seen any reason to change my original opinion.
      I don’t think any of the reporters there including the guy doing all the grandstanding realistically expected the White House to risk compromising their intelligence sources.

      1. He said that the “evidence” was declassified and then repeatedly failed to produce it.
        He’s just another cardboard character.

  19. ‘As Biden he resurrects the Cold War.
    Well Joe the Neo-Liberal he does try.
    And when the United States it says: “Jumpeth!”
    Our Western Leaders they sayeth: “How high?”
    And those peskie Russians have the blooming cheek, to practice on their own land!
    As Evil Right wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians frighten people!
    Left Wing Democratic Socialist Govts in every country would be grand!’
    As the song goes: “Don’t believe the hype!”
    Yours in Peace & International Love.
    Diverse Working People of the World Unite!

    1. Bazza – Left Wing Democratic Socialist Govts in every country would be grand!’

      Does such a thing exist?

      1. goldbach – Thanks for the entertainment, unfortunately you forgot to answer my question.

      1. Bazza – Wow! So you are literally hoping to create a new La-La-Land. If it doesn’t end up looking like yet another version Animal Farm then be sure to come back and tell us all about it.

      2. Read a great piece by Tariq Ali on the original Crimea crisis from a number of years ago.
        Tariq points out how when Gorbachev agreed to the reunification of Germany the US Defence Secretary promised that NATO would not expand one inch to the East.
        The West intervened years later in Kosovo under Blair et al but despite atrocities in Chechnya years later the West “Saw no problem.”
        Left Wing Democratic Socialists may have little time for Putin’s regime (we have nothing against the Russian working people) but I think many people think they have legitimate concerns which should be addressed by talks and perhaps they want to keep their assets.
        Perhaps the West should keep this historic agreement?
        And let’s talk about a World Peace Alliance.

    1. goldbach – Thanks,, that was very considerate of you. I’m not expecting an answer anytime soon.

      1. Oh, by the way, do you recall the bit where dear old Ned said that the “evidence” was declassified?

      2. goldbach – Don’t be silly.
        I’m quite happy to stand by what I said above.
        “I don’t think any of the reporters there including the guy doing all the grandstanding realistically expected the White House to risk compromising their intelligence sources.”

      3. Oh, you do make me laugh. You seem unable to understand that, if the evidence has been declassified, it is freely available. Old Ned refused to tell Matt Lee where it was or to show him. Lee hadn’t seen it anywhere himself.
        Since you are clearly so knowledgable, please post this evidence on the website – it is, as Ned said, DECLASSIFIED and therefore freely available.
        If you can’t follow this, I would recommend a course on logic.
        Goodnight, and sweet dreams.

      4. goldbach – If you’re bored and can’t sleep then by all means pass some time arguing the toss about this but to what meaningful end only you know. Personally I can’t see the point in wasting my time, the White House hold the all the cards on this.

  20. You’d be better off trying to teach algebra to a cat, goldbach. The overwhelming lack of self-awareness evidences itself once more with the wee fella. It’s not even playing devil’s advocate. It’s just further proof he’s only too willing to make a complete prick of himself if it means defending others who have done/are doing the same.

    There’s only he would abuse exert his right to do so.

  21. From 9.59 on that video

    “It seems to me…uhh… it should not be outlandish ….er….. That the Russians…MAYBE…ah…Engaging in this activity again”

    NOT: “Our intelligence shows definitively that the Russians are engaging in this activity’

    NOT: “The Russians ARE enagaging in this activity again”

    Nope, what we get is: ‘It seems to me…that…Maybe…

    Now, if THAT isn’t making things up off the hoof, I’m jiggered if I don’t know what isn’t.

    It ‘should not be outlandish’…But nor should it be unsubstantiated.

    1. You are right Toffee. The Matt Lee video has shown me that our “friend” is not simply one of those gullible right-wingers (which I had thought for ages), but also he is totally incapable of logical thought. I think it best, in future, to ignore the buffoon completely or, in my more charitable moments, send him the odd link to pictures of his favourite pisstime.

      1. Wouldn’t be outlandish to have at first thought Goldbach meant ‘pisstake’.

  22. I still think that the best sanction against Russia is
    to stop their oligarchs profiteering via the laundering
    of their dirty money in the City of London. This
    includes Putin – the richest oligarch of all – as well
    as the most egocentric.. The whole place stinks ..

    The hypocritical Tories are the ones who take
    Afternoon (Russian) Tea at the mansions of
    these oligarchs who have embedded themselves
    into the Establishment .. and they accuse Corbyn

    So what did the hopeless government do for
    sanctions – remove some Diplomats and nothing
    else – so does this deter Putin and his mates –
    nope .. they do it again ..

    Do I think the Opposition guy is some Lancelot
    – come to save Russia – nope! But that does
    not mean he deserves to be poisoned .. or
    imprisoned when he comes back to Russia –
    bravely actually when he could have stayed away

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